900 Marshmallow Fist Fight

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900 Marshmallow Fist Fight

Today we celebrate our 900th episode
by smacking each other in the face. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Today is a very special day because,
mythical beasts, it is the 900th episode -of Good Mythical Morning.
-Woo! -Can you believe it? We’ve done 899 of
these before this one and you know what? We just wanna take a second, right off the
bat to sincerely thank you mythical beasts for supporting us by watching this show. I
mean, if you didn’t watch the show, we wouldn’t keep doing it. I mean we couldn’t
keep doing it so thank you so much for hanging out with us, for making us a part
of your daily routine. We really, truly -appreciate it.
-And to say thank you to the mythical beasts who have made this a part of their
daily routine, we asked you to tell us what to do to celebrate our 900th episode.
So the first suggestion comes from Scott Sheffield who says: -Oh. Well, Scott, you have insight into
the fact that we frequently solve our conflicts with toast fights. But this one
now doesn’t involve a conflict. This one -involves celebration
-It’s just a demonstration to see how we toast fight every day. -Last toast standing wins.
-Yes. And gets to eat the toast. 3, 2, 1 -Yours is gone.
-Round 1 goes to Link. 3, 2, 1 Round 2 goes to Rhett. 3, 2, 1 -That’s a tie.
-Oh final toast! Final slice. 3, 2, 1 -It’s not gone yet!
-3, 2, 1 -NO!
-And I get to eat all the toast and I win -the argument but there was no argument.
-You know what, you can start with this piece. It wasn’t on the floor a second ago
Mmm toast. There’s toast up here too. Alright, Zachary Shanline suggests: -(aside): Well there’s 899 of those.
-Toast is a little dry. I’m having trouble getting it down. Oh and
some got in my drink. You know, we should be pretty good at this Zachary because we
were there for all of these moments but we’re gonna see just how good
we are. It’s time to play… Alright so here’s what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna each alternate showing closeup versions of the guy’s face and then the
guy has to guess what episode it came from and then it will be revealed in a wide
shot and maybe a little video clip. -Okay Link you are the guy who’s
going first and the guy you’re gonna be looking at is you. There you are. (Link) Yeah
(Rhett) What the heck are you doing? Well, my mouth is open wide. There’s fear
in my eye and in my eyebrows. Like when my eyebrows crinkle that much, you know, I’m
afraid of something. I’m not even looking at the camera. Sadly I think I’ve made
this face a lot over the years. -That doesn’t really narrow it down though
-But, oh, I’m shirtless (Rhett) Maybe you’ve got on a scoop neck. I think I know what this one is though
’cause I think this is also the thumbnail for the ice bath challenge. (Link) Yeah! Oh, I look naked in this shot (screaming) -Alright, I wanna do one. C’mon.
-Alright look at your face. (Rhett) Oh wow, my mouth is also open.
But it doesn’t seem like I’m struggling. It almost seems like I’m gloating. Like
“I’m better than you at this!” Like I feel like I may be being very good at something
(Link) Are you sure you don’t look like -you’re being tickled?
-I think this is when I became a cheese genius, when I discovered that I was
a cheese genius. Tell me I’m right. Uh, I can’t ’cause you’re wrong. -How is it?
-That is paint. -That is paint
-That is totally paint. -What a great memory that we forgot.
-Here’s another one for you, Link. (Link) Well there I am.
(Rhett) You don’t look happy. Like you smelled something.
(Link) Those are my old glasses. It’s also your old hair, Link. There’s
like 3/4 of an inch of forehead there. That was before we knew that you
had like 4 inches of forehead. (Link) I look like I’m smelling
something nasty. (Rhett) You often do that, as well.
(Link) I’m smelling something nasty. I think this is the psychopath
smell test. That’s my guess. Link, you’re incorrect. (Link) Way back! The nostrils are flared, like just the
natural expression is more of a-like I -just smelled pungent.
-We were running out of ideas pretty -quickly.
-At 27. -We were already like, never make these
faces, episode 27. How have we made it to -episode 900 if we were already
-We have a lot more help now. -at ‘Don’t Make These Faces’? Alright
here’s your face (Rhett) Oh, well I look pretty. I see that
(Link) Those eyebrows are arched like -something crazy.
-I look like I’m eating something I don’t like. But I feel like I’m trying to make
it through eating something I don’t like. I feel like this may be when I
was eating something hot. I think this is, not Carolina Reaper,
I think this is Ghost Pepper. (Link) No. This is episode
411, eating bugs (Link crunching)
(crew laughing) That’s the face you make
when I eat a scorpion. Okay here’s another one for you, Link. (Link) Oh, that’s flattering. Thanks for
choosing such a flattering photo of me. I think I’m about to do a mouth poot. -It also looks like there might
be something in your mouth. -Is that a hint?
-I’m not trying to give you a hint (Link) Okay, I’m gonna go with
