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Bloom Town | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hello, welcome to Game the Game! I’m your host Becca Scott, and today we are playing, Bloom Town. Let me introduce you to
our featured cast members, starting with a musical number. (light drumming) (snaps) (everyone sings together)
– Bloom Town. Talking ’bout Bloom Town. – Gonna build a park (mumbles)
– Bloom Town. (continuing to sing over one another) – Rising from the ground. – Starring Paula Deming. – Hi! (snaps) (giggles) I’m Paula. – David Guthrie. – Hello. (everyone chuckles) – Alejandra Cejud. – Hi! (snaps) – Okay, that’s enough–
(laughter drowns out speaker) – I thought, for a moment, like we were in that video that went viral of like those like 80s kids, like Australian TV show,
where they’re all like, those big,
– Yes. – that dance number, you
know what I’m talking about? – No, but it works with
my hairstyle today. – (mumbles) it was, that’s where, I felt like we
were in that for a second. (laughs) – You are in the 80s today. And not only that, but each of us are architects, town architects, scheming to become the
mayor of Bloom Town, because everyone knows
that town architects eventually get promoted to mayor, if they earn enough points. And mayors make a lot more
money than architects, so, it makes sense.
– Is that true? – No.
– Oh. (laughs) – I don’t think mayors
– It’s untrue. – make like any money.
– It’s public service, no? – Yeah
– You only make money under the table. – We’re on to you mayors. Anyway we’re gonna be the next mayors, so we can get money under the table. And the way we do that, is by developing Bloom Town. (everyone mumbles in amazement) Now we, of course, have a how to play video. There’s a link to it in
the description below. Check that out for some rules, but we’re just gonna jump
right into game play. Now, on someone’s turn, they do three things. First, they play one of the two tiles, in their hand, onto their town board. Then they score points based on whether it is an office, a subway, a
home, a shop, or a park. And then they take a tile of
the corresponding flower type to the square that they placed on. And then it’s the next person’s turn. We continue in this manner until two of these stacks of tiles are depleted, and then we get one final rescoring, and there you go. The most points wins.
– Cool, cool, cool. – Yeah, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. – Cool, cool.
– Cool. – Sweet. – Paula Deming, the creator of “Things Get Dicey”, you know a thing or two
about games some might say. – Some might say. I know a thing about two of– (everyone laughs) I don’t know how to talk about games. It’s all up here, trapped up, but can it come out here? Probably not. – You have to write those
lines ahead of time. I get it, I get it.
– That’s all right. We all have to. – Keeps our (mumbles). – Oh, all my bloom tiles
are on the corners. – Okay. Yes we are playing with
side B of our boards. – Awesome, cheating (murmurs)
– Augh, augh. (several speakers laugh
and drown the others out) – Cheater.
– David Guthrie! – David Guthrie who played
100 board games from the top 100 of BoardGameGeek in 100 days. – That’s a lot, just saying. I did play 100 games in 100 days, and this is not on the top 100 list, but I’m excited to play it. – ‘Cause it’s not out yet! – Oh, that makes sense. (Paula, Becca, and Alejandra laugh) – And it seems you must be a complex worker placement game
to make it on that list. – Yeah, you have to. Yeah, you have to be, you have to have 7,000
pages of a rule book and you have to take
– Oh, gotcha. – seven hours to play but– – Well this is a simple four. The strategy comes with the
complexity in your mind. Alejandra, what is your greatest
board game accomplishment as of late? – As of late? What have I played? Oh!
– Oh I know! Winning our practice game. (all laugh) – That was really as of late. Quite recently I won the practice game and that felt amazing! ‘Cause I’m not the best board game player. – Disagree. – Yeah, disagree. – Luck was on my side (mumbles), Satan was on my side. – All it takes to be a
good board game player is having fun! – It’s true! That’s what–
– Yes! It was fun! – I was gonna say, before Paula out-niced me– (everyone laughs)
You know what, you are one of the most
positive board game players that I’ve ever played with, so that makes you a winner again already. – Aaaawww.
– Aww. – Well that’s just really– I wish I could build one big city. – Okay, okay. – Why are we competing? – We’ve decided to.
– We can play this competitive game in a co-op style. Paula, we have randomly
given you first player, because you posted a sketch
on “Things Get Dicey” about all the ways one
might become first player. – Oh, although I don’t have a problem. I’m not obsessed with being first player. Don’t know why people keep
calling me to ask me about it. That’ll make sense if you watch the video. (everyone laughs) I’m going to play this tile and I’m going to play it, okay this is purple, on a, I’m gonna play it here on this tulip square. So I placed a city building, and it’s worth one point.
– Office. – Excuse me. I placed an office building. It’s worth one point, so
I will take that point, and then, will you please hand me the
tile that is under the tulip? – Sure will! – Aghh! – I shall reveal a new one. It’s another office. David, what is your complex strategy, after playing all these
complex strategy games? – I’m gonna go with the strategy of placing this in the middle, and then see what happens. So I’m putting my office on the little, oh though, it’s all different now. Side B, you’re messing with me already. Oh my God.
