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And I appreciate you expressing the difference in experience for non-Hebrew speaking Jews in the army. I found a short interesting article on this. My impression was, 3 months Shlav bet and then anywhere from 6 - 14 months sherut chovah can be expected. Does that sound right? So I am 34 years old, I have a college degree. More than one in fact. I have also served several years in the U. I would like to make Aliyah single soldier.

Where do you suggest I start? Just be ready to meet a lot of resistance.

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Okay just curious. Why would I meet with resistance? My age or that fact that I am coming from the U. I would think my military experience and college education would be pluses. Yes I meant lone soldier. I know I am not required but I wish to serve. I would have made a career of the military here if not for plans to make Aliyah. Gideon - Get used to meeting everything in Israel with resistance! That is just part of the culture. So, even though you have a lot to offer, the army may not see it that way.

Anything is possible in Israel with persistence! I am very concerned about what unit I will be in. I am hoping to become a lone soldier soon. Does that mean I get to choose my unit? Will that affect me? No soldier gets to choose the unit. The army chooses for you.

Being in the army is not about having choices. Your vision will impact your medical profile, how much will depend what your actual vision is.

Would I still have to serve? I am hoping to make aliyah this next year, as I will be turning I would like to do start a year long masters and following that seek professional employment. Can I request when making aliyah to be placed in the reserve pool, or is service mandatory as long as I obtain a certain score on a health profile?

I believe at your age, you will be required to serve shlav bet, which is a 3 month service. Then you will be a part of the reserves. There might be a chance you will have to do six months, but I think that is the longest period for someone making Aliyah at your age. However, the army is typically pretty reasonable about understanding school when it comes to shlav bet.

I am a 22 year old female considering making Aliyah. Because of my age and gender, would I still have to do the 3 months? Thank you! I am a 22 year old female who already has a dual citizenship in Israel and America, and I have lived and studied in America for a majority of my life. Will I be drafted into the army at any point during this time? By: Gavriella on July 16, at am.

If your service was cancelled through the embassy, you will most likely not have any problems.

Since you are doing the IDF Ulpan, the likelihood is that you are going to have a lot of Russians in your ulpan, so expect to pick up as much Russian as you do Hebrew. As far as sex and dating, it depends on which group you ask. The religious, don't like them. The secular, love both sex and dating. Apr 30,   Decrochez votre entreprise en alternance directement de chez vous! Sup de Vente se mobilise pour vous accompagner dans la recherche de votre . Kaddish service by IDF The Nachal Charedi unit in the IDF are providing a service for those who need kaddish to be said for loved ones. Rabbi Schwartz, a father of a paratrooper with the brigade said: "Over the last few weeks I have been lost because I cannot say Kaddish for my mother.

At worst, you would be able to explain your circumstances and get it cancelled. By: fakesmile on August 4, at pm. Next year, ill be in the IDF, what place and units will I be in? Like whats the worst and the best?

It all depends on your skills and medical profile on where you will be. What is worst and best depends on what you want to do. Hi, im an 18yr old christian american male contemplating joining the IDF after i go to college because i beleive more in what they are fighting for over there then what they are doing over here.

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The IDF is a an army that defends the Jewish state. Christians do not have the right to become a citizen of Israel. More importantly, the US has laws against Americans joining other armies - you will lose your American citizenship. You mean to say that non-Jews whether Christian or otherwise do not have the right to immigrate to Israel and obtain Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, but there are many non-Jewish citizens of Israel, those who are born there Israeli Arabs and those who obtain Israeli citizenship by other means marriage to an Israeli, naturalization, etc.

There are Christians in the IDF-e. Additionally, non-Jews from abroad who marry an Israeli citizen or a Jew who is eligible for aliyah under the Law of Return can obtain Israeli citizenship that way, for example, many Russian Christians married to Jewish spouses or even someone with 1 Jewish grandparent immigrate to Israel with their Jewish spouse, became Israeli citizens, and subsequently have to do IDF service if they fall within the correct age and health parameters.

