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The Mobylette is a moped made by French manufacturer Motobecane. First introduced in , the Mobylette enjoyed a year history and production numbers exceeded 14 million bikes. In , Motobecane filed for bankruptcy, and ceased production of their moped line. A light, rigi trimmed-down, more economically viable series sold along side the 50 series. Although not as sought-after as the 50v, 40 series Mobylettes are still quite common, and even preferred by some due to their lighter, 90lbs. The 50 series is probably the most refined and sought after moped manufactured by Motobecane.

By the s, its popularity had soared to such an extent that somewere being made every year. Tough EU legislation on pollution which decrees that the standard two-stroke, The Mobylette, France's little moped that could, is headed for the junkyard of history. But Mobylettes enjoyed a reputation for being solid, reliable, cheap and easy to maintain.

They transported young lovers to their first date, farmers to market and postal carriers to letterboxes. For teenagers, who could legally ride a Mobylette from the age of 14 without needing a licence, they were a dream come true. Sales Plummet But despite its long pedigree, few self-respecting French teenagers now turn up at school gates astride a "mob", as they were once affectionately known.

Today, the fashion in France is for scooters in bright, flashy colors. Sales of the modest Mobylette plunged to just 11, units prior to their discontinuation. Some 30 million Mobylettes have been manufactured since they were introduced inaccording to Mr Alvarez.

The vehicle's demise comes as France fights to preserve its identity in a world of disappearing economic, cultural and linguistic barriers. Berets were once almost a national symbol; today, young people prefer hip-hop style woolly hats. The French language, once required for diplomacy, has long lost ground to English. So anxious is France to stem the tide that the law requires radio stations to broadcast a minimum amount of French music.

Dating Your Motobecane from Ets Mauger for their excellent grid of years and models 4. Motobecane Club of France for illustrations and information 5. mobyjoost on The Mobylette/Motobecane Forum UK, a Mobylette expert and enthusiast 6. La bleue pour les bleus, on Le Monde en Bleue, another Moby expert 7. Mar 13,   This is from the bicycle site Old Roads: Serial number dating information for Motobecane's is very scarce. The best way to date a Moto is by the design and tubing used on the frame, the decals, paint scheme, components and component date codes. Don't worry registrations can often be kept or a new number applied for. You just need to go through the right process and in some cases also pay the appropriate DVLA fees.

Despite the country's fondness for it, the Mobylette was no match for European anti-pollution legislation that comes into force next year. The vehicle's two-stroke engine doesn't meet new vehicle emissions standards. Mobylettes were not known for their beauty but are arguably the most famous moped brand and have sold incredibly well. About half of the 30 million Mobylettes sold since were a model nicknamed la bleue the blue so called because they first sold in just one color.

Production of that model stopped in mid-November, Alvarez said.

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Mobylettes carried young lovers on first dates and farmers to market. Postmen used them to deliver mail, and teenagers allowed by law to ride them without a license at 14 souped-up the engines to race.

Every young person dreamed of having one," said Maurice Bernot, a year-old computer engineer who started saving at age 10 to buy his first Mobylette four years later. He recently bought another one, a model he reconditioned to ride to work and skirt traffic jams in his southern town of Toulon. It does just 25 miles an hour, but "it reminds me of when I was 14," Bernot said.

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The Mobylette had recently enjoyed a revival of sorts. Nino Quincampoix, the quirky male lead of the hit film "Amelie," rode one in his cross-Paris hunts for Amelie Poulain, the dotty waitress with a heart of gold.

The Mobylette was also featured on a set of stamps released by the national post office in March, along with the Concorde jet, TGV high-speed trains, the France ocean liner and the 2CV, the car Citroen stopped producing in Aboutpeople voted to include the Mobylette in the series.

Picture of a Mobylette.

Aug 15,   Wanting a moped to get to work on, I asked my local motorcycle shop to give me a shout if they ever came across anything cheap and cheerful. Expecting a ten year old Puch, I was surprised when they presented this forty something French moped. It doesn't go and clearly needs a little attention. So here goes. The table below shows the Mobylette mopeds and 50cc motor cycles that were available during the s, listed by model number. Many of the AV models were also available as AU models too; the difference is that AV was used for those badged as Motobecane and AU was used for .

