Amateur MMA Fighter Analysis (vs Pro)

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Amateur MMA Fighter Analysis (vs Pro)

hey what's going on guys Shane here with Vince the anomaly and our buddy Evan so Evan is fighttips underdog we met him out Dallas when Vince had his fight and we've been keeping in contact with them and he came out to LA to train at the fight tips gym he's also got tryouts at black house MMA in a couple of days so we're gonna do a little experiment we're gonna have someone who's had no amateur fighting experience against a pro fighter who's had seven fights and we're gonna see what happens so I'm gonna be coaching Evan and just kind of guiding him as he goes against Vince but Vince is gonna be working at Evans level but he's gonna be giving him different looks so he's going to be playing the wrestler he's gonna be playing the striker he's gonna take him down and try to submit him so that when Evan does start to compete he's got experience fighting these different styles so we're gonna we're gonna set the round for what were you thinking three months ten minutes hidden to this guy yeah maybe we'll do five and then I'll regret saying that and we'll see what happens so take a look cool keep it light keep it light do that like candy clothes hey I'm great that was awesome good man yeah good great first impressions huh what do you feel tired yeah uh you're a lot stronger in Clinton I thought you would be hmm for sure like I didn't think you know once we tied up an over/under I think the you reach for our legs like you did you did you get hooks in or someone like you had way more power than I thought you would sure a lot of that is is leverage right something put this down we're going through these things if I have you let's say we've got this over on his right wrist I think I remember what you're talking about spine you're around here hips are lower than yours I've got pressure against you in the cage ideally I want my head here on remember if it was during the round but I collected that leg that right there all right so immediately take your hip shifted yeah that starts pulling you off balance if I have control here all I got to do is just sink my hips and drop your with you yeah it is less about leverage and you know this when you're grappling we need to in wrestling me excuse me that's about strength less about power it's what about leverage I'm taking you to a base that you don't have and that's the reason you're gonna fall down and in the clinch I didn't select you're shooting for takedowns oh so what you see we're getting trips like that mm-hmm but then uh when you backpack me and you run me up like that I wasn't sure if I need to clear the hooks first through the hands I tried to fight the hands while playing hooks I was trying to focus on getting my shoulders to the mat and then fighting on my back kept me to face beat that's that's exactly what you do and that's that's not a why abandon it as well because I had this type of position I think I was over under I may have been just to thank you but I had this leg here right so couple different options like what chrome Gracie in his UFC debut he pull down this way my good friend Tom my tourney partner he does this all the time so I was trying to pull you that way a little bit wasn't really feeling it so I kind of switch backs right here right that even is like more on top you carry my weight like this right yes I'm forcing you to work well what you're doing is right you're scraping me off the wall yeah using that to turn so I have to open up that's the right line of thinking there you want to kind of get rid of that leg but not at the expense of covering your neck because if I have this over under and I'm there yes sealing with the leg yeah hand comes up I just drop my collect here collect here for you either way just know as soon as I let go you're off uh-huh that's the big thing is people get really content to stick up on to the cage to wrestle here to control as soon as I release a grip on your leg you've got two hands on them like this hey devil knows I'm here on the double from single if you shut me over and I break this grip you got to get awful long anyway exactly so that goes for the same thing if I'm on your back here as soon as I start to release that grip boom off the cage I mean yes I was trying to tie off with you uh-huh sake if I had never had double unders no I try to get uh like come across your shoulder here you wouldn't want to tie uh-huh I came here sometimes throw knees uh-huh before my first one got even halfway there yeah I got spun around yep and but I was expecting me to feel you almost trying to like it sweep yeah and wrap your foot around mine I didn't feel anything attack of the back then I was off balance yeah but I didn't feel like I had no bounds in my leg well I threw that me hmm it was like he pulled me right here yeah I know this way this way yeah you went that way and it just spun yeah but like didn't if you take a step where does it made me go here yeah this Shane can probably speak on this moreso than I can too but it's all more tie you're spinning around in the clinch there as soon as I lift this foot up and I'm on one foot automatically I'm gonna lose balance even if I have the best balance in the world right if you're clinched up you bring this knee up and I start twisting you hard you're gonna be turning and moving so that's kind of like what I like to bait and look for is if we're clean yourself like this I know the guy likes to throw his knees as soon as he goes then I can turn and maybe put him against the cage we're turning try to clear so that's like one thing I'm looking for when I'm in there so when you're sparring with people you're working clinching stuff know that okay maybe I can throw a few knees maybe he can too but as soon as I know and I feel that knee coming I'm spinning or I'm catching that knee taking him down okay so wait I know but how can I spin you around if you're not reaching for knees like when I had my back against here you had all your pressure on me huh I didn't have many options here I was trying to kind of cover your foot here around yeah but you were leaning into me so well yeah like this and it's pushing so much I couldn't reach him neat if I could your hips were to squaring off yeah in general if someone let's let me get Shane so you can see it Shane's pressuring hard into me here unless I'm Way bigger way stronger than this guy there's no way I'm just gonna be able to force them back that way okay so I got to start clearing these hands and breaking these grips right on my legs just putting off to the side