Amateurs Compete At Cutting A Stranger’s Hair

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Amateurs Compete At Cutting A Stranger’s Hair

they’re coming in and they’re under the impression that we’re both professional barbers why would you do that I like one of puke I want to throw up everything I’ve done I’ve been able to bowl my way through it this is probably the first time where I won’t be able to do that at all oh my god I eat this [Applause] hi I’m Aria and I do a lot of crazy things I kind of basically crashed this wedding I’m a firm believer in the idea that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying new and scary things gives you the courage to experience life at its fullest so I’m taking some of my friends out of their comfort zones and the hopes of showing them how fun and fantastic life can really be the day we chose on one of my favorite people a very talented buzzy producer and Harry Styles fangirl Lindsey Webster to join me in convincing strangers that we’re professional barbers and have them allow us to cut their hair so this is how it’ll work Lindsey and I will receive an hour of training from professional stylists before having it cut someone’s hair to accomplish this we found two strangers off of Craigslist who were both offered free haircuts under the agreement that they’d have no idea how it turns out would you cut someone’s hair no no Lindsey would be perfect I have worked with her on a number of occasions she was an extreme perfectionist she just stressed out when she’s doing something she’s not good at and then she won’t say this but I think she hates talking people should test it’s a real stress Oh [Music] Oh to get a proper experience as stylist today there are three criteria that Lindsay and I will be competing to meet firstly we need to learn three things about our clients secondly we need to give a haircut deemed okay by our trainers and lastly we need to see if our clients would return to us yeah I couldn’t really go to sleep last night that’s a lot I’m not I’m not I don’t want to up someone’s hair great you don’t know her so nice there is so much thank you so much since the start Rudi’s has always been kind of a safe space feel we wanted to cater to anybody and everybody no matter kind of what your background was or what you liked or who you wanted to date or what you wanted to look like that’s kind of the core culture of birdies I am feeling nauseous I feel like I’m about to take a test for a class that I haven’t studied for and I’m not in what would you say are some of the myths and misconceptions associated with being a stylist you definitely need to go to school you have to have 1600 hours here that what is here I don’t think I’ll have any problem convincing them that I’m a professional barber but I’m very nervous about the actual haircut it seemed like maybe you’re gonna be a nervous talker he’s a nervous I’m nervous for aria he’s very jumpy he doesn’t think he is but he is and for giving him like a blade well it’s Lauria makes him bleed he would too is there a possibility that they just like me as a person that they’re just not going to care what I do to their guard you’re not wrong this is now a charm competition well then we know who’s gonna win that I’m looking forward to seeing Lindsey interact with her client because I know busy hate small talk small talk is my least favorite thing one of my like top 5 least favorite things in the entire world when it comes to the actual haircut I think Lindsey is going to do a lot better than she thinks she will do you think it’s possible for someone who’s never cut hair before to do a good haircut in the first try I sure really Lindsey doesn’t like putting herself out there right she doesn’t like being a place where she’s vulnerable I think if Lindsey just gave things a chance if she gave life a chance she’d find out that she’s capable of even more than she realizes I think if we give you the right point or a really good teacher we are in the education ta if Lindsey can confidently cut a stranger’s hair after an hour of training she can do anything yeah it’s one extent we’re gonna be working with both Clippers and scissor so a good starting point with your consultation is asking your clients you know what clip number you like on the sides anything under a number 3 means you’re gonna show Scout I’m gonna guide your hand a little bow okay we’re gonna make contact and just move a little bit slower okay so start here cuz there’s still some what’s there I think they got a really good idea of how hard our job actually is Tara it come the hair come down you didn’t count it first Lindsay’s gonna do great I think it’s gonna be great I think Aria might throw up everything I’ve done I’ve been able to bolt my way through it this is probably the first time where I won’t be able to do that at all you know if I go into a wedding pretend to be someone else drink have some fun with them I’m not cutting anyone’s skin hair it’s got him wedding then do i snippet from there no so I’m doing better than Aria I try yeah I think he finally figured out that this isn’t easy and that everything won’t be okay I knew this from the beginning there’s so many steps there’s so much blending there’s so much technique that goes into this this is so much harder you got it you got this okay breathe we could really mess up in this part home uh-huh if I had like another hour I think I’d be more comfortable but I don’t know this person and I don’t know what they’re gonna want don’t offer want to Nick their ear but Orias even having issues just holding the scissors so Ari’s being tapped after class I’m not sure if Aria will give a good haircut or a haircut at all before I met my client I was terrified but then I met him nice meeting I’m room all right Roman Rome City middle my god perfect sit-down and I sat down and he was so so nice when you concept for me like the bangs which I like actually I’m sorry I’m sorry I own it I like it yeah he is good I kind of leaned him because I was like oh yeah I really like how it’s longer on top and Messier because I like I know how to cut that like I can’t really mess up a messy look right when Rome went over Lindsey he just seemed really friendly really jovial Scott on the other hand he just seemed it was very hard to get a read on him how’s your day going