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However, the rankings and listings of our reviews, tools and all other content are based on objective analysis. Hi, everyone! My name is Robert, and I am an Asian Canadian. But last year, my latest relationship collapsed on the brink of engagement. I read nearly 50 articles about different websites, and then this RomanceTale. It was so impressive that I thought it was a fluke. As I learned later, the site is extremely popular with Asian women.

So if you have always wanted to talk to an Asian girl, date her, and maybe even have an Asian wife. Romance Tale has performed really well in its niche, and the results it shows are impressive. Moreover, it stands out from the line of regular dating sites, as it is really popular on the Internet, and a lot of couples have been formed thanks to Romance Tale.

Romance Tale follows the system of credits, which means that you have to but not the membership, but packs of credits and spend them on the services that you need. Paid sources are usually the best, as they guarantee safety and adequacy of the users. If one is ready to pay for the service, they understand that the money is worth spending. Moreover, it shows one's serious intentions and makes you understand that this person has a goal. In case you pay more, you get the access to women's private pictures and videos, your personal statistics and the ability to share and get the contacts.

Ratings are important when you are looking for a dating site to register on. The more popular a site is, the better the quality of service is. It is total truth, as such big numbers of people wouldn't trust a bad source.

Romance Tale Prices

Moreover, if some dating platform doesn't perform well, they simply won't have an ability to post any advertising. It is very important to look at the most popular sites, and they should be your choice. Those who have been on the market for years and still go on are the best, as they have something to attract the audience with. The absolute majority of good dating venues are not free. And if the customers are ready to pay for the services provides, there must be something really good about it.

The general look of the site is very pleasant to the eye and customer-friendly as you may find out the very first minutes after you start to use it. The overall design is very nice, and it doesn't irritate you in any way. There are no inappropriate adds, so you can focus on your goal of finding an Asian mail order bride.

Romance tale dating reviews

It is very easy to deal with the functions of the site. You can guess everything intuitively and start working on the site with no difficulties.

Even if you have some questions, you can always contact the support, which is always there for you. The administration works round the clock to help you with any confusing stuff and sort out all the problems. To set up your profile on the site, you don't need much. Just mention your name, age, gender and password with the email address - and there you go! Your account is ready! Of course, it is not enough to be successful in the bride search, so before starting it, you should pass at least two welcome questionnaires.

One of them collects some info about you, your life, hobbies, tasted and preferences, and the second one will help the site's team collect some knowledge about the woman you are looking for. The preference information Romance Tale collects is not for nothing. Hence you can lave a list of possible matches!

The analyzing algorithm gives you a number of possible brides that you may like. You can look through the list of women you have some matches with, and in case you find someone attractive, you can start a conversation.

ALL Asian Dating sites are SCAMS!

Of course, you are also welcome to search for a perfect woman on your own. The settings of the search are quite advanced so that you can choose a woman by certain indicators like age, place, weight, hair color, interests and so on. It is up to you how you will choose your soulmate.

Romance Tale lets you use various ways of communication. They include online chats, instant messages, and mailing. That's for the written forms. You can also watch the ladies in motion by sending them a request for a Skype session - video calls are very welcome there.

If you want to show your interest, you can send the chosen single some virtual gifts. These signs of attention are funny and nice, and they remind your lady that you are thinking of her. In case you want to go more serious, you can send a real gift or a bouquet of flowers.

It will really impress your bride and show her that you have a deep interest in her. Romance Tale is also ready to help if you want to get your online relationship into real life. All you need to do is to send a Meeting Request. In case your lady declines it at the very last minute and refuses to come, you won't waste your money because the site guarantees you a full refund.

Romance Tale works for its customers and wants everybody to get the best results. Not all of the Asian ladies are fluent in English, and that's obvious.

Don't worry to experience the language barrier, as Romance Tale has a bunch of the interpreters to help your lady with the communication. They have professionals of the different levels so that they can help you during the calls or even meetings. All of the female pages are carefully checked during the registration, so you can be sure that you are talking to the real women, and not some fake accounts.

The website's team watches the profiles to be filled in and full of information, so every customer can understand who he'she is talking to. Romance Tale has been one of the most visited sites sincewhich means that people want to use it more and more. It is still accurate for now, so the profiles on this site are attractive to the newcomers. Romance Tale has perfect anti-scam protection that works for the safety of its customers.

Apart from the information you can read below every page, the site offers an article with a number of tips on how to recognize a scammer and what to do with them. Those security tips are a special feature of Romance Tale.

They keep their customers safe and work for their good. Why is this site one of the best ones? Romance Tale.

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Add a note optional - e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Corporate Values. Overview Romance Tale has a consumer rating of 1.

What reviewers want you to know Positive highlights I've been chatting with a girl for 12 days consecutively and I finally scored her phone number and email address. Top Positive Review.

Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars. Other Verified purchase. Contains image or video. English only. Reviews that mention popular keywords scam site 6 victoria hearts 4 girl 28 contact info 6 pictures 13 customer service 4 phone number 5 email address 4.