Mikhael, you are confusing some issues. First of all, it was a specific answer to a specific question, so that is why I specified Christians, which is obviously a subset of non-Jews. So, that is not a way for a non-Jewish person to immigrate to Israel. A non-Jewish spouse of a Jew only receives rights to live, work, etc in Israel, but does not become a citizen - based on my understanding.

Christian Arabs are citizens of Israel, so again, this is an irrelevant point for the person asking the question. I had a friend in the same situation.

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He only did months, but that might have changed. You really need to check with Mahal. Hey i am 18 i was born in Israel and moved to US when i was 7. I am thinking of making an Aliyah after i hopefully become an Orthodontist or doctor.

Do you know if i will be able to get a job successfully move to Israel and be able to get a job with my license? I speak Hebrew, English, and Russian. Well, if you made aliyah when you were 7, then you would technically be considered a katin chozer, which means that your rights would be a bit different. The army has different rules when it comes to doctors in the army, so I unfortunately do not have that information for you.

However, I do have friends that were doctors and had to serve in the army, even though they were older. As far as being able to find a job - doctors that speak Hebrew, Russian and English are in demand. If you move to Israel when you are 18, you will be considered a lone soldier and would definitely have to do 3 years and then only after you would go to med school. You MIGHT be able to talk the army into letting you do med school first, but then you would have to serve something like 5 or 6 years.

And, I should point out that, Israel is one of the hardest countries to get into med school. And expect to get paid a lot less there than in the US. As a doctor making an Aliyah, is it a guarantee that i will have a job? Thank you very much your answers are very helpful!

If you are talking about a drivers licence, then you will have to take a driving test.

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My mother and father are both Israeli which by default makes me Israeli, even though i was born in the US. I lived in Israel for 2 years and came back to the states when i was 9, so I have a teudat zehut number only.

I believe, although im not certain, that my father recieved my IDF package? Im considering moving back but Im not possitive on the legalities I havnt defered my service at the consulate yet. Have you any ideas of what will happen? Service, jail, etc? Thank you. You should be in touch with the embassy regarding this information. To check out jobs, you should try israemploy website - check out the useful links page.

Hey im planning to do aliyah when im years old. I live in sweden, and after high school here, you get a 1 year break. I plan to use the 1 year break, and take a extra year break, so I have 2 years in israel. Do you know a opition for me on how long I should serve? I dont want to serve for like 2,5 years, but I also dont want to serve only 3 months. I also dont know hebrew, and therefore going to go in a U-plan. Being drafted at 22 shortens your military service.

By: aliyahsurvival on June 7, at am. I want to move to Israel when I am about 21 I am male. I know some German and Russian but zero Hebrew. I am also Jewish by heritage. Also any clue how to learn the Hebrew language and alphabet because I am at a loss of how to learn it. You will have both civilian Ulpan Hebrew classes paid for by the government and army ulpan. There are plenty of people in your situation. You should make sure you know what the laws are for proving your Jewish identity before making aliyah.

And what are the options for living once in training? Do we stay at the base? Do we get days off? I was on birthright last summer and some IDF soldiers joined our trip around Israel. I know there are some online classes that you could take - usually they advertise on jpost or haaretz or maybe even ynet. As far as living, there are lone soldier houses.

The army also gives very small stipends for apartments. Hello, I am on schedule to make aliyah at the end of this year. I will have just turned I believe Shlav Bet is my likely route. If I request my Tzav Rishon early what time frame do you think i am looking at before 6 months of service begin. Any help is appreciated. It is hard to say. If you demand loud enough and enough times, then you can get anything done.

This is how everything works in Israel - including the IDF. Is this David who lives in Ros. I found you online! Who would know you best?

