Arcade Warrior VS Matt3756 Arcade Tickets Challenge!! Matt3756

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Arcade Warrior VS Matt3756 Arcade Tickets Challenge!! Matt3756

matcha promised jack up or anything like that black out what's up goobers Matt here hope you're having an awesome day welcome to the channel today I'm in a brand new arcade Rockies but this ain't no ordinary video I am here with the one and only King for your guys what's happening finally I've been waiting for this day for me and Matt's making videos again the same guys we have 23 bucks each we're gonna play the same games the same amount of times whoever has the most tickets wins so let's go play some games Matt three seven five six tater tots are ready alright guys we're gonna start off the fishbone frenzy by your ear is first I've gotten the mountain do I think I'm gonna need this if you know we're gonna win some alright so I'm gonna go ahead we're gonna do two plays these I'm gonna drop it around this area over here right side so that goes please just not born come on oh wait what's a boner Oh gives you this okay all right say a nine out one I'm gonna go on the left side this time so movie part come back over and I'm gonna see actually I'm gonna try going for like come on Holly oh yeah and if I miss there's a 15 right yeah Mike that's right yeah he's playing it safe guys let's see all righty let's see what I could do guys that's enough for it let's roll baby roll you all right guys I'm gonna do my two plays now let's see what I can get good luck Matt I'm gonna go right away kind of where Eric would but go that for body balm and I might get a mystery one up there I'm gonna check knocking off that water oh don't go in that for six so six six eight Nate that was weird all right let's move on to the next game sorry guys our next game is gonna be two spins on monster I don't even know what this game is called it's my bait that I stir jackpot jackpot it's a reskin of big bass will yeah but hey we're gonna get the jackpot so it's all it matters today BAM I went to Bay Tech and this is confirmed 100% scale yeah 30 all right we're gonna spin this booty oh behind them back every got alright here we go like that black out I can't no gonna give it to you I think I got it did no way do you know what I think I got this that is I mean look I'm freaking taking monster over here that's insane dude what I that's so funny like I've played this game so many times and then my second tried today we just figured I'm back nonetheless that's crazy look that is why he's the one and only warrior guys that is insane you know what I gotta start drinking Mountain Dew or ginger ale or something man help help look at that right there now it was just luck Matt alright alright come on baby I'm back to back I never played the monster one before I'm quite big bass will of course but maybe this one will give me better luck yeah that's that's what I get every time for behind the back man got bad whoo you're finally honest I am literally gonna crap a brick you get the biggest jackpot so that's great not even the 250 oh it's coming over 75 75 80 loads who is that's pretty good but I still got a lot of catching up to do and we still got some more games to play all right guys now we're gearing up we're gonna play twice each alright guys we're gonna get started on geared up over here the bonus is at 100 so we're gonna go for that I don't match the king at this I was playing this one yesterday just a crack at the timing is a little different on some of those wheels than the one I play at 7:28 okay here we go this is the one that I choke on sometimes there we go all right you got he got the bonus yep see what he gets out of the beetle bonus I think I'm gonna go for it go for it I was gonna pay out 41 40 guys bears tribe awesome second try over here dudes do this BAM I think I'm gonna try to go for the hundred this time although I think the jackpot stayed the same yeah there you go he's up again for the wheel yes you know what let's just do it guys I'm going for the dip again get back to back oh yeah oh that's crazy not bad alright where's my game man got I kind of like that they have a chair with this – yeah it's kind of one of those things that's like yeah I know that let's see that what that timing there's a little different yeah should I go for the bonus I don't know man Matt's going for the wheel guys I'm going for the hundred did you stop here for 20 yeah I stopped it at the now you stop it at the bonus actually eyes are stuffing a little bit before that okay wow that's that's weird you know what I'm just gonna go for the bow no some staff I'm at second route oh I think the gears are I'm not sure if it's lower yeah and you've never seen one enough right it could be if it's not level right you never know all the fact there's the time gonna wreck the boat bonus 130 he's gonna go for about a hundred Oh what yes that's all right