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Kathryn Dennis has love in her eyes - but all her friends can see are red flags. Dennis, 26, reveals that she started dating year-old Florida politician Joseph Abruzzo after meeting him at a football game. His wife is accusing him of being physically abusive. According to the Tampa Bay Times , she also shared, and later deleted, recordings of contentious phone calls between the two. Most importantly, a single father raising a young son. While briefly dating Kathryn, I never met the cast of Southern Charm. I only wish the best for Kathryn and her future, and respectfully ask the cast to refrain from carrying out the will of producers and focus on stories of their own lives.

When the Battalion left, the other Toronto team, the Blueshirts was suspended by the league and its players dispersed including Corb Dennenybrother of Cy Dennenywho joined the Senators. Future Hall of Famer Cy had been picked up in a trade with Toronto earlier that season and he would be a member of the Senators until Benedict was the NHA's top goaltender once again, and Nighbor tied for the scoring lead with 41 goals in 19 games.

The Senators ended their play in the NHA by losing a two-game total goals playoff series to the Canadiens, who eventually lost to Seattle in the Stanley Cup final. This season saw the final decline of Ottawa's old rivals, the Wanderers, who finished at the bottom of the standings. The next year, the Wanderers played only four games in the NHL, winning only one before folding the franchise after their home arena burned down.

The club finished no worse than second during the wartime seasons of to - Due to the 'challenge' format of Stanley Cup play beforethere is often confusion about how many Stanley Cups the Senators should be given credit for: nine, ten or eleven.

The Senators were Stanley Cup champions at the end of nine hockey seasons without dispute. In another two seasons, andthe Senators won Stanley Cup challenges but were not champions at the end of the season.

The Hockey Hall of Fame and the National Hockey League agree that the Senators of were champions but disagree on whether the Senators were champions in In both seasons, the Senators were the undisputed defending champions, and during that year's hockey season, the Senators won Stanley Cup challenges. However, by the end of both hockey seasons, they were no longer holders of the Stanley Cup. The hockey season ended with the Wanderers as the Stanley Cup champions.

In Octoberat the first game of the current Ottawa Senators NHL club, banners were raised to commemorate Stanley Cups in nine seasons, excluding and In media guides published by the club, they listed the original Senators as nine-time winners. The club and the NHL now list the original Senators as time winners.

Montreal Canadiens' owner George Kennedy was leading an effort to get rid of Toronto Blueshirts' owner Eddie Livingstoneand he needed the Senators in his corner. Gorman represented the Senators at the meeting.

Gorman also attended the following year's meeting of the NHA owners in which the final vote to suspend the league was made. The Senators first season in the NHL,did not go well.

Salary squabbles delayed the home opener on the league's first night, December 19, [94] as players protested that their contracts were for twenty games, while the season schedule was for twenty four.

Enough players were appeased that the game started, 15 minutes late, while two players Hamby Shore and Jack Darragh, stayed in the dressing room while negotiations went on. The Senators lost their previous top rival, the Wanderers, after five games. The team struggled and finished in third place after the first half of the season. The club made player changes in the second half, getting Horace Merrill out of retirement and releasing Dave Ritchie. It was Shore's last season as he would die of pneumonia in October Shore's last career game was in the third-last game of the season and he was sat out for the last two games.

Cy Denneny led the team, coming second overall in scoring in the league with 36 goals in 20 games. Prior to the season, ownership of the Senators changed. However, it turned out that Dey was engineering a takeover of the club and Rosenthal ended up selling his share of the club to Dey, making Dey the majority owner in both the Arena and the hockey club.

Rosenthal, a prominent local jeweller, had been involved with the club since The Senators instigated an agreement with the other NHL clubs, binding them to the NHL for the next five years and locking out any rival league from their arenas. Inthe Senators won the second half of the split schedule. Clint Benedict had the top goalkeeper average, and Cy Denneny and Frank Nighbor placed third and fourth in scoring with 18 and 17 goals in 18 games, respectively.

The schedule was abbreviated by the Toronto Arenas club suspending operations, so the Senators and Canadiens played off in the first best-of-seven series. Due to a family bereavement, Ottawa was without star centre Frank Nighbor for the first three games and lost all three. The series ended in five games, as the Canadiens won the final match to win the series. Clint Benedict again led league in goalkeeper goals-against average and Frank Nighbor came third in the league scoring race with 25 goals in 23 games.