I am a 32 year old attorney lving in the US and would like to make alyah. I am fully aware of the resistence I would face. Joining the reserves is a central part of my desire to move to Israel. Is there demand for someone with my credentials, despite my age? Perhaps a role in anintelligence unit or foriegn affairs? I can read and write Hebre, but would certainly need ot take Ulpan before hand.

Personally, I made the mistake of joining Marva when I was military age after college. Marva was like summer camp and it left me feeling very unfulfilled.

It is one of the biggest regrets of my life. I understand I am too old for Mahal now, so i figured the resreves is the only shot I have to serve my people in terms of military service. I think you would be fighting a very uphill battle. I am not sure what the cut off age for Shlav Bet is.

And even if you would be in Shlav Bet, there is no guarantee that you would be using your degree. You could end up just being a driver. However, remember, the biggest thing you need to be able to do in Israel is to fight for what you want. That ability will make your time in the country more successful. I am an American 24 year old male.

I plan on making Aliyah in either November or December this year. I would really rather extend my army time and do combat.

Also, is it possible to do combat since I am 24? I have heard a lot of different things. Is there anything I could do?

But, if you really want to, you will have to argue - which is a good survival tool for Israel. What should I do first? I am terrified of being away from my family but I know tr military will be a good experience and I will learn a lot of discipline and maturity.

Still, what should I expect from the army as an 18 year old girl? Technology makes it easier these days. Friends become family. You will learn a lot from the military, some good, some bad.

If you are drafted, there are a number of options for the timing. I was drafted after 5 months, but my experience was unusual. I believe most people are drafted after a year. The army service for me would be 3- 6 months max. I want to do longer. Would it be possible to do a longer service.

I know it also depends on my test results. Yes, it is possible to lengthen your army service. You may have to fight for it, but it is possible. Hi, I was born in Israel, then moved to the United States at the age of 6, and then I returned last year.

I have two years of high school left Currently enrolled in a Mofet class with an emphasis on biology and relearning Hebrew like crazy.

By: David Bordetsky Zagor on October 1, at pm. And yes, there is even one for Biology and biotechnolgy.

Just be persistent and insistent on what you want. To get ready for your tzav rishon, you should see if you can make any connections with people that have already been in this type of unit or position. Read up about the options so you can say exactly where you want to go. A friend and I are wanting to join the IDF just to fight. Israel is the only army that an American citizen can join without loosing their citizenship. However, if you just want to go join the army to fight, then this may not be the right reason to go.

Another reason is, that you have no idea what your position will be. You might end up working at a desk or in the kitchen. You might have really boring guard duty or feel useless. I think you should way your reasoning a bit more carefully before making such a big step. Maybe spend some more time in Israel before making a decision on what you want to do.

Do you know if there are requirements for you to be eligible for the combat units? Yes, there are. You will receive a grade for your physical fitness, if your grade is not high enough, then you will not be able to be in a combat unit.

I learned hebrew in school and I can speak simple conversational language. Would I have to go to ulpan? How long will I be able to serve for? After how long will they choose my unit, and will I have a choice? Will the army help me find a home, or will I stay with Israelis? Also, how long after I get to Israel can I get citizenship? I recommend going to Ulpan. You can meet people, plus it will help your Hebrew. It is something you get for free from the country, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Army service is 2 years, possibly 1 year and 11 months. You get citizenship right away. You will have to apply with your israeli consulate. However, if you make aliyah after 17 years old, you will not be automatically drafted into the IDF. I recently came to visit for the first time and have fallen in love with Israel and want to come back and stay for a few years. I am looking into getting dual citizenship I live in the U.

If I do serve in the Israeli army will that affect my chances of getting in the U. I do not know Hebrew.

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By: Rebecca on October 25, at am. Only if you move to Israel before the age of 17, does a female get drafted into the Israeli army. Is there anywhere online that I can take a test to determine if my hebrew is up to the IDF standards? They typically test you during the drafting process, when you get your tzav rishon.

