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Infatuation passes but without the physical attraction it is hard to build a strong relationship. Ideally there is equal give and take in a relationship so working together actually builds more than two people acting from a selfish base. The individual mindset overlooks the benefits of considering the needs of the group. Selfish and greedy appear to be justified here, which contributes to someone feeling mistreated or used. In a nutshell, if you do not like the other person or value them enough not to feel entitled to exploit them you should be honest and let them go instead of stringing them along. Nice guys are most commonly taken for granted lonely guys who crave the attention of horny women to lay with them. Nice guys finish last all the time but they do finish hard once they do get their turn.

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This young earth book is the cornerstone of young earth theory about the Grand Canyon, but it is overflowing with errors.

However, the authors missed some key contradictions.

That Time I was on a Dating Show (Wilbur Rajjchelor Highlights)

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