BORDERLANDS 2: Fight for Sanctuary DLC All Cutscenes (Game Movie)

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BORDERLANDS 2: Fight for Sanctuary DLC All Cutscenes (Game Movie)

hello old friend been a while hasn't it I bet you're wondering what the game of our vault hunters let me tell you a story after the death of handsome Jack and the fall of Hyperion Pandora was at peace as much as it ever was their mission complete the Crimson Raiders set their sights beyond the stars you remember the vault key ride it had that map made all day crazy floating Holograms the vault hunters believed it would take them to vaults across the galaxy of course sometimes when you're busy looking forward you forget to watch your back I do not understand why we haven't left Pandora yet we are nowhere closer to finding the vaults this map is the most important scientific discovery in all of human history and Mordecai is using it as a coaster does there matter we don't even know which planets these are yet I don't like flying blind sanctuaries home together using spit and wishful thinking she's barely staying in the air let alone leaving the planet we got to do something people are talking about disbanding the Raiders say Pandora don't need us now that Jack's gone we need a leader she don't want the job my in and can you blame her sometimes when you're the one calling the shots people get hurt and I'm making a choice is still a choice so then we have no plan no working ship no leader and a soda can on the vault key lael we need to make a call what do you think le that I see an Shin flail this is lilyc sanctuary is under attack all civilians evacuate the city immediately crimson Raiders to me crimson raiders defend our home dear after the bulky Lilith that's too many of these penned a horse this is Lilith all crews and Raiders pull back to HQ just tell me where to point this sumbitch come on time to change the world oh so does this you're alright killer I got as many people off sanctuaries I could it was kind of a rush job looks like I scatter the Crimson Raiders around the area smartband debts that attacked us they were trained soldiers Cass it's hard people into monsters find us a base camp all I look around for the others will rally the troops to take back sanctuary paddies cowards this is Colonel Hector of the new pandora army now sanctuary and the bulk to your mind once again honestly outmaneuvered Jill turns into a pack of baby rats would you take warm stuff between your talents so here's what happens now you've seen what my paradise cast into your people backstop all the Pandora sure it'll kill everyone on the planet but every garden needs its fertilizer right Roland never would have let this happen Oh back in the day sanctuary was the pride of dolls – Lee seems to have fallen into disrepair I hope you don't mind but I've already made some upgrades here I'll say it for you I'm coming awesome steak burger bear-dog ruddiger mama pants T scratchy scratch I'm not you two we were the toughest one of all I hear the sounds of bloodthirsty murder and I love it whoever you are mystery bandits kill kill kill those fine freaks and turn that tide those were evening creepers my mysterious Savior oh shit meant some sort of clown themed novelty bar enjoying week-old pizza and watered-down booze and the hell of a life style funk but it made you soft in my experience an army rocks from the top down I led my people up from brew and gave them something to believe in that's why they follow me we are new Pandora we're the men who split our backs on the promise of paradise but it was stolen from us now we're taking it back start with your ship and your key now paradise isn't coming and if I have to choke the life out every last person on this planet to get there then that's what I'm gonna do oh crap a fault hunter he's easy hey let's not get all shootie at me okay my name is Vaughn now I know we're supposed to be like you know mortal enemies or whatever but I don't know the enemy of my plant monster enemy right sure it looks like Hector kick you out of your home too huh well I guess we better join forces welcome to my camp the backburner huh huh look Hector's vine freaks could be back at any moment we better secure camp Walt hunter the back burners firewall got knocked out and I'm talking to an actual wall of fire we got to reset the security relays to get that fire wall aflame man you know I actually opened a fall once went from Hyperion accountant to vaults to bandit war chief it's a long but very touching story I'll tell you about it sometime over some questionably source meet Helios station then Hector shows up and ordered us to give him our moon shot cannons but we said hell no well we try fighting on Hector's new Pandora soldiers but we were no match for him and I probably should have armed my clan with more than presentation great Hyperion laser pointers lesson learned I guess me and the survivors regrouped here we were getting ready to retake Helios when Hector launched a gas attack and turned everyone but me and divine freaks now that dude Hector's walking around like he's mega president King a Pandora or whatever you know Pandora's like air meat or underwear it's meant to be shared nice yeah you can reboot the last relay will have that old firewall aflame add in no time and if any of my clan survive he'll come a-runnin when they see a fire they always do [Applause] with a filthy smelly vault hunter like you but desperate vine freak gasps turning times call for desperate measures screw that home thief Hector you and are gonna mess that dude up blog packed sup killer good work finding a camp I guess this will be our home while we figure out how to take back sanctuary uh this is my camp hey lil step back if you don't want to get any bandit on you easy easy we could share hey I wanna take a spin in my lucky underwear I'm listenin I'm gonna teleport back to sanctuary and tried to take Hector out maybe there's still time to fix this not gonna happen I can't get to him sanctuaries flooded with that gas Tanis can you I don't know whip us up an antidote of course I will first need to discover the nature of these mutations send me some plant genitalia I believe they are called flowers at your reading level what she said let's get it done so you cowards teamed up with that band if you Helios figures they gave up their moonshot canons real easy now I can launch my Paradise gas wherever my eye can see adapt and reuse that's called strategy you know if you ever want to taste victory for a change so ready to kill that guy get Tanis those samples killer I'll keep rounding up the Raiders Tanis I couldn't find you after they attack you somewhere safe oh yes I'm secure in one of my many hidden panic shelters handy when you live in a constant state of panic they enough small talk get me those samples and we'll have a plant monster army of our own you might find yourself hitting harder while fighting within a gas pocket strange but potentially helpful do keep a close eye on your exposure level that's probably vines and losing your mind look for closed bulbs I need pure specimens are enormous even by standards creating