Claw Machine ! Elsa and Anna toddlers win prizes – Arcade game room

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Claw Machine ! Elsa and Anna toddlers win prizes - Arcade game room

I can't believe we're actually here yes we're at the game room because you are nice you ate everything and you're doing good at school yep so now let's start playing I just can't wait oh there are lots of claw machines here girls if there's anything attack a candy shop a mini candy shop yeah we can go get candies later so do you wanna play this yeah yeah yeah okay let me just get some coins can't wait to get that gummy bear in that pillow I wanted um I'm going first if you didn't know what do you mean I asked to get the gummy bear first but that doesn't mean you have to go first I got the handle first no I got it I got an amount no it's mine um but why should you get it because I'm on yeah and I'm the greatest no cuz I'm LCI and I'm the greatest it's mine my mom is the queen stop girls I don't like this we just came here and you're already fighting uh we're not fighting she's fighting to be first but I clearly said that I'm first girls girls the way we can settle this down is to do eenie meenie miney moe okay I hope my first stop eeny meeny miny moe catch a tiger by the toe if he hollers let him go eeny meeny miny moe okay oh yeah yes cuz I knew I was gonna be first and I have two points so you can go after LC ah she can have a turn first okay watch you here L Sonya it says coin please I'm guessing you two put in here I wanna get that blue pillow I wanted wait where's the pillow that you want I want that doggie pillow right on top okay should I go down now yes try it Oh will you get it will you get it so much I can't believe on the first try I got it yep whoa good job Anya I love your doggy pillow oh thanks I hope you win something – yeah I will you wait and see here's a coin for you okay and with you want to get LC I want to get that green a bouncy ball way in the back – yeah looks pretty bouncy to me I'm gonna try it and stop you now go to the back maybe you can just try again oh that means I lost look at Anya she's so happy with her pillow don't worry we have plenty of time you can just try again okay can I have one last coil let's try yes here just eat I'm gonna get that green gummybear it looks easier to get okay to the right yep okay now drop it don't get anything else yeah but don't worry there are other machines we can try somewhere else how about that ok it's ok else yeah we'll just go try again add another machine no need to cry if you say so I hope I get something at the next machine that means I can play you can play they has dinosaurs oh let's play come on mommy bring bring the coins bring the coins excuse me I was here at the game first I need to play um yes girls we saw he is right he was there first right girls yes so so you have to let him play and wait your turn ok sorry we will wait for you let's see if he gets a prize didn't get anything a little bit tricky ah can I please go to another machine this one is too hard yes don't worry little brother let's go yes our turn now go ahead because that was first on the last one but oh yes here you go thank you [Laughter] so unfair on your god price but I keep on didn't zero zero zero because you need to focus LC I you you can't go to all of them you just get one not everything I know it feels saddened it's actually really hard to win prizes Ani I was lucky you need to focus a lot okay but don't worry I'm pretty sure you'll get one we just need to keep trying else yeah what's so funny Anja what are you laughing at come on what are you laughing at I got a prize on the first try yeah what what's this that's not very nice you should encourage L SIA not laugh at her what if there was you guess I wouldn't feel very nice if it was me yes so wait I have an idea Anja is it a surprise yes so come with me okay mommy where are they going I don't know I think they're just getting something but until then please look one more time so you know which prize you want to change so what's the surprise mommy well since Elsie is not feeling very well because she's sad we can get her something sweet to eat can I have something – of course look it's a jelly bean machine I think she'd like some jelly beans okay and there are also some little candies down there do you want some they're not for eating but they're for making necklaces and bracelets can I make her a necklace oh sure I didn't even know those those who are charms I thought they were just real candy so let's see ooh sparkly candies well I know I'll see how likes the color yellow oh look it's a cute little baby I think I'm just gonna add some candies on her necklace so there's a hole here and you have the snap there we go remove pink candy Elsie I will love this necklace I'll get some jellybeans and two cupcakes don't spin the wheel yet cuz do you know what I want to stay like this so