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What can I expect? Expect a lot of yelling. All of these tests will help determine where you will serve in the army. Keep in mind, that you could end up in a really terrible unit. You may not be a fighter, you may end up driving trucks. Anything is possible in Israel as long as you are willing to fight for it.

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This includes helping you plan your trip, book a hotel or an apartment, and provide an interpreter whenever necessary. However, if you are not a Jew and you join the IDF - i. There are other programs that offer a week volunteer in the army, but I doubt it is what you are looking for as there is absolutely no real army training. Thanks for the reply, may all be well with you.

Inshalla Shalom. Perhaps you could apply for dual citizenship? Is there any way to see what my medical profile would be before joining, and what jobs I would be disqualified from? Your actual medical profile would depend on the level of hearing loss.

You would definitely be disqualified from any type of fighter position. I had a friend who was completely deaf and she had to fight to get into the army, but the main point is that she got in.

None of my blood relations are Jewish. How difficult will it be and what can I expect? Machal is meant to be easier for volunteers from abroad to serve in the IDF hence the name. However, you might be questioned about your conversion, especially depending on the denomination you converted with.

This is an unfortunate fact of Israel, despite what the law of return says. Hello, I am a female 17 year old Israeli, and live in London I was born and brought up here.

Is it still possible for me to serve as a Kravi? Hopefully, I wish to join Karakal, but due to my age I am wondering if that will be possible. I am not sure exactly about karakal 2 - Yes, you can still be considered a lone soldier. Hello, Im a 21 year old female and really interested in making aliyah! Yet there are a few things that I think would prevent me from being able to join the IDF. First off, I was born here in the U.

I am in the process of converting because my mom isnt jewish and i know have been told, rather that if your mother isnt jewish neither are you. I dont speak much Hebrew though. I just know some of the basics. I do know a bit of Russian, more than i do hebrew. Second of all, i have a child.

If i made aliyah my child would stay with my mom here in the U. Would i have to wait till after i convert? I also have tattoos, is that bad? Does the fact that i have a child affect my making aliyah? Where would i live if i dont have any immediate family in Israel? Yet i appreciate you answering them. Make sure you understand all of the complications regarding converting and what type of conversions that the Rabbinute accepts so that you make a decision on what you want to do.

As a 21 year old female, you will not be drafted. Tattoos are not an issue. There are absorption centers in which you could live for the first 5 months. Hello,i am busy with joining the IDFi already had my tsav rishon and everything went ok. Does this mean i will be with people that dont speak a word of hebrew? Also do i have to shave my head for the ulpan? Are you being sent to army ulpan?

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You have to shave your head when you get drafted. I would suggest first trying to do civilian ulpan. In the army, you will be on a track and will have to stay on that track. You will not be able to come in and out of the ulpan based on what fits you. It will mainly be Russian immigrants that are in the army ulpan with you. Yes, it would qualify you, but you need to make sure you can correctly prove your Jewish heritage to the Jewish Agency to make aliyah, and then when it comes time for marriage, you will have to prove it to the rabbinute - which will be much harder.

I am 18 years old and I just graduated high school abroad. I used to live in Israel and I own a Teudat Zehut. I am not making Aliyah.

The army does not work on our schedule, so it could take a short time or a long time. If you want to speed things up, you might want to head to your drafting office. From my tzav rishon to my drafting, it took less than four months. The process includes some army interviews to test your IQ, your Hebrew level, socieconomic situation, etc. You may not know what army unit you will be in until after boot camp.

After the Tzav rishon, how long did it take? It really depends. Sometimes there is a specific draft that you would be included in for your unit so it could be a quick turn around or you would have to wait. If there is a specific unit that you want to get into, you can certainly try. It worked for me, so it might work for you. But remember if you try to speed something up then you may miss the draft date that you need.

What is the cut off age? When you say national service - do you mean the army or what is actually called national services - the year of service that the religious do to serve the country in other capacities?

Are you female or male? The female cut off age is 17 and the male cut off age is somewhere around your current age. I think you would only have to do shlav bet at this point - which is 3 months. You definitely need to learn Hebrew. So sign up for ulpan while you are there. Also, make sure you understand the limitations you will have in Israel since the Rabbinate does not consider you Jewish.

I am Male and I do mean the army.

IDF Women. , likes 2, talking about this. IDF Women serve for at least 2 years in various units including on the frontlinesFollowers: K. Hahaha. The IDF has aroun men and women aged 18 to EIGHTEEN years old. Have you ever tried telling horny young adults that age NOT to date? The IDF is very realistic as to what it can or can't ask its soldiers to do. Of course, the a. Hand picked from the Holy Book of dating, these 'Ten Commandments' are for all to obey. 1) Thou shalt not expose real intentions from the start A guy looking for sex will spend hundreds of shekels wining and dining their date with the danger of .