this gas would require an understanding of advanced bio genetics I can only describe as brilliant housing now we must discern how the gas is infecting humans I will require samples specifically brain matter which I like to call that good gray stuff such playful mrna structure you naughty little thing you Tanis yes I will keep my class 5 biohazard suit on you won't breakthrough we all know that the Pandaren atmosphere is chock-full of benign spores the gas mutates the spores already present in our lungs Oh wonderful the spores spread to the brain taking over the nervous system the subjects are left nearly mindless like a slag Huff addict or a music enthusiast disappointing news I lack the expertise necessary to synthesize the gas and create our own legions of plant human hybrids again not doing that yourself just like that University ethics board no matter return to the back burner and send me those samples I'm running out of iridium so I'm gonna make one last sweep for survivors see you back at camp please send me their samples as soon as possible I've made every preparation and completely disrobe so that there is nothing between me and the laboratory grade mylar of this biohazard suit the sensation is satisfying oh that's on me yeah I was scanning my glutes for reasons and and I busted the science thing just give it a little bend at high five that's out vault hunter over here Tannis is working on an instant in the meantime let's find a way back up to sanctuary tiling got a nice perk shot by mouse scarab we might have found a way up to sanctuary Mordecai good to hear from you I wasn't gonna let you fight this one without me oh crap brace yourselves it's time for a fight those things I'll fix anything with me swipes humming smell like a hunter but you totally fight like a bandit and that is the highest compliment status any updates well I cannot produce an antidote project that's a super quick question my secret laboratory the inference is through the old door line I'll begin working on an antidote immediately now get eyes on the mind Lilith I'll let you know if I see anything keep me posted Mordechai the vault hunter I'll meet you there talent Mordecai's new bird I think he's trying to tell us something what's that telling Mordecai got attacked my vine freaks follow Talent still haven't heard from Mordecai keep following talent we've lost too much already but can't lose Mordecai he's the best scout in the Raiders we've been fighting together since the beginning Rolland each other's backs we fought together that's how we survived for so long alright those potatoes crop-dusting me Jim it Mordecai's infected this is my fault we need that antidote now I'll take him back to camp get through that mine and find the scientist excellent eagerly await your arrival good luck at that old doll mine I heard that place was haunted cursed haunted well did you think I'd leave my flank exposed to counter-attack that's basic military strategy I already reinforced that door with three feet of solid titanium duck tops we need to punch through that gate somehow Cassius is our only chance of saving Mordecai and retaking sanctuary trout titanium chunky stuff lil gonna take one hell of a weapon and what we got here ain't gonna cut it yo Lilith what about the Helios moonshine yeah that could work Bandon you lived on Helios for a while think we can get the moon shot cannon working oh yeah totally but just so you know to get into Helios you're gonna have to go through the boroughs have fun don't die and I love using Jax weapons but if it gets the job done I can live with it hahaha oh man this is exciting surviving the boroughs is it's abandoned rite of passage you know what if you make it through you can be my vice war chief you actually brought an infected soldier back to camp man I keep thinking you mind the idiots after I then you go and strike up big ol vain the dumbass he'll get here soon enough focus on Helios all right so these tunnels are sacred bandit territory Oh tapas and worms I said no my hypothesis was correct Hector is using to a funky to mass-produce the gas soon he will have enough to blanket all of Andorra to create his paradise but everyone on Pandora will die in the process he's really got our test tubes in a centrifuge oh so you got that video I sent then waiting on the reply here's other Sam's me presiding over paradise Dino unless better yo slam I heard Morty was in danger and you were wrecking face to help him let's show these pricks whose planet this is bruise my cuticle on that one hell yeah I'll post up here you get it man grass those fools life's on the line time to practice some fun see you at the backburner slab good all right time to wreak vengeance on the loader BOTS at Hector had to murder most of my clan there's more important things at stake bandit we need that moonshot Kanna to clear the way to Cassius he's our only hope of curing Mordecai right course totally yeah [Applause] stop for second I think about Hector's plan dude hijacks her ship to spread a mutated sports eat whatever gas to make pandora paradise I mean that's pretty righteous elevators huh focus moon shot cannon get it working blow open the door to the mine so does anyone actually know how to use this thing we've got to blow up in that door you gonna fire the biggest can on the whole motherfuckin planet and you didn't call me I'm Tina it's a war zone between us and Helios I'm not putting you in danger Lilly girl here you but I'm your demolitions expert and now the vault hunter is inside and you can bathe me in to help out with the mission and I won is all bad please it's probably my birthday it takes a lot out of me to teleport anything besides myself it's not as easy as you're almost to the moon shot' control room I took my bandit out there with my right hand on a Hyperion account ledger and my left hand on a still beating scag hearts hope this was worth it I'm just coming you take care of the moonshot living up class in session this is ballistics 101 and I am Professor boom first Jesse owned those regular moon shot shells ain't gonna do shit against big ol metal doors we need that good good armor penetration so whilst I start constructing the Miss high Oh your homework is to get the explosive OHS that are going inside classes next now you're lovesick aristocrat who pines for the hand of Contessa a or two hearts worth I shall play the part of the celestial pimp Tyrolean if my lover girls are different I true you must proto into stabilizer fins for when I shoot her what this lovers are gonna have wings like a big dragon I started thinking about drag this character flapping wings on their contestant a order is gonna be swooning over your badonkadonk power cord from the bat Bay sorry for being a bummer I'm just worried about Morty I want to help out but it's scary because I don't want to lose him it's my friend sometimes I feel like if I don't keep moving I'll just stop maybe it's it defense mechanism whatever it's nothing sorry I'm bugging you hell is sad crap hold it interesting reaction there me bitches but you know if you really really wanna then you do you but please let me push the button it's