– Yep. – Side A the columns are
all the same flower types all neatly in columns. Side B (mumbles)
– We all the same? We all have the same side B though, yes? – Mmmhmm.
– Oh, yeah. – Which means I get a point for this? One. – One point for an office.
– And then I take another tulip. – Okay, I see how you took all the office buildings available. Let’s, (murmurs and whispers) an office. Okay. Mmmhmm, mmmhmm, mmmhmm. – I have our Bloom Town
song in my head now. (everyone chuckles quietly) (all quietly hum or sing)
– Bloom Town. Talking’ bout Bloom Town.
(snaps) – Okay, what do I want next, is an important question. There’s a lot of houses and some shops. Mmmkay, mmkay. I want– – Yeah. – Architecturally this one
definitely doesn’t really fit in. – (laughs) The stakes piled
on top of one another? It’s very, art deco? – Feels like a 1970s– – Feels very L.A. Like you’d see that in the Hills. – Truth?
– Yes, that’s the L.A. building. – Truth. Okay, I even have a plan. And that plan is ten turns out, in the making. And it involves– (hastily breathes in three times) – Whoooahh.
– It’s very important, your first move, it basically, it’s like – This is gonna set you up (mumbles)
– when, you know when.
– Right now. – Aaahhh. – You may win or lose. – (halfway sings) A park on a
leaf, then I take this shop. Oh I’m sorry, before I take that, let me score one point for my first park. And then I will take the shop tile and reveal a new tile. – Ooooh. – Alejandra,
– Yes? – winner of practice games, first of her name, blue of hair. (everyone laughs) First of her name. Although it’s kind of an aquamarine today. – Yeah, there’s a little
more green in it this time. – Oooohh, cool
– You know (mumbles) like it. – Yeah, I like it. – Thank you. I needed this today. – Who let this mermaid out of the water? (all giggle) I’m gonna put a metro station
in the middle of my town. – Huh, smart!
– Which happens to be a tulip. – Smart city planning.
– So everyone can get everywhere. – So everyone can get everywhere. – On all these diagonal lines.
– I see what you did there. – Oohhh. – That’s right subways score diagonally. – I have revealed. – A brand new park. – Oh my God. – Oh Paula, it’s back to you. What are you gonna, what’s
the name of your town? And what kind of mayor
do you see yourself as? – I’m really like, ruthless. You know, I got a lot of rules, and you need everyone to live by those rules. Those rules could change at any moment, like whatever I dreamed up last night is the new rule today, so stay with it. – Uh-oh. – Named–
– So you’re a tyrant? (everyone laughs) – Yes. – A tyrant mayor. – North Korea. – It’s Tyrant Town. – Ooooh. – That’s the name of it. – That was a loud oooh, I’m sorry. – What I want, well I’m gonna say this out loud, and then you’re all gonna take it. – Okay. – I want that subway tile.
– So do I. – But, I would have to play on a leaf space to get it. And that’s not really helping me out right now, because of where all the leaves are based on where my building is, my office building. – I’m sorry. Oh my gosh analysis paralysis
is just immediately– – Uh-oh. – Well this is turn two Paula! (everyone giggles) – I know! It’s harder ’cause look
at all the options! Okay.
– Have you done an analysis paralysis sketch? – Yeah, it was my first one. – Got it.
– Okay, cool. – You know what, I’m just gonna
set this up for next time. – Not gonna work. – And it’s gonna, I’m
just gonna put this here. I’m only gonna, it’s not gonna score anything. Okay, this scores one point,
– It only scores one point. – and maybe I can rescore it later. But, it’s just all in the name of getting me this subway token, which later I’m gonna realize, wasn’t that important to begin with. – Ugh. – It’ll get you one subway ride. – Let’s reveal the new subway, we didn’t thwart David at all! – Not thwarted.
– I don’t know why but I’m suspicious of you, because you’ve played
100 games in 100 days. And I just think, you have some innate skill. That’s a lot more games than I’ve ever played in 100 days. – I lost the practice game. I think you should be worried about this one over here. – Who knows what I’m gonna do. – I’ll be worried about all of you. – I am curious, just what was your strategy for that first practice game? – I’m not telling you (laughs). – What lesson did you glean from that?
– Score lots of points. – Ahhh okay. All right, I’m going. I’m gonna go office here, which means I get dos points. – Dos puntos. – Dos puntos. – And what color, what leaf shape, flower shape? – And that is the sunflowery one. – You call it sunflower, we call it (emphasizes) daisy around these parts.
– Oh, daisy. – I don’t know, it’s really subjective. (all chuckle) Hey, what kind of mayor are you? And what kind of town is this? What’s the name of your town? – I’m gonna call my town, Jason, (everyone laughs)
that’s the name of my town. – Come to Jason. Settle here in Jason. – Welcome to Jason. It’s a (laughs),
– Jason. – Jason is a lovely place. It’s just offices. We just come to work. You just have to work in Jason. You can actually live–
– And you can only work here if your name is Jason.