we got these and that equals Oh 100 tickets if my map serves me right let's go on to the next game guys all right guys we're a quick drop we're gonna do two plays of each I suck at this but we'll try it this one is I think older it doesn't have the little graphic there which I usually know see sometimes like if it's right a payout sometimes I'll start with three balls yeah what if it's not mr. duck this one is like a bull concentration game too though but then yes I'll hum again so here's count like 40 tickets I have four tickets on 4390 seat mine doesn't ours doesn't have you to access eat No the graphic is there totally different uh no that's oh no you know what the deal is Oh My Goddess ring for laughing all right not anyone that is sent yes see if we can get this hey so it looks like 2.5 will give you the jackpot the problem is there's no graphic there used to be there's a graphic down here with stickers and that's where my I line up my strike points there and yeah it's so hard to get the strike point is I got 50 that time right now bad side number 2 got Smet what anyone on this is my 100 look at that guys all right guys we played some Full Tilt now over here let us give up those are some beta game yep all right so we're gonna go open the jackpot I don't really know if there's like a strangeness and think there is have you ever heard of those I've never got the jack oh god he's gonna get it guys watch an ACCI oh that's a good spot dude if you would've did it easy it dropped in right yeah Wow this one's weird it's like Otto tilts this way all right one more try for you close all right okay we're gonna go all right I just got lucky on the last tribe I'm gonna try to go down the same spot get the idea yeah come on Otto 1010 again all right all right I like to go to the left I don't know just cuz I do but this one's different see they're all yeah cuz this Otto tilts to the right I don't like that maybe I should go to the right Oh crazy one way no going nowhere and try to wiggle it at least in a 50 yeah tough game alright let's move on to the next one alright guys then we can play some black hole because the jackpot is at 1056 something gonna swipe is this the one you do it behind the back as though this is the exact machine I did on the back so we're gonna give us some violin tune we're gonna do just that that was incredible right no no oh my god we got the jackpot I wasn't even paying attention oh my god hi man here we go I'm not looking guys this is proof he's gonna pull back okay that was bad oh wow this must be a light one nope that's time nice and I'm gonna do the exact same thing so if I'm gonna doing my lap time because I'm a lefty guys oh there we go let's see if that helps that didn't exact I'll take the 20 you got 20 20 all right – way too hard lucky bow again what what does that give you a try again oh all right so a little bit easier then that was yeah that was insane Oh max looks good all right yeah one more 30 30 good not bad hi guys our my one of my probably favorite arcade games ever tired tickets okay we're on the yellow side over here we're gonna we're gonna hit that 1000 array over there state yellow it's its prime that's got bought okay we're gonna do three plays each guys on this one so quicker times have you got perfect all right look okay it's coming around let's try right there maybe first try it's on tour tickets over here I think I think Matt's my luck charlie guys like I normally can't hit this I'm for real yeah well she's full of balloon oh man all right so we're gonna try our again guys we're gonna go for the thousand again it's like we're right out there yeah that's what's nice it sets it right now babe oh come on no I was late all right one more last travel your guys gonna go for the thousand again come on it was good evening come on babe oh hey I got a witness Mets famous like Neil Neil of whatever mats is ten five six God all right so so good it's lining it up again come on I might be late what's our floor last one all right guys I think it randomized describe format over here maybe I got zilch that's the risky thing about Tyra tickets you know you either win or you don't that's right let's go on to the next yeah all right guys we're gonna have all shot over here the jackpot is 103 if you get $50 and so we're gonna give it a swipe right over there like a credit card and then we're gonna click start my fault wait why is there a brown ball in there someone took one from chucky cheese and forgot to put it back all right we're gonna in for this $1,000 milk done not done I always go for the left Globemaster just because I'm left-handed or well but see if we got the milk that in Oh close no milk butter I know this is strategy like if you like bullet and have a hit like the top yeah a certain angle no I will suck at this man I'm just warming up alright I got five balls left if I make all of them I can still get the jackpot book know about