whether it be this side or that side even if I can't control that let's say your hands are up higher I'm gonna be getting my hips low so I can get my head in and I want to be going side to side because the more I just try to push him forward I just don't have the leverage to do that because the walls behind me so we're going side to side they're fighting the hands fighting the grips getting your base wide hips low so I think two big mistakes where one trying like playing your game wrestling with you get the question I could I could have just gotten out of so at least try – and then – I was a little slow on the ground like you switched from a really Kotaku chemical to an armbar and I figured I figured that you're gonna go for the iron bar you gotta take you a second more to lock up costing you sweet back to your triangle mm-hm but I would have finished there so yeah hesitation and being open to playing your game yeah cuz I felt myself searching to be inside more when I think I have a longer reason you probably could stand on the outside you know I was flipping punches and pulling them and I never came back in a full counter it was to the body so instead I started trying to dip in yep that's when you set yourself up for shots yep and even as you did that right there make sure when you're getting low like that the other hands blocking and covering because there's a few times I was looking for knees I always do it maybe once or so but be careful especially in MMA when you start trying to dig this body and get your head low like this where my head is over yeah you're gonna eat that knee so if you're gonna go low try to be here and go low grind I know if sometimes got a swing through you got a roll under but really try to keep that base between your legs the best you can the more you do this type of thing the more this person is either gonna snap you down or he's gonna throw big mean catch it okay how did you feel with your striking I felt like I wasn't striking like I normally would there's a couple times where I felt like gonna toss the ball you bump a little bit and that's what I feel like doing that's what I feel comfortable doing and they're like question you gets the cage and you shot it and I sprawl and then you switch to a single with spun me around yeah but at least had time to react events for all that's really deal with it I felt comfortable then have a few teeps and but here and there other than that I definitely felt like I was letting myself play your game mm-hmm by picking shots in the outside and I think it was kind of a way for me to try and figure out what your game plan was I'll stay on the outside like yeah I'm keeping you busy a little bit but manliness looking around trying to watch you versus your game plan wouldn't have mattered so much if I just kept my eyes open and I pressured you like I normally would have yeah no that's a great point that's actually something I was gonna bring up is when you feel the rhythm switching especially because I was doing like more of this Muay thai-style they're more of a wrestling or more of a low-end boxing style yeah when those are switching or when the person is doing a lot of unexpected stuff do you switch back to some of your bread and butter and keep them at bay whether it's you have these long limbs right though that tip out there let me do my thing moving around pop or find that jab find that one thing find your timing your space and get control of some of that rhythm so that you can turn into your favorite I know it's difficult you know yes and we have this bar before and I'm throwing all these different styles but when you see that happening you've gotta find something stick to that to control that rhythm or get it back to you I think the same reason that's beneficial is the same reason that kind of scared me who wanted to put pressure you get the cage I was like if I'm if I'm if you're against the cage I had more room to sprawl which gives me I'm gonna try and take you down but uh by trying to get you against the cage I do cut certain angles that we're opening me up for knees and not knowing what style you're gonna go with I was only names like one thing I was trying to do I step on the outside here step back on the outside getting kind of post up with that push tab that you talked about yeah but perfectly valid perfectly valid to use those doing so hours well I was worried about knees I've been also worrying with being snapped down cuz like that so because once I got a read on you he'd switch it up so much and he was like it's beneficial but it was also like it cut out half of my styles validity which is why shuttle well the one thing I noticed was you weren't you weren't effectively using your jab as much as you could have been one thing you kind of do is you reach to the opposite side so you reach to his jab hand and you kept doing this and Vince a couple times pulled kick but they came right over top the right hand was opening all that whereas you should be probably going to the opposite hand you should be going left to his right and doing more of this you keep them at range doesn't me go here everything's open on this side right a lot of people getting this habit because when they hold pads they go like this I'll hold for a jab you throw a jab and I go here and then the power here I like teaching the opposite so when you throw a jab I block with this hand okay hit me in the face I go here right if I go here and then you followed up with the right hand I don't get this hand back in time so I'm going I'm blocking this one with this one and this one here the other thing is too I noticed you're throwing shots you kind of have them predetermined in your head and that's a beginner that's gonna happen like it's just like this is the one I'm gonna go with and I hope it lands but you were throwing teach at this range at one point you were here you're trying to like lift up and throw a team whereas it would have been much better to throw a knee odom and much better to post out and then this distance but you you are longer than him you're a lot longer so the use your jab would have kept him at bay they throw in the teep but also if he's pressuring you forward you can't throw kicks when you're backing up like that's just kind of a rule of thumb to follow when you're when you're going against someone who's gonna probably try to get the takedown if you're going on one leg it's the same concept with with the sweet or the yeah in the clinch throw them one leg it's just one less base that you have to hold yourself up so use your hands create the angle but wait until you're both standing still or you know standing