Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – A Competition Against Yeonchon Elementary School (2015.08.04)

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It’s the day of our first official training. Let’s meet our teachers. Choi Yunhui! (Yu Jeongnam, Choi Yunhui, Ryu Yunji) We always have the best coaches. We’re more amazing since we don’t get good results despite having top coaches. We’re really amazing. It’s really high from up here. I’ll do my best! (They’re motivated) (But their bodies don’t cooperate) (In the underwater training…) That doesn’t look good. (More buoyancy than oil) (They can’t stay underwater) (There’s a long way to go) (But a good start is half the battle) (For a good start) (The members gather at Hangang) Nice weather! (Rulu la la) I thought we were going to the beach. I dressed with a beach look. Look at me. – Hello. / – Hello. The swimming team is at Hangang. The scenery is great! The weather is great! He practiced that. He kept doing that. He kept doing that in the car. You know what? There hasn’t been such a wave in the Cool Kiz history. What wave? It could be a benefit for us. There was an article with the title, Come to See Yuri. Nice. Nice. The program has such nice energy. It makes me work hard. Because Hodong says things like this, it gets me motivated. How enthusiastic Yuri is will make the viewer ratings great! (I’ll work hard) Anyway, we’re at Hangang. The Han River! It’s great! I heard from the production staff that Sean said we should gather at Hangang. That’s why we’re here. We told him before. He wasn’t to talk with the production crew. He made us come to Hangang. What’s more important is that Sean isn’t even here. Look at the people on cycles. Is he going to swim over from there? He could. I think Sean could do that. I think it will be a triathlon. We’ll be doing a triathlon. I thought we were going to the beach. I didn’t know it would be like this. Why isn’t Sean coming? He’ll appear. (Some people approach) (A mysterious couple on cycles) (Indeed, the man is Sean) (Who is the woman following him?) We had official training last week. Any changes? I can do the butterfly and backstroke. Really? Something’s passing again. It’s Sean. Oh? Oh? Is it his wife? Is his wife here, too? Yeah? She’s pretty. She’s pretty from behind. Did Yuri bring someone? Hello. Seon. Hello. Who is it? Hello. It’s Hani. (The icon of going backwards on the chart) (Hani of the popular group, EXID) (EXID was popular in the first half of the year) (Hani on “Gag Concert”, popular in entertainment) (Whatever she did was an issue) (Hani is an issue maker) Who’s that girl? EXID! Hello, I’m Hani of EXID. Yuri is forcing herself to clap. That’s not true. She dressed so pretty. Who said we were going to the beach? You’re the junior, right? She’s your senior. Did you ever meet? Are you close? No, it’s our first time meeting. You’re not close? It’s our first time meeting. I watched her music videos when I was in school. I followed along and danced. When you wanted to become a singer. Did she influence you at all? Of course. Girls’ Generation influenced you? Yes. I imitated them a lot. – You did? / – Yes. We can’t let this go. When Hani was a student, Yuri was her ideal. She made Yuri an old person. An old person. An elderly person. An elderly person. A great senior. An elderly person. An elderly person. A great senior. That was like a dedication. I’m a fossil in the hip hop world. A living fossil. Hani suddenly appeared. How did you come together? The triathlon. She’s more of a senior than me. She’s a senior regarding the triathlon? Yes. I imitated them a lot. (So…) (Our Ironman, Sean…) (He went to bring Hani) (He waited for her) There she is. Today’s rising star. You rode here. – Hello. / – Hi. Let’s go to meet the members. Yeah! Cool Kiz! – I’ll follow you. / – Okay. Let’s go. (He’s riding with a triathlon senior) (It’s giving him energy) (That’s how Hani and Sean came together) We know that Sean does triathlons. Many people know that. If Hani is a senior, we should know, but it’s the first I’m hearing of it. Tell us. I did the triathlon from elementary school to middle school. As an athlete? Yes, I entered several competitions, too. What was the situation? Why did you start doing triathlons? My mom… I was full of energy at that age. I rebelled a lot. My mom looked for a way to exhaust that energy. That’s why she made me do triathlons. I found that out later. That’s