Thank you for your help. Thank you for you good work! I have got the ability but would i be too old? Not necessarily. Also, your age may not be the limiting factor, it could depend on your profile or other external factors in the army - i. I just want to know what you do after your IDF training? If you mean after boot camp, then that depends on where you will be serving and what your position will be.

The type of training you have will also depend on what position you will be serving. As a male you will serve 3 years and as a female 2 years. If you mean after your full service, then that depends - you could work, study or both. Many Israelis take a long trip to the east or south america after their service.

What would you do after boot camp? Would you just be at checkpoints all day? I wish I had the opportunity to travel the Israel, train, learn more Hebrew and fight alongside the best military. You all are very fortunate to have such an opportunity to be part of the IDF, go to Israel and fight for her. What stages does he have to go through? I am now finishing college and want to make aliyah when I graduate. I will be 22 yrs old then. I aspire to join an elite unite, such as shayetet I was wondering how long my service will be?

Hello, I am a 23 year old male considering joining the IDF. What would my service be if I attain citizenship vs.

Also, my mothers cousin lives in Israel, would I still qualify as a line soldier? You would probably have to server for 6 months if you attain citizenship. I admire the IDF and the will and strenth of the israeli people. God bless everyone involved in keeping this country safe. Will I be required to serve in the IDF? It is an archaic law that effects a large population in Israel.

The main benefit to serving in the army is the cultural ct. There really is not much of a financial ct. I am an american christian wanting to join the IDF, what steps do I need to take to join?

I understand that being of non-jewish decent complicates things, but I want to serve the israeli people in any way I can. However, it is important to note that these are Israeli Christians. After finishing school in 2 years in age of 18,5. I really want to join the IDF. How many time it takes from sign in, visaall tests until be finally in the army? Just by moving to Israel, you will be drafted. It can take half a year to a year. Do you know Hebrew? You will want to make sure to Ulpan before the army and hopefully try to avoid army ulpan.

Hey, Im 26 and from America. My program ends at the end of January. I was also 25 when I first came to Israel in September. Would I still be required to do army serivce or would I have to volunteer and fight to get in? I enjoy reading all the information and your answers and maybe you could help me: Ive heard there is a chance to sign a contract with IDF for some extended period of time.

My question is if its possible to sign some kind of agreement with them to extend period of service to make service in elite units aviable? Hi, Ive heard its harder for citizens who never lived here to get into moddin. I am leaving to Israel on February 13th for the end of April draft. I am very confused as to what the process is before I get to Israel, and once I am there.

I am hearing alot of conflicting things on what paper work I need, and if I get my visa in the USA or once I am in Israel etc I was wondering if you can help shed some light on this issue.

Thank You! First off: thank you for blogging it up like you do. With this being said, will I be considered a lone soldier? What, if any, are the chances for a 33 year old guy to make a career in the IDF? I read somewhere that any man over 26 is exempt. Yes, you can still be considered a lone soldier. Honestly, pretty slim of a chance, but not impossible. You may be exempt, but you can still volunteer. The Mossad will look for you if they want you. But I heard they are in need of foreign passports.

Would I need to go to the army? If so, is there any way I can get out of services to continue my studies? By: karen on January 27, at pm.

Typically, when making aliyah to Israel after the age of 17, females do not have to serve in the army. However, Americans living in Israel with dual Israeli-American citizenship are supposed send in a form to the embassy to cancel their army service before they are supposed to serve. If you are a male, then you will be drafted. So, the average age is closer to We have no proof of religious Jewish history, only the blood line. Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity.

But you have the right to move to Israel if you can prove that you have one Jewish grandparent who is Jewish. For instance, were they buried in a Jewish cemetery? Sorry, my English. I mean, such as family practicing Judaism in secret therefore no Jewish record.