your ground or you pressure pressure hand to back up and then you can sort okay so utilize my jab more to keep you at bay and then it's doesn't distance is one thing but also judging what's available from the distance yeah exactly exactly yeah and you'll be able to see what's available when again you get that momentum back you get that rhythm back when you're controlling that pace of the fight like okay now bitches in able to shoot in he's not throwing when he was before because I'm just talking with that jab the jab or something on that seat from the outside then you can start to pick me apart and see okay where's where are his openings now but maybe now it's it's my time to throw this move over that move but it's really about for me is rhythm changes it's a big part of fighting I mean Vince that make it easy for you though he was putting the pressure you're in a small space no it's great I think like I think the biggest reason it came struggling is I stopped doing moment you you get read on your opponent it's like finding tiny things but I thought you were switching styles your job was the same for the most part the cross was the same for the most part your hooks when you through a lot of those things or similar like you know your teeth was gonna come it was gonna be substituted for a takedown but you know your jab may have been followed by k-cups little thing and I kind of ignored it getting a tiger in your jab no I'm going to come over top or annoying but like what I was trying to do is to visit your lead hand so when you throw that right hand I was able to get a pull pull counter yeah but then I stopped focus from getting tiring your right hand yeah and that's what started getting that's what I felt got me caught more so I just focused on your number one priority instead of the tools you're gonna use there on every style so I kind of like sacrificed what the number one most important thing is in the fighting that's understanding your opponent yeah but I mean face of what what you're saying is actually really high-level because a lot of people don't thinking yeah they're a lot of people are just going to go like okay I don't know want to throw but I know I can do it one two three one two three right and then throw your you're thinking about what you're trying to believe what you're trying to pull out of me so that you can counter that and I think that that's very high level so I commend you for that yeah it's just you need to build up with time on the mat stuff so that you get that flow down so you can still be doing that but still being nailing all of the basics all the tactical stuff correctly so leading up to that then you can start picking people apart by pulling certain punches certain things out of that so that I really I really like that like that that's awesome that's a that's high level stuff now one quick thing on the ground – I know I'm a lot more heart level on the ground so it's moving around a little little room to play but what you want to do from the bottom is is almost never turn away and give up that back right so if that one out yeah because I felt more comfortable defending my back them up from mm-hmm but if if you start going here especially in MMA if we start doing this thing we're on turning I'm trying to push to get up now you throw that other hook in and then open and spread your legs out wide hook underneath my arms with my armpits with your arms yep and now if you flatten me out keep this under yeah yeah so I got you here a few times right this is done the fights over in MMA if you get to this point you're gonna be blasting in the head or working that rear naked choke so in general especially on the ground even if they're throwing gorgeous strikes and you want to get away if I'm turning this way I want to be creating space so I can hip out get this me and try to get back I don't want to be kid being on my back like this cuz once again to me it's over yeah that's just one pointer on the ground beside you just just getting more mat time you know putting yeah we're talking the mats knowing where your hips should be legs and stuff but yeah you just started training stuff so everything I was trying to spend more time getting you somewhere I was comfortable not comfortable defending form out and all I'm absolutely because you your pressure you were pressuring me so much it was hard to get my hips up without sacrificing our arm so like I'm comfortable saying my back I've had to do that a lot more yeah so switching to that I also knew that I'd be strong enough to stand up and get a backpack and it wouldn't take as much energy out of me so I was trying to get you into my and to where I was more comfortable but it didn't screw me over so I was on oh yeah and that's okay just the main thing is is remember some of those principles like that right there give me your back on the ground especially when you have no mat space there it's really like your last resort unless you're about to get finished here you need to turn over to protect yourself you can do that but in MMA it's a it's a tough thing to do but but yeah I mean everything you're saying is great you're you're working you're thinking about pulling me into your story there's and that's that's what you should be doing when you're sparring and trying to build up alright guys there you have it wish Evan all the best what you're 17 years old and how much training have you had to this up to this point right now I mean I did it on and off for did boxing on and off just hour-long classes I feel like two years about four years ago did a little bit the same with more time and I took about three year long break her to read for gymnastics so consistently a year and a half nine and that was that was in a couple of gems but mainly finding friends who were you know national champions of high school wrestling or judo coozer jiu-jitsu players or Taekwondo artists and trying to build off kind of what you did here at fight text by some person and make money someone who was a wrestler Tech someone here's a boxer he was a jiu-jitsu player boys high tech one dough so I kind of built that we all got to learn up each other so most of my training is a little unorthodox but yeah it got me here so good stuff man alright guys wish evan all the best for tryouts down below in the comments we have any questions drop them for Vince for myself but let's cool down and be sure to subscribe and check out these guys all the links in the description for their their Instagram pages until then subscribe to get the fight to see for your opponent those I'm Shane is anomaly her car blank tips for the underdogs you you