what she told me later. What’s so funny? She was full of energy. That made you smile like that? Well, that’s why I started sports. You just found something in common with her? It makes you feel nice? Nothing she said was funny. I can’t look at him since Hani came. Our program is even more abundant since you appeared. Let’s stop talking about Hani. I think Yuri is mad. Okay. (Okay!) We have to do this when someone comes. I didn’t say anything. You kept… (Here they go again) I’m so cold. I could feel her glaring at me. No, no. It’s the opening. It’s just the opening. This program is “Yuri on the Block”. Hani is just in a segment of the show. We should make guests look good. You’re so mean. Sorry. We’ll see about this. Hani brightened things up. It’s nice. Will you give her a hug? She’s your junior. Nice. Nice. Yes! She’s cute. Director. Hani is here for a reason. This is the third recording since the Cool Kiz swim team was created. The first competition will be soon. It’s this week? Wait. We’ll be competing formally? We just took our first steps. You’re telling us to run in a marathon. Don’t be afraid. Beginning swimmers improve if they enter amateur competitions. We wouldn’t have found strong opponents for your first competition. With a new member today, we will move to the swimming pool. Let’s sweat and do a great job. Let’s go! Yeah, Cool Kiz swim team! Let’s go. Let’s go to Hangang. No. This way! (The first competition!) Coach, did you hear? Hear what? I’m surprised. We’re just babies, but there’s a competition. Did you practice a lot this past week? It was hard training. Without taking a break? Go 50m and rest for 30 seconds. (Hard training with the coach!) (They practice without rest) (The goal is to swim 25m freestyle!) (We’ll show you we can improve) (Did they grow a bit?) Hani is a special guest. What is your best swimming style? There was a competition when I was little. I won a prize with the backstroke. Can you do the butterfly? I can do it. Yuri can do that, too. From what I heard, Yuri can do all four styles, too. Hani can do one more style. With flippers. Fin swimming. Yuri, can you do fin swimming? Don’t you just have to wear flippers? Calm down. (I don’t know either) The four styles and fin swimming. Let’s start! She doesn’t wear a cap like ordinary people do. Ordinary people don’t wear it like that. (She swims underwater) She’s an athlete. She seems to be really good. Why are you telling me? She’s piercing through the water. Today’s special guest, Hani of EXID! We’ll see the various swimming styles. Get ready. (She comes out of the water) (She stars with the butterfly) (It’s more powerful than expected) That’s pretty. (She changes to freestyle) (She increases her speed) Didn’t she learn how to turn? (She stops and does the backstroke) (That’s powerful, too) (She smoothly changes to the breaststroke) When did she start that? She’s finishing with the breaststroke. Hut, two, hut, two. She’s pushing the water away. (The last kick) (She finishes 50m) Oh, Hani! A talented swimmer who will upgrade our skills is here. What do you think? Her moves have power. If her feet don’t come out of the water too much on her kicks, she could reduce her time. She has a pretty breaststroke. It has power, too. She switched from the backstroke to the breaststroke just like that. Her switching technique. Did she turn her neck? It was really smooth. Did you envy that? I was surprised. I’ll teach you later when you improve. We can do that, too? Of course. I never heard of fin swimming. (Hani puts on the flippers) Get ready. (It’s like a mermaid passing) (She goes far underwater) (She goes in again) Where is she? She can swim underwater a long time. (Great speed without using her arms) (She’s beautiful like a mermaid) (She rises to the surface) She’s really pretty. What training will we receive today? You’ll learn the starting posture first. You think you’re weak and you’re a bit afraid of that. (I just got a tooth implant…) How important is the start? If we’re slow on the start, we lose energy during the swim. The start is the most important. (The start decides the record!) There’s a grab start and a crouching start. Beginners do the grab start a lot. Here is a demonstration. Watch the feet carefully. You just jump in. That only results in diving. If you push off with your toes, you can go further. The best level of starting. We’ll take a look. (This is a start by national athletes!) (You