Becky Hammon never won a WNBA title. Here’s what left her empty-handed.

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Becky Hammon never won a WNBA title. Here’s what left her empty-handed.

– Becky Hammon rose from obscurity to an outstanding pro basketball career. The 5’6″ guard from South
Dakota was lightly recruited out of high school and
undrafted out of Colorado State, but Hammon clawed her
way to super-stardom with an arsenal of skills that defied her size, an uncanny ability to contort and angle around bigger rim protectors,
a deadly outside stroke, and a steady passing hand
with the sense, timing, and creative flair to make
all her teammates better. Hammon’s skills left her in the top five on a variety of WNBA career leader boards. Her performance was
honored as it unfolded, and again after the fact when the WNBA acknowledged its greatest ever players. Before Hammon even left the league she began making history in another one. But despite all that individual success and all that trailblazing, Becky Hammon never won a
championship as a WNBA player, one of the league’s few
superstars for whom that’s true. How? What happened? What forces conspired to leave one of basketball’s best
ever stories untitled? (dramatic orchestra music) Hammon didn’t get
picked in the 1999 draft, but that’s partially
because it was crowded with players from the disbanding ABL. Going undrafted had a silver lining. Hammon was assigned as a free agent to the New York Liberty, a defensive winning team. She played understudy and apprentice to legendary point guard Teresa Weatherspoon. Hammon would rise from bench warmer to contributor over her first two seasons, and the Liberty looked like contenders, but something got in the way,
some things, really, plural. (dramatic orchestra music) On one of the very first
plays of the ’99 season, literally 40 seconds
into Hammon’s career, New York star center Rebecca
Lobo shredded ligaments in her left knee coming
down from a rebound. Lobo missed not only
the rest of that season, but all of the next one
after reinjuring the knee. But even with Lobo, New York
might have fallen short. From the inception of the WNBA in 1997 until Cynthia Cooper’s retirement, the Houston Comets were unstoppable. Led by a titanic big three of Cooper, Tina Thompson, and Sheryl Swoopes, the Comets steamrolled to the
first four WNBA championships. The last two came against the Lobo-less Liberty who did have their moments. The rookie Hammon rode the bench for a ’99 team stocked with veterans, but that changed when New York stumbled out of the gates in the championship. Houston smoked New York in game one, then took a big second-half lead in game two of the three-game series. Facing elimination, Liberty
coach Richie Adubato turned to his little-used rookie. The announcers hinted she
might inject some life back into the game with a
bigger second half role. – [Announcer] Becky
Hammon back in the game. She played well in limited
minutes in the first half. – [Narrator] And indeed,
Hammon helped erase a deficit with a big three, then
one, two, three, four ice cold free throws in the final minutes. All that set up one of the most exciting basketball finishes
ever down to New York’s Crystal Robinson buried
a jumper to tie the game. – [Announcer] Crystal Robinson ties the game with 16.3 remaining. – [Narrator] But with just seconds left and the Liberty out of time outs, Thompson got this turnaround
bucket to put Houston up two. The Compaq Center crowd
got on their feet to watch a third straight trophy presentation, and then, Teresa Weatherspoon hit one of the greatest shots in basketball history. – [Announcer] Weatherspoon
at the buzzer with three. Oh, she put it in, she put it in! And the Liberty win game two! – So yeah, Hammon was part
of a classic playoff game, one of the few the Comets
lost during that era. But yeah, Houston dominated
game three to win it all, and they repeated the following season. Those 2000 finals had
another close game too, but this time it was
Houston’s Cooper hitting a deep three that sent it to overtime wherein Houston completed the sweep. Nobody got past the Comets, and as their big three
faded into the sunset, Lisa Leslie’s LA Sparks ensured the Eastern Conference would get no relief. The Liberty didn’t get a
chance to face them in 2001. They couldn’t close out Dawn Staley and the Charlotte Sting in
the Eastern Conference finals. New York missed multiple
opportunities to send the decisive game three of
that series to overtime. Vickie Johnson forced an initial effort, and the Liberty mishandled
offensive rebounds. In ’02 the Liberty got
their shot at the Sparks, but they fell apart in the second half of game one at home despite Hammon’s hot shooting, 18 point
performance off the bench. New York kept it closer in
