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Turner appeared in the television film The Thirteenth Tale and made her feature film debut in Another Me She has been featured in print work for the luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton. Sophie Belinda Turner was born in Northampton , [5] England on 21 February , the daughter of Sally, a nursery school teacher, and Andrew, who works for a pallet distribution company. She grew up in a large Edwardian house, near Leamington Spa , saying, "My childhood was pretty fun. We had pigsties, barns and a paddock, and used to muck around in the mud.

Like this season, Sansa Stark - she of the most maligned family in Westeros - seems like she's finally getting somewhere with her revenge plot against the Boltons.

Unfortunately, that feeling of dread you had when Littlefinger first suggests she marry the sadistic Ramsay Bolton is totally validated when he brutally takes her virginity, in front of Theon, no less. This isn't the first time Sansa has been part of the worst couple in the Seven Kingdomsthough. The poor girl has been either engaged to the worst person ever, been taken advantage of, or been married off as a pawn against her will.

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Who is sansa stark dating in real life

It Really Happened. Summer Fashion. In the kennels, Sansa finds "Reek" asleep in one of the cages. Awoken by Sansa's arrival, he just shakes his head when Sansa calls him Theon. He warns her that she shouldn't be down there. Seeing Reek in such a pitiable condition, Sansa angrily storms away. At dinner, Ramsay is initially well-behaved, toasting his wedding to Sansa, but is soon back to his old self as he forces Reek to apologize to Sansa for murdering Bran and Rickon.

With much difficulty, Reek finally mutters an apology. Ramsay suggests that Reek be the one to give Sansa away at the wedding since he is the closest thing Sansa has to kin; Roose accepts this suggestion. Roose and Walda announce Walda's pregnancy, upsetting Ramsay, which in turn delights Sansa. On the night of her wedding, Myranda draws a bath for Sansa, during which she advises Sansa not to bore Ramsay, and tells her about the fates of VioletTansyand a third unseen girl named Kyraexamples of girls who Ramsay murdered for sport.

When Myranda mentions that both she and Ramsay killed Tansy by hunting her, Sansa becomes angry, asking Myranda how long she has been in love with Ramsay and if she really expected Ramsay to marry her.

She coolly tells Myranda that she is a Stark of Winterfell and will not be intimidated so easily by her, and dismisses her to finish her bath herself, though she is visibly shaken by Myranda's story. Later, when Theon comes to fetch Sansa for the wedding, she refuses to hold Theon's arm. Theon pleads for her to do so, revealing that Ramsay will punish him if she doesn't. Sansa coldly asks if he thinks she cares what Ramsay does to him, and strides past him. Reek then gives Sansa away to Ramsay, and they wed in front of the Godswood, in a ceremony officiated by Roose and attended by many Northern lords.

Sansa hesitantly takes Ramsay as her husband, her eyes down, unable to look him in the eye. After returning to the bedroom, Ramsay first interrogates Sansa about her virginity and her marriage to Tyrion, then orders her to take her clothes off.

As he unbuckles his clothes, Sansa obediently remains still but begins crying softly. Reek is visibly distraught and begins silently crying himself, as Ramsay proceeds to rape her, and forcibly consummate their marriage. Over the next few days, Ramsay continues to rape Sansa every night, leaving bruises on her arms and body.

She effectively becomes a prisoner of the Boltons, who keep her locked in her bedchamber. Reek brings her breakfast, and when she realizes he is there, she tries to talk to him and get him to help her. However, Reek reminds Sansa that she is Ramsay's wife now and merely tells her to do what he says or else he will hurt her. Sansa protests that Ramsay hurts her every night and finds it hard to believe that it could possibly get any worse but Reek warns her that it can.

Sansa asks Reek what Ramsay did to break him to such an extent but when he tries to flee, Sansa grabs him by the wrist and angrily reminds him that he betrayed her family, making him apologize profusely. She tells Reek that he can still redeem himself by lighting a candle in the broken tower in order to signal the Starks' allies she was told about.

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Though Sansa addresses him as Theon throughout this conversation, Reek keeps repeating his name is Reek, forcing Sansa to grab him by the face and look him directly in the eye. She insists that his name is Theon Greyjoy, the only surviving son of Balon Greyjoyand this initially seems to get through to Theon for a time. During a walk on the battlements, Ramsay gloats that one day he will be the Warden of the North, with Sansa as his Wardeness.

Sansa counters by telling him his position is still threatened by Roose and Walda's unborn son since this child will be trueborn while Ramsay is not, as Ramsay is bastard-born and was legitimized by King Tommen Baratheonwho Sansa asserts is another bastard. Sansa learns that her half-brother Jon has recently been elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch when Ramsay tells her that even bastards can rise high in the world, citing Jon's rise in the Night's Watch to Lord Commander.

As they descend into the courtyard, Sansa pockets a corkscrew while Ramsay reveals that Reek reported the candle to him, and Ramsay responded by flaying Sansa's elderly maid. He forces Sansa to view her maid's corpse. She is then ordered back to her chambers. Sansa remains angry at Theon for his betrayal, as well his role in Bran and Rickon's murder.

When Theon enters her chambers again to bring her latest meal, she demands an answer for his latest betrayal and coldly expresses approval when he tells her about the torture Ramsay put him through. Theon shamefully admits he deserved it as he did terrible things, specifically killing " those boys ". Enraged by his reference seemingly to her brothers as "those boys" rather than Bran and Rickon, Sansa vehemently demands to know why they should be dead while he still breathes the air, forcing Theon to finally admit that they were not Bran and Rickon but two farm boys.

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Stunned by this admission, her anger towards Theon cools. However, when she asks if he knows where they might have gone to, he breaks down and leaves the room, fearful of what Ramsay will do if and when he finds out what he just told her. However, Sansa appears to be left with a sense of renewed hope by the revelation that she has more surviving family left.