– There’s a lot of dudes named Jason.
– It’s basically a work camp, for like office people, but that’s okay. – Okay, plan. Plan part two. I’m going to place this here office on this here leaf, and that will earn me one point and then I shall claim, this subway station. – (mumbles) station. – Uh-oh, okay, we’re quickly depleting this leaf pile. More subway– – Who shuffled this?
– Who shuffled these? – Who shuffled? – I did (laughs). – I was watching. (everyone laughs) – Suspicious. – Okay. – Okay. – Okay. One thing real quick, I didn’t grab a point from the last round. I felt like announcing
that to everybody (laughs), so that they didn’t think I was cheating. – Well then you should take your point. – Kind of did that. Right now?
– I don’t know, prove it. – Yeah.
– There are no point– – Search.
– Check. – Search me. – Hey! (everyone laughs) All right, okay. So this what I’ma do, ’cause I’m crazy. – Oh my God.
– I’m gonna (upbeat music) I’m gonna throw down this guy. – Whoa!
– Oh my goodness! – I’m gonna throw it down right now. – Okay, ’cause that way
– ‘Cause that was part of my last (mumbles).
– If you did that earlier in the practice strategy.
– (mumbles) last time. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Use your abilities. So, the bonus token, we each have one, you can do one of three things. You can either, score whatever tile you lay down twice. You may take a turn
immediately after this one, or, if we, once we really have found
some community tiles, you’d be able, for everyone to rescore the appropriate community tile. But what’re you doin’? – What am I doin’? – Which one? – I am going to– I want a– (double clicks tongue) (everyone laughs) (mumbles) what am I doing? What am I doing? – This is what happened on the practice game and
– What’d I do? – somehow you quite (mumbles) handled it. – Somehow I won. – I’m flipping it to show it’s been used. – I’m putting a house on this leaf, – Leaf. – so I can take that leaf, – Subway. – subway station. – Yah! – And do I lay that down
as well on this turn? – If you, you can either, oh wait hold on, score your house points, which a house will score, or a home, will score based on how many
unique things are next to it, so just one for the house itself. And then you may either
score that one point again, or yeah, take a second turn. – I’m gonna take a second
turn and put a metro on this sweet little tulip. – One tulip for you.
– Oh I got a park. – Now, we reset the market.
– Now (mumbles) see. – Yeah ’cause we don’t get to pick from, you don’t get to see what’s there.
– I don’t know what it is. Now, we have found our first community tile! It’s gonna go up here. It’s a subway one. – Ooooh. – What happens is, now on your bonus token, it’s now in play, to trigger a rescore of all subway stations, so looks like it’s strategic for Alejandra to do that
before any of us get it, but luckily she’s already spent her bonus. Because, we will all get to score two points for every subway
tile already on our board, once we find the second
subway community tile. – I hope it’s not it. – Okay, we found the office one. So now both of those two, because there must be at least one there to be able to use your bonus
token for that purpose. So now those two are active. And we’ve, opened up an office. Stop taking leaves people, because it’s ending the game faster. – Whoa, can’t take it.
– Quick question, so I just laid down that metro, do I get a point for that one? – Sure do. – And it’s just one, right? I don’t add it? You score two points. One for the metro you placed, and one for every metro in
a diagonal line with it. – Thank you. I need help playing games. Thank you. (everyone laughs) – Paula. – I am going to play my subway here on my little daisy. I’ll take that. I will take one point for that. And then I will take this. Thank you. – You’re so welcome. – Aww so polite.
– I hope this plan comes to fruition ’cause, it doesn’t look like it, but I do have a whole thing. – Oh yeah? – That will probably fail. – Got it, noted. – I’m gonna go subway, subway, tulip. Take my one point. (sniffs loudly) – Oh, and got (mumbles)
– I’m taking the subway. – Oh my gosh, so many subways. Oooh, now it’s Park City.
– Ooooh. – Ooh, I never told you about my town. Okay.
– Yeah, what kind of a mayor are you Becca? I call this Takeout Town. (everyone laughs) They are actually creating
the largest pile of takeout, used takeout containers, ever in the world. We’re hoping to make it in the Guinness Book. (everyone chuckles) – Great! – Anyway, that’s what
Takeout Town’s all about. And I’ll score for each. I’ll score one for placing the shop tile and then one point for any green and blue offices and parks next to it, so that’s, – (clears throat loudly) ahem. – three points. Right there. How’s that for a plan? And then I’m gonna take this park. Now, I think I would like to get a little crazy. – Get cray.
– Get it. – Get crazy. – I won’t get cray. No cray here. – Wow. – Un-cray. – Un-cray (giggles). – Un-cray. – I’ve got a strategy, and it involves not getting cray. Dang it. Let me go cr, too late. – Oh, let’s go, okay. – You’re welcome, I
revealed a subway tile, which seems to be all the rage. – All right, all right, all right. I’m going to put a park on my superbloom rose.