This thread is very interesting. I am 23 and finished university nearly a year ago and have been working since. I plan to liquidate the life that I have here to join. My main concerns right now are making sure that the I dont do this to discover that I dont qualify. I spoke to Machal and was told that I would have to take a 10 min test in Hebrew which will determine if I can join.

If I fail I cannot take it again and will be too old for the next draft. My Hebrew was pretty good about 5 years ago. Can anyone tell me the level of difficulty and the nature of the test? As it is I can hold a conversation, but barely. The rules might be different for machal, because that is not the rule for typical army service. Is there an opportunity for you to go to civilian ulpan first? You should ask machal about what the test includes so that you can figure out what is in the 10 minute conversation so you can prepare better.

As a soldier, you will get about NIS a month. You can get a little more if you are a warrior, for danger pay. If you were to Israel right now, you would have to do around years, possibly the full 3. It is very hard to live off the money you get from the army. However, if you are in the army most of the time, like as a fighter, then you barely have time to spend money.

Hey Im an 18 year old girl from england, and thinking of making aliya in september. I want to do the army service but I was wondering would I have to do it for 1 year and a half, or would it be for 3 years?

Women only have to do 2 years. However, women are ONLY drafted if they make aliyah at or before the age of Have you heard of it? Will I have to make aliyah first to join? The three month program is called shlav bet. It is only for males. There is no three month program for females.

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Females are only drafted into the army if they make aliyah at or before the age of Any tips? Are you making aliya? If you are there is 5 months of ulpan for new immigrants. Also, how old are you? Are you sure you will be automatically drafted? The time you serve depends on how old you are when you make aliyah. I am 19 years old. I know about the ulpan, but I am expecting lots of difficulties due to my lack of Hebrew, especially in the interviews in the enlistment process.

The Mahal program is different and I am not familiar with it. I just turned 18 and have one more year of school after I want to make aliyah and serve in the IDF more then just 2 years. I have set my mind on serving in the IDF and I will do any thing to, but I do not know what to expect or how to prepare. So do you have any advice for me?

The Israel Defense Forces differs from most armed forces in the world in many ways. Differences include the conscription of women and its structure, which emphasizes close relations between the army, navy, and air force. Since its founding, the IDF has been specifically designed to match Israel's unique security situation. Idf jobs available on Apply to Transporter, Ingenierie, Maintenance Electromecanique and more! Jul 16,   Job dating Sup de Vente 12e edition, 50 entreprises partenaires sont venues recruter en direct les apprentis de Sup de Vente, ecole de la CCI Paris Ile-de-France specialisee dans l.

The law of return actually requires that you have one Jewish grandparent. It is actually quite difficult to join the army as a female if you make aliyah after 17 years old - not impossible but difficult. My biggest recommendation is to start learning Hebrew. Take a trip, a long-term trip to Israel. There is a female ish years old in America interested in making Aliyah with her family. She is interested in a career as an IDF officer of some kind. She is a very intelligent lady, has never served in the military before any military for that matter.

I and she know she is older then the age a female needs to be to be conscripted for service. She is still interested in serving and hopefully becoming an officer although she does not know what capacity. She does have some things on her medical profile that would likely keep her out of combat positions. She is still very interested in joining the IDF military with hopes to serve as a career officer in some capacity.

She would like to know if she can become an officer after making Aliyah if she enlists for a period of time first? And does anyone have any pointers to help her reach this capacity as an officer especially given her age. Are there any skills that if she has she should highlight?

She currently works as a secretary and is fully willing to become a citizen and serve. She is willing to have to fight for it if need be but would like any advice she can get as far as what will help her chances. What happens if, before my service begins, I get settled with a job and an apartment as I hope will happen. Presumably, a six month leave of absence would mean that I lose the job. And possibly the apartment. Also, who will feed my cat? By: mschultz on March 26, at pm. You would either have to do 3 or 6 months.