want us to do that?) (The lesson starts right away) Oh! (I’m the mermaid here!) (A second mermaid follows) Good. That was much better. (The intermediate class learns fast) Go. (Pretty good for a beginner) (Didn’t I do well?) (A nuclear bomb drops) That must have hurt a bit. It hurts. (He went in on his stomach) (Oh, my stomach) (Coach Yu throws him) (Doni is much better now) Good, good. (Will he start properly in the first competition?) What’s the next training? There’s a competition today. You’ll compete among yourselves. It will be a good opportunity to check your skills. We’re all different levels. We’ll start with the beginners. Hyeongdon, Hodong and… – Ji Seokjin. / – Ji Seokjin? – Ji Seokjin. / – Ji Seokjin? I can understand So Jisub, but Ji Seokjin… I’m sorry, Jisuk. This is a practice competition before the official competition. The beginners doing the 25m swim will be Hodong, Hyeongdon and Jisuk. It’s hard to swim 25m. It will be too much to swim 50m. They’re still beginners. They’ll start with 25m and see if they can swim 50m with that result. The first competition. Their pride is on the line. Lane 1, Hodong. Lane 2, Hyeongdon. (Hyeongdon is in lane 2) Lane 3, Jisuk. (Jisuk is in lane 3) Yeah! (Watch Sunghoon) (He’s the referee of the day) (They’re all beginners) (But they’re sincere) (Start) They started. (Hodong and Jisuk’s training had an effect) (Hesitation) (He barely jumps off and starts) Hyeongdon just started now. He just learned how to start. He feels pressure. It’s a bit scary to dive in, too. (Hodong is in the lead) (A fat tuna appears) (Splashing about) Jisuk went far. He improved a lot. (Jisuk tries to catch up) (One stroke at a time) (What a cute kick) Hodong finished 25m. Jisuk finished soon after. Hyeongdon is coming slowly. It’s just a level test. They don’t have to feel so much pressure. Hodong, Jisuk and Hyeongdon. They finished 25m. Hodong finished in 22.71 seconds. Jisuk was 2nd place with 27.59 seconds. Hyeongdon was 3rd place with 42.42 seconds. 22 seconds for 25m. That’s less than 1 second per meter. You improved a lot compared to last week. Okay, let’s have the intermediate class compete now. Sean, Hani and Yuri. The intermediate competition is between singers. Lane 1, Yuri. (Yuri is in lane 1) Lane 2, Sean. (Sean is in lane 2) Lane 3, Hani. (Hani is in lane 3) (She swims well) (She surprised everyone) (How well will Hani swim?) (The only woman on the swim team, Yuri) (She’ll be refreshing for summer) (Her swimming skills were proven on the Internet) (Yuri is the mermaid of the Cool Kiz) (Representing all dads, Sean) (The man in the 40’s has a goal to win a triathlon) (He dives without fear) (He’s a man of steel) (His true swimming skills are revealed) (They’ll all intermediate swimmers) (Their pride is on the line) (Start) They started. (Yuri makes a mistake) Yuri, don’t give up. Go! (She’s late, but she starts) (Sean and Hani dove in well) They started. Yuri stopped for a while. Sean and Hani are swimming off. Hani swam before. Her kicks and strokes are good. (Hani used her teenage energy to swim) (The energy she had stacked up explodes) They’re passing the 25m point. There’s a gap with Sean. (She turns the fastest) (Yuri catches up to Sean) (It’s a fierce fight for 2nd place) Yuri caught up now. Her start wasn’t good, but she caught up to Sean. It means she’s a good swimmer. It would be unbelievable if Yuri beats him. She has really nice posture. (They turn at the same time) Hani is in the lead. It’s a fight for 2nd place between Sean and Yuri. Hani is near the finishing line. She’ll be 1st place with no problem. Hani finishes. (Hani can swim) (Who is 2nd place?) Sean, no! Sean! Sean, no! (It’s a fight for 2nd place) (Yuri catches up) Yuri passed Sean. She caught up. (Yuri is good) They’re both looking to the right to breathe. He can’t see Yuri passing him. He has to do his best to the end. Yuri finished first. Yuri is 2nd place and Sean is 3rd place. (A great reversal by Yuri) (Sean swam with diligence) (Now he sense something strange) (Did I lose?) Let’s do the triathlon. A tiger pushes its cub off a cliff. (The uphill section in cycling) (He tamed Hyeseong who is in the 20’s) (Even in the speed section) (He tamed Julian and Sangjin) (Nobody can be in front of me) (The dad of steel) (But… He got caught by Yuri) It’s exhausting to watch children. Sure. (Yuri passes him) (All he can do is swim) (A surprise in the intermediate class) We have the records. Hani is 1st place. 