Sansa attempts to escape during the battle between the Boltons and Stannis Baratheon by picking the lock on her door with the corkscrew and lighting the candle in the tower. However, Brienne and Podrick don't see the candle due to being distracted by Stannis's army.

In the process of trying to escape, Sansa runs into Myranda and Theon, with the former aiming a bow at her. Myranda says that she has come to escort Sansa back to her chambers, and Theon initially begs Sansa to go with her. Though Sansa is visibly frightened, she stands her ground and refuses to go with Myranda, saying, "If I'm going to die, let it happen while there's still some of me left.

After escaping from Winterfell, Sansa and Theon flee into the Wolfswoo with the Bolton forces in hot pursuit. They cross a stream and briefly take shelter under an uprooted tree, where Theon hugs Sansa to keep her warm.

Shortly after, however, they are found by the Bolton men and hounds. Theon urges Sansa to flee to the safety of her half-brother Jon at Castle Black. Brienne and Podrick appear just in time and fight off the soldiers, killing them all. Brienne once again offers her service to Sansa, who this time readily accepts, reciting her vows. Sansa is delighted to hear that her sister is still alive and well. Theon decides to part with the group and head to the Iron Islands.

Sansa implores Theon to come with them as Jon will protect them from Ramsay but Theon refuses, fearing Jon will have him executed as Theon betrayed Robb, beheaded their master-at-arms Ser Rodrik, and killed those two boys. Sansa promises Theon she will tell Jon the truth about Bran and Rickon being alive, that Theon didn't kill them, and wants him to join the Night's Watch so all his crimes can be forgiven.

Theon responds he still killed two farm boys and reminds Sansa of his crimes against House Stark, for which Jon will never forgive him.

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He reveals he does not want to be forgiven as he can never make up for his crimes against Sansa and Jon's family. When Sansa realizes that Theon cannot be convinced to come with them, she bids him farewell, and the two share a tender hug.

At first, both "siblings" are too stunned to even speak when they see each other, but quickly share a loving embrace after their long and tragic separation. As Jon offers Sansa food, they reminisce about their happy childhood and how they both regret ever leaving Winterfell. Sansa apologizes to Jon for her dismissive treatment of him while growing up, to which Jon responds that there is nothing to apologise for. When they resolve to stick together, Sansa says the only place they can go now is home.

She then asks him to help her reclaim their home from the Boltons. However, Jon tells her that he is tired of fighting, that he had done nothing but fight since he left home, and that he was killed for it. Although Sansa appears to accept his choice, she tells him that she will reclaim Winterfell and the North, with or without his help. In the letter, Ramsay states that he has Rickon prisoner at Winterfell and if Sansa is not returned, he will slaughter every wildling under Jon's protection, let his men rape Sansa, and feed Jon and Rickon to his dogs.

Ramsay signs the letter 'Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North,' prompting Sansa to reveal Ramsay killed his father. When Tormund asks Sansa how many Ramsay has in his army and Sansa recalls 5, Jon asks Tormund how many he has who are able to fight. Tormund replies that they have only 2, men and women in shape to fight, not enough to match Ramsay's five thousand. Sansa tells Jon that the houses of the North will unite behind him as the son of the last true Warden of the North and they need to go back to Winterfell to save it and their brother.

Jon agrees to take Ramsay down so they save Rickon and take back their home. Later, Sansa receives a letter from Petyr asking to meet in Mole's Town.

Accompanied by Brienne, they meet in a ruined house, and Sansa angrily tells Baelish the details of her wedding night, asking if he knew the truth about Ramsay all along.

Instead, Baelish changes the subject, informing Sansa he has rallied the Knights of the Vale to help her, along with news that her great-uncle Brynden has recaptured Riverrun. Sansa takes an alliance with the Blackfish into consideration, but refuses help from Baelish, warning him never to speak to her again.

She says she has an army. Petyr responds it's her brother's army and adds, "Half-brother. At a war meeting at Castle Black, Sansa and Jon discuss which of the Northern houses they can rely on to support them.

When Jon decides to rally the two dozen houses still loyal to the Starks, Sansa informs him they can add House Tully to the list, but lies about how she acquired the information. After the meeting, Sansa plans to send Brienne to Riverrun, as the Boltons could intercept any raven sent there. Brienne is worried about leaving her and while Brienne feels Jon is trustworthy, she is dubious about the other men.

Sansa assures Brienne that Jon will keep her safe, he is her brother and she trusts him. Brienne counters by asking Sansa why she lied to Jon about meeting with Baelish. However, Lyanna tells him that he is a Snow and Sansa is a Bolton.

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Sansa says that she did what she had to do, but she didn't want it. Ser Davos steps in and manages to convince Lyanna to pledge her allegiance, telling of the coming threat of the White Walkershowever, a mere sixty-two men are contributed. They receive a frosty reception from Robett Gloverwho has just reclaimed Deepwood Motte from the ironborn.

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When Jon fails to bring him around. Sansa tells Robett that the Glovers are pledged to House Stark, and sworn to fight when called upon. Robett responds he pledged to House Stark and fought for Robb Stark but it cost the Glovers their home and many lives, due to Robb's lack of stability following his marriage to Talisa.

Sansa and Jon are only able to recruit a few Northern houses and only gain a few hundred men. Jon says they should strike Winterfell immediately before the coming storm and before Ramsay can gather more men. Sansa says they don't have enough men and wants to go to Castle Cerwyn to try and persuade Lord Cerwyn, however, Jon reflects on their lack of time. Sansa and Jon meet with Ramsay on the day before battle. Ramsay tries to taunt Sansa, but she remains stoic.