Probably shlav bet. You should probably first do 5 months of Ulpan, which is part of your aliyah rights. You can try to fight it, but it is highly unlikely that you will. I am a 21 year old American. I am a girl who wants to serve in combat after I finish college in a year. I would be able to join Garin Tzabar and am wondering if I would be able to serve in combat.

I am worried my Hebrew is not good enough. Any thoughts? I recommend doing your 5 months of ulpan as soon as you make aliyah. I would time your aliyah based on when ulpan starts - usually July and January I believe. I would start working on your Hebrew now if you can. Take classes, find a tutor, etc. You could possibly serve in combat assuming your physical score is high enough. There are not many combat units for girls. Do you know if it is possible to not go to the army?

However, since you lived there for a few years, then this complicates things. You should definitely check with your shaliach. I do recommend going to the army though - it is a great way to really become acclimated, to improve your Hebrew, and meet people. Is this possible to all squeeze into 1 year?

Given my school schedule is it possible to make all the arrangements before coming to israel? Maybe you should ask Machal? I am a young Jew 16and I plan on making Aliyah when I graduate My mother is Jewish and my father is not, so my mother did not receive a Ketubah. I was told that all I need is a letter from my Rabbi to make Aliyah, yes? I know I will have to press the Chief Rabbinate twice as hard as it presses me to verify my Jewishness.

I want to go into the Israeli Air Force after Ulpan. How do I go into the IAF? How much do pilots get paid? I know it is a required 9 years in service after graduating from the Academy, but, how do I ensure I get to fly? Correct, all you will need is a letter from a rabbi. And yes, you will have a very difficult time proving your Jewishness to the Rabbinute. There is no way to ensure anything in the army. Your fate will be in the arms of the bureaucracy.

To become a pilot, you will need to meet some of the highest demands - IQ, physical, etc. I am a young Jew 16 and I want to make Aliyah when I graduate I want to serve in the Israeli Air Force. What are the prerequisites? I made aliyah 5 months ago when i was I requested the army for an early call and got one. I went to the Lishkat Hagius for my first call last month and have got my second call in this month.

My Hebrew Ulpan is going on. I will need to work along with my army service due to some family problems,so when is the best time to request the army for the permission? Also can I know my profile and my kaba score from the army?

Please help. Yes, you will be able to get into kishrei chutz or Deveret Tzahal even if your Hebrew is not that good. However, it is hard to get into these units and you often need protectia. As a lone soldier you will get 1 month each year as a meuchedet. I believe you have to wait at least 3 months possibly 6 in order to use this though.

You should be able to know what your medical profile is. What are my other options as a new immigrant? Also,I am not a lone soldier.

I made aliyah with my family last year. So when is the best time to request the army for the permission to work along with my army service?

I did not mention about it during my Tzav Rishon. Protectia is knowing someone in high places, it is a connection. A very important word in Israel. You want to begin mentioning your family problems as soon as possible so that it documented all the way through. My great-grand-father was Jewish, but my family does not follow the religion. Is it possible for me to go and serve? I suggest you make an inquiry with machal.

About I.D.F.

You could convert in the US and then make Aliyah. But only convert if you feel you want to join the jewish people - which it sounds like you do. Hi, I was born in israel and am an israeli citizen but emigrated to the US with my parents at 7. I am now 25 but looking to spend a year in israel. Given the length of my visit will I have any military issues or be required to serve?

I deferred my service due to being in university in the US but am now wondering if that changes if i spend a certain amount of time in israel.

There might be issues. But having already deferred it will help your situation. Check with your embassy before you go. It will be easier to deal with before you leave than once you are there. I will make Aliyah in October of After ulpan i would like to go in Army. I think i will serve 6 months. Is there any possibility to work in IDF after 6 month? You will make more money outside of the army anyhow. My mom and siblings recently moved back to Israel and my dad is staying here with me while I finish high school.