game two and had a chance to send it to overtime until
LA’s Nikki Teasley buried the title winning shot
in the final seconds. In my estimation, 2003
should have been the year. Weatherspoon’s WNBA
career was winding down, but she still quarterbacked
a starting lineup with all-star Tari Phillips in the middle and the Crystal Robinson, Vickie Johnson duo filling it up from the outside. Despite still coming off the bench, Hammon broke out as New
York’s leading scorer, including a game in June in which she hit six threes and dropped 33 points, a Liberty scoring record that wouldn’t be broken for a decade. In late June, New York
stood at six and four with Hammon en route to
her first all-star team. Then disaster struck. Hammon’s torn ACL ended
her season and immediately extinguished New York’s postseason hopes. And it’s a shame. The Sparks finally
looked vulnerable in ’03. An Eastern Conference team
finally won it all in ’03, but it wasn’t the Liberty, who finished that season below
500 and out of the playoffs, sliding hard after Hammon’s injury. So during Hammon’s rise from
end of bencher to key player, New York fell in three WNBA finals, and then, lost her for most of the season. Becky’s return in 2004 marked a new era. Weatherspoon was elsewhere, so
Hammon was now the starter, the point guard running the whole show. And she thrived in that role, it was just a lot of stuff
around her that didn’t go so hot. 2004 was a wacky season,
and not just because of the month-long intermission
forced by the Athens Olympics. The Liberty fired coach Adubato
after a seven to nine start. Pat Coyle took over and turned
New York’s season around, but not without speed bumps. Tari Phillip suffered a
season-ending injury in June. New York had a new 6’4″ center, Belgian youngster Ann Wauters, but she broke her foot in July. The Liberty were forced to
play a bunch of home games at Radio City Music Hall
after the Republican National Convention booted them
from Madison Square Garden. In spite of all that, New York persevered. With Coyle coaching, Hammon
leading the way on the floor, and Elena Baranova assuming a bigger role in the front court, the Liberty took down the
shorthanded reigning champion Detroit Shock in the first
round of the playoffs. Hammon’s game-winning assist to Bethany Donaphin sealed the deal. But the Liberty got swept in the next round by the Connecticut Sun, a team led by Nykesha Sales
and Taj McWilliams-Franklin, plus rookie Lindsay Whalen running point guard against Hammon. Hammon struggled in that series, unable to strike a balance between scoring and distributing to her
depleted supporting cast. New York could have pushed the series to a third and decisive game,
but they lacked the firepower. The Liberty crumbled down
the stretch of game two with a flurry of turnovers and bouts. Okay, so how about 2005? Hammon got even more comfortable
in her leadership role, Coyle got to coach a full season, and crucially, Wauters’ foot had healed. The center busted out for her first all-star season in America, joining Hammon in the honor. The Liberty overcame a
slow start to restore a winning record and
join playoff contention. And then, Wauters broke her hand in a late-season game versus Charlotte. More bad timing, more bad
luck for Hammon’s top target. A shame because Wauters had been effective all summer against the Indiana Fever, New York’s first round opponent, even posting her career high in points against them during the regular season. Without Wauters, New York
barely put up a fight and slipped out of the
playoffs in a two game sweep. After that, another injury,
Hammon’s sprained ankle in 2006 doomed her final
season in New York. So Hammon’s first four
seasons in New York came during the reign of
Western Conference powerhouses. Her next four seasons made her a star, but were derailed by injury. The Liberty won just 11 games in ’06, their worst performance to date. And on draft night ’07 they
leaned into their rebuild with a move that surprised everyone,
even the commissioner. – The New York Liberty
traded Becky Hammon in a second round draft pick
in 2008 for the draft rights to Jessica Davenport and a
first round draft pick in 2008. Wow. – That trade headlined a huge
off-season for San Antonio. They already had all-star
Sophia Young and Hammon’s old Liberty teammate Vickie Johnson, and along with Hammon they
added a couple strong bids, reigning move improved
player Erin Buescher and Ruth Riley who just
won a ring with the Shock. That core led the Stars to
winning records and postseasons for the first time since
moving to San Antonio from Utah where they had been the Starzz. But the league’s next great
point guard stood in their way, and the one time she
didn’t, someone else did. (dramatic orchestra music) In 2007, despite a season-ending