She asks Ramsay how do they know if he truly has their younger brother Rickon. As Ramsay proceeds to tell the Starks what to do if they want to save Rickon, Sansa cuts him off by telling him that he is going to die the next day and rides off. After a meeting where Jon discusses battle plans with Tormund and Davos, Sansa admonishes Jon for attacking with too few men, saying that they need a larger force.

Jon agrees they don't have enough men but responds this is the largest army they could possibly gather, saying they have pleaded with every house who would have them and the Blackfish can't help.

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Sansa warns Jon that Ramsay won't fall into Jon's trap, Ramsay is the one who lays traps, and Ramsay has been playing with people all his life. Jon responds he has faced worse than Ramsay Bolton, to which she replies, "You don't know him! Jon refuses to give up on their brother and Sansa tells Jon that Ramsay wants him to make a mistake.

Jon asks Sansa what he should do differently but Sansa responds she doesn't know about battles and implores her brother not to do what Ramsay wants him to do. When they finish arguing, Sansa tells Jon that if Ramsay wins, she will die before she goes back to him. Jon vows to protect Sansa, to which she cynically replies that no one can keep anyone safe.

Sansa is not present during the premise of the " Battle of the Bastards ", in which Rickon is killed by Ramsay. As the battle is nearing an end and all hope seems lost, a distant horn is heard sounding in the distance. Sansa and Petyr Baelish to whom Sansa had sent the raven arrive with the Knights of the Vale to help Jon and his army reclaim Winterfell. The Vale forces run down the advancing Bolton forces. After Winterfell is breached, Sansa enters the Winterfell courtyard and witnesses Jon defeat Ramsay in single combat, though Jon momentarily goes into a wild frenzy and begins to pummel Ramsay, he spares Ramsay out of respect for Sansa.

With the Stark banners hanging in Winterfell once more, Sansa sees Rickon's dead body, concluding to ask Jon where Ramsay is. Sansa confronts a bloodied and bound Ramsay in the kennels. He tries to goad her by telling her how she will never be rid of him because he is "part of [her] now". Although Sansa does not deny his implication that she herself will always remember him, she calmly retorts that his house is about to become extinct and that all memory of Ramsay to the rest of the world will soon disappear, just before an ominous growl from one of his hounds reveals his impending doom.

Ramsay responds that his dogs are loyal to him, but Sansa reminds her husband that he revealed he had been starving his dogs for seven days.

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The dogs approach Ramsay and he desperately attempts to order them to heel but after a brief moment of hesitation, one of the hounds bites him. As they begin to tear Ramsay apart while he screams, Sansa walks away with a small smile. With Winterfell firmly under Stark control, Sansa joins Jon on the ramparts as he watches an exiled Melisandre heading south.

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He tells her that he is having the Lord's chambers prepared for her. Although she protests that he should have it, Jon refuses, telling his sister he is not a Stark. Sansa tells Jon that he is a Stark to her, but he still refuses, telling Sansa that she deserves it as the Lady of Winterfell and because the Knights of the Vale came because of her, resulting in their victory. Jon asks her about Littlefinger and whether they can trust him, to which she insists that they cannot.

Sansa apologizes for not telling him about the Knights of the Vale. While he understands why she didn't tell him about Baelish, Jon insists that they have to trust each other completely now that they have so many enemies. He kisses her on the forehead and when he turns to leave, Sansa calls him back. She smiles as she tells Jon that a white raven arrived from the Citadelannouncing the arrival of winter as their father had always predicted.

Jon returns her smile. Sansa is later found by Littlefinger in the Godswood. She tells him about how she had prayed in it every day as a little girl, always dreaming of being somewhere else. She then asks what he truly wants, and he tells her what his ultimate ambition is: himself sitting on the Iron Throne with Sansa at his side. He tries to kiss her but she rebukes him.

As she walks away, he tells her that although he had officially aligned House Arryn with House Stark, reprisals would come from King's Landing. Sansa reminds Littlefinger he's declared for other houses before and this did not stop him from switching sides to ensure his own interests.

Before she leaves, Littlefinger once again reminds her of Jon's illegitimate birth.

Jul 05,   Sansa Stark has joined the action on Game of Thrones and the actor who plays her, is thrilled. The seventh season premieres July Apr 03,   Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Sophie Turner, who is Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, recently got engaged to a Jonas Brother. Sansa Stark The couple have been dating since and they had fans going nuts after they both posted an Instagram photo with a ring on Sophie's finer with the caption "She Said Yes" and.

Sansa in the Great Hall while the Northern lords discuss the new situation in the North. With the Stark victory, the remaining Northern lords joined by the Vale Lords arrive at Winterfell to discuss the new situation in the North.

Some, such as Lord Yohn Royceobject to the wildlings' presence, but Tormund responds they were invited. The lords of both the North and the Vale claim that they need to return to their homes before the winter hits but Jon warns them that the war is not over - the true enemy "won't wait out the storm. He brings the storm. Lyanna proclaims House Mormont remembers and says, "The North remembers. We know no king but the King in the North whose name is Stark. With that, she acclaims Jon as the King in the Northas his "brother" Robb had been before him.

Jon looks at Sansa, and she smiles back at him, but her smile fades when she glances at Littlefinger the only other person not cheeringwho gives her an unimpressed and knowing look. In private, Jon tells Sansa that though she is his sister and can question his decisions, her publicly doing so in front of the Northern lords and ladies undermines his authority with them.

Sansa tells Jon he is a good ruler but implores him not to repeat the past mistakes of Ned and Robb. After receiving a message from Cersei demanding that Jon bend the knee, Sansa warns Jon not to underestimate the new queen and recommends dealing with her before confronting the Night King.

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Sansa also remarks that she learned a lot from Cersei during her time at King's Landing. She is later approached by Littlefinger to see if she is truly "safe" and "happy".