I know the limitations I will have since my mother is not Jewish but i still want to make aliyah and join the IDF. I do want to gain my Israeli citizenship here in the future and I want to defend Israel and the people of Israel. By: Sean Hearon on June 30, at am. There are laws in the US against joining foreign armies and I believe that this is waived for Jews who move to Israel, so if you were to join the IDF, there is a chance that you would loose your citizenship.

Would it be a good or bad idea to get in touch with the MOD about my case? Or is there another Department I should contact? I am a male currently serving in the US Army. I am wanting to move to Israel and join the IDF and make a career out of it after my Service here in America but I will be in my late 20 or even early 30 when I do that. I am wondering if the Israeli Gov will make an exception to their age limit policy due to my special skill set?

Do you know any information that would help me out? I do not speak Hebrew as of now, but I will be getting language training here soon. Do me a favor will you, and let me know what you find out?

By: spchearon on July 1, at am. I would really like to help out Israel too. If there was a way I could join the IDF to become a citizen that would be nice. I would even be willing to make a career out of it if need be. I appreciate it. Perhaps contacting the Israeli Embassy might be a good next step? Shalom, I am 34 years and planning to make Aliyah. I want to serve in the IDF. What is the age limit to join?

Am I too old to serve in active duty and will I be made a reserve soldier? You will not be drafted to serve. The only way that you serve in the reserves is if you were to do shlav bet, which you have passed the age limit. Would I be classified as a lone soldier, i have cousins in israel but my immediate family is in america.

I have dual citizenship. I also have some questions about units. My cousins told me that the idf asks you 3 units or things you would like to be in the idf and they take that into concideration but ultimatley they get the last decision, is that true? But i am also very fit and athletic. You would be considered a lone soldier.

The army has the ultimate decision - it is not summer camp. Yes, you have to keep your hair short and face shaved throughout your entire experience. About the loosing your US citizenship, from my understanding of the law s you can join a foreign military and keep you US citizenship if you are a citizen of that country, if you are not a citizen of that country you can join and keep you US citizenship as long as you are not actively engaged in fighting against the US I highly doubt the US and Israel will ever go to war with each otheryou can loose you US citizenship if you are joining a foreign military with the intent of loosing you US citizenship.

Do some research of your own as well, I just hope this helps answer some questions. I am going to join the idf, I am 19 years young. In fact I have a husband who I love very much and he was going to join the American army.

The thing is he wants to convert for me and still serve. We were thinking if joining together. Is there a possibility we can both receive benefits since we are married? And if he can join and get all the benefits with me, will we be able to see each other? First of all, make sure you understand all of the rules and laws around converting. For instance, after converting, you will need to spend a year in the community in which you converted before moving to Israel. Secondly, there are different kind of conversions and they have different standings in Israel.

Secondly, if a female makes aliyah after 17 years old, she does not have to join the army, more so, it will be very difficult for her to join the army. It is even more difficult to join the army to serve in mandatory service once you are married.

If you are both able to get into the army, then you might both be able to get lone soldier benefits. And you have no idea how often you will see each other. You have to pledge your allegiance to one country and this means something very different when you are serving in the army versus just saying it at the beginning of the school day. That makes a lot of sense! I hope it will not ruin my chances. If i can i will enter the next year, i live in Argentina.

I born in israel, and when i had 6 months my parent went to Argentina. I really like to exercise and train sounds very stupid for someone to go to the army because of that, is really a lot more but this would become a lot more extensive. Hello, My name is Zach, I am 23 years old, from the U. I will be moving to Israel in September for 10 months to participate in a Masa sponsored program in Tel Aviv.

I believe I would be considered a Ben Mehager, and since I would be 23 years old at the time I would only be required to serve for 6 months. I guess I have a few questions. What is the process of enlisting without becoming a citizen?

Do you have any more information about the rules and regulations of those in my position? By: ztyroler on July 12, at pm.

You can enlist through Machal without becoming a citizen. Hi, my name is Joshua. My program finishes in December and I would like to stay in Australia for a month or two and come back to do 3 years army service for ideological reasons. I have a friend who is on the same program with me at the moment and he is considering coming back with me after the month or two break. After our service though we would like to return to Australia, finish university, then later on in life we both plan on moving to Israel for good.

How would we go about doing all this? Can I keep my Australian passport? Yes, you can keep your Australian passport.

The best suggestion is to do machal. If you make aliyah, do the army, leave, and then come back, many of your rights will have run out by the time you return. I want to enjoy it. Any ideas or tips as to what I can do about this problem? Unfortunately, learning a new language is not easy and can be boring. It helps to try to speak to Israelis on a daily basis. Maybe try finding teen magazines that you can work on translating?

Is it true that Jewish girls who make aliyah to Israel at 17 years of age do not have to do the army service at all?

Yeah, that is the age that dads usually get sick of their daughters. There are programs for students your age that you could sign up with. Try contacting your shaliach to see what the exact programs are. There are programs called nalah, selah, and garanim. How to make the army known that I have changed my address.

