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She sent all of the men the same messages. A WOMAN caused mass confusion after tricking dozens of single men into converging on the same spot in New York by setting up separate dates with each of them. The woman in question goes by the name Natasha Aponte on social media and describes herself as an actor, model, singer and world traveller. As part of an elaborate dating stunt Ms Aponte reached out to multiple men on Tinder and asked them to meet her at Union Square before going on a date to watch her friend DJ. But none of the men that showed up had any idea about the Hunger Games -style stunt their date had in store. Natasha tricked dozens of men into thinking they were going on a date with her.

Genuinely didn't think she would message me.

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I say sure thing, looking forward to it. This morning she texts me at 9 am "hey it's gonna rain today but I think it should clear up in time for our date" I'm like cool, I'll be there.

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I make my way to Union Square. Eat a hot dog and look over by this open lot by 17th Ave and there is a stage and a DJ and about ppl and cameras and shit and I think well this is some random ass Manhattan shit. I stay back and assess the situation and I'm like fuck I'mma stay right where I am til she texts me.

Not only did she trick dozens of men into coming to a date with her - she took it a step further and tried turning it into her very own reality show and dating competition.

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The scene pic. At that point I am genuinely amazed at the fallopian fortitude this girl possesses. This is top 10 greatest finesse of all time.

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Dudes actually stayed and played. While people actually stayed and decided to go through the hunger-games style pop-up dating competition, the narrator went home.

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In case you thought getting cat-fished was the worst of your nightmares on Tinder, this story reads almost as a PSA, that comes down the road to finding true love. Braaa I was victim Kinda glad I was running on cp time pic.

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The Gothamist also posted a video of one of the events from the men who stayed back and took part in the competition. Click here to contribute to the cause.

Aug 21,   DOZENS of single men were left furious after being tricked by a woman on Tinder into competing in a "Hunger Games" style dating stunt. Ally Foster August 21, pmAuthor: Ally Foster. Aug 21,   Woman Tricks Unsuspecting Men on Tinder Into a Dating Competition, Hunger Games Style In case you thought cat-fishing is the worst thing that you'd face on Tinder. Raka Mukherjee. Aug 20,   Dating is Yorkers know this fact all too perhaps it should come as no surprise that one woman, who goes by Natasha Aponte on social media, decided to optimize for the best.

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Aug 21,   WATCH: Woman dupes dozens of men into public dating contest via Tinder By GMA Team In some kind of modern-love social experiment, dozens of men in New York City reportedly showed up for what they thought was a Tinder date but ended up being in a "Hunger Games"-style competition against each other to win that date. Aug 21,   A Woman Scammed Dozens of Tinder Dudes Into Meeting for a "Hunger Games"-Style Dating Gauntlet Rob Bliss, a man and viral video director, told the Author: Hannah Smothers. Aug 20,   Woman uses Tinder to scam men into 'Hunger Games-style' competition 'Crazy' competition appears to be the work of viral marketing group Emily Shugerman New York @eshugermanAuthor: Emily Shugerman.

In case you thought cat-fishing is the worst thing that you'd face on Tinder. Raka Mukherjee. Share this:. When Pleasants arrived at Union Square Sunday evening around p. In interviews with New York Magazine 's Select Allothers of the scammed men said Aponte told them bascially the same thing as Pleasants-show up to Union Square park on Sunday, her friend was DJing, and they'd go out for drinks after. This whole stunt came to light when a man known only as Misha tweeted about it in a thread that has since gone viral.

Aug 21,   Women Tricks Dozens of Men Into 'Hunger Games' Dating Competition After Meeting Them on Tinder Natasha Aponte used Tinder to trick more than men into competing in New York City for a chance at Author: Char Adams. Aug 20,   Dozens of dudes showed to Union Square up for Tinder dates on Sunday - only to learn they were all there to meet the same woman, and she wanted them . Aug 21,   A bunch of guys showed up to a New York City park thinking they had a private date with a woman named Natasha - not realizing she'd used the dating app to .

I am about to tell you an epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization. This actually happened to me and it could happen to you too.

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Get some popcorn. Misha told Select All that he first suspected something was up when he noticed all the people standing around and watching the DJ set in the park, rather than doing the normal New Yorker thing of walking away like nothing's happening. David, another man among the horde of the scammed, told Select All he realized something was going on when another guy straight up asked him, "Are you trying to meet up with a girl named Natasha?

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According to Misha's thread, Aponte, dressed in all black, took the stage the DJ was playing on, and entered into what he describes as "a hunger games speech about what it's gonna take to date her. Then she says I've invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a hunger games speech about what its gonna take to date her.

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Furthermore-some guys stuck around for it! From her position on the stage, Misha says Aponte posed a series of questions to the crowd. He stuck around for a bit, saying he was amazed by the "fallopian fortitude this girl possesses," which is, by the way, a beautiful turn of phrase.

Then he went home. According to the New York TimesAponte disqualified men under 5 foot 10, men named Jimmy, and men who'd been dumped in their previous relationship.

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Men told Select All she further disqualified men who "think you can support Trump and date a Puerto Rican" at the same time. An Instagram account that seemingly belongs to Natahsa Aponte describes her as a "world traveler," as well as an "Actress, model, singer. Go ahead and take a look if you want to see the array of nasty comments from furious strangers. Bliss says he's been working with Aponte "for months now" on this project, and that the anger she's fielding in her comments, and reportedly fielded from guys in Union Square on Sunday, "is definitely part of this story.

She'll be interviewed Thursday on Good Morning America after the video premiers. Because they hate women?

Because they hate scams? Because they especially hate the intersection of those things?

Tinder dating hunger games

You pick a reason. Bliss assures me this isn't a marketing stunt, they didn't collaborate with a brand, and it's not about selling anything. What the issue is, he says he can't say. But that'll be cleared up Thursday, when the video airs. I'm sorry, I can't.

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