the water taste test then. -I threw you off, it was: Oh gosh. Dude, seriously
that is the worst smell. -Look at that hairstyle
-You made a good choice with the hair -Alright here’s 1 more for you (Rhett) Oh, I could be doing a number
of things. I feel like I made this face recently. I feel like that beard looks
like a pretty recent version of my beard. And I think this is when I tasted
something very sour. Right or wrong? (Link) You’re right!
(Rhett) Yes! (crew laughing) No! No! -So we each got one, right? So we tied.
So Zachary, we were gonna send you a picture of the winner’s face signed by
both of us but since we tied, we’re gonna send you each of our faces, signed
to you in the mail and thank you for your suggestion.
-Yeah same for being your mythical best. Next suggestion comes from Nicole Dooley: Yes Nicole. Well, did you know that in
the year 900, the horse collar was beginning to spread throughout Europe. It
had been invented in Asia where it helped horses be able to plow fields without
getting choked. But in the year 900, it -was spreading Europe.
-So now we present to you a 100% historically accurate re-enactment of the
spreading of the horse collar across Europe. -Carl, is that you?
-Hey Barry! -Carl, welcome to the year 900!
-You look so great, as always! I can see that you’re sporting the cape and dress
combo popularized around this time period. -In the 900’s. I can see that you’re
wearing a cowboy hat to signify you’re a -farmer.
-I am a farmer and this is my farming -companion, Bubbles.
-Hello Bubbles. How are you Bubbles? -Bubbles has been having some struggles
and some troubles. While he’s been plowing -he’s experiencing some choking.
-Choking? -Choking. Show him Bubbles, show
him your struggles, Bubbles. Look at him choke. It’s quite a problem.
It’s quite a struggle for Bubbles. -Do you know what? I’ve
got just the thing for it. -Oh really? That’s convenient.
-Yes, I do! Look at this. I purchased this -in the Far East. It’s a plaid collar.
-Yes. -Okay Bubbles, be gentle.
Be gentle with yourself. -Don’t worry Bubbles, I trust Barry.
-Here we go. -I’ve let Barry touch my neck
before, he didn’t hurt me. -Here we go, it’s going on there.
Now look you have a collar. -Oh okay, well try now,
try to plow, Bubbles. -Do it.
-Okay, he’s still experiencing troubles -but he looks incredible.
-He looks amazing! I love the way you look -Let’s pop the collar, yes!
-Do some more, Bubbles. Do it for us -Bubbles.
-Keepin’ it gangsta. -I don’t even care if he’s in pain
at this point, he looks so good. -Wow, this is going to sweep the nation.
-Plow-wow-wow yippee yo yippee yay -Europe is not a nation. I don’t know if
nation-states existed yet but you know what I mean. -Moving right along with a suggestion
from Kourtnee Johnson who says: -Why do you guys all want us to fight?
This is supposed to be a celebration but -okay.
-And instead of fighting each other with 900 marshmallows, throwing ’em at each
other, we’ve done something a little bit -different.
-This has been constructed. -900 marshmallow glove. We are going to
strike one another with this, 1 hit each and the way we’re going to figure out who
goes first is we have a marshmallow coin. It has a Rhett side and a Link side.
Link, you can be the flipper. -I’m making the face I make when-
-This thing is very heavy. This is at -least 20 pounds.
-when I’m about to gag. Alright so, whoever’s letter this lands
on gets to swing first. -Yeah, gets to swing. -Ah!
-Alright, I get to swing first. But I actually think that that’s the advantage
for you ’cause then you know how hard to -hit me in retaliation.
-And I’m going to put an earplug in because I don’t wanna get a marshmallow
permanently lodged in my ear canal. -Dang it’s warm in there man. Oof heavy.
I’m not even gonna be able to get this thing around. Oh my goodness. -It’s so heavy though.
-Oh my goodness. -I’m afraid that I might just
get completely knocked out. -Whenever you’re ready.
-Ready? -Yeah.
-Here we go. (laughter) -Woops.
(laughter) -900, baby!
-You knocked me out of my freaking seat, man! You got it coming. You might
wanna take your glasses off. -Toasty in there. Alright, glasses coming
off. Dang it. Shove this in there. -Don’t wanna lose my eardrum.
-It’s quite a thud. I can imagine that’s what it’s like to get hit by one of those
q-tips on American Gladiators. -Timber!
-Okay. -I’m a little afraid.
-Ready? 3, 2, 1 -Oh gosh! That hurt! -The jaw.
-Your head. Oh it was awesome. 900! Thanks for liking, commenting,
subscribing, and for sticking with us -through 900+!
-You know what time it is. -Hi, I’m Lauren.
-And I’m Tyler. -And we’re here at Harrelson Hall at
NC State University. -Your alma mater.
(Both) And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. -What better way to celebrate 900 episodes
than getting a Good Mythical Morning -t-shirt or a Good Mythical Morning hoodie
-What! Here it is in my lap! -at RhettandLink.com/store.
-Click through to Good Mythical More. Click that ‘i’ because we are going to
eat 900 french fries. No better way to celebrate. -Beatboxing cats.
(Meowing & beatboxing)


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