Just as he is about to speak again, Sansa dismisses him. Brienne arrives and asks her why Petyr is still at Winterfell. Sansa explains that without his help, Winterfell would still be under Bolton control, and assures Brienne that she already knows what Littlefinger really wants.

Sansa questions the letter's legitimacy, worried that it was forged to lure Jon into a trap. Fortunately, he confirms the letter is genuine after reading a familiar line from his first meeting with Tyrion. Jon asks Sansa for her opinion. Sansa responds that Tyrion was not like the other Lannisters and he was kind to her. She still affirms that leaving for Dragonstone could possibly put her half-brother in danger, despite Tyrion's letter saying that Daenerys's faction only wishes to forge an alliance against Cersei, albeit also detailing the military forces that Daenerys has at her disposal.

After examining the letter for himself, Davos says that three dragons would prove indispensable in their battle against the White Walkers. At the following meeting with Jon's bannermen, despite Samwell Tarly 's letter confirming a large supply of dragonglass on Dragonstone, Sansa maintains her opposition to Daenerys's request after hearing Jon's intent of accepting the invite to the island. She reminds Jon that their grandfather was also invited to see the Mad King at the cost of his own life.

Sansa says Daenerys is in Westeros to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms and believes this mission is too great a risk for her brother to take. Jon considers Sansa's suspicions a possibility and knows it is a risk but believes Tyrion is a good man. Sansa bids Jon farewell from the Winterfell battlements, wary of his alliance with Daenerys. He asserts that forging a treaty with Daenerys is an opportunity they can't afford to miss due to the threat of the Walkers, and therefore a risk that he, as King, must take for the sake of saving the North as they need the dragonglass, dragonfire, and weapons to defend themselves against the White Walkers.

Sansa, as well as Jon's bannermen, disagree with his decision. Sansa tries to convince Jon to stay by telling him to send an emissary to Dragonstone in his place, but Jon insists that he meet Daenerys monarch-to-monarch. He does not want to leave the North but is the only one there who has experienced the army of the dead, knows how bad their odds are, and he will never stop fighting for the North's survival.

Jon gives Sansa control of the North while he is gone and Sansa accepts the responsibility. As Jon leaves, they bid each other farewell. Sansa realizes that they don't have enough food for the coming winter. She advocates building granaries to stockpile for a famine. While walking, Baelish and Sansa talk about the threat of Cersei. Petyr urges her to fight every battle and to look for threats in every corner. Following a tearful reunion, the two siblings retreat to the Godswood where Sansa tells Bran how she wishes Jon was there with them at Winterfell.

Bran agrees, noting that he needs to speak to Jon. Sansa remains as the Lady of Winterfell. Sansa is utterly confused with this prospect, leading Bran reveals he has visionstrying to explain the previous three-eyed raven 's teachings, although this just makes Sansa even more baffled at Bran.

This startles Sansa, who quickly excuses herself and she walks away in shock and tears. Two guards inform Sansa that someone claiming to be her sister Arya is trying to gain access to Winterfell.

They brush the girl off as an impostor, revealing she asked for Luwin and Rodrik Cassel. Sansa instantly realizes it must be Arya and knows where she has gone. Sansa finds Arya where she expected, in the crypts looking over their father Ned's grave. They are happy to see each other but so much has happened to both of them in the past few years that they are at first awkward, unsure of what to say. Arya asks if she has to call Sansa "Lady Stark" now, to which Sansa firmly insists "Yes" - and then laughs.

They smile and hug, though still a bit unsure. The reunited sisters then look sadly on their father's grave statue. Arya says it doesn't really look like him. Sansa acknowledges that everyone who really knew his face is dead. Arya points out they're not. Arya tells Sansa that everyone says Sansa killed Joffrey. Sansa explains she actually didn't, though she wished she had. Arya remarks that he was always at the top of her "list". This confuses Sansa, and Arya explains that she'd been keeping a list of everyone she was going to kill - at which they both laugh.

Finally, Sansa asks how Arya got back, but Arya only says her road wasn't a pleasant one. Sansa says her own road wasn't either. They hug again, earnestly and warmly. Sansa then informs Arya that Bran is home too.

Sansa brings Arya to Bran in the Godswood, where he is lost in thought by the Weirwood heart tree. Arya hugs Bran, who remains somewhat detached even at the sight of Arya. Bran says he isn't surprised Arya is alive because he saw her at the Inn at the Crossroads.

Arya is confused, and Sansa explains that Bran is having "visions" now. Bran says he thought Arya was going to King's Landing, and when Sansa asks why Arya would head there of all places, he again startles them both by revealing Cersei is on Arya's list of names. Sansa asks Arya who else is on her list. Arya responds that most of these people, aside from Cersei, are dead already. Arya is confused as to why a common cutthroat would have a rare, priceless blade of Valyrian steel.

Bran matter-of-factly says that someone very wealthy wanted him dead, and gave it to the assassin. Sansa is mistrustful of Littlefinger and explains Littlefinger would never give anyone anything unless he was expecting something in return. Bran says that doesn't matter because he doesn't want it.

Instead, Bran hands the blade to Arya and says she can have it because he feels it's "wasted on a cripple". Sansa looks down. Sansa, Bran, and Arya - three of the remaining Stark children - proceed back to Winterfell's castle courtyard together, with Arya pushing Bran in his wheelchair.

Sometime later, Sansa and Littlefinger watch on silently from the walkway above as Arya and Brienne. Brienne goes easy on her at first, but then Arya completely outmaneuvers Brienne using the Water Dance training she received from Syrio Forelaugmented by her training with the Faceless Men. Ultimately, they reach a stalemate, with each of them holding a blade at the others' throat. Arya takes her leave of Brienne, both mutually impressed, as Sansa looks down baffled at how her sister reached such a deadly skill level.