38.56 seconds. Yuri is 2nd place. 50.48 seconds. Sean is 3rd place. 52.36 seconds. (Hani is 1st place) It’s been a while since I swam 50m. It was a bit exhausting. I lost energy in the end. Despite that, she was faster than me. 38.56 seconds! (Hani is 1st place in the intermediate class) We cowered too much because they’re good at triathlons. Sean isn’t that far away from the beginners’ class. I think you could beat him at 25m. (He smiles, but glares) Let’s swim 25m right now. Right now? Let’s do it. Go, beginners’ class! I’m going to leave the beginners’ class. I’m going to graduate. (I’ll show you the power of the intermediate class) (The swim team rank) (1st : Sunghoon / 2nd : Hani / 3rd : Yuri / 4th : Sean / 5th : Hodong / 6th : Jisuk / 7th : Hyeongdon) (4th, Sean vs. 5th, Hodong) Go easy on me. I’m from the beginners’ class. Okay. What a cute beginner. Do well. Teach me a bit. I’m going to do my best and beat you. It’s a fight of pride between two men. Lane 1, Hodong. (Yeah for the boss of the beginners) Lane 2, Sean. Will Sean maintain his pride as an intermediate swimmer or will Hodong go beyond his level? Watch and see. The competition between the two began. They start. They almost started the same. They start. They almost started the same. (It’s close) Hodong has a good start. Yes. It’s a short distance. There’s no time for a break. (Slightly fast / Slightly slow) (The boss is amazing) Breathe, Hodong. He’s not breathing. It’s a short distance, so there’s no time for rest. The arms are moving fast. Hodong is slightly in the lead. Hodong is ahead by his height. (Hodong is in the lead by a bit) (He finally breathes to survive) (He breathes and the fat tuna runs) (If this was real, that’s a foul) That was tough right there. (The person who arrives first wins) He’s ahead by his height. That was tough right there. (Who is the one to survive?) (Sean finishes) (What is the meaning of this smile?) Hodong finished first. (The boss’s status is enhanced) (Did Sean lose again?) (She feels sorry for him) I’m so proud of you. Go to the beginners’ class. Bye. (I’m reminded of the past… When everyone was behind me) It’s because you always swim 50m. (Let’s do 10,000m now) (The swim team rank) (1st : Sunghoon / 2nd : Hani / 3rd : Yuri / 4th : Hodong / 5th : Sean / 6th : Jisuk / 7th : Hyeongdon) You’ve been checking our skills for 2 weeks. Who should do the freestyle? Or… I’ll tell you. Freestyle, Sunghoon. Backstroke, Choi Yunhui. Butterfly, Ryu Yunji. Breaststroke, Yu Jeongnam. We could go against any aces. We’ll have one win. We could win. We’ll designate freestyle first. Who is it? Yuri practiced with diligence last week. She has a very pretty form now. Yuri will do the freestyle. She really practiced a lot. Now for the backstroke. Who is it? For the backstroke, Hani. (Today’s special guest) She specialized in the backstroke. Her form was very pretty. Swimmers who only do the backstroke are called Bae Yeongman. (Bae Yeongman?) (A top comedian making such a joke?) (I’m ruined) (He was too greedy) I’m going to develop a fear of broadcasting. I have a fear of lenses, too. He drank too much water. He’s in a daze. I was slapped by the water too much. Now for the butterfly. Who is it? The ace, Sunghoon. (The ace, Sunghoon) What about the breaststroke? The breaststroke, Sean. (The 50m breaststroke is still tough for them) What about the relay? It’s a 200m relay. Everyone will swim. One person will swim 25m each. The last swimmer will swim 50m. (The first swimmer swims 25) (Then the next swimmer goes) (When the seventh swimmer completes 50m) (The relay is over) (Relay order – 1st : Hani / 2nd : Yuri / 3rd : Hodong / 4th : Jisuk / 5th : Sean / 6th : Hyeongdon / 7th : Sunghoon) There aren’t any rules, but is there a victory? The individual competition is 100 points each for a total of 400 points. The relay is 300 points. We can just win one individual swim. One individual swim. The victory depends on the total points. Everyone has to do a good job. It’s not me. It’s the whole team. We have to have good teamwork. Let’s go! (A wave for victory!) Let’s go. (Let’s go to the pool!) This is the ninth sport. This is our first competition. Our rivals today who will be sweating. Come on out! (Even the coaches are nervous) I can’t wait to see who they are. The team that will… (Huh?) Where are you going? (That’s the team we’re going against?) (The children are