Because Seattle's red-white-green striped uniforms were nearly the same as Ottawa's red-white-black sweaters, the Senators played in simple white sweaters adorned with a large red "O" for this series. The first three games had been played on ice covered with water and slush due to warm weather in Ottawa. At this point, NHL president Calder moved the series to the Arena Gardens in Toronto, which had an artificial ice rink, the only one in eastern Canada at that time.

Gorman dubbed the team the 'Super Six. In the seasonthe league transferred two Senators players to help its competitive balance. By the end of the playoffs, both players were back with Ottawa. Benedict again led league in goalkeeper average and Cy Denneny came second in scoring with 34 goals in 24 games.

The Senators shut out Toronto in a two-game total goals playoff and went west to play off against Vancouver for the Stanley Cup. Vancouver still had Cyclone Taylor, though it was near the end of his career and he scored no goals.

The best-of-five series was heavily attended, with 11, fans attending the first game, the largest crowd in history to see a hockey game up until that time and a total attendance for the five-game series of over 51, Patricks in a two-game total goals series. Inthe Senators were led by the league's top goalie Clint Benedictthe goal scoring of Cy Denneny and the return from retirement of Jack Darragh.

An unsurpassed iron man record was set when Frank Nighbor played in six consecutive games without substitution, averaging a goal a game during the stretch. The Cup Final playoff format had changed. New attendance records were set during this series, with 9, for the first game and 10, for the second.

Ottawa won the series with scores of,andwith Benedict getting the shutout and Harry Broadbent scoring five goals. The Senators next had to play Edmonton in a best-of-three series and won it in two games with scores of andwith Broadbent scoring the winning goal.

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That year, club owners Dey and Gorman entered into a partnership with Frank Ahearn. Ted Dey then sold his share of the club and retired.

The new Ottawa Auditorium's first regular season game came on December 26, The season saw the Senators win the season but lose the playoff to the Canadiens, andwith Georges Vezina getting the shutout and Morenz scoring 3 goals.

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Frank Nighbor was the first winner of the Hart Trophy as 'most valuable player' for his play in the regular season. He was traded away, along with Harry Broadbent, to the new Montreal Maroons before the next season, for cash. Jack Darragh retired and had died from appendicitis months after his final game. It was also the debut season of Frank Finnigan. In Januaryduring the season, Gorman sold his share of the Senators to Ahearn and left the Senators organization, later joining the expansion New York Americans.

With all the changes, the Senators slipped to fourth place in the standings. Cy Denneny continued his scoring ways, placing fourth in league scoring with 28 goals in 28 games. Nighbor received the trophy personally from Lady Byng during a presentation at Rideau Hall.

Ottawa won the league title, led by Alex Connell in goal, who recorded 15 shutouts in 36 games, and Cy Denneny, who scored 24 goals. The team received a bye to the playoff finals. The Maroons went on to win the Stanley Cup against Victoria. The season saw the NHL divided for the first time into two divisions, and they made the playoffs, winning the Canadian Division title. They advanced to the semi-finals and defeated the Canadiens,anden route to facing the Boston Bruins for the Cup.

In the first series for the Stanley Cup with only NHL opponents, Ottawa defeated Boston with scores of, andwith the final game taking place in Ottawa; it would be the Senators' final Stanley Cup championship. Cy Denneny led the way in scoring with four goals, including the Cup winner. They would be given out to divisional winners in the following season. After the series, the Senators players received a parade in Ottawa, a civic banquet and an carat gold ring with 14 small diamonds in the shape of an 'O'.

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Ottawa had been by far the smallest market in the NHL even before American teams began playing in The later census listed onlypeople in the city of Ottawa-roughly one-fifth the size of Torontowhich was the league's second-smallest market. The team sought financial relief from the league as early as Attendance was low for games against the expansion teams, which provided a poor gate at home.

The Rangers have allowed two goals or fewer in five of their last nine regular season meetings against the Senators, dating back to the start of the season. INDIVIDUAL CAREER STATISTICS VS. Two Democratic senators sent letters to the popular gay dating app Grindr on Tuesday, asking for detailed information about how they handle sensitive user data. Letters also went to Apptimize and Localytics, the two analytics companies that Grindr sent its users' HIV status data Azeen Ghorayshi. May 30,   Dennis, 26, reveals that she started dating year-old Florida politician Joseph Abruzzo after meeting him at a football game. "I really like him a lot," she says.

