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Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is also home to the Imperial Palace and the seat of Government and Parliament. In East-Central Honshu, the largest of Japan's main islands, this heavily populated city is well worth exploring. One of the world's most modern cities in terms of its infrastructure and design - due largely to the earthquake and the devastation of WWII - Tokyo also holds the title of the world's most expensive city in which to live; fortunately, it's also one of the easiest to get around thanks to its superb rail and subway networks. The cultural side of Tokyo is famous for its numerous things to do and top attractions, including museums, festivals, internationally noted cuisine, and professional sports clubs, including baseball, football, along with traditional Japanese pursuits like sumo wrestling. It's also a city rich in music and theater, with numerous venues featuring everything from Japanese to modern dramas, symphony orchestras, and pop and rock concerts. Discover the best places to visit in the city with our list of the top attractions in Tokyo. See also: Where to Stay in Tokyo.

Everything you need to know if you've got tickets for the postponed Olympics-from refunds to new dates and that pesky marathon! Click here for details.

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Photo by Osamu Kaneko used under CC. Photo by Kanegen used under CC. Photo by Adrienne Mah. Photo by Liz Shek Noble. Photo by Manish Prabhune used under CC. Photo by Shiranai used under CC. Area s. Places Mentioned Places. Written by: Lily Crossley-Baxter. Tags: Dating Dating in Japan Featured. Watch this next.

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20 Absolutely Romantic Date Spots in Tokyo

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5 Unique Date Spots In Tokyo

Things to do. You know what? But what she lacks in that department, she makes up for being a surprisingly kind and gentle person.

She absolutely loves animals and she is an extremely affectionate person. One ct of this article that has been counterintuitive to my experience dating a Japanese girl is the concept of an allowance.

When I was in Japan, this girl paid for all my meals, despite offering to pay for the meal, or at least my own.

She refused. She never tries to tell me how to spend my money and when she came to America to visit she literally gave me all her money to hold on to for her. She always tries to carry my belongings. If I have a bag with me, she absolutely has to carry it for me and refuses to listen to my objections.

Tokyo Disneysea Hotel Miracosta - the best hotel for Disney lovers!

She always tries to clean my room and I have to tell her not to. First world problems. I actually have some Japanese friends through work that grew up in Japan. I can understand the appeal Japan has for foreign men. The women in Japan are incredibly thin and take awesome care of themselves. Well, it pays off.

Yeah, no thanks.

Tokyo Dating Spots, dating website alias, dating for 40 year olds, percentage of online dating messages read. 1m blueeyes7. 59 ans. 35 ans. Moni. Site de rencontre gratuit pour trouver Tokyo Dating Spots des femmes de ta region et autour de chez toi. Le chat gratuit te permettra egalement de dialoguer avec des femmes proche de chez toi/ LOL. It's true that it's a shame that I was not interested in Japan when I was young and single, that would have be very fun I suspect.:) As you said, everyone has their own experience, and from a language perspective, I find it interesting that, while it is my case (we speak French at home, as we ended up moving here well before I knew anything about the Japanese .

According to my Japanese friends in America, there is virtually no hook-up culture in Japan. See that attractive girl walking down the street in New York City?

It is definitely interesting to read your point of view. I think that a lot of the stereotypes are just that, and may not reflect as much reality as we perceive. Oh, it certainly does not, but you would have to write a whole book about it if you want to cover it all! I totally agree. After all each one is unqiue.

Ken Seeroi: I seriously doubt that you will find a really interesting girl in a bar. These are found by accident, at work, in a university, etc. French, Spanish and Italian men behave quite differently from Northern Europeans.

They are also very different from Americans. I would assume South Americans are similar to southern Europeans, being influenced by Hispanic culture. European women are not so aggressive as Americans.

I could go on. Simone, I agree with you. This was my long winded way of saying that those different people will have a different experience in Japan. I work with some guys who have been in Japan as long as me, or who have been married around the same time, and their Japanese is basic at best. There are a lot of people like that everywhere it seems. Do they like feeling helpless? What happens if they lose their partner or get divorced?

Here again you cannot generalize! I have traveled in Japan several times with a British company, InsideJapan Tours, and all the guides were British or Americans and fluent in Japanese [plus they read and wrote it]. That was true also of their one French guide [who was married to a Japanese woman met abroad].

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I stayed in Singapore for 9 years and dating there was impossible. First of all the quality of men in general and secondly, if you went out with your friends they always try to compare themselves to the Angmo. It was amusing with all the stereo type opinions. My female colleagues at work always said they are not allowed to date a foreigner but they always dated foreigner or try to date foreigners.