that guys they could have to give up my dreams now another milk dud over here oh I'm really better at this oh please make one there we go oh right all right I don't even think we're gonna be able to see how many tickets we got it's like all busted up got on oh goes mystery mystery value nice monster drop reference did it did it did it Banfield sound effects alright we're gonna the milk dud see I'm right hand it's this yeah oh there you go kid ah close there you go oh man okay got three lucky make all three case look at the deco pressure right no pressure man oh you Rican sausage I was I don't be sick if I'd have made these last two Bob pork it just like the TV's yep all right guys now we're a spin and win we're gonna do two plays each here we go fellas let's do this thing good luck that we do the do just pull the arm back BAM we're gonna go for the one up there guys oh my god is waiting one away let me go up the top again we can make that goo light green Oh Oh all right I'm gonna go for this one our man Oh close I gotta twist the ball actually gotta give it all right here we go watch the Hitler or not come on even after all that love I gave you right man okay give him the jackpot all right guys next game monster drop it just really my favorites over here we're gonna try to get the 400 guys I like this one too yeah all right so the jackpots coming around let C be a swish on our first ride Swisher here we go it was too late last time so my mouse up in the monster please I'll take that the top of the ball game he gets an 8 I'll take it one day it's the bed all right one more 12 the crap was that 12 2010 10 I have a 10 and 20 right yep all right guys our last game is gonna be pirates hope to swipes each we're gonna catch a lobster to win a thousand please we gotta do like Red Lobster couple it plays a few times so hi guys we're gonna go catch some fishies yeah I've no clue what you have to get like if you have done get a certain fish I think the bigger has been having a lower you go I think Nemo keeps getting in the way over here ah we'll get like unlimited lower very much I give on the yellow ones there you go seven points I don't know how much of oil to get there you look at this that is one more drop oh you got a little eye appearance Pam ticket touch her allworthy all right hi guys here we go drop it got it see yours oh yeah I want to get know I want to get one of those big ones down there got another Lord it's all about the timing it drop you know problem is there's a timer right oh yeah I don't want to go up the yellow one you got guppy now let's get this dude yeah now there you go dad oh you catch the lobster Ken got five five so ten more ever Eric all right guys that's good I give pirates hook it shuts got this man see I'm going quick yep let's see the problem is you do you wait I don't know Nemo keeps getting in the way dude freaking goldfish oh look at this there you go Oh down there there's no way in crap well you gotta get that D for the jackpot okay yeah and then those on it there's underwear away garbage oh look I gotta go on those little dudes that one way down there hey there I go one more I'm trying to lay in there oh I got a swordfish yep alright fuck it's a lot bigger yeah Wow doesn't make any sense all right guys last game for the video then we're gonna tell the upper tickets oh I got a frog whoo there you go come on lobster king I need you daddy needs you a lobster king does he keep coming I can man yourself a can there's a lobster yeah right there we'll help the big fish get in the way no way there's no way I'll get it Oh got a red one I got time for one I'm getting all the little dinkar that's a 15 some of us know all right alright guys thanks for watching my collab part of me and our Cade warrior here at Rocky's and he's gonna have a collab on his channel guys I'm gonna link it in the end annotations description anywhere I can knock it out check it out right now and subscribe to him he's like freakin arcade rot Matt I mean it's insane remember watch subscribe I'll give you free terra time I promise it's it delivered to your door and four to eight weeks right free shipping reading if you enjoyed the video thumb it up let's try to get five thousand lights let's do it guys thank you so much for watching and supporting both of our channels this is me and the one and only warrior signing off saying thanks for watching


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Arcade Warrior is awesome! Subscribe to him NOW:

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How is Matt not beating t-series

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Your heads look like roakdill

andyroberge · July 27, 2019 at 12:33 pm

I got the monster jackpot 4 times in 4 months. 1: 1005 2: 1655 3: 2500 4: 2500

Patricia McGuire · July 27, 2019 at 12:33 pm

Sorry that you lost matt wanted you to win

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