Brandon Kendall · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Excellent job! Really enjoyed your work.

Shivam Jha · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Sir plzz tell me how can we increase the power of kick in practice air or pad plzz reply

Prom Mrprom · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

I thought my house was on fire 7:12

King_L · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am


Daniel Mallon · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

very very educational and the all the feed back you guys gave Evan was very interesting, there were so many aspects that i had never considered you should definitely make more of these videos.

Rickai85 · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Evan has amazing range but he fails to utilize it correctly. That long jab and teep would be there all day, even against a more wrestler style fighter. I felt like he didnt commit to most of his striking and one time he had Vince almost in the corner then he took a step back and allowed Vince to circle out. Also that back kick he threw was very poor, not sure if it was flexibility or lack of commitment. Great challenge though and a huge learning opportunity for sure. Fairplay for putting yourself out there for the world to see!

Joe Lexis · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

This video is amazing. I don't think anyone on YouTube in mma would've thought to make an amateur assessment video. Keep being innovative, I love it!!!

DownloadDeX · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Dude is a white belt on the ground. He was being played with.

chucknorris202 · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

This is an interesting video. I train muay thai, been doing so for 2 years 8 months and ongoing and we spar every class of course….we had class last night, but I didnt do even close to as well as I normally do(I didnt lose far from it; but in my first spar I got a small bloody lip from a cross counter which has never happened to me in all my time training, plenty of bloody noses but i just dont often get hit in the mouth, it didnt hurt but it angered me and thats even worse than it injuring me slightly because it made me too aggressive). I ended up basically stalemating my sparring partner who gave me the split lip(thank god my mouthpiece was in and solid, it will heal at most in a week, at best in a few days, its quite shallow…if my lip had been smashed into my teeth i'd be fucked…THANK GOD FOR MOUTHPIECES). In my next bout I honestly went up against someone I should have steamrolled, and usually do steamroll, and yet it ended up being far more back and forth than I was happy with… I was SOOOO off last night. I did "win" as in i landed more and better hits on the guy and he didnt touch me near as many times(except on my forearms and gloves), but as I normally am I would not have even been touched and that's no idle boast because I spar with both these guys quite often. Even my coach and one of my training partners whose a close friend says I looked really bad and off and not normal last night. I HATE those nights; but nonetheless it was not my first off night, and it wont be my last off night, and it does not in the slightest represent my fighting abilities; as I will show in class tomorrow. I just needed to vent lol. Ya know its not frustrating AT ALL having a hard fight with someone like my coach or someone with either vastly more experience than me or a similar amount of experience as me. But its HARD on you to take on someone holding back MASSIVELY cause you think they cant hurt you and you dont wanna hurt them, and YOU end up getting hurt and having to fight hard, and badly. I wont make the same mistake again; I'm going to treat every single fight/sparring match I have as if I was fighting my coach or some other pro fighter that can fuck me up if I get lazy and slack off and take it for granted.