nervous) (They’re our opponents) Children? Welcome! Hi. Hi. How cute. Attention! Look at the camera. Look at the camera. Attention, at ease. Attention. Hands forward. Down. Say hello to the viewers! Hello. (Their first opponents are elementary students) We never imagined this. We can’t let our guard down, but… Hello. – We’re… / – Yeonchon! You’re our opponents? Yes. Peek-a-boo! Can you swim? Yes. Are you good? Yes. Can you float? Yes! Wow. Can you do the freestyle? Yes! You can’t do the backstroke, right? Wrong! What about the breaststroke? We can do that! You can? Yes! What about the butterfly? Yes! Scream! (What a pain!) He’s like me 36 years ago. He’s something. Coach, tell us about this team. (Park Hyeyeon) Our swimming team consists of 16 students from the 1st to 6th grade. They won various awards at competitions. Today, only the ones in the 1st to 3rd grade came to compete. The 1st to 3rd grade. Yes. Only the lower class students. They came to compete at a lower class level? That’s right. There aren’t any upper class students. Are they going to be alright? You’ll have to be on your toes. They’re pretty good. I’m nervous. I’m afraid of the water. I remember playing tennis. We played against elementary students. We didn’t win, but… Receive it! Out. Receive it. He’s so desperate. Please receive it. He’s desperate. (They lost because of lacking skills) (That’s how it was) But we can’t lose to a team of elementary students in the lower class. That would hurt our pride. I think they’ll be good. You have to remain tense and do your best. Weren’t you afraid of the water at first? I was afraid of the river and the ocean. I learned swimming since I was six. Water is fun now. How did you overcome your fear? I played with my dad. Me, too. Who is the ace? 6th grader, Park Seorin. She does the butterfly. She’s our ace. There always has to be one person to win. We have Sunghoon. All of a sudden. He’s warming up. It’s just the lower class. Why would a 6th grader come? She must be a top ace. I’m curious what her record is. From the looks of her body, it doesn’t look like she just learned. It seems like she swam a lot. The coach looks comfortable. She trusts the ace. We will begin the first competition against the Yeonchon Elementary School swim team! (Let’s do this) This is their first official competition. It’s against Yeonchon Elementary School. Elementary school swimmers have good records. It’s hard to say who will win. The first event will be the 50m freestyle. Yuri will go for the Cool Kiz. 2nd grader, Pi Seungjin, will swim for Yeonchon Elementary School. (The fine man of Yeonchon) (Yuri, 27 vs. Pi Seungjin, 9) Shake hands. The first competition will begin. It is the 50m freestyle. (A fierce mental fight) (Which team will take the lead?) Go, Yuri! It’s the 50m individual freestyle. Lane 1, Yuri. Lane 2, Pi Seungjin. (Lane 2, Pi Seungjin) Go, Yuri! Yeah, Yuri! (Let’s just do as I did in practice) Get ready. (Go) (Yuri started well) (She takes the lead) They started. Yuri started well this time. She’s a bit in the lead. Yes. It’s changing. Seungjin. Kick, kick! (It’s close) If they finish at the same time, Yuri will have an advantage since her arms are longer. Yuri, faster. (They arrive at 25m almost at the same time) They both turned at 25m at almost the same time. Seungjin arrived a bit faster. (Oh!) They’re the same. They turned at the same time. (Yuri slipped slightly during the turn) Seungjin, kick, kick! Seungjin. Seungjin took the lead after 25m. Yuri is following close. Yuri saw Seungjin when she breathed. She’s doing the last spurt. Seungjin is also doing the last spurt. He’s doing his best not to get caught up. Seungjin! Seungjin! (Yuri, more, more!) (Yuri closed the gap again) Hang in there, Yuri! They have about 5m left. Will it be Yuri or Seungjin? (Please…) Will it be Yuri or Seungjin? Seungjin is a bit in the lead. Seungjin finishes first. (Hurray, we won!) (Ugh…) (She almost caught up) It was one stroke! It was really close. One stroke. They both started at the same time. I’m sure you couldn’t guess who would win. After 25m, Seungjin started the spurt a bit faster. Yuri caught up a bit, but she started her last spurt later. We have the official times. Seungjin, 44.32 seconds. Yuri, 45.49 seconds. That was 5 seconds less than practice. Right. How old are you? Nine. (How embarrassing) He’s so good. I could see him pass me. The winner of the freestyle is Yeonchon! (Pi Seungjin