🤬 We Played Hot Sauce Roulette!

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🤬 We Played Hot Sauce Roulette!

This is Hot Sauce Roulette. Take turns spinning the
wheel of mini bottles and try a dose of whatever
sauce you land on. With 12 hot sauces ranging
from mild to insane, you might enjoy a slight
burn or your mouth could get engulfed in flames. [PANTING] Let’s see what
happens to our players as they take the challenge. All right. [GROANS] Hot Sauce Roulette. Honors is yours. Thank you. A one. That’s what I’m going to spin. Oh, come on. Oh, six! Six. Is it six? Yeah. It’s like right in the middle. It’s right in the middle. So that’s a good judge of
how this is going to go. That’s true. Load up a chip. I got number six. Yeah. Well, I’m not going
to load it up. Let’s be honest. I think you should just– That is dark. Load it up. –with lots and lots and lots. I actually do want to kinda– [GASPS] Oh! Oh! When you said load it up,
you meant less than this? I mean– That’s like how much salsa you
would put on, not hot sauce. That’s how much hot sauce
you’d put on an entire burrito. Here’s the bar. I expect you guys to
go no less than this. Here we go. Number six. Jeez. Mm. So you got– Hot! –jalapeno, habanero– Yes, you do. –ghost pepper– Oh, yes, you do. –scorpion pepper. What? [COUGHS] What is that? OK, this is going to be
an uphill battle, guys. That’s in the middle? That’s six. You put so much
on there, though. I put a lot on there. Your eyes are all sweaty. Outward appearance right now
is– you’re hiccuping already and it’s six? Why would you put
so much on there? You told me to! Here we go. I didn’t have a
large breakfast, so– ten! Oh! Woo! Oh! No! Guys. This one has scorpion pepper
and scorpion pepper powder. Six. And he’s– Ah. Wow. Oh no. It’s thick, too. All right. I’m just going to keep it on– I’ll try to keep
it on the tongue. I don’t want it on the lips
or the back of the throat. OK. Oh, he just– right on there. I don’t think you should
have done that much. No. [EXHALES] Oh no. He’s gone still. [SNIFFS] Oh my gosh. You got a vein popping on
your forehead right now. Oh, yeah. You’re breathing fire. Dragon breath. Time to join the fun. Kidneys are joining
in the party– And– Maybe they’re shutting down. Eight! [GROANS] Eight. Couldn’t have been seven? So, six, eight– It couldn’t have been seven? –ten. Oh! It smells like hellfire. Man, that’s hot! Is that safe? Oh, bro. Maybe– If you wanna do that much– That feels safe. Oh! The tongue. It went straight on the tongue. Yeah, man. Oh! That’s immediate! Ten was not immediate,
but it got there. No, that was right at the front. Eventually. I’m just eating chips. Ooh! [HACKING] Feels kind of good now. I’m like– I’ve got
that, like, spice– Yeah, yeah, you’re spice high. You’re spice high. That’s exactly what it is. It’s why we do this. It’s probably why we do this. I feel great right now. Yeah. You guys high? [LAUGHING] Round two. We’re going to– shh. What’s this about? We’re going to do a
shot of hot sauce. Shot sauce. Shot sauce. Shot sauce. Round two. Shot sauce. Come on, one. Come on, one. Come on, come on, come on. [GROANS] Oh! Oh, come on! Seriously? No! What is it? Freaking one. No! One. It’s one? Well, it went past twelve– It, like, paused on twelve– –and slowly went to one. –and went to one. Well, let’s find out
how hot number one is. Gonna get that bubble. That’s a lot. It went down pretty easy. I don’t know if it’s just
because my mouth is already burned from the six,
but that wasn’t so bad. I mean– How does it taste? What’s the flavor like? I mean, I got a little
spice, obviously. It’s good. It’s really good. It’s very buttery. A little bit, yeah. That’s what I’m getting,
the butteriness. The butteriness? Yeah. [SPINNING SOUND] Come on, come on, come on,
come on, no, no, no, no, no. Oh! What is it? Oh! This is the only one, I think,
that has a caution on it. Well, that’s for good
reason because there’s jalapeno, habanero, habanero
powder, ghost pepper, ghost pepper powder, scorpion
pepper, Carolina Reaper and one million Scoville
capsaicin extract times three. Oh, just, just– oh my gosh. This is like the
genie in the lamp, but it’s Satan,
proud of himself. Oh, man. Oh, man. That doesn’t smell like food. Oh, it’s– Oh! Oh! My legs are still
tingling from the ten, and now I’ve got to do twelve? Dang it. [GRUNTS] [TAPPING] Oh, no. RIP. This is the last time
you’re going to see him. No, no, no, no, no, no. And your last words? No, no, no, no. This was a bad idea. Oh, you guys– it’s like mace. It came straight
through my sinuses. You’ve got a very red– [COUGHS] A very red face right now. Ah! I am worried for you. Hoo! This one is immediate. Yeah. But it’s still building. The inside of your lips look
like they’ve been burned. All right, well,
while he’s dying– Danny, why don’t
you go ahead and– No, we’re– I mean– don’t where
are we going to go from there? Oh, it’s so much. That’s a five. What? You guys go below the halfway
mark for the second round and I get to the top? I feel like I could just,
like, get warm from your body heat radiating right now. Yeah. Feeling OK? No! You’re a little warm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you
cry this much with the spice. That’s insane. What do you got, Danny? I got a five. Six was a little
spicier than I thought. Careful, now. Oh. [COUGHS] Don’t underestimate him. Five tastes good. Yeah, I don’t know about that. You look like you’re in pain. No idea what the
flavor of this is. No. Well, Hot Sauce Roulette. I feel great. I’m so glad you
guys feel so great. Ha! Oh! This is so good. So fun. [PANTING] So fun. You guys want to
kiss a little bit? Nope. Experience what I’m feeling? No, I don’t. Take Hot Sauce
Roulette for a spin, and see hundreds of
other gifts we’ve discovered for you at Vat19.com. Why would you put
so much on there? You told me to! If I told you to jump off a
bridge, John, would you do it? What kind of bridge? I probably would, man. Do I need more than that? You need a little
more than that. Shut up. That’s a lot, though. Just shut your mouth, David. That’s a lot. Vat19.com


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