Romance Tale has a consumer rating of stars from 82 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Romance Tale also ranks th among Dating sites. I've been chatting with a girl for 12 days consecutively and I finally scored her phone number and email address. after buying enough credits to get /5(84). Romance Tale has been in the dating industry for many years, and it is actively rendering quality dating services to its members. ?Where to find true Romance Tale reviews? You can find real and positive Romance Tale review on the internet with many success stories of past users/

Stay away! Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. They make money using photos of sexy girls. I should have researched all the negative reviews before I signed up for RT. It's nearly impossible to find a genuine lady there who would pursue a relationship. They all just want money - their " hard-earned" commission for chatting with unsuspecting men. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. I go to the site because I enjoy beauty and the site has thousands of beauties to look at.

Do not spend a dime on presents, chatting or viewing private photos. One only need read some of the personal messages to know it is a scam.

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I want to travel with you and pay for everything" " I am in your country now can you pick me up at the airport? Comment Thank you Share Helpful 6. My brother was addicted to this fake site and spent a third of his income there.

RomanceTale is a very popular dating platform that has been responsible for many marriages with men all over the world to beautiful Asian women. Everything about this dating site is very professional, from the design right to the customer support system which is . Want to find your dream asian lady? Register on RomanceTale and your dream from one of the thousands asian singles! Oct 26,   Romance Tale is all about premium online dating. That means quality service, but at a quality price. For your investment, you get a fast and easy-to-use platform, unique services, excellent customer care and, most importantly, the ability to pursue relationships only with people who want something serious/

He was sure "Kim" was going to come to the states, buy him a house and a new sports car. After months of paying for chat and else, "she" was actually sending him sexual photos. He went bankrupt, is losing his house and was so broken hearted when she "broke up" with him because he could not pay for more time with "her" that he drank himself to death. Please do not go here.

Lots of visually arresting women who all are preying on your money. Maybe 0. Others are scammers who either work for the site or want to rip you off asking you for money.

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Sooner or later the truth is revealed, and I want to reveal it rather sooner than later. I see I'm not the only one: there are bunch of negative reviews - I agree with them!

The best thing one can do regarding this site is just stay away from it! Comment Thank you Share Helpful 9. Girls keep you on the chat session for as long as possible.

But they will never talk to you on phone or Viber. Girls from other sites, e. I wanted to try Romancetale because I have always liked how Asian women looked. Romancetale is owned by a pack of crooks who obviously pay their women for making us men fall for them and for keeping us in chat forever! Comment Thank you Share Helpful 2. I contacted a girl on Romance take and explained to her I was on Victoria hearts and a girl kept coming up with excuses not to give her number and then changed her email.

A girl on Romance take told me oh darling who would do such a thing to a handsome man are they blind?

Romance Tale

So I bought the credits to receive her details and guess whatthe same thing happens as on Victoria hearts, just an email and pointing to a communication app that is in Chinese and can not be translated to English.

They are just there to roll over the money and of they will get a percentage of it.

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They never let you connect with the other person, they just want you to continue exchange pictures and no personal information at all. You will never find your woman here or a man, it is a joke, I have spent lots of money and yet I never could Connect a woman to be withStay way. This site tries to trick you into spending more and more money and there is really no way to tell if you are talking to a fake person. They all say the same things over and over again with different girls.

Who are they kidding is anyone really that stupid. They ask for pictures over and over and these cost a lot of money to send and as you send mor the price goes up.

They also say you have to buy over credits in order to get the woman's information. What a bunch of crooks. Comment Thank you Share Helpful I argued with customer service trying to get my back and she said that the girls get unlimited messaging.

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So you could spend thousands day. Should be zero star rating it's a scam. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 4. The truth, in my opinion, is it is a fraud, as are the "women" who are, apparently, nothing more than paid sirens, apparently, hired to have lonely men buy more and more expensive lots of coins to spend on conversations with people who may be women who appear to being coached to appeal to the lonely heart's desire to hear.

Stay away, if at all possible. The result of that and discussing of planning a trip to in-county, there was only baby food cereal platitudes of love and togetherness, without any effort to that outcome. Please be warned, stay away! Your inbox is flooded with messages, which cant be genuine. Even say you are handsome when you have no photo.

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The customer service 'replies'are received within minutes of your complaint, and never address your specific question. The prices are sky high, it is not worth risking your money on this scammer site with fake profiles. All the women, even the ones in their 50s look like models.

I wish I'd read the negative reviews about this site before shelling out hundreds. I'm a dope; should have realized that I was getting canned, fake 'replies'. Once I wised up, since there's no way around the credit requirement to even ask for and yet not guarantee a woman's contact info, I decided to do the following: I'd chat a bit and say "To prove to me you are a real human, and who you portray yourself as, send a selfie holding a paper saying "Hi XXX my name " and today's date.

Did this a dozen times, never got a legit photo back. First of all every woman on there was in love with me. The women are all beautiful and like to flirt a lot. They are fun to chat with but as for any meaningful conversations not so much. Up sell is what they do. Asking for stickers, wanting to see your pics, sending sexy pics to you. All cost you something and it does add up. I thought I'd found someone but whenever I'd ask a question about her life and what she was like she would change the subject or ask me to send another pic of me.

It was the same with more women. The website will cover you're credits if things should not get to an actual meeting. The ladies are a delight to talk too but their actual commitment to you is questionable. Plenty of "rich" women offering me cars, homes and even a million dollars. I was looking for companionship for the rest of my life but I felt that I might be getting scammed. This being all said I can't tell you if it's for you and if it's worth the money spent.

The women are beautiful and they give you and ego boost with the flirting and their pics. I just wanted to tell my story. The decision will be up to you.

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Hope you have better luck. This website is so scandalous!

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