wins) Yeah! (He’s a fine man) The opponent is warming up. Yeonchon is in the lead by 100:0. Next is the backstroke. The junior is going to get revenge. That’s her resolution. Today’s dark horse, Hani! (Hani takes action) Go, Hani! Yeah! This is the second event. The 50m individual backstroke. Hani and Kim Jiho will swim. The opponent’s expression is so… Yeah! She’s full of confidence. They lost the first event, so the second swimmer will feel pressure. The backstroke is one that could give them an edge. From Hani’s freestyle swimming earlier, I think she will do well with the backstroke, too. There is a height difference. There might be a difference when swimming, but the gap can be closed during the turn and the start. The backstroke event will begin. – Go, Hani! / – Go, Hani! It’s the 50m individual backstroke. Lane 1, Hani. Lane 2, Kim Jiho. (2 wins or a tie?) Yeah, Hani. Get ready. (Start) (Hani / Kim Jiho) Nice, Hani! (Hani has a slight lead) At the 12m point, Hani has a slight lead. Jiho is going forward quickly, too. The start was very good. (Kim Jiho / Hani) Jiho, win! Jiho, win! She’s going to catch up. She caught up. It’s pretty close. After 25m, Jiho is in the lead by a bit. (A difference during the turn) (Hani falls behind a bit) Jiho is doing the last spurt. Hani is doing her best. She went a bit sideways. Yes, she’s looking at the ceiling, so she can’t tell where she’s going. (Jiho goes straight forward) (Hani, faster!) (You have to catch up now…) Come on! Come on! (Come on, Hani!) (The gap gets bigger) There is a big gap. Jiho finishes first. That’s too bad. (We won again) (Hani…) (We didn’t expect you to lose, too) That was the backstroke. Hani vs. Jiho. Jiho vs. Hani. The winner is Jiho! (Jiho of Yeonchon wins) They’re about the same until the 25m point, but they start to lose after that. The students practice a lot, so they don’t lose energy in the latter part. The Cool Kiz didn’t practice as much, so they get tired easily later on. Jiho, 42.28 seconds. Hani, 45.96 seconds. Yeonchon won the second event, too. Hani drank a lot of water. She’s full. How do you feel? I continued doing the freestyle, but it’s been a while since I did the backstroke. It was really hard. I thought I could die. We could see you drink a lot of water. You kept drinking. I ran out of strength. You must have been intoxicated. You went sideways. You went toward the line. You almost went to the next lane. Really. You almost finished in the same lane. The female members both failed. The men have to show us something now. I don’t trust them though. Next is the breaststroke. Do we have to watch Sean? If we lose all the individual events, we can’t do the relay. I didn’t know they would be this good. They’re really good. What’s comforting is that the next swimmer is Yuk Seungwon, the youngest on the team. She’s young, but that doesn’t mean she will be slow. Let me give a brief introduction. Sean is forty-four. He has four children. I can’t wait to see how Seungwon does. Here is the third event. The 50m breaststroke. (Go easy on me) I can’t go home if I lose. Make good use of that body. Lane 1, Sean. (Lane 4, Sean, 44) Lane 2, Yuk Seungwon. (Our youngest, yeah!) It’s Sean’s last chance to restore his reputation. If he loses this, too, it will be over. Get ready. (Start) Good. He’s different. (Oh, he takes the lead) They started. Seungwon was a bit faster on the start, but… (Great output) (But… Huh?) Sean took a lead by a distance over his height when he was underwater. But before he reached 25m, Seungwon caught up to him. It reminds me of earlier. Seungwon! Seungwon! (She already caught up) Sean is swimming with diligence. But he’s not going forward much. He should learn all over again. They’re going back and forth with the lead. (Poo! Poo! Poo!) (Come on, yeah!) Sean! Sean! If you look at their strokes, their arms are moving similarly. But Seungwon is going forward. The gap is getting wider. Sean is losing more energy. (Full of energy) (Giving all he has) (He keeps the beat for him) (Will Sean catch up?) They have 3m left. (Oh, it’s pretty close!) They have 3m left. Seungwon finishes first. (But that’s it) That’s amazing. (Seungwon wins) (Oh…) (Seungwon is the best) (Shocking, 3 defeats in a row) (The man of steel continues to fall) (Full of leisure) How am I going to go home? The breaststroke has the most resistance. They moved their arms the same, but one went forward and one looked like he was