Lol its frustrating. It seems petty, but it is frustrating. Second dude outweighs me by about 80lbs but still so do many of my sparring partners and I handle them; and in fact I usually easily handle this same guy that gave me such a hard time last night. Oh well at least I get another chance tomorrow. And bad performances whether you "win" or not have a tendency to do more good for you than straight up wins esp one sided mollywhoppings. I think it will motivate me, and make sure I never forget what I have been trained to do ever again, that I will do my ritual before each match(close eyes, deep breath throw nose, breath out, thinking about the match ahead only, nothing else; I didnt do that last night though i normally do it).

Higgins_123 · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

damn you can feel how hard they're working

Ethan Holder · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

I’d love to train with you guys sometime

dfpguitar · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

dear lord, Evan has a long neck. That is surely going to be a vulnerability for both grappling and striking.

I think Evan should focus hard on getting stronger and yoked. Typical wrestling workouts will help with the neck and legs.
(his legs look pre pubescent)

Anthony Ton · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Hey, I'm not sure if this is where I should ask my questions but, I was wondering if you have any tips for someone who is multi stance (can fight with right foot or left foot forward) in boxing?

Donavan Johnson · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Wow wtf am i watching?? Just because the video says hes an amateur doesn't mean u just find a complete bum thats obviously has 0 skill or iq…. u stuck a highschool looking prep idiot in there and said "go light" and this is what im watching…. i would rather see you wrestling with your dog. This kid is never gonna make it, its the sad truth.

Haskew Jiu Jitsu · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Join a legit Jiu Jitsu gym… will help

CharlesFreck · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

I gotta, say, I get the idea of keeping it light and all, but I really do think that (especially since you're wearing gloves) you should actually contact the strikes when you're on the ground, don't just air throw them. Don't even throw them hard, just actually make contact, so the other person knows they're taking hits. It forces them to respond to it, and I think that's an important part of ground game.

Ahmad Munem · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Great video

Smoke Dogg · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

This guy done way better then I expected

Insan3HVH // Promoting Cheats · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Some striking tips since that's what I do. While in sparring doesn't have second toughs on your lowkicks and punches, if you gotta go you gotta go. Don't go for body jabs to the body cause you are in mma. A knee is painfully possible and you will be in big trouble of it happens. You will get there and fix your mistakes keep going

KingIsaiah720 · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

does anyone get a side stitch while sparring shiz is annoying

cg · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Awesome vid !

Better Than You · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

everyone is looking for the knee now thanks to ben askren…

end of the weak · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

No offense but how is keeping it light for learning purposes a good idea? Full on no holding back seriously trying to end one another (K.O. or submission/tap) to me is the only way to truly learn. I mean I get angles, timing, and technique plus speed training etc. but…still, if it's not a real fight than that's the difference between practice and a practitioner. If that makes sense. Or say…idk…regular shit talking to stand-up comedy.

Everardo Castro · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

6:20 Shane took that big L😂

Leave a like if you seen it

Gavin Masterson · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Just started the video and I love the idea. Something only you could come up with. Brilliant, now I’ll watch. Thanks for the video.

Jake McCauley · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Dam man this makes me wanna go back to training(to broke, no ride) lol

Aaron Van Tassel BJJ · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

That MMA fighter is legit!! He's not bad.

Jay Park · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

Hope Evan makes it to Blackhouse. Bolt for Wrestling and Erin Herle (female Demian Maia). Blackhouse is one of the top gyms in USA. Got scary monsters in that gym! Jealous of his reach. That 5 foot 6 life haha

Jon Whalen · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am


M Gerami · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

what I like about ur squad is that people seem to have their egos in check

Richard Brown · July 12, 2019 at 9:17 am

11:58 good way to prevent him from hand fighting you off, is to lower the inside shoulder just above the hips; hopefully catching a short rib. It works in cages against cage fighters.

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