– Huh! Bam! – Yeah that’s a blooming space, that means you get to immediately choose one
of the bonus actions, which is either score twice or take another turn. – Ooooh, take another turn. – Nice. – We also need to know, what’s your town? And what kind of mayor are you? – I decided this earlier. It’s called Satan’s Town. (everyone chuckles) Because you know, why not? Why not, you know? Everyone’s got their own rules. Live your life. That’s what we do. But, you know, we’ve got parks and like a nice metro
and a library coming, so (laughs). – Absolutely. – You need the park to have
the midnight ceremonies. – Exactly. – Clear. – Thank you. – What type of flower is it on? – It is on a tulip. – Sweet. – And here’s a park. – Thank you. – What kind of turn you gonna do now? I’m gonna put this park on this pretty little sunflower. – Got it.
– Course you are. – Very cool. – Take a subway. – Oopsie.
– Of course you are. – I see you winning over there. – And then– – Oh, we didn’t score any of those. – You’ve gotta score. – One for the first park, and then the second
park that you placed is then another three points. – Oh my goodness. – Thank you so much! – Outta control over there. – Five tiles on the board. – Guys, Alejandra’s gonna win. So, we gotta stop her. (everyone laughs)
– I don’t think there’s any stopping, it’s just– – Paula, don’t make that face! – I don’t like any of my options. All right, fine. – What is your town called again? – Tyrant Town. – Tyrant Town. – You know what? I don’t care what anybody thinks. Ordinances, get outta here! I’m building another shop! We gotta game shop up here by the subway. You know what this subway also needs? A coffee shop. Right there. One for the coffee shop. One for being next to a yellow space. That’s two points. – Here’s your tile.
– That’s how tyrants talk, right?
(everyone laughs) And then I’ll (murmurs). – A leaf?
– Tyrants will take whatever they want.
– Get it. – You’re an accommodating tyrant. – Office building for later.
– They never pay for their latte. – That’s right! – And if it’s not hot enough, oh boy. – But if it’s too hot! – (all speak in unison) Oh boy! – Oh boy, boy! – Oh boy.
– It’s oh boy. I’m gonna subway up over here. – Ooooh. – Which is a– – Score first, score first.
– Ooooh – Two points?
– I haven’t been being tough enough on the scoring first situation. – You’re right. Gotta play by the rules. Gives me that. And then I’m going to play another turn. – Great. – Which means I’m going to, sorry guys. (tile clicks hard on board) I’m gonna go there, which gives me three points. – Oh my gosh I’m gonna lose this game so hard.
– And I’m gonna take this.
(everyone chuckles). – Okay. Is that your turn? – I am done. – Flip! – (inhales loudly) Oh
my first subway option. This is a big deal. Okay, whoo. Okay here in Takeout Town, everything kinda really just
revolves around the takeout, and that’s really important to us. Okay (clears throat), I’m going to– (laughs quietly) I’m gonna place on this leaf. And then grab that sweet, sweet subway. Oh, one point first. Ugh, I’m all out of order, all mixed up, don’t know what to do. I’ve revealed a house.
– Paula Homes. – And now my watch has ended. (everyone laughs) – Let’s see, I’ll take the, a snowflake. I’m putting down a subway station on a canyon snowflake, daffodil. – Two points. – Thank you. – One house. – Thank you. – Is that your turn? – Yes. – And that was my turn. – Revealed. – Paula. – All right.
– I’ve got four houses out there.
– Cool. – So many homes. – Indeed. – All right, Tyrant
Town needs another place where everyone can go and feel like someone’s a tyrant against them, the work place. So I am placing another office
building right here. So that’s one for the office building, one for the additional office building
in the same column, so that’s two more points. – That is on a rose, and I will take this home. Thank you.
– Oooh. – Indeed.
– Ohhh. – The new flip. – Flip it. – Ahhh.
– A park! Great place to throw your trash. – Mmmmhmmm. – Some say.
– All right. Oh it’s a little basketball. A little basketbally court. – Indeed. – Okay, Jason is going to build a new office tower, here.
– That’s the name of the guy who’s running this development? (everyone laughs) (mumbles the mayor’s name.
– No, that’s my town. Yeah, everyone’s.
– And the town’s name. Oh, got it, it’s the town.
– Yeah everyone’s name is Jason, yeah. You can only be named Jason if you want to live in this town actually.
– Got it. – And I’m gonna score the pointees, which is four. – Those offices.
– Yeah, you’re really out of control over there. – I should probably makes
change at some point. – Wow. – And that means I take, this. Oh I get the little basketball guys.
– He doesn’t even have his own park. – What a humble brag. Should probably make change at some point.
– Yeah (chuckles), okay. – There’s so many points
– Guys (mumbles) – Oh wow. – I don’t even know how
to count this high, ugh. (everyone giggles) – Get it, get it, okay? So, I’m going to play this subway on a rose then take two points. And then I’ll take a park. And then I’m gonna burn that
– Ooooh. – and take another turn. – Ohhhh. – Pansy. – I’m gonna place a park, here, on a daisy. Take a little
– Get your points. – Ohhh, thank you. – ‘Dem points.