good you oh very well it’s excited a little nervous all these cameras around not really used to it for the very beginning I had trouble getting the sanics out for his neck I think I ripped like five six different ones out of the box and just they just kept ripping they don’t make it easy to get those things out what are you thinking of it all just kind of started coming naturally to me because of I don’t know just all the times I’ve gotten my hair cut and I kind of knew what to ask him so like four or do you think probably if for you maybe like a two through here I asked him what number to usually get he sent it to I was like great we didn’t train with the – a – yeah I could never do it – when Aria first started his haircut he just boom went right in and there was a bald spot and everyone was like oh three I don’t know I mean he started that’s fine Ari I kind of got like maybe like a little warm he got a little red and we saw his hands start to shake and I was like uh I need to go help when I saw her kind of even it out I knew a template from which to build off of the techniques they use in this country are so different what everything I did wrong I blamed on my training in Thailand I worked with a hair master down there and that’s a subject how did Lindsay do I’m gonna hire Lindsay yeah we’re gonna hire her today she didn’t wear fur because she’s used to having more to work with as far as like how to hold a comb and make a parting and things like that the physicality of it came a little bit more natural to her than Ariana watching Arya’s brain process how to comb something hold his scissors and then where to put his comb after he comb something was probably a major challenge from the start I was so scared that he was watching my every move but I think in reality he was and I think he was just wanting to make conversation so I kept up the conversation have you heard of yes theory yeah I learned that he lived in LA his whole life that he loves Japan that he would move to Japan so luckily our is very charming and I think that’s what helped the process along man can he tell a story tragically masters own pet died here he actually was gored by a water buffalo oh my god yeah it was uh it was very shocking Jesus honestly I think we did make a good connection he was opening up actually a fair bit so I actually got a fair bit about him I learned he loves cheap airfare you got trapped in China for a little bit regardless at the haircut not being so well done I think the client was able to connect with Aria on you know that basis of just human connection and I think that’s what carried it through I would like to extend a very sincere apology to all ty stylus or besmirching your name and your talents with my very very poor performance today my work really was not indicative of anyone who trained in Thailand or anyone with any kind of proper training he gave me a fun style I really liked it more than like I loved it it’s it’s fun oh my night fell off there were three criteria one did we learn three things about them did you learn three things about your guy yes I did did you yeah I learned like ten things about mine let’s talk about Arya do you think he gave an okay haircut no so we obviously defer to Viren Rachel who said that my haircut was not okay but I said yours was I think Lindsay gave a pretty okay haircut I think with a couple of new higher classes that Rudy’s she would just say you’re hired and then finally would they come back to us come back to us Lindsay was like more than fantastic kind of one of my better experiences in hair care cutting would you return to Lindsay as a returning guest yeah cut you off yes yes I would would you get a haircut from Arya again I’m hesitant because quite frankly sometimes you get you get home and you see it and you’re like oh f or something I think this is the last time we’re gonna see that mad yeah no you’re it’s gonna be one of those moments where you’re gonna see him when they were walking down the street he’s gonna turn evil direction and when he turns you’ll see that his haircut I really mean is necessarily Lindsay was awesome and I regard you win 3 2 1 Arya has very little training in this he’s a video producer you’re the first person who’s Harry Lindsay has cut way through yes no actually cut see what she was doing what do you think of Ari as a person like he you know yes I think he’s great he was great personality she has to she had the confidence but she also had a connection really what we’re in is customer service you know we’re here to make somebody feel better about themselves some of my clients are with me since my very first started released so that’s eight years I’ve you know I’ve been with people when they met their significant other I’ve been with people when they got married to that person or when they had kids you become part of their story of their life and it’s kind of amazing haircutting is an art form a skill there’s a reason not everyone does it an art form that I clearly did not master today okay that’s okay honestly if she beats me I don’t really care because this is just an experience more for her as soon as I finish my haircut and as soon as he looks in the mirror and has a huge smile on his face he’s like I love this I was like I could do anything I had so much confidence I was like whoa like I really thought I would do a terrible terrible job and I didn’t so I feel like maybe there’s other things out in the world that I could do they just don’t know in many ways you won today but I guess some people could say that I would win too by giving you this experience where you’ve won and that’s true you got me out of my comfort zone you really did so what some ways you’re saying thank you I still hated this [Music] [Applause] [Music] so every time they cut we create that new guy you know that actually I didn’t know that we didn’t you guys gonna this you have to a tea right here in Thailand we do what we do it you complete different technique


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Edilson S. Pavilacci · May 29, 2019 at 6:25 pm


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as an experienced garage non license barber that hit scared me check me out on IG please support @fredo.suave

Anne Tan · June 21, 2019 at 5:06 pm


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