being pulled back. There is a lot of resistance. He has to learn with precision. Seungwon, 54.50 seconds. Sean, 55.74 seconds. Yeonchon won the third event, too. (Congratulations) Should I carry you on my shoulders? Yes. (Envious) She asked him to do that if she won. (Returned home safely) Say something to your children. Your lovely children. Haeum, Harang, Hayul and Hael. That’s why I told you to learn when you’re little. So you won’t be embarrassed as an adult. Don’t be humiliated. The basics are important. Yes. Okay. We can smile and laugh because we have someone we can trust, too. (Even if everyone loses, one person will win) The superstar of our team. The ace of aces. Sunghoon! (Bang Sunghoon) Sunghoon is the best! He has a strong resolution. He borrowed coach Yu’s trunks. He’s getting his energy. (An hour ago) (I want those) (You…) (He quietly borrowed them) (Pink span for a victory) They’ll know it was borrowed. The opponent is Park Seorin. (The ace of Yeonchon Elementary School) (Park Seorin, 6th grade) (Dashing) She has the body of a swimmer. Why are you doing this to me? (Let us tell you about this girl) (Gimcheon National Swimming Competition, 100m butterfly, 3rd place) (KBS National Swimming Competition, 100m butterfly, 2nd place) (Kkumnamu National Swimming Competition, 100m butterfly, 1st place) (National Junior Sports Festival, 50m butterfly, 1st place) (National Junior Sports Festival, 100m butterfly, 1st place) (Sunghoon quietly approaches) (He asks something) Sunghoon asked her something. I think he asked what her record was. It’s hard to tell. He’s probably worried. Her body and what not… She has a great body. It’s perfect for swimming. Long distance swimming. He can’t go easy on her. No. He has to finish first. If Sunghoon loses, the Cool Kiz lose. The relay will be meaningless. Sunghoon, you can hear us, right? He has to overcome the pressure and show us why he’s the ace. (He suddenly massages his heart) She’s a top swimmer in the nation. Sunghoon is nervous. What’s wrong with him? Seorin vs. Sunghoon. Sunghoon vs. Seorin. It’s the competition of the aces! (The butterfly big match) She’s a top swimmer in the nation. She swam for 3 years. The 50m individual butterfly. Lane 1, Sunghoon. Lane 2, Park Seorin. Go, Seorin! He’s wearing my swimming suit. Go, Sunghoon! He’s at the edge of a cliff. Will Sunghoon lead them to the relay? (We want to swim, too) It’s a matter of life and death. Get ready. They started. Yeah! Yeah! (Oh ugh ugh) (They both swim with power) Sunghoon swam as an athlete before. He swam underwater pretty long. He’s out now. Oh! Oh! (Eyes wide) Good, Sunghoon. He swam underwater pretty long. He’s out now. We don’t know how Seorin will do yet. It looks like Sunghoon is a bit in the lead. He is starting the spurt. He is in the lead by his height. (Seorin / Sunghoon) (They just did the 25m turn) (Whiz) (They appeared again like ghosts) Yeah, Sunghoon! (Keep going!) Sunghoon, yeah! Come on, Seorin! Seorin is trying to catch up. They’re both giving all they have. (He swims like crazy) (The gap isn’t closing) Yeah! (He’s our ace indeed) Sunghoon has a big lead. He finishes first. The Cool Kiz finally win. (This is exciting) We’ll do the relay. (I’m Sunghoon) (They’re already celebrating) We’ll do the relay. Please give a round of applause to our future national swimmer. Good job. Sunghoon swam pretty far underwater. He maintained that and there was a difference on the turn. The gap couldn’t be closed. Sunghoon, 28.20 seconds. Seorin, 31.53 seconds. The Cool Kiz barely won once. The score is 100:300. They have hope for the relay. Yuri and Hani and all of us. We have to join our forces. Let’s see what teamwork we have. Watch us to the end. We will begin the relay now. (Cool Kiz vs. Yeonchon) (They’re nervous before they start) Go, Hani! You, too. The team that wins this will be the winner. Right. Will the Cool Kiz achieve a first win? It is the 200m relay. Lane 1, Cool Kiz. Lane 2, Yeonchon. (Lane 1, Cool Kiz / Lane 2, Yeonchon) Get ready. (The first swimmers are ready to start) (A strong will to win) (Get ready) Get ready. They started! (Hani and Lee Pyeonghwa start at the same time) Hani and Lee Pyeonghwa are first. Everyone knows how important the first swimmer is. Hani is fulfilling her role. She’s in the lead. (Hani has a slight lead) Hani is fast. Hani is fast. I’ll say start. Hani is fulfilling her role. She’s in the lead. Pyeonghwa is doing