– ‘Dem points. – Because it’s my second
park, it’s gonna be three points. And then I’ll take this shop. And then– (huffs and mumbles) – Nice (sighs heavily). – Oh my gosh, I just showed you so much good stuff.
– So much! I’ve got a subway and a park. – What do I want, what do I want? All right, all right, all right.
– Big decisions, big Ds. – Ohhhhh. – (chuckles) Big Ds,big Ds.
– Big Ds left and right.
– Okay (laughs). – Big D energy over here. – Big D, oh, whoo. Okay, okay, okay. – Absolutely. – Well–
– I’m going to put the Chinese takeout spot – No! – on a superbloom. – But that’s what we’re known for.
– Superbloom sunflower. I’ve gotta have one in town. – Competition. – So I will take the superbloom. – Is this the sunflower? – Yes! I’ve got a new metro station, so then that would be, since nothing’s next to it, it’s just one point. – One point for the shop. – Copy that. And then– – I’m gonna make a little change for ya. – And then I will lay down a tulip. I’m gonna put the subway stop on a tulip. Further expanding the
subway across Satan Town. – For Satan! – Thank you. For Satan. – And three points. – Three points, thank you so much. – Paula, oooh.
– Oh boy. – Let us reveal a subway and a yellow and red shop
– Oooooh. – Sweet.
– If you like houses and more subways. – Mmmkay. I am going to play a house, a home. – Finally. – Here on this tulip. It is going to get a point for itself and each unique building it is near. Currently that is one, two, three total points. It will give me that subway. Don’t flip over a thing because,
– I wouldn’t dare. – I believe– I’m not ready to, no, you can flip it over. I’m not,
– Okay. – ready to use my special bonus power yet.
– (inhales sharply) Huh! – I know, it is so tempting to make it activate one of the rescores and save it for that, but also, Alejandra’s gettin’ way ahead on tiles, and she has that
– I know. – extra turn. I’m jealous. I’m jealous of Satan Town. I wish I were in Satan Town. All we have is this gross, smelly pile of boxes.
(everyone laughs) – You should’ve thought about that before you founded Takeout Town on those principles. – You made your bed. – But we love takeout. We want our thing. – It’s gonna be a ghost
town if you’re not careful. – It already is. There’s not a single home.
(everyone laughs) – Sorry, who’s turn is it? Is it my turn?
– It’s yours. – It’s your turn!
– Oh, okay. Parkin’ it up! Doo, buh, doo. Na, na, na, na, duh, duh, duh. Put a little park. Get a little point. – Yeah, all those office people need to, they get off the subway, they go to work, and then for lunch, they go to the park.
– Okay, maybe. Maybe. – I’m so sorry Jason. – I don’t think you should stop working. As a fellow tyrant, I feel like you should appreciate that. That’s lost labor. You know? Go to the park. Okay, sorry, I’m gonna, What did you call this? The canyon snowflake? I love that. Do I wanna go again?
– Good on you. Does Davey Boy wanna go again? No, I’m good, I’m done. – Ohhhh. (two quick knocks) – Holdin’ onto it. – Are you flipping that tile? – No, yes.
– I mean, okay it’s time. Okay great.
– Yes. – It’s time. – It’s time. – I’m going to superbloom. – Superbloom. – So this is my third park in a grouping, which means I get four points for it. And then I will take the tulip. It’s a park. So four points seems like more than the average turn and I could rescore my parks,
– Yeah. – and get another four points., but it also seems very advantageous to continue taking multiple turns and fill up my board more, so, we gonna do that! – Interesting. – But wouldn’t double be eight? Eight points?
– You would end up with eight total points for the turn though. – Yeah, but I’d be a tile ahead, which would cause–
– Okay. We’ll find out at the end what was the right choice. – Okay I’ll do it. I’ll take the points.
– Eight (mumbles). – Paula geez! Stop being mean. No, you weren’t mean. – You will take the, you will do the bonus that I tell you here in Tyrant Town. – Geez, that mayor of Tyrant Town really helped me score more points. – Did you take, oh because you took four.
– I did four and four. Four more. I’m pretty sure.
– Oh what did you lose, because you did the thing I said?
– I will blame the tyrant at the table. Whoever that may be. – It’s me.
– Probably me. – I’m going to, let’s see– – You’re so all over the board, I’m so jealous.
– It’s insane. I’m gonna put my house on the superbloom. – (inhales sharply) Huh! – My Satan’s house. – That’s your mayor’s house? – Mayor’s house, on the superbloom, which is also the tulip. – I get it. You want a subway. – Whoo. – So then I–
– Score one purnt. That’s what I call points.
(everyone giggles) – One purnt. – One purnt. – One purnt for my house. And then I would take the tulip. – One. – And then I would use my other turn. Wait, what did I do? What did I do! I overthought it (laughs). – You get another turn. – I know but (laughs) I think I messed up. Oh-ohh. Let’s see, what do I want? Son of a gun. – You could beg us for a redo but I don’t know. You’ve really intimidated
us with that practice game. (everyone laughs) – Let’s see, what do I want? I know what I want.