They would be someone special. Japanese men in comparasing to the Singapore guys are really refreshing and they amuse me with they kind behavior and politeness. The dress code is much better than the flip flop, short wearing Ah Bengs in Singapore yak.

My girl friend biggest worry was that sex will be bad because of the size. What Western girls have to worry about Japanese man is that after kids there is no more sex.

At least for a lot of couples. I heard it so often.

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They would be perfect Christians. This is in later years maybe a problem. I know a few intercultural marriages where they in later years divorced because this sense for flirt and pampering is missing. Women want to feel special, right? Thanks so much for sharing your expeirence with us!

I am one of those rare cases: Western woman with a Japanese boyfriend. But I live in Germany, so I guess that makes a difference somehow.

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Words he rarely used back in Japan, because it is an embarrasing thing to do. He hugs and kisses me whenever he gets the chance to do. Also in public. In all, there seems to be less physical contact, also in private amongst couples or family-members. We already had a lot of discussions about the ideal of beauty and how a woman should look, dress and behave to attract a guy.

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Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with us! It happens to me all the time. A Japanese guy as the foreigner in Germany and what he thinks about German women!

There are no social restrictions, so he can tell you many times how much he loves you and hug or even kiss you in public. It shows that you respect their family and origins.

Also, I think that if you have learned a language for someone, you are putting a lot of effort into the relationship - the Alpha and Omega of relationships. Notify me when new comments are added. I agree to the storage and handling of my data requested in this form. Transportation in Japan is expensive. Thankfully, there is a fun alternative: rent an electric bike! Renting an electric bike for the day is a neat Cheapo hack for getting the most out of an afternoon.

The bikes come with a special pedal-assist function, so that when you just press down on the pedal, the bike automatically lurches forward. For more advice on how to rent an electric bike in Tokyo, click here.

Tokyo dating spots

Inokashira Park is one of the greatest underappreciated parks in Tokyo. The Inokashira Zoo is a two-for-one deal - you can get into both of the zoos for only yen. It is much smaller than the Zoo in Ueno, but it is also much less crowded!

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It specializes in the indigenous species of Japan, which can be interesting for foreigners. For more information about the Inokashira Zoo, click here. The lake in Inokashira Park has three different boats - a rowboat, a paddleboat, and a swan-themed paddleboat. They can be rented by the hour or half-hour, for yen or yen depending on the boat and rental length. The Mori Art Museum is a gorgeous contemporary art museum on the 53rd floor of Roppongi Hills complex. It does not have a permanent collection - instead it is full of temporary exhibits.

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The yen ticket yen for students might seem a bit steep, but the museum truly offers an incredible selection of art. For more information on the Mori Art Museum, check out their English website here.

Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. Tokyo cut was a little small but you leave without the guilt. Great salad bar. flying feliz: Roast beef! Ambient is fine. Jase P: Good prime rib here. Everything is a show. Sightseeing and Shopping in Tokyo: Tokyo is a big city, and taking a tour is a time efficient way to see the top sites and one of the best ways to learn about what you are seeing. For a little bit of everything, including time for shopping, the Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour - Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple, and Tokyo Bay Cruise is a great option. If you aren't in Tokyo for long and wanted to see some interesting spots while dating, Golden-Gai is the one. Rows of tiny, eccentric and bizarre bars are crammed into this famous district behind Kabukicho, each with their own appeal.

Conversation seems to flow the smoothest over a cup of coffee, a full-on meal, or a couple of drinks at an Izakaya which would be nice, if those options were a bit cheaper and let you sit around chatting for a bit longer. Instead, take a picnic and a bottle of wine to any of the parks in Tokyo. The city is full of all sorts of parks where it is perfectly acceptable to spread out on a blanket under a tree or toss back a bottle of wine on a bench near the water features.

Drinking in public here is perfectly legal, no need to worry about getting kicked out of the park during your date. This park has an admission fee of yen.

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Nonetheless, it is an absolutely gorgeous, exclusive park that is only a 10 minute walk from the East Exit at Shinjuku Station. Note that booze is technically prohibited here, so you might need to be a little sneaky.

This park is free to enter and is probably the best spot in Tokyo for some after-lunch snuggling on a blanket under the trees. It is very open and sort of plain, in a good way.

On weekends, it is filled with street performances, dance groups, artists, and other interesting people practicing or just hanging out.

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