well, but there’s a bit of a gap. (Lane 2, Lee Pyeonghwa / Lane 1, Hani) (They arrive at almost the same time) Yuri starts first. (Yuri starts first) Yuri starts first. Shin Jeonghui catches up quickly. Yuri has to do her best. Jeonghui increased her pace. She reversed. (Lane 1, Yuri / Lane 2, Shin Jeonghui) (The gap is widening a bit) (Hodong is nervous) I never learned how to swim. (With the skills he learned) (He swims in the first competition) Yuri, this way. Jeonghui increased her pace. She reversed. Yeonchon is a bit in the lead. Pi Seungjin started. Hodong also started. (Seungjin started first) (Hodong follows heavily) There is a bit of a gap. It has to be closed a bit for us to have hope for Sunghoon. Go, Hodong! Yeah! (To close the gap) Hodong is doing his best not to fall behind. (But the gap widens more) (Jisuk the beginner is nervous) (He’s a complete beginner at swimming) (Flounder) (He grew with practice) (Will he finish?) (Heart pounding) (Hodong came in a bit behind) Yeonchon continues to maintain the lead. Seungwon is next. Jisuk is pursuing him. (Jisuk pursues) (The gap is pretty wide) Yeonchon continues to maintain the lead. Jisuk is pursuing him. There’s going to be a gap. The gap is widening. We’re winning. (Go, Jisuk!) (Jisuk falls behind a bit) (Kang Minjun starts first) (Jisuk arrives) (Sean starts) The gap is over 5m. (Minjun widens the gap more) (Sean swims with everything he has) What will I do? Go, Sean! Everyone has to do their part in a relay for the team to win. (Jiho, the 6th swimmer, starts) Be ready. I almost died in Gwangalli in the 3rd grade. (He overcame his fear of water) (He swims in his first competition) (He’s resolved) Jiho, the 6th swimmer, started) Go, Hyeongdon! (Hyeongdon swims calmly) (There is a huge gap) (Hyeongdon still does his best) (Poo, poo) (The opponent gets further away) (Jiho widen the gap more) The last swimmer of Yeonchon, Lee Jihye, is getting ready. She starts. (Sunghoon is the last swimmer) Sunghoon must feel a lot of pressure. This will be hard to catch up. (Hyeongdon continues to swim) (He struggles for his life) Yeah! (They wait for him to arrive) Cool Kiz, hang in there. The gap is getting wider. (The members cheer desperately) A bit faster. Hyeongdon is really exhausted. His arms aren’t going up. People will think he’s drowning. He touched the last swimmer. Sunghoon started. (The 7th swimmer, Sunghoon, starts) (He races ahead) Hyeji is near the finishing line. There isn’t much of a distance left. (The difference is about half a lap) (Sunghoon doesn’t give up) I wish time would stop. Sunghoon is swimming with all he has. (Overwhelming speed) 2m left to finish, 1m. Yeonchon finished. (Yeonchon finishes) (Yeonchon wins) (Hurray!) (Sunghoon’s race isn’t over yet) (He swims powerfully to the end) Yeonchon Elementary wins. (Good job) (They lost, but they encourage each other) (The Cool Kiz lose their first competition) (Hyeongdon feels sorry) (Sunghoon is grateful he finished) We have the records. Yeonchon, 2 minutes 31.75 seconds. Cool Kiz, 2 minutes 41.67 seconds. They have a long way to go. We can see that from this record. (The first official competition) Nice, Hani. (They’re still lacking) (But they challenged with passion) (They swam through the water with rough breathing) (They did their best) (The first challenge) (And the first defeat) Through the individual events and relay, they showed potential. Yes. With structured training and practice, they will do a better job every time. Today’s winner is Yeonchon Elementary! How do you feel? Happy! Who do you want to share this joy with? My family. Tell your mom and dad you love them. Tell them you won. Look at the camera. Mom, I won! (They finish the first competition with Hani) (July 1, 2015 / With Yeonchon Elementary) (Next week…) These are the flags of all nations. Is there a meaning to that? There is a World Championship in Russia. We’re going to hold the Cool Kiz World Championship for Swimming. We will begin the Cool Kiz World Championship for Swimming. The swimmers will enter. The only sport I can beat Sean at is swimming. Because… I’m going to practice for a month and get revenge. That must be true. Depending on today’s result, my nationality could change. (Everyone participates for a reason) Get ready. (They swim with excitement!) (It’s really like a world championship!) It’s close. Oh! Oh! (A league of our own!) (What is the result?) (“Vanilla Shake” / NC.A)