Are We Spending Too Much Fighting Terrorism?

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Are We Spending Too Much Fighting Terrorism?

the the idea the book of Chasing Ghosts is to look at policing and intelligence systems as they’ve been established since 9/11 in the United States, there’s been a
huge amount of effort been put into it and the how and try to evaluate how much a good this effort has done and whether
it’s been basically effective enough to justify its cost the place to start any kind
of analysis is how big is the threat in other words how safe our way not are
we safer obviously you put on one security guard one
place in the world everybody is a teeny, tiny tit bit safer so it easy to become more safe
but the question is basically how safe are way and a reasonable
calculation is that an Americans chance are being
killed by a terrorist including 9/11 in the calculation is about one in four million or one and
five million per year so you should start from there and and say if my chance of being
killed by terrorist is one in four or five million per year how much money do I want to
spend to make that threat even lower when there are lots of other problems
such as your chance being killed by in an automobile accident is about one
in eight thousand per year not one in eight million but one in eight
thousand Your chance of being killed in a homicide is about one in 20,000 Let me put it another way if you’ve got a
hazard and you try to reduce the number of
people who were killed by it and it cost a billion dollars to save one
life from that hazard is that a sensible
policy when there are other hazards which kill
more people and when you can save a life and save a
hundred thousand dollars per saved life that’s the kind of calculation should be
going into this spending billion dollars to save
one life when with that same expenditure you
could save dozens or hundreds of thousands of lives dealing with the different hazard
is irresponsible Under present circumstances your chance of being a victim of terrorism on a single airplane flight is about one in
ninety million and the the discussion should begin at
that point if the chances of being killed by a terrorist under present
circumstances including these porous you know inspection measures is one in ninety million. Is that safe
enough? Is that acceptable? Or do you really wanna spend money to
make it even lower you definitely want to look at what the costs are but also what the
benefit is and the you can assess those in the case for example
of the New York Police Department It has a, “if you see something say
something” campaign which coast a fair amount of money mostly paid by paid for by federal taxpayers not by
New York taxpayers and number terrorism leads, it’s
generated, that led to terrorism arrests is zero if you deal with things like the
Federal Air Marshals on airplanes they’ve been there a long time and they have not affected
a single terrorism arrest if you look at the National Security
Agency which spends billions of dollars collecting huge
amounts of data the issue is not only how much does it
cost to do that and also to go through the data to try to find the
bad guys but also to find out how much success it has had if you look at many the programs the
amount over terrorism arrests that have been consummated because these programs seems to be extremely limited. And so
the question then arises as to why we’re spending that much money with very little benefit People are obviously very concerned about Isis because the beheadings that somehow a group that is able to behead
totally helpless hostages in their control is somehow a threat
to the United States they’re obviously monsters and a horrible group but the idea that they
present a threat to anybody in the United States is very very questionable

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