the gel jellybeans cannot fall in my mouth Anya that's so silly of course I'm not gonna do that no money please please please just a few like two of them okay no idea how are you joking this is really weird nobody does that okay well anyway before you spin can I show you this necklace I made for her oh that's very nice it has a lanyard there all right what can I spin it oh I also see a green one this time and one for else yes she's gonna be so happy here's the money thank you for the treats you're welcome enjoy the rest of the day back to else yeah back to Vasya let's see what she's doing hey Anya where did you go and what's all if the jellybeans and the necklace it's not for me then who is it for that's your plate of jelly beans and this is your necklace I wanted to give you it since you were sad and kind of as a sori present that I was being mean and laughing at you oh thank you so much Anya and I love the necklace I think I want to try it on there put it around your neck mommy look what they got me they got me this pretty necklace it has a gummy bear at the end oh wow that's so nice of them can I please play one last time please I really want to dinosaur I'm sorry LC yeah but I'm afraid all right I ran out of coins just kidding else yeah I do have more coins here's one right now thank you I'm pretty sure you can make it I can get one I'm gonna drop now [Applause] so proud of you oh good job LC yeah see if you don't give up you will get not one but two prizes yeah and it's still a mystery I wonder what dinosaur's inside there I'm gonna open it right now well let's see I'm gonna open it dinosaur good idea it's a mini dinosaur oh it's so cute I love it looks like a baby yeah it's the mom and the baby well I don't think it's quite the mom and the baby I guess you're right because that one has a really long neck to the next machine look mommy I want a tree I'm so excited yes very good job and it's so pink it's so nice mommy look look at that girl she want a pink train can we try it out please let's go yeah I go to the next one of course we can and look it's so cool it's shaped like a rocket let's see I think you started from here yeah you do I didn't want to get the training but I got it and it's pretty cool it's not just my dress a little bit wait a minute I think it's a whistle let me try Wow such a cool train you turn L see ya that's okay mommy we can't go to the other claw machine but L see are are you joking you love claw machines okay I'll tell you the truth that claw hand kind of scared me it looks like a robot you want to try it out he'll see ya I thought I was a scaredy cat not you oh yeah I'll prove to you that I'm not a scaredy cat all right then prove it okay here I go mom I'm gonna try to get anything the wheels just the machine well I don't know what's wrong with the machine but look on the bright side I got two surprises just like my two dinosaurs wow this is the beginning to be my lucky day right two favorite colors pink are these yo-yos their yo-yos ooh they're giant yo-yos whoa I could roll them too hmm but now we only have two the pillow and the train whistle she has four don't worry Anya there's still one last machine we didn't try do you want to go see if you can get a prize yeah let's go by the way since I have to when your favorite color is pink I'll let you have this route yup cuz you're such a nice cousin thank you so much Elsa good job everybody sharing is that lol surprise dolls I see Oh mommy we have to try this went out I'm gonna try to get an lol doll okay here's a coin thank you okay oh I didn't get anything try again don't worry onion will keep dry until you get it the good news is that it's already up there so here's another coin oh thank you so much weight on your husband first I'm gonna get her this time you'll see claw machine I love her so much thank you so much mommy young I know what her name is her name is little treasure because she's super special just like a treasure – yo let's go what are you doing mommy see you see that green gummybear in there yes can I please have one more coin to try to get it Oh me if you promise that you will eat everything on your plate always do good in school and go to bed when I tell you then I'll give you one more point for today mommy I promise please I'll do all of that stuff okay we will see so here you know watch this mommy I will show that gummi bear that I can get make sure we can get it out because it happened to Anya and she's still got the earth rest down yes but its head kind of moves huh no is it broke isn't broken it's so cool it's a gummy bear toy and a little marker I'm gonna show this to my friends at school I think I'm ready to go home mom yes it's time to go home we got prizes we got prizes wait for us girls you really did get a lot of toys look at the spinny top in your hair visit our channel and subscribe for more videos you

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