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In that show, those heroes, plus The Flash, are the founding members of the Justice League. The reason Flash wasn't sent off-world is likely because in this show's continuity, he is Barry Allen, while in Justice Leaguehe is Wally West who was Kid Flash on this show. In Season 3, it is revealed that Kaldur'ahm, the new Aquaman, is in a homosexual relationship with an Atlantean man named Wyynde. This makes this version of Kaldur'ahm bisexual and is a bit of a retcon since he previously had a girlfriend named Tula. This sexual orientation is adapted from DC Rebirth comics which reintroduced the character in the comics as a gay teenager with bright dyed yellow hair which makes him look more like the version seen on this show.

Originally posted by laheys-girl. The study sessions always go longer than planned because he keeps getting distracted by every little thing Such as kissing you. You two just need to hang out and see just how much you have in common.

Him slowly but surely becoming friends with Stiles, to where Isaac, Scott, and Stiles eventually start hanging out a lot so you have to beg to have your boyfriend back for a night.

Every time you guys see one another he always plants a kiss to your temple especially because he is way taller than you.

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