There were also higher travel costs for away games, although the American arenas were larger. This fact was the basis for attempts to increase revenues, as the team played "home" games in other cities.

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In the seasonthe Senators played two "home" games in Detroit, collecting the bulk of the gate receipts thus allowing them to actually turn a profit for that seasonwhile Jack Adams retired to become the coach and general manager of the Detroit Cougars. The club further repeated the scheme of playing two "home" games in Detroit en route to an undistinguished campaign in which they missed the playoffs for only the third time in the NHL's history.

In the seasonwith cash still hemorrhaging, the team transferred two scheduled home games to Atlantic City one each against the New York Rangers and New York Americanstwo to Detroit, and one to Boston.

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The Senators faced off against the New York Rangers in a two-game total-goals series. In the last NHL playoff game in Ottawa untilthe Senators tied the Rangers on March 28,but lost game two in New York to lose the series 6 goals to 2. By the seasonthe team was openly selling players to make ends meet.

The team fell into last place for the first time since Norriswho wanted to move the team to Chicago, but the deal was vetoed by Chicago Black Hawks owner Frederic McLaughlin who did not want another team in his territory. The Senators and the equally strapped Philadelphia Quakers asked the NHL for permission to suspend operations for the season in order to rebuild their fortunes. The league granted both requests on September 26, Returning after a one-year hiatus and despite the return of players such as Cooney Weilan Finnigan, Howe and Kilrea, the Senators finished with the worst record in the league in the two seasons that followed.

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Attendance was poor, the club only drawing well when the league's other three Canadian teams came to town. He would last only the one season. In Juneformer captain Harvey Pulford was given an option to buy the team and move it to Baltimorebut the option was never exercised. In Decemberrumours surfaced that the Senators would merge with the equally strapped New York Americans ; however, this was denied by Ottawa club president Frank Ahearn, who had sought financial help from the league.

Near the end of the season, reports surfaced that the club had entered into a deal with St. Louis "interests" to move the club. The Senators had lent Alex Connell to the Americans when the Americans' goalie Worters was hurt, and he turned in a "sensational performance" for the visitors. Despite finishing in last place for the second year in a row, the Senators actually improved their attendance over the previous season.

Even with the increased gate, they barely survived the season. After the season ended, it was announced by Auditorium president F. The losses were too great to be made up by the sale of players' contracts, and the club needed to be moved to "some very large city which has a large rink, if we are to protect the Auditorium shareholders and pay off our debts. Louis, Missouri and operated as the St.

The Eagles played only one season, finishing last again. They suspended operations after the season, never to return. The city of Ottawa did not have an NHL franchise again until the new Ottawa Senators franchise was awarded for the season.

The NHL presented the Senators with a "certificate of reinstatement" commemorating Ottawa's return to the league, and the current Senators honour the original franchise's 11 Stanley Cups. However, records for the two teams are kept separately. Frank Finnigan, the last surviving member of the original Senators' last Stanley Cup winner, played a key role in the drive to win an expansion franchise for Ottawa. He was slated to drop the puck in a ceremonial face-off for the new franchise's first game, but died a year before that game took place.

The new Senators honoured Finnigan by retiring his 8 jersey. The "Senior Senators" renewed the rivalry with Montreal-area senior amateur teams such as the Montreal Victorias that the old Senators had played in the years prior to turning openly professional.

Winning the Allan Cup inthe senior Senators continued until Decemberfinally ending the Senators' storied year history. Reports of the club in early play in the s sometimes refer to the club as the Generals.

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The club is also referred to as the Capitalsalthough there was a competing Capital Athletic Association hockey team using that name. Other nicknames included the Silver Sevena name the players gave themselves after receiving silver nuggets from manager Bob Shillington after the Stanley Cup win.

The first reference to the nickname of Senators was in a game report "The Ottawas Made a Good Start" of the Ottawa Journal on January 7, and used in other newspapers around that time.