MobCustom - Has modification and tuning information that covers the absolute beginner to the well seasoned advanced tuner along with general maintenance information. Both transfers were on the right side, and the piston had transfer windows and a ridge across the top. It was not at all symmetrical left to right. That is why the exhaust exits to the left.

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Both transfer ports were on the right side. Improvements were 1 it had a hard aluminum cylinder with a hard chrome lining, 2 it had crank seals, 3 some models had a new automatic running clutch and automatic starting clutch.

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But it was the first Dimoby. Once the rear wheel was moving over 5 mph, the automatic starting clutch starts the engine.

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Once the engine rpms get above aboutthe automatic running clutch begins to propel the bike forward. Intake from the crankcase was forced upward around the left and right sides of the piston.

Defi - Le 4L Trophy en mobylette !

Two streams were directed towards the intake side by the left and right transfer ports. They then merged and looped around, past the spark plug, towards the exhaust side, forcing out any exhaust gases.

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This was more efficient. The piston changed to a flat-dome top, but the cylinder remained all aluminum with hard chrome lined cylinder wall. The AV7 De exhaust had a new design, called blunderbuss. Inverting the expansion chamber made the exhaust short, allowing the engine to swing, while still allowing the exhaust to expand.

The new compact exhaust design allowed a new swinging engine mount design. The AV7 De V-belt was held at a constant tension automatically by a spring, instead of bolted solid and adjusted periodically.

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The belt is a V-belt that grips from the sides of the V. It sinks down deeper between the V-shaped sides of the pulley, as they move apart, and raises up higher between the V-shaped sides as they come together. A set of 4 or 6 steel balls roll outward when the engine rpms increase.

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That forces the pulley sides together, causing the V-belt to ride higher. The result is the engine rpm stays the same as the bike accelerates. The blunderbuss short exhaust allowed the engine to swing about 20 degrees. Below 15mph the engine is forward, in low gear, and above 25mph it is rearward, in high gear.

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Only the crankshaft, crank bearings, and piston changed. The old crank axles were 15mm everywhere, and took standard bearings 15 x 42 x 13 MB But installing the press-fit bearings meant dragging the clutch side bearing over the clutch clip groove and needle bearing surface, sometimes getting stuck or causing harm.

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The new crank was thicker at the bearings, 16mm. The bearings no longer damaged the crank during installation, but were not standard. They were special QR 16 x 42 x 13 with rounded inner edge MB The AV7 V2 illustration does not show the to step in the crankshaft, because it is the older AV7 V illustration, but it does show the new crank and bearing part numbers. The piston design did not change.

That is very subtle. There was a separate sheet for pistons with over ten different part numbers and sizes.

12 mai - Moped Photo Gallery - Motobecane Mobylette. 12 mai - Moped Photo Gallery - Motobecane Mobylette. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to . Apr 06,   The Mobylette/Motobecane Forum UK. Home. Legal requirements to ride a Moped. Insuring your Moped. Driving Licence Requirements. How to load photographs in to your thread. How to load photographs in to your thread. News Welcome to the UK's friendliest forum for owners of Mobylettes, Raleighs, and all derivatives of the Motobecane family. Motobecane bicycles have a particular place in the hearts and minds of vintage bikes buffs, especially those of us who were first introduced to lightweights in the s. Established in , by Motobecane had become a top French brand with employees. Later it became as "MBK." In very recent years, this brand has reappeared on mail-order Chinese-made bikes, .

Because not all of the plated cylinders are made to the exact same diameter, before this you had to sand the piston if it happened to be too tight for that cylinder, or settle for a loose fit like a worn engine has, if it happened to be too loose. AV7 V2. It had noticeably different head fins that run at an angle instead of straight back. Both the cylinder and head fins were wider.

Wierd, like Solex! AV7 Z cutaway. On top it has big fins and a piston-controlled reed valve. So the piston has an intake window. But look under the crankcase and you will see a second cylinder and piston.

Mobylettes of the s

It pressurizes and depressurizes the crankcase every revolution. It is timed to be lowest pressure during the intake process, and highest during the transfer process.

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It is a supercharger for a two-stroke engine.

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