my birthday okay it's not my birthday but I only like this I'm really really really really really really really really really what are the cannon please really really really low ball T vault I thought you might be raisin but now I know you John [Applause] [Applause] Elle is going on down there good work everyone the way up to the lab is clear Cassius better come through for us got a few things to take care of here head back to camp and check on Mordecai those vines are anchoring sanctuary to mount scarab if caches can make good on the antidote that's our way up I heard that from here you were right moon shot works Mordecai and you're looking real bad [Laughter] his condition is quite advanced but not incurable I need you to bring me a blood sample or as we say in the scientific community that good red stuff ah you ain't getting none of Artie's blood back up I'm a black belt master of correct ha Tina easy and it's definitely pronounced karate you lucky this time Punk was about to call rate your hair and happen and it'll just sounds nice right about now but you know what I can really go for so pollen you got me man I don't feel so great in my stamen you have the sample excellent make your way to me and we will complete the antidote together I should have seen Heather's betrayal coming in my studies I discovered that Iranian technology has strange effects on biological organisms like this phone was found in your lungs and the greater pandora atmosphere Oh fool I've been I assure you I never intended to hurt anyone had to told me he dreamt of a better Pandora a paradise he said I shared that dream but not like this oh the cost is too great it's about that current watch of mine is stepping foot in that mine is my redline Raider warning you now don't cross it that was a mistake I'm gonna bury the entrance to my laboratories and just through the bag simply follow the turn back now signs or the don't worry the miners who were trapped inside died horribly decades ago oh cars haunted you hold it one nine one lost a lot of good man after Dahl left us down there to die that's when I realized if Pandora was gonna become our paradise we were gonna have to make it ourselves you won't take that from me brick the blood sample to me so I can begin synthesizing the antidote it will be nice to see another human face again Jesus you skanks suckling traitor you could have had a spot in paradise but there's no room for cowards in the new Pandora let's see how long you can hold your breath no that maniac is releasing the gas directly into the facility I can fix this moment most of the facility should still be safe to traverse make your way to me folder you see without being as my main roles on would say plant monster getting closer the thrill of scientific progress stimulating isn't it you know when this is all over I think I might take your scientist up on her lascivious offers I'll let you in Cassius you book readings son of a bitch your services are no longer needed stand down I'm in the emergency containment room fear not I absolutely escaped the effects of the gas and I can assure you I am using absolutely quite disingenuously that is where you will deposit your friends blood sample now scan the sample the antidote will cause his spores to enter a remissive state it will also provide you immunity to the gas your friends blood was compromised by the decontamination chamber I can fix it oh I can fix this it's no good we will need another sample there's no time for anything else open the emergency containment room I'd hope to use the antidote on myself but we need infected blood so instead I must make one final request out of the way if you don't kill me painful Renea out titillating as mine will begin synthesizing the antidote immediately and then Cassius will be inside all of us you did it killer Mordecai's gonna live now let's take back our home sanctuaries still tethered to the facility see you up top what celebrate just generators the gas is ready Paradise is coming there's nothing you can do to stop it you must stop Hector I never thought I'd say this but pandora is fine the way it is oh and if you are still here a fault hunter you tell Hector Cassius said eat my farts Oh No books are rad wait oh ho I've got it I've got it I award him a medal for biggest douche rocket on Pandora point Cassius fine Hector I'm on my way enjoy your last breaths Raiders I can feel the roots of paradise taking old tracking uvh looks like I don't have time to mass-produce the antidote if you do not stop Hector from releasing the gas he will cause a planetary mass extinction I figured we had a minimum of six or seven years before something like that I can take the vine de coeur but the last thing my bar needs is a bunch of mindless freaks who can't keep their tentacles to themselves unless they're willing to pay for it just kidding all right and after the photo take sanctuary we're leaving Pandora for real this time yeah we better y'all promise me on my next birthday with young man now drink your soup place for you Oh my roots have grown into the heart of this city there's a big cache nearby welcome and by the world laterz will turn to mulch you've lost this ship a spy the key is mine that Dora is mine sorry about this killer it's the only way you finally stood your ground Firehawk but it's too late you bald hunters so blind I've seen the true purpose of the lab it leads to power you can't possibly imagine sanctuary is part of me now the vault map is part of me you can't destroy me without losing them both your dream dies with me what what do you think you're doing making the call Lillith shrinks a laugh lil are you okay yeah it's God Lilith that was awesome there's a free feet remanded hey Rowland would have done the same thing bitch holy crap I'm so jealous I wanted to blow that shit oh cool cool I calculated that there was an eighty six point four percent chance that sanctuary would have exploded as soon as it reached escape velocity perhaps I should have shared that with you sooner sanctuary the map everything's gone hey you made the call we're all still here nothing else matters I guess you're right so uh what now up there Hector showed me the map I saw the vaults connected somehow part of something bigger I don't know what it means look we may have lost the map but we never needed it before we have to find the bolts before they fall into the wrong hands we have got to keep searching that means leaving Pandora but I can't go with you not yet someone has to rebuild the Raiders we need new blood new badasses if we're gonna be ready for the next fight find the vaults no matter how far it takes you no matter what happens you will always be Princeton Raiders [Applause] well old sanctuary went out and away that would have made scooter happy killing a big-ass tree that was a nice speech back there lil really tugged at the old heartstrings but why is it that you're really staying here that vault maps still out there le when I find it then I can leave Pandora I'm a holder to that string bang I don't know why the yridians built the vaults but they're the key to learning about sirens I'll never stop looking for them