– It’s really up to the tyrant. – There’s that. Okay, okay. – It depends on what the redo would entail and how it benefits me. – Correct. – Got it, you want the subway. – You could pay me a
subway under the table, I would let you have it.
(everyone laughs) – You sound like a real mayor, huh. – Let’s see,
(other loudly clear throats) all right, well, I would, okay, I’m gonna put a house next to another house. – What kinda flower that? – And that is a daffodil. Canyon daffodil snowflake flower. – I don’t know.
– Canyon– – Snowflake daffodil– – Dandelion! – A dandelion. – Ready to blow. – Okay, I’m gonna flip. Oh I’m sorry, we didn’t get you your points. – Oh yeah.
– You put a house there? – Next to a house. – Perfect that’s two. – Two!
– Thank you. – Two. – Alejandra has a real knack for taking exactly the tiles I want, which is why I can’t plan before my turn. – You should not sit to the left of her.
– I’m gonna– – It is uncanny. – I’m exchanging my tokens. – Aye. – Aye, aye, aye. – Okay. – So resigned.
– Geez Louise! – All right. I’m gonna place my subway. (mumbles angrily) (everyone chuckles) – A smurf there. – Excuse me. You know what, no. I’m gonna do this. It’s, fine. I’m gonna place my subway here. Now, these shops, when they score again, it’s not that it needs
to be next to a yellow and a purple, it just will score if it’s next to, if it’s next to two yellows, it’ll still get a point for both yellows? – Yeah. – Okay. Just makin’ sure. Okay. So my subway will go there, which gives me a point for
each one in the diagonal line. So two.
– Yeah! – Nice! – And then– – What was your flower? – It was a canyon snowflake or– – Yep that’s correct. – Canyon snowflake. (everyone laughs) – Are you spending your bonus? – That’s an office building. – No. – Okay. – Jason, town of Jason, run by Mayor David. (everyone chuckles) – Appropriate. – Jason.
– Jason. – Makes sense to me. I’m going to go, I’m gonna go here. I’m gonna go–
– What’s it called? – I’m gonna go on the canyon river flower. What’s it?
– Correct. – Canyon snowflake.
– All of it was right. – And get one, nope, I meant to put this one. Sorry guys. – Good, ’cause that was a really bad move. – That gives me dos. I don’t know how–
– Canyon river snowflake. – Yeah. – Okay. – And then, whoop, whoop, that’s why I’m going slow. – Whaaaaaa. – I’m gonna score the offices. – Son of a! – Ohhh! – Ohhh woah!
– Oooooh. – Woah! – You little– – I love the evil laugh about (laughs).
– Okay, two points per office building, for everyone. – I don’t have
– Four– – a single office building. – I’ll take two for my one office building.
– I’ll take two, while we’re at it then. – Is that eight points
for you right there? – Yes please. – Get outta town, Jason Town! – Get outta Jason. – Ooooh.
– Get outta Jason. – I think that ends my turn. – Sure does. – Dutifully. – Wow.
– Umph. – Wow, oh my gosh.
– Oh, also, Ohhhh, subway score. – Agggggh! I’m so mad at everyone! – All right so all subways, you’ll now score two
points per subway tile. – Four more, sweet, sweet points, not enough to catch up.
– Eight. – Me neither. I’m keeping them in small denominations so it will feel like more.
– It feels like more? – Mmmmhm. – I felt that as soon as I swapped mine out for change, I went, “ooooh, this felt bad, I like it.”
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. – Mmmkay. I’m gonna flip a new tile. – I love that all of
our towns are very like tyranty, garbage, like, Satan, like, what kind of–
(laughter drowns David out) – Satan Town’s lovely. – I mean Satan, actually I think I wanna live in Satan, to be honest. – We have none of those offices clouding our beautiful scenery. – Yeah, actually Satan Town
seems like the most livable. I have revealed the second
office community tile, which means we actually ignore triggering that once again, it only can happen once per game. – Ohhhh. – All right, I revealed a shop. – Shop.
– Shop. – Wasted my bonus then. – Yeah you sure did. – Ha, ha. – Alejandra’s definitely gonna win. – No, I made one wrong move in the beginning that I caught, I was like, “son of a, son of a gun! Son of a (laughs)! – I’ve made many wrong moves. – Throughout the game. – Oh my gosh. I just want to optimize. It seems very difficult,
unless you live in Jason, to score more than three points per turn. Seems like three is kind
of the average points. Although your subways are gettin’ frisky. – She’s got a stack of reds over there. Red tiles.
– Only two. Only two.
– Oh my gosh. I’m not winning this game so
why am I thinking so hard. Well, let’s just go here. I’m going to go on this here rose, and that’ll be a park in a moment. Let me just take one, for the first park in a new series of parks I’m lining up. – Oooh. – And then, after I’ve taken that, I will take another turn. I’m gonna play another
single park by itself so I can take a leaf. I’ll take one point. And then I’ll take this leaf. So now I’ve got my house. And then, I’ve double flip. – Double flip. – Uh-oh.
