5 WWE Weddings That WENT WRONG

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5 WWE Weddings That WENT WRONG

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miss a video from us. With that out the way, let’s get right into the video. Stephanie McMahon has had a number of weddings
that turned sour in the WWE, some of which feature later in this list. But her very first
one was back in 1999 and it wasn’t exactly with her consent. The Undertaker, who was
the Cult leader of the Ministry of Darkness back then, abducted Stephanie and strapped
her to his sacrificial symbol before attempting to marry her. But, before things got darker
and more twisted, an unlikely ally rushed to Stephanie’s aid, that being “Stone
Cold” Steve Austin. Usually, when Austin is within a foot of the McMahons, you can
expect a stunner or two… or three, or four, five… you get the picture. But on this particular occasion, “The Rattlesnake” showed up not to insult Stephanie as he usually would but to rescue her from
becoming The Deadman’s unholy bride. Less than a year after marrying Kane… forcibly
marrying Kane rather, Lita found herself getting married on WWE television again but this time
with the “Rated R Superstar” Edge, who she cheated on Matt Hardy with not just in
the storyline but in real life too. The wedding became memorable for a number of reasons;
firstly, Lita’s wedding dress and secondly, the “monstrous” ending. After some rather
questionable wedding vows, Edge and Lita were ready to tie the knot but not before “The
Big Red Monster” Kane emerged from under the ring and right on cue too. Unfortunately
for the poor Priest, he was caught in the crossfire and received a signature Tombstone
from Kane. In early 2002, Stephanie McMahon dropped a
bombshell to Triple H by announcing that she’s pregnant. However, Triple H would later learn
that Stephanie wasn’t actually pregnant and that she was faking it in an effort to
get him to recommit their wedding vows. On the day that Stephanie and Triple H were renewing
their wedding vows, Triple H decided to expose Stephanie for what she truly was… “a no-good
lying b*tch”… his words not mine. Triple H then went on to destroy the set before hitting
his boss with the Pedigree for good measure. But how can we forget the look on Stephanie’s
face by the end of it all… a look of pure evil. When you think of the biggest wedding disasters
in WWE history, the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Test is right up there. Not long after
escaping The Undertaker’s clutches, Stephanie McMahon began a relationship with Test and
fast forward a few months, they were getting married. But in true WWE fashion, a wedding
can’t go uninterrupted. Triple H showed up uninvited and proceeded to play a video
which revealed that he drugged Stephanie McMahon and married her in a drive-through wedding
ceremony. Despite how much was wrong with the segment, you can’t deny that it made
for some very memorable TV. Looking back at past weddings in WWE history,
I think we can establish that “weddings + WWE=disaster” and the most recent one
between Lana and Bobby Lashley was exactly that… a disaster. Moments before Lana and
Lashley were ready to tie the knot together, they were interrupted by a returning Liv Morgan,
who had a very interesting secret to share. Complete pandemonium broke out which saw Rusev
burst out of the wedding cake and Lana getting a faceful of said cake. That’s not the first
time Lana has had something white and creamy on her face though. I’m talking about another
instance where she had cake on her face back in 2016 during her wedding celebration with
Rusev. As bad as the wedding was, it ended up being the highest-rated segment on WWE
TV for the whole of 2019. What has the WWE come to…


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