injury to Buescher, the Stars with an S
marched into the playoffs. They split their opening first round games against the Sacramento Monarchs. In the closing moments of game three, Hammon found her old friend
Johnson for the game winner. San Antonio advanced to
face the best of the west. The Phoenix Mercury had
the league’s top offense, thanks to a blistering big three of Cappie Pondexter, Penny Taylor, and deadly point guard Diana Taurasi. At home for game one,
Hammon gave San Antonio the jolt they needed
with drives like these to score 13 third quarter points. In the final minute,
Phoenix’s leading scorer Pondexter hit this tough shot to give the Mercury an eight-point lead, but San Antonio wasn’t done. This young post up kicked
off an improbable rally and after the Stars pulled within three, Taurasi committed a horrid turnover, just slipping and losing the
ball with 11 seconds left. That was more than enough for Becky time. Hammon took a handoff from Vickie Johnson and buried one of the
biggest shots of her career. Game tied, overtime on deck, until this. Pondexter appeared to
just fall down untouched, but the refs whistled a foul on the Stars, allowing Pondexter to
sink two free throws, giving this classic game
an underwhelming finish. San Antonio’s jaw-dropping comeback and Hammon’s clutch shot went for naught, and in game two the Stars looked deflated. Pondexter dominated that one with 33 points as Phoenix completed a sweep. The Mercury haunted San Antonio for years, but for one season,
2008, Phoenix took a dip. Right after winning the ’07 championship, the Mercury lost coach Paul Westhead and not only failed to defend their title, but missed the playoffs entirely. That gave the Stars an
opportunity, and they seized it. Hammon and Young had excellent seasons and they were joined by a
key newcomer, Ann Wauters. Hammon’s old Liberty
pal and her wintertime teammate with CSKA Moscow came onboard and gave the Stars a
strong inside presence, moving Riley to the bench. San Antonio boasted the
league’s best defense, won a league-leading 24 games,
and took care of the Monarchs and Sparks in the first
two rounds of the playoffs. For the first time, a team led by Becky Hammon
was in the WNBA finals, and the Stars had extra reason to believe. They’d gone undefeated
in the regular season against Eastern Conference teams, including two decisive victories
over their finals opponent, the Detroit Shock. No such luck on the big stage. San Antonio’s defense focused on stopping Detroit star Deanna Nolan
in game one and succeeded, but that left Katie Smith
and Taj McWilliams-Franklin free to drop a combined 49 points. Hammon and company kept the game close, but couldn’t get anything to drop in the final minutes as Detroit pulled away. That was sort of the vibe of the series. Smith helped Detroit build a
big lead again in game two, then Hammon tried frantically to lead San Antonio back into it, but ran out of steam in the final minutes. Smith and the Shock had the advantage of championship winning experience, while even Hammon as San Antonio’s veteran leader looked flustered at times. She shot just one of 10 in a blowout game through defeat that
completed Detroit’s sweep. Even with more experience under her belt, Hammon would never get that close again. Her Stars couldn’t
recreate their top-notch defense over the next few seasons. They slipped into the
playoffs with losing records, but never again made it
out of the first round. The West was just too full of titans. Taurasi’s Mercury got
them in 2009 en route to a championship, and
then, again in 2010. In 2011 the Minnesota
Lynx took their first step toward an odd-year dynasty by dispatching San Antonio in the first round. The Stars took a game in that series, but blew their best
chance at an upset when Lindsay Whalen stole
an inbound pass on what could have been the winning
possession of game one. The Sparks did it to San Antonio with a first round sweep in 2012. Another ACL tear ended Hammon’s
2013 season and spurred a shift toward her pioneering
next step into NBA coaching. Her career wound down
just as Danielle Robinson was rising to stardom for San Antonio. In 2014 after a first round sweep and emotional farewell from Minnesota, Hammon retired from the WNBA without a championship to her name. Hammon entered the league
on a contending team, but during an early
era of WNBA powerhouses when the contenders didn’t really contend. She became a star for some great teams, but teams that constantly
ran into injuries and suffered a few heartbreaking
last-second outcomes. All that denied Becky Hammon a WNBA ring in her playing days, but it took nothing away
from her remarkable story, her profound legacy,
and her next frontier.


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