– Flip. – It’s nothing but community scoring.
– Woah. – Community scoring park time.
– Ohhh. – I didn’t get a chance
to play any parks yet. – Parks. – (mumbles) that. – Hell yeah, this went really well for me. Good thing I played
that park all by itself. So now it’s two points per park tile. Two, four, six, eight, ten, for me. I may have got it.
– Ohhhh. – I think that may have just–
– Four. – put me back in the game. – Don’t cry.
– I have no parks. Hey, you know, it will, well what about, how many office buildings
and subways you have. – I’m sorry. (everyone laughs) – Shops though, shops,
shops are coming up. – (inhales sharply) Huh! – Okay, also, so now all that’s left to rescore is homes and shops. – Okay. – And there’s a bunch of shops out. – Mmm-mmm gosh. – (mumbles) Alejandra. – It seems like shops and homes are the hardest to prepare for because you have to build up around them and then have a perfect place to put them in the middle. – Yep (chuckles). – Okay. – Yep, yep, yep, okay. I think this could be a bad idea but– – Here in Takeout Town, – I’m gonna put a subway station. – Okay. – I’m gonna put it on a
subway station on a leaf. – What a surprise. – Oh, my gosh! You get a house and you score, one, two, three, four, five. – Wholly molly.
– Subways are special because its not like offices, where that has to all be in the same row or column.
– Exactly. – Well must be all in a
row or all in a column, it’s like any old,
– and a (mumbles) any old direction. – Thank you. – Okay, I’m gonna flip. – Is this gonna end the game? – Yeah, so we’ve depleted two stacks entirely, in a four player game
– Cool. – That means, it’s a (everyone laughs) oh that means we have
to finish out the round so that everyone
– Oh, okay. – gets an equal number of turns. So that means, because it’s the
beginning of Paula’s turn, that the game is over. (everyone laughs)
– I think she’s vocalized the mutes over there. – Don’t worry there’s one
more thing you can do! – Okay, well I also am
a little screwed but, didn’t think it was gonna
end right then and there. (everyone laughs hysterically)
Because– – There’s the mayor. You have lost it. – Right! – I’m crying! – (mumbles) the table as much as I want to right now. (everyone laughs) – Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Wait what if we just take one more round? What if we just take
one more round (laughs)? – We don’t get another round? That’s it?
– Is that it? – Not even another round? – I’m sorry you guys, I didn’t know it’d end that quickly. – Let this be a lesson. For anyone–
(high-pitched screaming) – I want to be a tyrant! You will not go well. You will be thwarted at every turn. (everyone laughs) – Oh my God. So, here’s how end game scoring works. Each person gets to score one more.
– I didn’t even get to– (laughter drowns out speaker) Each person get to– – Brutal. – This is the first official
table flip on the show and I did not think it would
come from Paula of all people. – I don’t wanna mess my thing up. – You can’t! You leave it! – Must score every– – We must score.
– Hold on, I’m dying. Okay. So here’s the way (laughs)
end game scoring works. Of the two tiles in your hands, you may as well reveal them. You’re going to choose one of those building types and rescore it as if you were doing a
rescoring from a community tile. If both of those were
the worst possible things that you could have in your hand then, don’t worry about it, it’s just a game. What I only get one point, don’t worry about it, that’s fine.
– It could be worse. It could be a park.
– It could be worse. – There could be two park things, I have no parks on my– – Yeah.
– My God I have so many. – Okay, Paula go ahead and tell us which you would like to rescore. Looks like you’ve got a home and an office. – How many do I get for each one? I’m sorry, I was having a break down
while you were saying it. (everyone laughs) So the way rescoring works for offices, subways, and parks, you get to score two per tile, for homes and shops, it scores just like it scores normally, but you get to rescore something and maybe there’s new stuff around it that wasn’t there before. – So I should probably
do the office building, ’cause that will be worth
four as opposed to my home which would only be worth three. – Sounds optimal.
– So I will score my office building
for four additional points. – Remember, you have only
a small amount of time to do the things you want to do. Do not wait for anyone. You go out and you get your dream. – Do you have an office? Thank God. Okay, and I don’t have a park. – Sucks. – Paula, this final scoring, nobody had the ideal. – It’s almost better,
– It wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s okay, it’s okay. None of us were expecting it
less than you I would say. – Yeah. I would say so. That’s– – Oh that’s the best reaction and worst reaction I’ve ever seen.
– I’m just really mad. – Somebody (screams)! – It’s fine, I have 24 points, which is half my score
of the practice game. (everyone laughs) – Yeah, this one went pretty quick. – Paula,
– David let’s make it about you now. – Okay.
– Hey, think of all the good sketches that will
come from this day (laughs). – I’m gonna do, I’m gonna score my house for two points. – How do people in the town
of Jason feel about that? – About that house? They’re mad about that house being there. – They only want office buildings? – They signed up for work. Yeah, but they’re happy.