Senators sign goaltender Kevin Mandolese to a three-year, entry-level contract. He concluded the season by way of recording a victory in 18 of his last 21 appearances dating to Dec. Jan 14,   The Blackhawks have won five straight games against the Senators, dating back to March 16, Tale of the Tape. Blackhawks - Statistic - Senators. (21st) - Corsi For - (30th)Author: Jehossa's Witness. Rochester also boasts an record all-time in the road portion of the head-to-head series while also claiming at least one point in 13 of the first 18 meetings with the Senators dating back to the season.

Ina separate Ottawa Senators pro team existed in the Federal League. For the first two years of their existence, Ottawa used red and black horizontally-striped sweaters. The team then adopted the colours of the OAAA organization: red, white and black. The logo of the team was a simplified version of the ' triskelion ' or 'winged legs' logo of the OAAA, which can be described as a "running wheel".

The sweaters were solid white with the club logo in red. The players wore knee-length white pants with black stockings, [15] as shown in the team photo. Inthe club first adopted the "barber-pole" design, with which the team became synonymous.

The design was simple: strong horizontal stripes of red, black and white. Players wore white pants and red, white and black striped stockings.

The basic design would be used for the rest of the organization's existence, except for one season,where the stripes were vertical and Montreal fans nicknamed the team derisively as 'les suisses', a slang term for chipmunk.

No logo was present on the sweater at first, and until logos were not used for more than a year at a time. During World War I, the club adopted a logo of flags to show allegiance to the war effort, as shown in the photo. After each Stanley Cup win, the club affixed a badge or logo stating "World Champions". In the seasonthe club added the "O" logo to the chest of the sweater. From the start, the club was owned and operated by its members and known as the Ottawa Hockey Club, becoming an affiliate of the Ottawa Amateur Athletic Association in Inaccording to hockey historian Charles L.

InRosenthal was forced out by Dey in a complex scheme. Dey was negotiating, as owner of The Arena, with both Rosenthal on behalf of the Senators and Percy Quinn who held an option to purchase the Quebec NHA club on behalf of a proposed new professional league over exclusive rights to the Arena for professional hockey.

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In a plan to derail the proposed new league, Dey maintained publicly that he had reserved the Arena for Quinn's proposed league when, in fact, he had not cashed a cheque received from Quinn to reserve an option on the Arena.

Rosenthal, believing the club could no longer play at the Arena, attempted to find alternate arrangements for the club, including refurbishing Aberdeen Pavilion, but was unsuccessful. Dey purchased Rosenthal's share of the club on October 28,and Rosenthal resigned from the club.

InDey retired after selling his ownership interest to Gorman and new investor Frank Ahearn. By Januarythe deal was nearly finalized when Gorman backed out of the deal.

William Foranthe Stanley Cup trustee, became president of the Club.

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As the Auditorium did not meet its payments, Ahearn resumed a share of the club in Foran was fired from his position as Senators' president and was replaced by Redmond Quain. While the Ottawa Auditorium owned the hockey club, it was heavily indebted to Frank Ahearn and his father, and tried to clear its debt. Inthe club's NHL franchise was transferred to St.

Louis, although the Association continued its ownership of the franchise and player contracts as well as the senior club. If the franchise was resold, the proceeds would go to the Ottawa Hockey Association. In Julythe Auditorium bond-holders foreclosed on the arena and it was put under the control of the Royal Securities Corporation.

Former owner Tommy Gorman returned to Ottawa inwhen he purchased the club and the Auditorium. When the Ottawa Hockey Club began play, there was no division between the ice surface and the stands like today.

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The fans became quite wet in the times when the temperature was warm. In the Stanley Cup Final against the Montreal Victorias, the Governor-General who had a private box seat at the ice's edge is recorded as getting wet from the play. One custom of the Ottawa fans towards opposition teams was to throw lemons. Cyclone Taylor, on his first visit back to Ottawa after signing with Renfrew, was pelted with lemons as well as a bottle. Source: Ottawa Senators. Source: Total Hockey. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Ottawa Hockey Club. Ice hockey team in Ottawa, Canada, from to For other uses, see Ottawa Senators disambiguation. Dawson City. Defeated Rat Portage Thistles in two-game total goals serieson March Defeated Winnipeg Rowing Club in best-of three series, on December 30,and January Defeated Toronto Marlboroughs in two-game total goals serieson February Defeated Montreal Wanderers by forfeitafter tying Montreal on March 2, The Wanderers refused to continue the series unless the tie was replayed, and forfeited as a result.

Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, - c. May 1, ) was an American intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C. who disappeared in May She was presumed murdered after her skeletal remains were found in Rock Creek Park in May The case attracted attention from the American news media for several mater: San Francisco State . WASHINGTON, July 21 (AP) - Over protests of coin collectors, Senators indicated today they would approve a plan to retain the date on all new . The Ottawa Senators were an ice hockey team based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada which existed from to The club was the first hockey club in Ontario, a founding member of the National Hockey League (NHL) and played in the NHL from until The club, which was officially the Ottawa Hockey Club (Ottawa HC), was known by several nicknames, including City: Ottawa, Ontario.

Defeated Brandon, Manitoba in two-game total goals serieson March Defeated Dawson City in best-of-three serieson January Won FAHL championship with record of 7 wins, 1 loss. Defeated Rat Portage Thistles in best-of-three series, on March 7, 9 and 11, Defeated Queens University in two-game total goals serieson February Defeated Smiths Falls, Ontario in two-game total goals serieson March Main article: Ottawa Senators original seasons.

Of course, fans now know Dennis is currently dating singer Hunter Price. The two confirmed their relationship in January. FB Tweet ellipsis More. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You'll get the latest ates on this topic in your browser notifications.

Image zoom. Kathryn Dennis. She called the "glaring omission" of his status "a newsworthy act of negligence".

Two Senators Just Demanded That Grindr Explain How It's Sharing Its User Data

She wrote that only the very conservative Human Events reported that the Immigration and Naturalization Service had approved his working legally while he was applying for temporary protected status. That application was ultimately denied, but not before he had assaulted two other women at Rock Creek Park.

Ininvestigative journalist Dominick Dunne said on Larry King Live that he believed that Gary Condit had more information about the Levy case than he had been disclosing. Condit filed two lawsuits against Dunne, forcing him into an undisclosed financial settlement on one of them.

InU. District Judge Peter Leisure dismissed the other suit that alleged slanderbecause "The context in which Dunne's statements were made demonstrates that they were part of a discussion about 'speculation' in the media and inaccurate media coverage. During the summer ofThe Washington Post ran a part series billed, in part, as "a tale of the tabloid and mainstream press pack journalism that helped derail the investigation".

The two investigative reporters who were behind the Post series, Scott Higham and Sari Horwitzwrote a book which detailed their investigation. The book, Finding Chandrawas published in May The media was criticized for its "rush to judgment" in suggesting, sometimes blatantly, that Condit was guilty of the murder, especially in the early days of the investigation.

Who gives him his career back? On the 17th anniversary of the homicide, Levy's mother continued to push for further investigation into her daughter's death. Levy's death has had a lasting impact, due in part to the efforts of her family and friends. Levy's disappearance came after a number of other high-profile cases that led to the creation of resources for missing young adults. Department of Justice in order to coordinate such missing persons cases.

Although the Levy family quickly moved to mobilize all such available resources, including offering a cash reward for information, hiring its own investigators, and seeking media attention, those efforts to locate Chandra Levy or find her killer were overshadowed by the speculation which surrounded her possible relationship with Condit.

Susan Levy later joined forces with Donna Raley, the mother of another young woman who disappeared from Modesto into form "Wings of Protection", a support group for people with missing loved ones. Newsweek magazine stated that the media may have become more skeptical of " herd mentality " and open to alternative suspects after the Levy case. Ramsey, have since left the force in D. Ramsey became head of the Philadelphia Police Department ; Barrett, who became an analyst for an intelligence support firm in Arlington, Virginiastated in hindsight that the media had imposed "enormous amounts of pressure" on the D.

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Rosario Dawson On Dating Senator Cory Booker IRL And A Senator On Her Show

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Retrieved November 30, Retrieved December 22, October 8, Retrieved November 24, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved November 15, The McClatchy Company. Archived from the original on November 23, Ingmar Guandique". March 3, Retrieved March 3, - Retrieved February 21, The inmate has been kept in a D.

NBC News. April 22, Ingmar Guandique". Superior Court of the District of Columbia. May 19, May 27, Archived from the original on September 13, Retrieved March 22, October 18, San Jose Mercury News. The Washington Examiner. November 2, Retrieved November 10,

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