10 Wrestling Heel Turns That MASSIVELY Backfired | WrestleTalk 10s With Adam Blampied

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10 Wrestling Heel Turns That MASSIVELY Backfired | WrestleTalk 10s With Adam Blampied

10 Wrestling Heel Turns That Massively Backfired Wrestling History is littered with important
heel turns, grumpy boys, and bad tantrums that, in the best case scenario can revitalise
an entire company. Hogan turning heel in WCW made 6 bajillions
of dollars and WCW won the Monday Night War, right up until Vince McMahon turned heel and
won it right the f*** back. Sometimes heel turns don’t work, and there
are plenty of those. Becky Lynch turning heel on Charlotte and
instantly becoming WWE’s biggest face, Rikishi going from bum man to murderer, Sting turning
heel in WCW and the fans refusing to boo him because “no, Sting is a nice man”, Daniel
Bryan being history’s greatest monster by asking us to recycle and try a juice cleanse,
but wrestling is wrestling, gimmicks get changed and most of the time failed heel turns aren’t
significantly damaging. Most of the time. This is 10 Wrestling Heel Turns That MASSIVELY
Backfired 10. Braun Strowman’s Career Momentum Gets Murdered Always the Braunsmaid and never the Bride. It seems that ever since Braun Strowman wasn’t
Finished with Roman Reigns, and according to the ancient prophecy, he’s still not
finished with him, it seems like we’ve been waiting for WWE to pull the trigger and turn
the indestructible, double-bass playing, ambulance flipping, grappling hook wielding looney tune
into the face of the company, and indeed, when he won Money in the Bank in 2019, we
thought it was finally happening. He got a thunderous pop at SummerSlam when
it looked like he would cash in against the Bog Dog and the Beastie Boy, and then…oh
no. He turned heel, allied himself with Drew McIntyre
and Dolph Ziggler and was immediately nerfed beyond all recognition. The man who could flip over the sky itself
suddenly needed backup, the indestructible monster suddenly couldn’t finish a Hell
In A Cell match after Lesnar interference, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s
back for the audience’s patience with the Brown Snowman. Despite them scrapping his heel run right
the f*** quick, Strowman has never again reached that level of God-tier popularity, and now
he dances. He dances and I am sad. 9. HBK Turns Heel, Ruins Dream Match Ok so maybe 40 year old Shawn Michaels vs
52 year old Hulk Hogan may not be a dream match to some of you hardcore wrestling fans
who like main eventers with their original hips, but I was excited about the main event
of Summerslam 2005 goddamn it. The match itself was a bewildering kaleidoscope
of limbs and flesh. So HBK is having, shall we say, a bit of a
paddy in this match, overselling Hogan’s offence like he’s Billy f****** Mays. Shawn was a bit peeved with the Hulkster,
because his creative control had taken over the feud with one of the many forced changes
being Shawn Michaels turning heel. HBK was against the move, thinking it should
be face v face, but Hogan got his way, and it was clear he wasn’t in WWE for much of
the 90s cos otherwise he would know, don’t Shawn grumpy. Well, said Mr Hickenbottom, if you can’t
beat ‘em, do enough cirque du soleil to break wrestling and so well… the match happened,
and there were no rematches, nothing. This is what HBK vs Hogan looks like, forever. HBK turned face immediately after SummerSlam
and so, the heel turn that Hulky thought would make the match more exciting blew up in his
big orange face. 8. Bret Hart Becomes Just Another Guy In WCW It’s been said before, but it bears repeating
– 1997, weird year for Vince McManners Grand Ham Slammers. The weirdest, and probably most stressful
part was the fact that his company had pretty much only 2 definite main eventers and one
of them f***** off to his biggest competition. That’s one of those days you remember. The circumstances of Bret Hart’s departure
were so insane, so attention-grabbing, he was the goddamn WWF Champion, he’d been
screwed, what the hell was he going to do in WCW? Answer, turn heel and become just another
member of the already tired nWo. Instead of getting Hart vs Hogan on PPV, he
became one of his lackeys and didn’t really have long-term major feuds with anyone, golden
sand just pouring through WCW’s fingers. All the money they could have made by treating
Bret like the huge star that he was, instead to give you an idea of how much WCW blundered
it, Bret Hart vs Hulk Hogan only happened one time, on an episode of Nitro, and it ended
in a non-finish. Well done everyone! Here’s your Good Job cake! 7. Michael Cole Makes Raw Unwatchable Should we enjoy it when a heel is onscreen? Was CM Punk a good heel because we respected
