Can You Beat Untitled Goose Game Without Honking?

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Can You Beat Untitled Goose Game Without Honking?

Thanks to the ever present threat of humanity’s
complete annihilation at the hands of a resentful AI, gamers now have the opportunity to live
virtual lives and experience reality in ways once thought to be forever delegated to the
world of science fiction. Can You Beat Untitled Goose Game Without Honking? Damn it. Well, that sucked. You cannot beat Untitled Goose Game without
honking. Let’s just consider this a minor setback
and see how much of Untitled Goose Game you can complete without honking. After tearfully honking your way out of the
bush, you’re prompted to run around and play with the controls because most people
have never been a goose. This is designed to get you comfortable being
an annoying asshole. Thanks to the flexibility afforded to the
goose via its loose and very wringable neck, you can bend down to avoid obstacles. But the benefits of being a goose do not stop
there, you can also pick up all sorts of trash, tennis balls, and even pieces of metal several
times heavier than the goose itself. Before spreading my wings and taking my place
on the high seas, I got familiar with hiding in the grass, then finally took to the water
to begin showboating and ruining someone’s picnic. I then went ahead and dragged some dirt into
the water, providing another example of the disgusting raw strength of the goose, and
checked my objectives. Nothing too complicated. I thought for a moment that the picnic it
referenced was to take place on this blue napkin. After stealing the radio I learned how wrong
I was. In a panicked attempt to shock myself to death,
I completed another objective by getting the groundskeeper wet. Once I got my radio back, I discovered that
there are places on this earth where even a groundskeeper, despite the ground being
in their name, won’t go. I taunted him a bit before breaking into my
garden to begin putting the rake in the lake. It took me one attempt. The rake was where it belonged, in my private
quarters. On my way back to the garden, I found the
real picnic blanket and dropped a few things off on it. I tried to use the lawn mower, couldn’t
because this game is trash. How difficult would it have been to have a
handle you can grab to try and start the mower? To get over my disappointment, I started stealing
all the carrots in the world. I got bored after about 3 and moved on to
other things, like stealing the keys and hiding them in my museum of stolen objects. Using the goose’s inherent ability to stealthily
sneak into any environment, I entered the garden again and took the handheld shovel. The sprinkler system provided a distraction,
allowing me to put the watering can where it belonged. Operation Pumpkin Patch was my next objective. Rescue a pumpkin from the patch. This multifaceted mission was more convoluted
than my mind can comprehend. I stole a pumpkin to distract the groundskeeper,
allowing me to get by him and turn on the hose again, which got him out of the way so
I could grab the jam and hide it in the bushes. By the time I had the jam, he was returning
from shutting off the hose. It was then I took the pumpkin again, but
the idiot fell for it, and I finally got the hand shovel, completing my mission in the
process. A few minutes were spent moving my toys from
their sanctuary to the picnic blanket. I also tried to offer a flower as a peace
offering, he wasn’t swept off his feet like I thought he would be. As a punishment, I hid his boots in the miniature
jungle in the garden. The cooler called out to me like a siren in
the sea, the orange and white made me think it belonged in my museum, which it did even
if it didn’t know it yet. With the jam now jamming with the radio and
the other picnic objects, two objectives remained: Make the groundskeeper wear his sunhat, and
make him hammer his thumb. I had no idea how to do either of those, so
I spent a while taking everything I could off to the museum for safe keeping. Things got a little cramp, which was when
I did a bit of redecorating. I had a feeling that the hammer had something
to do with the fractured thumb objective, I just wasn’t sure what role it had to play. I took it out of the garden and thought about
what to do next. I dragged the hammer back inside and tried
being a giant pain in the ass towards the groundskeeper. Nothing worked. Dragging the sign off into the jungle like
the smoke monster didn’t work either. If nothing else, I could do the other objective. In the process of harassing the groundskeeper,
I locked us both out f the garden. I brought the keys back, not because I respect
the man, but because he would need the keys if I was going to get his hat. Steal the flower and rip the hat off his head
as he’s bent over. This was harder than it should have been because
I kept going the wrong way. Eventually I got his hat in the water, and
only one thing remained. The main problem here is that I am a stupid
goose and my honker has been metaphorically taped shut by the man, prohibiting me from
following in my ancestors webbed footsteps by harassing anything that moves with my honking. The problem wouldn’t solve itself, so I
raided the garden for a cabbage, pushed it through a hole, into the river, and spent
a while trying to get it onto the blanket. My idea was that if I could complete all the
“To do (as well)” objectives, maybe I could move to the next area. I’ll just tell you now that that didn’t
work. As luck would have it, you cannot proceed
in the game without making the groundskeeper hammer his thumb, and you can’t do that
without honking. I’d already failed the challenge, so I figured
I might as well bite the rake and honk at him. If I can’t beat the game without honking,
I could at least try to beat the game by honking as few times as possible. Before going in for the kill, I reset the
game in a last ditch effort to try anything. Guess what, after a reset, you have to honk
to start playing again. Really just an unfortunate situation all around. I did it, I didn’t really have any other
options, made the guy hammer his thumb, and got into the next area. Things aren’t as bad as they seemed, because
there’s a child to harass. The very first thing I did was steal his toy
plane and play with it myself. I also started taking it back to the museum,
which was when I learned that his parents fitted him with a shock collar to keep him
from being lured into a van with candy and driven away forever, so he can’t go into
the garden to get his toy back. After fucking with his shoelaces to appease
the goose gods, I stole his glasses and put them with the toy plane, rake, hammer, and