I am planning on moving back to Israel this summer and joining the army, but I am concerned about the preliminary tests, rights, etc. I speak Hebrew fluently and can read and write, though understandably not on the same level as someone my age who went to school in Israel. What can I expect out of the tests, interviews and how can I make sure that I can take them in English?

Any information that could be even remotely helpful to my situation would be greatly appreciated. You will most likely be considered a katina chozeret.

I brought a friend with me to help me write an essay in Hebrew, to make sure that I could write full sentences. My best advice is to not be nervous. Do you know what you want to do in the army? Hello again. Could you give me a rundown of all the personal questions I might have to answer?

Mahal with Free IDF Ulpan (males and females, if Hebrew skills not adequate) Additional and frequent IDF enlistment dates are available over the year, depending on qualification and preferred IDF job; your enlistment date will be set after your registration, the reply of the MoD and your personal visit and the following IDF procedures including the medical and Hebrew test. 8, Dating jobs available on Apply to Economist, Agent, Pharmacy Technician and more! IDF is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to providing equal opportunity in all of our employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, and benefits to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, marital status, citizenship status, disability, veteran status.

Maybe someone else can give you a list of questions. From what I heard you can expect questions about your relationship with your parents, their salaries, your socioeconomic standing, whether or not your parents are together, any major life events, about your family, etc. You just have to remember to keep your cool, take it seriously, and be honest.

This is just what other people told me to help me get ready for it, as I have yet to take it too, but I hope it helps.

Good luck with your interview! My question is how can i shorten my military service in order to keep the citizenship and not serve the long term of three years. During your Tzav Rishon, you should have mentioned your socio-economic situation, i. If you serve in combat, it will be very hard for you to shorten your service, because it costs the army a lot of money to train you, therefore, they will want to keep you in service longer so they can benefit from that cost.

I wish I had better advice for you. I have a great interest in Israeli culture, and a strong desire to learn Hebrew. Anyways, apparently Christians can not serve in the IDF?

Why is this? Also, is it so that Druze are capable of joining the IDF? All is possible in Israel with persistence right? I am truly thankful. May all be well with you, and may God bless you.

Christians can join the IDF. You chould check with the Machal program that helps volunteers from abroad volunteer for the army. However, if you are not a Jew and you join the IDF - i. There are other programs that offer a week volunteer in the army, but I doubt it is what you are looking for as there is absolutely no real army training. Thanks for the reply, may all be well with you.

Inshalla Shalom. Perhaps you could apply for dual citizenship? Is there any way to see what my medical profile would be before joining, and what jobs I would be disqualified from? Your actual medical profile would depend on the level of hearing loss.

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You would definitely be disqualified from any type of fighter position. I had a friend who was completely deaf and she had to fight to get into the army, but the main point is that she got in. None of my blood relations are Jewish. How difficult will it be and what can I expect?

Machal is meant to be easier for volunteers from abroad to serve in the IDF hence the name. However, you might be questioned about your conversion, especially depending on the denomination you converted with. This is an unfortunate fact of Israel, despite what the law of return says. Hello, I am a female 17 year old Israeli, and live in London I was born and brought up here.

Is it still possible for me to serve as a Kravi? Hopefully, I wish to join Karakal, but due to my age I am wondering if that will be possible. I am not sure exactly about karakal 2 - Yes, you can still be considered a lone soldier. Hello, Im a 21 year old female and really interested in making aliyah! Yet there are a few things that I think would prevent me from being able to join the IDF. First off, I was born here in the U. I am in the process of converting because my mom isnt jewish and i know have been told, rather that if your mother isnt jewish neither are you.

I dont speak much Hebrew though.

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I just know some of the basics. I do know a bit of Russian, more than i do hebrew. Second of all, i have a child. If i made aliyah my child would stay with my mom here in the U. Would i have to wait till after i convert? I also have tattoos, is that bad? Does the fact that i have a child affect my making aliyah? Where would i live if i dont have any immediate family in Israel?

