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Social Media seem to have a lot to say as it relates to life in general. Perspectives from around the world are thrown together by hashtags. The winning perspective is oftentimes the most attractive; the one that thwarts the general ideas of reality. Dating is one area of life that social media has successfully conceptualized into something far different from what it actually is. I definitely am not. And while many can afford to live like this, it is not a priority outside the influence of Facebook , Instagram and the like.

How Much Should We Pray Together? (Spiritual Intimacy and Dating, Part 4)

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More important than all this, though, is that I am married to my wife and my obsession with pizza, being Catholic, and my devotion to our Savior. View All Blogs. Prayer Good Friday is Still Good.

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Prayer For Couples - Couple Prayer For Blessings and Happiness

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Skip to content. September 19, November 24, theanointedwriter. What you should do instead Focus on your individual prayer lives Your individual prayer life is more important than intimate prayer with a dating partner or public prayer.

Public prayer can be an imitation of the real thing. However, focus on being strong independently then coming together to complement each other. Pray separately together You can pray about an issue separately together. For the case of this article, I want to look beyond a physical gathering together.

Praying together while dating

I believe that both can agree on a topic, pray about it, and God will work on their behalf. Be Cautious One must be cautious about praying together as a dating couple. God Bless You.

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The Anointed Writer. However, some couples have found prayer to be a rather positive experience in their relationship.


Chanel draws upon her own experience of praying with her boyfriend, and says that prayer helped her learn a lot about what he values, what he's compassionate about, and what things worry him the most. I mentioned this to Kropf, who was quick to point out that all those things could be discovered by praying with your significant other in a group setting, or, as I like to call it, a "chaperoned" setting where the dynamic is different, such as a Bible study or a church service.

Apr 30,   Chanel and Sarah, the co-founders of I Kissed Dating Hello, address the dangers and benefits of praying together in a serious relationship. Chanel draws upon her own experience of praying with her. Sep 19,   I felt that if God ordained this relationship, we should at least be praying together; holding hands, speaking in tongues together, chasing demons together and the works. God later revealed to me that praying together takes you to a level of intimacy that can be detrimental to dating couples if the relationship is not mature enough.

Rushing to become intimate, physically or emotionally, with every single person, steals from the exclusivity that should be a part of marriage. At the end of our conversation, I asked Karen about the way prayer has affected her own marriage.


But praying together taps into this other element - this being one flesh. It's really hard to describe.

Q: My boyfriend says that it's too early in our relationship to start praying you have an opinion on when is the right time? A: I think that there are couples who pray together on the first date, and every time after the spiritual dimension of the relationship is good but it often doesn't deal with the intellectual, emotional and social cts of the relatioship. Praying together can cause a dating couple (i.e., a couple still exploring a possible future with each other) to bond more quickly than is healthy. When we pray, we open up and share vulnerable areas of our hearts with the Lord. Spend sometime in the adoration chapel - it's a great way to have prayer time together while being able to focus on Christ, and not each other. Praying the Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, and/or Chaplet of Divine Mercy - these are great ways to pray as a group and these prayers bring us more into prayer as a community.

As someone who has never done more than pray over dinner with a guy, I can certainly say that she's given me something to think about. Sign in.

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