However, Sansa insists Jon is their true ruler who is doing what he believes is right for their people and that she is merely his regent. Following the meeting, Sansa confides her frustration in the Northern lords with Arya.

Arya thinks that she should not let the lords get away with insulting her and suggests assassinating them. Sansa disagrees with Arya's idea to kill the troublesome lords, preferring a more diplomatic approach so as not to lose their support. Arya tells Sansa to admit that she is harbouring thoughts of permanently ruling Winterfell if Jon doesn't return. Disturbed and disheartened by Arya's suspicions of her, Sansa tells Arya that she has "work to do.

Later, Arya presents the letter that Sansa had written to their late brother Robb urging him to come and bend the knee to Joffrey. Sansa replies that the Cersei forced her to do it under duress. Arya counters that she was not tortured and that she saw Sansa at their father's execution; Sansa retorts that Arya did nothing to stop their father's execution either. Arya chastises Sansa for betraying their family but Sansa responds that they have only returned to Winterfell because of her, while Arya travelled the world in pursuit of her own agenda.

Sansa adds that their half-brother Jon was saved from defeat when Petyr Baelish and the Knights of the Vale came to their rescue and insists Arya would not have survived the torments she endured at the hands of Joffrey and Ramsay. Sansa demands to know where Arya found the letter and chides her younger sister that Cersei would be pleased to see them fighting, but Arya is still bitter towards Sansa. She realizes that while Jon would understand the difficult circumstances Sansa was under when she wrote the letter, Sansa is afraid the Northern lords will discover it and turn on her, including Lyanna Mormont.

Arya adds that Lyanna is younger than Sansa was when she wrote this letter but argues Lyanna wouldn't agree with Sansa's defense that she was a child at the time. While recognizing that Sansa wrote the letter out of fear, a bitter Arya says that she prefers to embrace anger over fear.

Later, Sansa asks Petyr Baelish about where Arya got the letter from, unaware that Baelish orchestrated the entire incident. Sansa tells Petyr that she is commanding 20, men who answer to Jon but not to her.

Petyr tells Sansa that the men will trust her because she can rule. Sansa does not trust the loyalty of the Northern lords, citing their history of switching sides. She counters that the discovery of the letter will turn her liege lords and men against her.

Sansa confides in Petyr about her strained relations with Arya. Petyr suggests that Sansa talk with Brienne of Tarth because she has sworn to protect both of Catelyn's daughters from harm.

Trusting Baelish, Sansa accepts his advice. The following morning, Maester Wolkan informs Sansa that they have received a letter from Cersei. Sansa meets with Brienne, who advises her not to leave Winterfell. Instead, Sansa decides to send Brienne as her representative since she could reason with Jaime.

Brienne warns that it is too dangerous for her to leave Sansa alone at Winterfell with Petyr. Sansa insists that her guards and men are loyal to her but Brienne warns that Petyr might be bribing them behind her back.

Brienne offers to leave her squire Podrick Payne, whose swordsmanship has improved, but Sansa insists that she can take care of herself.

Sansa enters Arya's quarters and opens a leather case containing several "faces", including the late Walder Frey 's face. Arya catches her sister pilfering through her personal effects. When Sansa tells Arya that her men are loyal to her, Arya mockingly retorts that they are not here. Arya tells Sansa that she obtained the faces from the Faceless Men of Braavos and admits she spent time training to be a Faceless Man.

She forces Sansa to play the lying game and begins by asking if she thinks that Jon is the rightful King. Sansa demands that Arya tell her what the "faces" are. Arya replies that when they were young they always aspired to be other people. Sansa wanted to be a queen while Arya herself wanted to be a knight. In the end, neither of them got what they wanted. Arya says that the faces allow her to become someone else and toys with the idea of assuming Sansa's face and status.

Arya approaches Sansa with her dagger and muses at the prospect of becoming the Lady of Winterfell.

However, Arya relents and leaves a disturbed Sansa alone with the dagger. Sansa and Petyr discuss Jon's decision to bend the knee to Daenerys. Sansa feels betrayed by Jon, and Petyr suggests that Sansa would make a better ruler than Jon. Sansa tells Petyr that Arya would turn against her if she tried to usurp Jon's power, and Petyr goads her, planting the idea that Arya wants to kill Sansa and take her place as Lady of Winterfell.

However, still unsure of Petyr's intentions, Sansa visits Bran. From this, she learns of his Greensight powers, in which he proves Petyr's ultimate guilt in the War of the Five Kings. This proves everything Petyr has done to gain power: his murder of Jon Arrynhis attempt to kill Bran, his betrayal of Ned and his attempt to turn Arya and Sansa against each other. Petyr denies the charges, but Bran reveals that he has seen Petyr's betrayal in his visions. Sansa is unfazed by Petyr's begging and thanks him for all his lessons, promising she will never forget them.

Arya then slits Petyr's throat, and Sansa watches as he dies. On the battlements, Sansa confides in Arya that she believed Petyr really did love her, and Arya assures her that she did the right thing. Arya concedes that she couldn't have survived what Sansa survived, but Sansa disagrees, claiming that Arya is the strongest person she knows.

Arya and Sansa remember their father's words about looking out for one another, and each confides how much they miss him. Sansa stands on Winterfell's ramparts as the combined Stark and Targaryen forces march towards the castle, and stares in cautious awe as Drogon and Rhaegal fly overhead.

Sansa coolly undercuts Tyrion by asking how she is supposed to feed an army that size, as well as two full-grown dragons. When she sarcastically asks what dragons eat, Daenerys replies, "Whatever they want.

She is disappointed in Tyrion, saying she used to think Tyrion was the cleverest man she ever met. Jon replies titles don't matter in the face of the Night King and the army of the dead and they don't stand a chance against them without Daenerys's help. When Jaime arrives at Winterfell, Sansa - now clad in armor - is once again seated at the high table with Jon and Daenerys. The two women harshly berate Jaime for his past actions and question whether his loyalty to their cause is genuine.

