Aeropress Competitions | 5 Tips to Compete

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Aeropress Competitions | 5 Tips to Compete

hey I’m Izzy Willis I’ve the 2018 you
destroy an arrow first champion and I’m down here at Wolf Coffee Roasters today
we’re gonna talk about 5 tips to competing in an heiress the tip of the web is being copied your
recipe for me that means adjusting every single variable you can possibly think
of I always start off with a super simple base recipe and then adjusting
one variable at a time huge part of this for me as well is running it down and
documenting all of my different findings so example I might drop the water
temperature takes that cup that write my findings down and then come back to my
base so then I’m gonna change say my time cup that tastes that write it down
and then come back to the base once I’ve adjusted every variable a lot of
different times I then go back and I read through my nose better to see what
worked what didn’t work bye it worked and then using those findings going back
and essentially creating a brand new recipe and I might repeat that process
kinds of times over or I might only really need to repeat it one or two
times but um generally works for me it’s just being really confident in the
coffee that you’re treating when you’re up on stage it is honestly terrifying
you’ve got people talking it you’ve got people watching you you want to know the
inside of your recipe so you can do it almost without thinking about it so the
you know alright cool I’m going to weigh out 20 grams of coffee it that I’m gonna
need 20 mils of water you want to know what’s so well back in front that you
can do it without even worrying about anything else
I took number two I think it’s really important to familiarize yourself with
the equipment that you’re going to be using on the night there’s nothing worse
than getting up on stage and seeing a kettle that you can never seen before
if you can’t find out what kind of equipment you’re going to be using on
the night I always recommend bringing bring your inhale bring her in scales
definitely when you’re in grinder then we can bring from home the better it’s
just gonna stop that bull element of stage fright I guess tip number three if
you can find out what coffee you’re going to be using before out beg for a
call people that you need to find out beforehand
chances are the roaster is going to send you out some coffee but on the off
chance that doesn’t happen try and make your recipe with as many different types
of coffee as you can get your handle so that on the night if you’re throwing off
we’d say a canyon you have a taste before you know your recipe you’re well
enough that it should be applicable true then it should work with that because
you’ve tasted it you similar coffees cup your coffee it is
such a different sensory experience sipping on an arrow press than it is to
actually coming in when you cut me at your aerating your mouth area of the
coffee it’s touching every single part of the inside of your mouth you’re gonna
get a much different flavor experience than you would by simply sipping it
you’re also gonna get a lot more out of the coffee and you’re gonna be able to
use that information than more the different nuances that you’ve got to
then go back to your recipe and see what you can improve don’t take it too
seriously guys this is this is a competition that’s meant to be fun if
you don’t make it through for whatever don’t beat yourself up as well as you
made the coffee that you like to drink and you’re proud of your product and you
come to with your palate and that’s all that matters
go there and have some beers and hang out teammates

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