his charisma, storytelling and wrestling, and we actually enjoyed it when he was around? If a heel is cool, is that more a case of
ego getting in the way of the product and should we in fact hate the heel being around? Because just taken in isolation, I think when
Michael Cole turned heel in 2010, he was, from a purist perspective, the best heel in
WWE. I think generally, because the purpose of
every part of a wrestling show should be in service of selling matches to the audience,
I wanted to see someone kick the s*** out of Michael Cole more than any other heel on
the roster. He was a swaggering phallus, a pratman jones,
and a pricklord dweebstorm in a dickcup. So, job done, except, he was also lead announcer,
audible 100% of the time and dear christ there’s only so much I can stand I can stands no more. He was SUCH a good heel, that he broke the
show, which on one hand is to be respected, but on the other hand is the remote control
which I’m using to change the f****** channel 6. Jim Ross Turns Heel With Fake Razor and Diesel Good ol JR has been Bad ol JR not once, not
four times, but twice in his WWE career. Before he ascended to the pantheon of wrestling
legend where you’re such a cherished part of the industry that you can never be an effective
heel again, they turned him twice. The second time, in 1999 was an immediate
bust and quickly scrapped, they tried to turn him heel by kicking Michael Cole in the bollocks,
yeah that didn’t work. The first time however, hoo boy. The year was 1996, also known as the year
that Hall & Nash defected to WCW, created the nWo and gently placed Vince over their
knees and patted his little bottom. WWE’s plan to counter the betrayal was,
basically, Dr Whoing Razor Ramon and Diesel. Since WWE still owned those characters, they
recast them with Rick Bognar and Glen That’s Gotta Be Kane Jacobs and thought the fans
would say ‘yeah seems legit’. It would be like if I wrote the word Money
on a piece of paper and tried to buy a Honda Civic with it. In an even more baffling move, they tried
to sell this by turning JR heel and having him be basically their manager. So the face commentators were like “that’s
not Diesel and Razor JR” and he responds “NO YOU SHUT UP”. What was the plan? I don’t understand, did you want the copycats
to get over? The whole thing just blew up and made everyone
involved in it look bad, and WCW’s edgier product all the better by comparison. 5. Vince Russo Turns The Entire Midcard of WCW
Heel Oh sorry, WCW, you might want to calm down
because I’m not finished with you. After teetering on the precipice for years,
in 2000 World Championship Wrestling lost its f****** mind. See, my dad Eric Bishoff had seduced all of
Vince’s top talent away with contractual creative control and those bad seeds began
to flourish into trees made out of cantankerous older men who weren’t horny for putting
over young talent. In late 99 WCW decided to hire Vince Russo,
the man at the time commonly credited with creating WWE’s crash-style Attitude Era
programming to come in and fix all of WCW’s problems. WWE had the best midcard in wrestling history
at the time, hold my beer said WCW and proceeded to turn its entire midcard heel as this gigantic
uber-stable The New Blood, against the Millionaires Club, aka Sting, Ric Flair, DDP, Hogan, aka
everyone the fans were tuning in to see. Russo appeared as an onscreen character, even
going as far as firing Hulk Hogan in a promo that went from work to shoot REAL QUICK and
ended with Hogan suing the company. A gigantic explosion of bad ideas in a time
when such things could not be afforded. 4. TNA Becomes Immortal And Slowly Dies The New World Order was something that started
small, brilliant, and explosive and gradually ballooned into a stultifying multifaceted
product-consuming blob. TNA said, ooh let’s do that but FASTER. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishoff went to TNA in
2010 and started playing the old hits. They did an autotune remix of the Monday Night
Wars that resembled less two titans fighting and more like a kid making pew pew gun sounds
at his dad while he reads the paper and ignores him. The big plan however, debuted at Bound For
Glory, when Jeff Hardy turned heel and along with… about 60% of the roster to form Immortal,
which was the nWo but, like, starting with the bit where it was too big. No shade on Hardy, because his antichrist
gimmick was pretty good, but it got lost in amongst the blob. Plus he was also their biggest mainstream
draw for casual WWE fans and turning him into a corporate rage monster who did less flippy
s*** didn’t help ratings or attendance at all. If Hardy had turned heel by himself, it could
have been something really interesting, but the mass heeling only evoked the worst memories