Later, Daenerys speaks privately with Sansa, addressing some of the thorny political issues involved in their alliance. In the great hall, Theon kneels to Daenerys and asks Sansa's permission to stand with the Starks against the army of the dead, at which Sansa strides forward and embraces him.

When the army of the dead and the army of Winterfell finally face each other across the battlefield, Sansa and Arya observe from the castle walls. Impressed by her logic, Tyrion sardonically remarks that they should have stayed married. The two look desperately into each other's eyes, and Sansa pulls out the dragonglass dagger given to her by Arya. An unspoken understanding passes between her and Tyrion, who tearfully kisses her hand as if in farewell.

Before she can act, however, Arya manages to slay the Night King in the godswood, causing the entire army and the remaining White Walkers to shatter and collapse. Sansa and the other survivors make their way out of the crypt to survey what remains.

The survivors of the battle later gather in front of Winterfell's walls to light the funeral pyres of all who gave their lives in defense of the living. During the celebration feast that follows, she makes her way to the table where the Hound is seated. The two discuss the many trials they've suffered since their last meeting, and Clegane reminds Sansa that she could have been spared many horrors if she'd left with him when he offered.

Along with Arya and Bran, Sansa then meets with Jon in the godswood. Jon is angry at his sisters for their treatment of Daenerys, explaining they'd all be dead without her. Sansa protests that Arya is the one who killed the Night King and Jon points out Daenerys's armies gave their lives to defend against the Army of the Dead. Sansa acknowledges this but doesn't think it's reason enough to automatically submit to Daenerys but Jon says he pledged the North to Daenerys.

Arya tells Jon she respects his decision, it was the right thing to do, but it's also right for herself and Sansa to distrust his Queen. Jon wants them to get to know Daenerys but Arya doesn't want to either, Daenerys isn't one of them. Jon tells her they won't make many allies if they're only friends with the people she grew up with. Arya is fine with this because all she needs is their family, the four of them. Jon tells them he's not a Stark, but Sansa and Arya both insist he is Ned's son and their brother.

Pained, Jon reveals he needs to tell them something and swears them to secrecy. Sansa balks but Jon asks her to do it because they're family. Later, Tyrion finds a shaken Sansa looking at Daenerys's dragons in the sky. She asks why Tyrion would choose to follow Daenerys. Tyrion replies that Daenerys loves Sansa's brother, but Sansa says it doesn't mean she'll be a good queen.

Tyrion notes Sansa's dislike of Daenerys but says that a good relationship between the North and the capital has been beneficial. Sansa doesn't think this will be a problem, since Jon is Warden of the North and he loves the Queen.

Tyrion realizes something is wrong and asks Sansa to look at him. He urges her to find common ground with Daenerys as Jon won't be spending much time in the North from now on. Sansa wonders what Tyrion is worried about as Daenerys seems to have everything she needs. When Tyrion urges Sansa not to provoke Daenerys, Sansa realizes he's afraid of her. She anxiously tells Tyrion she doesn't want Jon going south, the men in her family never do well there.

Tyrion agrees but quips that Jon once told him he's not a Stark. This rattles Sansa, prompting Tyrion to ask if she's alright. He tries to convince her of Daenerys but Sansa is not receptive. As Tyrion leaves, Sansa has a change of heart and goes against her promise to Jon, telling Tyrion that there is somebody better for the Iron Throne. Sansa later receives word of the ambush on the Targaryen fleet in which Rhaegal was killed, while Missandei is captured.

Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) Biography 2018 -- Sansa Stark -- Lifestyles-- Dating Boyfriends

She tells Jaime that she wanted to see his sister executed, but that it will likely not happen due to this setback. Several weeks following the Battle of King's Landingafter which Daenerys lays waste to its surrendered populace and she is assassinated by Jon to stop her destruction, Sansa journeys to King's Landing.

After saying her goodbyes to her siblings, Sansa returns to Winterfell and is crowned Queen in the North.

When she lived at Winterfell with her family, Sansa grew up as the eldest daughter of a Great House, trying to emulate her mother's example of a "proper lady" from the southern courts. Sansa's devotion to the traditional, refined "feminine virtues" caused friction between her and her blunt, tomboyish younger sister Arya, with whom she had a sibling rivalry. As a little girl, Sansa naively believed in the tales and epic romances in which every princess gets her honorable knight in shining armor to sweep her off her feet.

Sansa was infatuated with the traditional romances about mythical figures like Jonquiland historical figures like Duncan Targaryen. Her greatest goal in life was to be married to a heroic and handsome prince, sitting around with other noblewomen eating lemon cakes while gossiping about the goings-on at court.

Sansa's innocent, childhood infatuation with the ideals of princesses and knights made her tragically susceptible to the manipulations of the Lannisters. She held the blind belief that all queens and princes are kind and truthful, as if inherently a result of their titles, when Cersei just happened to be a woman who married a king to secure a marriage alliance, and Joffrey just happened to be her son.

Without real cause, she blindly loved Joffrey with all her heart and trusted and admired Cersei, only for them to repay her love and trust by beheading her father before her very eyes.

Afterwards, Sansa has a harrowing experience as a prisoner of the Lannisters, a plaything for the psychopathic Joffrey to have publicly beaten by his guards for petty amusement. Her shock at the death of her father was only later deepened at the news of how her mother and brother Robb were horrifically killed at the Red Wedding and their corpses desecrated.

She was visibly elated upon hearing that Arya, Bran, and Rickon were actually still alive, and though she took mostly after her mother and had a somewhat distant relationship with Jon, she loved him all the same.