sign. I tried picking at his eyes as he cowered
on the ground, didn’t work though. Good news is, there’s a list of new activities
for the goose to do to loose. Including being assaulted by a broom and then
dismantling the broom as a distraction and thinking that the plaid doormat was an automatic
door opener. I broke the broom again, snagged the glasses,
and made the kid look a right fool. I’d crossed 2 things off the list, 4 remained,
and I had the brain cells necessary to do at least one of them. The problem is that the basket is in the woman’s
territory. As I waddled around with a beak full of paper,
I saw her steal my hairbrush from her basket. I took a brisk walk around the area, looking
for openings to attack the street shop and wallowing in my depressingly feathered existence. A third broom breaking accident let me take
a tomato and briefly pretend to be Farfetch’d. This was another masterfully executed distraction
designed to take the broom and break free from the chains of oppression… and also
steal an orange. I kept gathering objects until I had myself
a little nest just outside the woman’s field of view. But I put that on hold to try and lock the
boy in the phone booth. You know, make him face his fears. I’m a good parent, he needs to learn to
embrace the fear even if it kills him. I had no ideas, tried nothing, and lost all
hope of succeeding. My only thought now was taunting the shit
out of the woman and testing the limits of her flexibility. Then I discovered that you can drag the basket. This was a game-changer. I filled the cart with all my stuff until
only the toothbrush and cleaning fluid remained. The woman was more perceptive than I gave
her credit for, she was onto my little scheme. I thought to bash her skull in with a hammer. When she stole my canned goods I put that
plan on hold to drag my basket of valuables to safety. There were some setbacks, uneven cement and
whatnot, but I managed to put my things out of reach of the woman. As I stood in place for several years, I realized
that the tasked I’d assigned to myself was impossible. But just like a goose, I don’t give a fuck
about the expectations of anyone. And if Fallout 3 has taught me anything, it’s
that you can always count on speed running tactics to save the day. I started a new save and honked myself out
of the bush again, grabbed the boot, and got to work. A gate is no match for a goose with a boot. Just past the bridge is a red brick wall with
a railing on top, you can hear an old man performing a goose mating call on the other
side. If you take the boot to where the bricks meet
the shrub, you can perform a glitch that lets you take advantage of the Infinity Stone the
goose has and phase through the wall. I got close a few times, but because I suck
at anything involving fine motor skills or motor oil in general, I got the boot through
the wall, dropped it, and couldn’t reach it. That’s the only boot that can be carried
off the ground, which means that to try again, you must reset the game, go back to the starting
area, grab the boot, and take it to the wall again. Tedious, but not all that difficult. It takes like 45 seconds. What took far longer than 45 seconds was getting
through that fucking wall. I did try it with a sandwich at one point,
which didn’t work. It didn’t work with an apple either, if
you can believe that. I don’t want to waste too much time on this,
but I’ll tell you now that it took me about 25 minutes just to perform this one little
trick that most doctors don’t want you to know. When I finally managed to do it, I was in
awe of what this one little goose had achieved. I stood there with my trophy for a bit, basking
in the warm glow of my now massively inflated ego. But this is nothing, the tricks have only
just begun. In the speed run I watched, they glitched
through this door with the boot. Luckily for me, time means nothing. I didn’t need to phase through the door,
I could just as easily follow the delivery man inside and proceed to my next trial. Put the plate deep in my beak and use it to
break the laws of this universe. It’s easier than it sounds. A few attempts were all it took. From there, it’s a brief swim and you’re
onto the set of the next Godzilla movie. Again, time is not of the essence, so I took
my time waddling through the land of midgets until I got to the sand castle, where I could
do a weird thing with my next and peck away at the sand until the frame revealed itself. Several forceful tugs later, the Golden Bell
was rescued from its castle by the prince, and I backtracked through the town with my
prize. Remember that corner I glitched through with
the plate? I had to do that again. It was a giant floppy monster of a task. Get into the corner, turn, and let your neck
hang down. That’ll push you through the wall enough
to let you waddle through the fence. It felt like it took longer than it actually
did. Like 10 minutes maybe. Once I got through it, I did a few victory
laps, payed respect to the boot for getting me to where I am today, and was nearly ready. The time had almost come for the 2nd Battle
of Hoover Dam. The same neck stretch technique is used to
put the bell through the fence, where it can fall into the river. Then you snag the plate and do something similar
to the first glitch with the boot. As you would expect, the speed run made this
look easy as shit. Run up to the corner, do the thing, and that’s
it. Of course, it’s not that easy. The one good thing I’ll say is that despite
being very worried, I never lost the plate through the fence. My concern was that I’d drop it, not be
able to get it back, and have to reset. And who knows where that would’ve put me. I was a lucky ducky and got back into the
water, which was when my heart sank. The bell was gone. All that work, a complete waste of time. Then I noticed the plate was gone too. It was the realistic water irrigation system
at work. The bell floated down the river, I retrieved
it, and went back to my sanctuary. With the bell in my beak, I did a few victory
laps around the stump, ducked under the log like a pro, and annoyed every creature in
a 10 mile radius by walking in circles and ringing the bell like a madman. I waddled to the hole at the end of the path,
added another bell to my collection, and did not beat Untitled Goose Game without honking. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Untitled Goose Game without honking. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Thanks to the Champion tier supporters, as
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link in the video description. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad, have a wonderful


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