of WCW. Speaking of… 3.The Last Hope for WCW Turns If this list is starting to feel like I’m
dogpiling on dubsy dub, well, remember this isn’t a list of the worst heel turns, but
the most damaging ones, and well, WWE is still here, so… WCW in 2000, a million cats in a cardboard
box, except the cat are all insane ideas, the biggest and most insane being turning
Goldberg, the last truly WCW-created megastar, genuine unstoppable superhero, into a corporate
heel, against Kevin Nash who had screwed him out of the most famous undefeated streak of
all time. I guess it was shocking, if 25 WCW Title changes
that year including David Arquette and Vince Russo winning the belt hadn’t completely
immunised the audience from the ability to even register surprise anymore. But compromising Goldberg was one of the last
great mistakes in WCW’s death-throes. It was dropped shortly after but the damage
was done and the company’s last superhero became just another unremarkable part of the
great blurring carousel of character alignment, motivation and consequence that was WCW. 2. Steve Austin Ends The Attitude Era Hooray! Something that isn’t WCW! If I told you to name the most famous heel
turn of all time, chances are that Stone Cold selling his soul to Muscle and Fitness Satan
is probably going to be up there. It was the exclamation point on the greatest
PPV of all time, the ultimate swerve and a brave and daring subversion of everything
that had rocketed WWE to this point. It was also a huge mistake. Many fans couldn’t accept that Austin and
McMahon could ever be friends after 3 years of them making each other’s lives hell, but
some people thought Austin thrived in the role, adding a hilarious new dimension to
his character. That’s subjective and we could go round
and round, what’s undisputed is that it was a major misstep for business. Because who does Austin feud with? Rock was gone until SummerSlam, Triple H was
heel, Angle was heel, Jericho was midcard, Kane was midcard, the only main eventer left
was Undertaker and as much as we idolise the Deadman, he had never truly carried the company
as the top guy. PPV buys went down, ratings went down, and
the PPV hot streak that WWE had started in 2000 slowly petered out before the lacklustre
Invasion cemented the Attitude era as being truly dead. But hey, WWE’s still here right? 1. The Fingerpoke of Doom For WCW So, Goldberg was WCW Champion going into Starrcade
98, he was still undefeated and sort of the best thing going at the time. However, he had beaten everyone on the roster
pretty much and, well, it was Starrcade so they decided to beat him via mischievous electricity. Even though Hall had interfered, Nash was
still a face at this time, denounced Hall and offered Goldberg a rematch. However, the title match ended up happening
between Nash and a returning Hulk Hogan who had taken some brief time away to run for
president, feel free to cut out and assemble your own Donald Trump joke out of that. The bell rang, Hogan poked Nash in the chest,
who fell out and let Hogan pin him, cue Nash turning heel and a reunion of the original
nWo lineup after months of infighting. Fun fact, this was the same week that Mankind
won the WWF title on Raw, a change that WCW spoiled, and caused hundreds of thousands
of people to change the channel to see it happen. Many commentators, single out the fingerpoke
of doom as being the beginning of the end for WCW, especially in the classic The Death
of WCW where it was called “the single most destructive Nitro in the history of the company.” I guess David Arquette won the belt on Thunder
so fair enough. It’s perhaps over-simplifying things to
blame one booking event for the death of a company, but it’s hard to argue against
the fact that this was the point when WCW’s ratings began to steadily decline without
ever coming back. They promised Goldberg vs Nash the rematch,
fans got a non-match and Hogan back on top. It proved to be one betrayal too many for
the fans, a sign that nothing really mattered, no promises would be kept, the same old boys
will kill all your heroes, that it wasn’t worth investing yourself in this parade of
senseless twists. WCW didn’t sink overnight, but this poked
a hole in the boat.


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I'll hate on McMahon for a lot of shit, and I laugh when I hear people call him a genius. But he's not dumb enough to have thought that fake Diesel & Razor thing was gonna fly. It was for the benefit of the legal system, not for the benefit of the wrestling fans.

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From what I've read it was because Hogan said no on a second match, where they would've ended equal.
So, since Hogan wanted to pull creative and have the only win, we'll make this match a joke.

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