She was surprised to hear that Jon had become Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and Jon was the first person she turns to for shelter after escaping Winterfell, aware that he would protect her from Ramsay. Sansa subsequently escapes King's Landing to the Vale with Littlefinger, and her experiences have clearly changed her personality.

She had to learn from painful experience how to lie to survive at Joffrey's court, saying one thing but meaning another and manipulating people to her own ends as best she could.

Apr 04,   Here's who the cast members from Game of Thrones are dating and married to in real life. Some of these relationships go WAY back. Donate to help . Jun 13,   We're used to watching our favorite Game of Thrones characters being tormented and tortured, but sometimes it's just way too this season, Sansa Stark Home Country: US. She's been through her share of royal matrimony - but now Sansa Stark aka Sophie Turner is getting married in real life to Joe Jonas! The couple was first.

No longer under constant control by Joffrey and Cersei's guards, she is in her own way beginning to mature into her own power and influence as a political force. The numerous tragedies she has suffered, and the crimes against herself and her family, have also darkened her personality turning her more ruthless, though not quite cruel.

This shows when she refuses to take Theon's arm when he comes to escort her to the Godswood to marry Ramsay and coldly asks if he thinks she cares what Ramsay will do to him if she doesn't. She also later expresses approval of what Ramsay did to Theon, now Reek, and declares she would do the same. Once reclaiming Winterfell, Sansa feeds her abusive husband, Ramsay to his own hounds, even smiling as it happened.

However, despite all the suffering that she has been through, Sansa appears to have retained a certain degree of compassion that is also demonstrated in her multiple attempts at reaching out to Theon after Theon admits that he did not kill Bran and Rickon and they are alive. After Theon helps her escape from Winterfell, Sansa once again sees Theon as a surrogate brother and promises she will not let Jon execute him when Theon fears Jon will have him killed for his crimes.

Sansa also becomes more compassionate and a loyal sister to Jon and apologizes for being "awful" when they were children. When she faces Myranda for the last time prior to her escape from Winterfell, Sansa was about to allow the psychopathic girl to shoot her so that she could die with as much of herself as was remaining.

She has also become significantly more brave, courageous and is developing nerves of iron. Sansa's sufferings have made her stronger and more mature, but also more war-like. Her experiences with the Lannisters have enabled her to watch in grim satisfaction as Ramsay is torn apart and eaten by his own hounds. This contrasts her visible horror in Season 1 upon seeing the violence when she first arrived in King's Landing, where she is distressed at Gregor Clegane's violence against Ser Hugh and Loras Tyrell and faints when her father is abruptly beheaded in front of her.

Sansa is also effective as Lady of Winterfell and Jon's regent, devoting her efforts to maintaining order and preparing the North for winter, for which she earns the respect of many Vale and Northern lords. Due to the harrowing experiences of the Stark children, Sansa experiences a development in the relationships with her surviving siblings when they are reunited.

Though she and Jon were the least close of the Stark children, they love one another as siblings [65] and their relationship as brother and sister become stronger when they are reunited.

While Sansa will argue with Jon, she speaks to him as an equal, wants to see him safe, and Turner observes Sansa's relationship with Jon has restored Sansa's faith in men. Sansa and Arya did not get along as children and though they love each other, experience a rocky start after their reunion in Season 7 due to their experiences. Nonetheless, they come to recognize new strengths in one another: Arya's skills as a combatant and Sansa's abilities as Lady of Winterfell.

By the end of Season 7, their relationship grows stronger and they develop a new closeness as sisters. Sansa is relieved and happy to be reunited with Bran but is unsettled by the changes he has undergone as a result of becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. Regardless, she asks for Bran's help in using his powers to look into Littlefinger's past and upon learning the truth, decide to put Littlefinger on trial to answer for his crimes.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Sansa enjoys conventional "ladylike" pursuits, with a keen interest in music, poetry, singing, literature, history, dancing and embroidery. She was taught to play the High harp by Lady Leonette.

She has a romantic notion of handsome princes and knights fighting honorably for love and loyalty. She is sharply contrasted with her far less idealistic and tomboyish younger sister, Arya. Due to a time jump which was originally planned in the books but later dropped, Sansa is only 11 years old when the narrative begins. Author George R. Martin himself has said that he would have aged-up the younger characters had he initially known he would abandon the time-jump.

Therefore, in the TV series' timelineall of the younger characters including Sansa have been aged up two years from the books. Thus, Sansa is 13 years old in Season 1, and 14 years old in Season 2. Keeping in mind that in medieval times, the age of maturity was lower than it is today, this younger age in the books isn't quite as unusual as it sounds, but due to the abandoned time jump, this still causes some discrepancies.

For example, in the books, Joffrey's torment of Sansa doesn't have quite the same inherent sexual tension to it because they're both two years younger. Sansa directly states that she is 13 years old in dialogue from the pilot episode of Season 1.

On her wedding night with Tyrion Lannister, however, she says that she is 14 years old when she should be 15 years old because it's been two years since the pilot episode. It is possible that she either simply had not reached her nameday and turned exactly 15 yet, or that she was lying to try to shame Tyrion before he took her virginity though as it turned out, Tyrion still refused to consummate the marriage, morally repulsed at being forced to marry such a young girl.

A subplot in the books which is only somewhat alluded to in the TV series is that in her desperation, Sansa starts latching onto the idea of Sandor Clegane as her protector from Joffrey or a potential source of an escape attempt. In sharp contrast to Arya, Sansa is very timid, passive and submissive, waiting for things to happen rather than take active actions.

She steps out of her passivity only on rare occasionslike the time she intervened to save Ser Dontos or her momentary intent to kill Joffrey, but these are exceptions; during the time she was held captive at the Red Keep, she did not make even the slightest effort to find a way to escape. In the books, Sansa is shown to be partially responsible for her father's arrest by revealing to Cersei his plan to have his daughters leave the capital city.