Yet i appreciate you answering them. Make sure you understand all of the complications regarding converting and what type of conversions that the Rabbinute accepts so that you make a decision on what you want to do. As a 21 year old female, you will not be drafted. Tattoos are not an issue. There are absorption centers in which you could live for the first 5 months.

Hello,i am busy with joining the IDFi already had my tsav rishon and everything went ok. Does this mean i will be with people that dont speak a word of hebrew? Also do i have to shave my head for the ulpan?

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Are you being sent to army ulpan? You have to shave your head when you get drafted. I would suggest first trying to do civilian ulpan. In the army, you will be on a track and will have to stay on that track. You will not be able to come in and out of the ulpan based on what fits you. It will mainly be Russian immigrants that are in the army ulpan with you. Yes, it would qualify you, but you need to make sure you can correctly prove your Jewish heritage to the Jewish Agency to make aliyah, and then when it comes time for marriage, you will have to prove it to the rabbinute - which will be much harder.

I am 18 years old and I just graduated high school abroad. I used to live in Israel and I own a Teudat Zehut. I am not making Aliyah. The army does not work on our schedule, so it could take a short time or a long time. If you want to speed things up, you might want to head to your drafting office. From my tzav rishon to my drafting, it took less than four months.

The process includes some army interviews to test your IQ, your Hebrew level, socieconomic situation, etc. You may not know what army unit you will be in until after boot camp.

After the Tzav rishon, how long did it take? It really depends. Sometimes there is a specific draft that you would be included in for your unit so it could be a quick turn around or you would have to wait.

If there is a specific unit that you want to get into, you can certainly try. It worked for me, so it might work for you. But remember if you try to speed something up then you may miss the draft date that you need.

What is the cut off age? When you say national service - do you mean the army or what is actually called national services - the year of service that the religious do to serve the country in other capacities? Are you female or male? Please do not mail or phone us regarding enlistment datessince we publish ALL ates here, as received from the IDF from time to time.

Register online NOW - here. By knowing more about you and your preferences we will be able to assist you much better; first we have to check if you are eligible and, if you are, which office will continue handling your enlistment. After the pre-check your qualification we will inform you about your next steps and particularly the next person or place to contact including phone. The online registration does not commit you to serve in the IDF or elsewhere, but has the sole purpose to help us to help you quickly.

Enter Israel with a passport which is valid for more than 6 months note: for enlistment purposes you will need a longer passport validity, see If you are Israeli and do not have an Israeli passport, you may arrive in Israel with your non-Israeli passport. Your first office to stop after arriving in Israel is in our reply to your online registration. If, for whatever reason, you did not register online yet, please register NOW here if possible long before arriving in Israel.

After the pre-check of your qualification, we will inform you about your next steps and particularly the next person or place to contact including address and phone numbers. A few government agencies must cooperate on your tight schedule, which is worldwide a nearly certain recipy for unexpected delays.

Israeli government agencies appear often inefficient and unreliable, particularly when compared to Switzerland. However, government functionaries are often very creative in solving problems resulting from delays. Be prepared for schedule problems, nearly always with a happy end. Most important, ALWAYS remain on top and check frequently the progress made in your case, even when told this is not really necessary.

The MoD office is in Tel Aviv within a short walking distance from bus and train stations. Map - here. More contact details and availability - here. Needless to say, it is preferable to arrange your first visit well in advance, while still abroad.

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However, if you are on a tight schedule, you can arrange a meeting at short notice and even show up at the MoD office without prior notice; but do not mind waiting some time bring a book or so. Arrive at the MoD with your documents as listed here non-Israelis or here Israelis. The MoD makes final checks of your qualifications according to the legal conditions at the time of your recruitment. NOT for Israeli overseas residents and children of overseas Israelis, even if not holders of an Israeli passport.

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Map Tel Aviv - hereis within a short walking distance from the MoD. Map Jerusalem - here.

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