– Maybe it’s a work from home. – All right. – Oh. – So I bought, I just accumulated my very first house and went way out of my way to do it. But, it doesn’t score anything. I have one other shop in Takeout Town, which is so ironic, ’cause that’s where it
got it’s name, you know? It was gonna get me so many points, but now, it gets me, I score this shop again, which is one, two, three points. There we go. – What are you doin’ over
there in Satansville? – Satan’s Town (laughs). Satansville. So question so– – Don’t let me change
the name of your town. – So the parks would
just be one point each in the grouping, right? – Two each. – Two. So I have four versus homes, which count as, and then I have two
next to each other so– – Ooh three. And then three. – So that’s–
– Is that or no? ‘Cause it’s on there? – Yeah, so seven. – Seven. I will do houses! – Okay. – And they’re all red. – Okay. – Nice to have options
– Like Satan’s favorite color. – Satan’s favorite color’s red. – All right everybody, I trust your honor, trade in so it’s easier to count. – I did it, I did it, I’m done. (everyone chuckles) – I’m gonna count it out so
it feels like I have more. – I’m just gonna pretend.
– Here’s 10 I put in. – I’m just gonna calculate
what it would’ve been if my dreams came true.
– Oh gosh, gotta take it. – And then a three (mumbles). – And you got the 10, oh my gosh (mumbles). No we got this, we got this. Here we go. – Wow. – Paula would you go first? Don’t just tell us points. Tell us all about what Tyrant Town is about and how they’ve achieved the start of a great town. – Tyrant Town learned that when you impose too many rules on people, you choke the life out
of them and they leave and your town doesn’t develop and you end up with 24 points, which is way less than everyone else has. That’s all I have to say about it. – Okay, well I really like your shops. – Don’t patronize me.
(everyone laughs) – Patronize? – Patronize your shop. – But please patronize the shop?
– We’ve got– – Patronize me. – A different kind of patronize got it. Jason Town. – Did we say your points? Did you say that? – It was in the story don’t make her say it again.
– Oh sorry, sorry. – They’re 24 points. – Oh ’cause– – The font got bigger
every time you said it. – It’s a beautiful story. – David Guthrie, in the town of Jason, tell us all about the citizens of Jason and what they’re all about and how many points you scored. – Well the citizens of Jason started out with a very work-minded mentality, but they all learned that, you know, on your deathbed, you never regret the time you spent at the office. (everyone laughs) They learned that, but it was a little too late, ’cause I had 33 points. – And they all died from asbestos. – They all died from asbestos, and we had one guy, who was an innovator, who was working from home. He’s starting up Amazon. This is Jeff, whatever his name is, house. Bezos.
– Bezos. – Yeah.
– Mmmkay, who’s house, that’s like the bathroom of his house. (several throats clear) – Well, well, well, here in Takeout Town, we have so many parks, all around a giant pile
of takeout containers. We did make it into the
Guinness Book of World Records on page 30, on page 40! That’s where we are in the Guinness Book. This edition.
– Is that the number of points you have? – I have 40 points yeah 40. 40, could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. So I feel, a giant pile of takeout boxes maybe is the way to make a town. – Alejandra tell us all about Satansville and why the citizens are so happy there. – You know it’s all about– – Ugh! – Go on. – Maybe it’s ’cause we dedicated our town to Satan that a, that we’ve got great transportation, we’ve got homes, we have a park, we have one takeout restaurant, and with that, I have 41 points, so, hail Satan. – Whoo! – Hail Satan. I just have to, I have to relive this. If I had not gone against my own thinking. I said out loud, “wow this park placement
is gonna cost me two points at the end of the game, but
I think it’s gonna pay off.” I would have won by one point had I put my last piece right there. – Ooh. – We all wish we had done things a little differently Becca, I think. – Paula, I’m gonna replay
this video forever. Everyday. – I would like to apologize to
everyone and to you at home, for a minor meltdown. (everyone chuckles) But I’m really a pleasant
person to game with, I promise. – I’m not gonna say that I haven’t cried after this show before, but no one’s ever cried on the show, so I’m gonna make you an award. – Thank you. – And it is this ribbon. (magical keyboard scale) – I guess she want me to add it digitally. – That’s correct. – Wow. – You’re welcome.
– Beautiful. – Oh my gosh! Thank you. – Alejandra congratulations.
– Thank you so much. – You have proven your
prowess at this game, and I’m very impressed. – I’ll say, I couldn’t have done that, without you, without
Takeout Town advising me. We always need advisors. Satan Town would’ve been
nothing without you all, and thank you. And you’re welcome to move
here and join my town. – I will be moving there because my town smells like takeout boxes. (everyone laughs) – David thanks for coming on
the show for the first time. – Well thanks for having
me, it’s so much fun! – Yeah! All right, well friends, I love playing games with you. Thank you so much for coming in today. Thanks to you all at home for watching. We’ll see you next time on Game the Game. Bye!
– Bye! – Bye! – Remember to table flip
when it’s appropriate. (upbeat music) (techno music)


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