Given that she is only a naive eleven-year-old, and that Eddard didn't give her any explanation for why he wanted to send her away from King's Landing, she assumed he was simply fighting with Cersei over some matter of state. Still enraptured with the idea of staying and marrying Joffrey, Sansa thought that if she told Cersei she would then smooth over whatever disagreement they had.

Yet the main fault is Eddard's, for foolishly revealing his cards to Cersei, and even more foolishly - putting his trust in Littlefinger and revealing his plan to him. When dealing with cruel or frightening people, Sansa uses her courtesy as an armor, as taught by septa Mordane, but it does not protect her from Joffrey's cruelty.

She is often beaten by any of the Kingsguard except the Houn whenever Joffrey feels she needs to be taught a lesson. Sansa technically gained the title of "princess" when her brother Robb was declared the new King in the North. While her brothers Bran and Rickon use the title of "prince" among the Northerners at Winterfell, Sansa's storyline involves her being held as a prisoner at King Joffrey's court in King's Landing.

The Lannisters refuse to acknowledge the North's claims of independence so they don't refer to Sansa as "princess". Meanwhile, Sansa is in fear for her life and is subjected to frequent beatings at the hands of the Kingsguard at Joffrey's whim, so she doesn't refer to herself as "princess" for fear of angering her captors.

Thus her title is rarely, if ever, invoked unless Robb and Catelyn in the Northern camp are discussing her captivity. Unlike in the show, Sansa does not befriend Shae and does not trust her. Sansa has no idea why Shae looks at her this way, for Sansa does not know Shae is her husband Tyrion's lover.

Following Sansa's escape from King's Landing, Littlefinger takes her first to his ancestral home at the Fingers. There he reveals Sansa part of the scheme to murder Joffrey; he does not reveal what his motive was, nor why it was necessary to involve her in the scheme. As a precaution, Sansa's hair is dyed black as her auburn hair would reveal her as a Tully and is given the alias of "Alayne Stone", Littlefinger's bastard daughter who recently decided to seek him out after having been entrusted to the Faith of the Seven.

Sansa keeps her true identity hidden whilst in the Vale; starting from her second POV chapter of " A Feast for Crows ", she is no longer described as "Sansa" in the text but as "Alayne," even in her own thoughts. In the show, she is introduced simply as "Alayne", a niece of Petyr, who makes only a vague attempt to hide her hair; she later dyes it of her own volition.

Sansa's near-death experience demonstrates her submissive personality very clearly: when Lysa accuses her of seducing Littlefinger, all the courage Sansa gathered prior to the confrontation instantly vanishes. Lysa orders her to open the Moon Door, and she complies, thinking that Lysa would let her go. Only Littlefinger's intervention saves her. In sharp contrast to the show, Sansa does not become full of confidence overnight following her aunt's death.

This subtle change in her personality is different from the more drastic one in the show. Although Littlefinger does not intend to keep Sansa to himself, there are hints he lusts after her, perhaps because she resembles her mother: he occasionally gives her not-so-fatherly kisses, and once touched her left breast, while telling her "You are Alayne, and you must be Alayne all the time.

Even here. In your heart". After the incident with the snow castle, she thinks angrily that even Joffrey had more spine than Robert. Still, after Lysa's death, Sansa feels sorry for him and treats him patiently as she can. At one occasion, he demands "a hundred lemon cakes and five tales", Sansa's patience nearly runs out and she feels like giving him "a hundred spankings and five slaps", but restrains herself unlike in the show.

Robert, who has no idea of "Alayne"'s true identity, initially declares he hates her for ripping his doll, but after Lysa's death he forms a strong attachment to her, even sleeping in her bed at night as he used to do in his mother's. Sansa wouldn't have minded if he only slept, but since he tries to nuzzle at her breasts and wets the bed during his seizures - she asks Lothor Brune to lock his door.

In the chapter, preparations are being made for a tourney, as suggested by Sansa to Littlefinger as a means of orchestrating a meeting between Sansa and Harrold Hardyng. Sansa finds Harold attractive, but immediately reminds herself the bitter lesson she learned long ago - not to judge people by their physical appearance; she recalls that Joffrey was comely but a monster, but Tyrion was unattrative but kind to her.

Harrold initially speaks to her rudely, calling her "Littlefinger's bastard", nearly moving her to tears; later he apologizes. Sansa treats him courteously but coldly, as Littlefinger instructed her - to charm Harrold but not to look too eager.

To test his honesty, Sansa asks him about his bastard daughters, and he answers openly. Harrold asks to wear her favor in the tourney, but she refuses, claiming it is promised to another. Sansa's Season 5 story arc diverged significantly from that in the books.

Littlefinger does not arrange for her to marry Ramsay Bolton, whom she never meets, and indeed she does not even leave the Vale. His plan is to wed Sansa to Harold, and for Sansa to reveal her identity to everyone present during the wedding, in order to gain the support of the knights in the Vale for winning her birthright back. Littlefinger says nothing about the Boltons or any military campaigns, since his plans will take several years to come to fruition - the marriage cannot take place before Robert dies, Sansa is widowed and Cersei is done, and there is no way to know in advance who will hold Winterfell and rule the North at that future point.

Jeyne's story is almost identical to Sansa's season five storyline, although it is not Brienne who offers Jeyne her help if she needs it indeed, Brienne has not met the Stark girls by the point the books reached. Instead, it is Mance Rayder who infiltrates Winterfell as a bard to rescue her on the orders of Jon, Sansa's half-brother.

Also, Jeyne never tries to escape Winterfell on her own and does not attempt to force Theon into helping her as she is mentally in a much worse state than Sansa is in while Sansa is married to Ramsay in the show.

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