usuh dudd · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

is this free?

Unknown Trashcan · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

My favorite part:
"What in the hell is going on down there?

Gh0st · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Wait is this a new dlc that recently came out?

Samuel Rettig · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

36:27 note for ltr

Samuel Rettig · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

God I fucking love Tina. Best character in the game hands down

Random Headshot · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

"Whose soda is this??"

lowery George · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

They had to bring him REALLY

ShogunEnder · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Damnit I loved sanctuary but I guess we will have to think of pandora as home base for the crimson raiders can't wait for more atlas as well as Rhys

Alex Altamirano · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Is this dlc Free?

She_Said_She_ Was_Level_18 · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Anime Girls When They Have To Fight Tentacles: 36:29

David Cross · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

36:25 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

C. T. Nelson · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Tina got real deep, that was shocking

RPGhost 1776 · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

VAUGHN !!!!!!!!!

Arson The Average · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Ok lets be honest, how many here have BL2 but are to lazy to actually do the DLC?

Cesar Rodriguez · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Lilith doesn't deserve to be the leader tbh

Hero Smash · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Pretty sure Vaughn is piping Ellie

jear · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

thx for the spoiler thumbnail in my recommended πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ–•πŸ–•

Giant Dad · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

I screamed when i saw Vaughn!!

OleafTheRebel · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Free DLC that has at least an hour worth of cutscenes? Dude yes this is a meaty dlc!!

paladin danse · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

"Man, I keep thinking you mined the idiot shaft dry. Then you go and strike a big ol' vein of dumbass"

CanadianPenguin · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Rip scooter

Mastema Howard · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Why would vaughn be scared of a vault hunter,especially if it's zero of all people?

Zero98 · June 12, 2019 at 7:38 am

Why the hate?

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