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Earlier I used to live in Raanana when I got the letter from the army that I am to start my service in December. But after that when I shifted to Petah Tikwa,I sent them a fax in English stating them about my address change. I have not got a letter since from the army. I have even checked in Raanana and there seems to be no letters that the army could have sent.

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What do you think? So is there any way that I change my religion and become a Jew? And the last questions is, Will Israeli government let me join its army and become a citizen? I really like to change my path and become an Israeli citizen as well as serving in IDF if possible I do love serving in IDF cause I do believe that it gives me lots of experience. By: Benjmin on July 29, at pm. That is a good question.

Women in the Israel Defense Forces - Israeli Girls

You could try to convert to Judaism. However, I have to be honest, I think it will be difficult. Both converting and getting accepted into the IDF with your past. I think you already know this and the reason. In any case, I highly recommend Buddhism as a religion or at the very least a way of life.

Idf dating

Wish I could be of more help. Hope that things get better over in Iran.

I have never heard of this. Of course I am married, and not out dating people. This is a curious question. If you asked the average American woman on the street about dating preferences, I think she might not list whether the individual was a memb. I had this view of the IDF as as close to a righteous army as you could get, because they taught things like "the sanctity of the weapon", and because you could swear into the army on the Quran, etc. Also I was extremely depressed and thought that if I was in the army, it would force me to get out of bed and do something. Unlike women who have been spoiled by the excesses of the world, an Israel woman is still clean and pure. Find out what you have been missing. Browse through our Israeli brides and find the woman who is perfect for you so you can begin to start a new life in love. About Israel. Israel is located in the Middle East.

Can I make Aliyah this early like now or do I have to wait. If yes how long? I read hebrew fluently and speak a little hebrew. You should check out the Garan program. It helps you with aliyah and in joining the army. I served in the Australian Army for 6 years full-time and have substantial experience. Because of my age, religion or lack of and the fact that I have no Israeli citizenship in my family, am I completely barred from volunteering in the IDF?

Thanks for considering my question. Hello my name is Dallas, just wanted ask some questions!? And my final Q is that how long would the whole process be in regards to me finally converting and actually going into IDF basic training?

You might want to contact Machal. Conversion takes different lengths of time depending on the stream that you are converting with. Additionally, you have to live in the community in which you convert for a year. Make sure you understand what the different types of conversions mean in terms of Israel. There are a lot of different idiosyncrasies in Judaism.

You can also convert in Israel. I was born in Israel and left to France when I was 9 months. Both my parents are Israeli. Thanks a lot and sorry if the question was asked in a different way earlier, I guess each case is specific? But if you are an Israeli citizen, make sure to clear it with the Israel embassy before you go visit.

So, here is the thing. In addition, if you serve for a foreign army, you take the risk of losing your American citizenship. I was brought up Christian as i was living with my mother but was never baptized or confirmed and did not accept Christianity. Yes, you have the right of return.

You will need to try to find a paper trail to prove your Jewish background. You should definitely convert through the IDF - it will be much easier than through the Rabbinute directly or through other Rabbis who the Rabbinute will scrutinize.

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Hello I am a 23yr old male from south Africa I have a year until I am I am not jewish, but my father is jewish. I wish to join the mahal idf program with optional ulplan. Will I be accepted? In terms of your Jewish heritage, you are eligible for Mahal and for Aliyah. Full service is 3 years.

But, to find it if you are eligible for machal at that age, then you should be in touch with machal. I am a 24 years old Afghan Citizen my ancestors were JewI have been a contractor for the US army in Afghanistan for over 4 years now I have a lot of experience in kinetic operations against insurgentsI want to join IDF Mahal is it possible?

By: Obraynt on September 10, at am. What is your Jewish ancestry? Do you have one Jewish grandparent - either grandmother or grandfather? The dad of my grandfather used to be JewishI dont have jewish grand parents or parents. By: Obraynt on September 15, at am. I served in the IDF many years ago. Back in I do not currently live in Israel. What options might I consider? I was in the IDF in I currently live in Australia. Would that cause any issues? You need one Jewish grandparent for qualify for the right of return.

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However, I need to be honest with you, you will most likely be discriminated against in Israel. By: Woody Schulz on September 18, at pm. I have one question, I have been in Israel and I checked all my documents, except they told me that I have to bring letter from my rabbi! Because I am from Bosnia we dont have any rabbis left, so the only document I have now is my birthcertificate which says that I am Jewish. Is that enough or I need to talk to someone before my departure for December class!

Israeli Brides

Thank you in advance! Is there a Jewish elder in the community? Do your parents have a ketuba? What about gravestones that show your parents or grandparents were Jewish? I am a Nigerian interested in serving in Isreali army I have filled the Idf recruitment form online and now awaiting response. I want to know if I will be the person incharge of my travel fares or the Idf if eventually I receive a call.

It might take a few months or a year. If you are female, then you will not be drafted. Hi how are u? I m 22 years old jewish made aliyah at age of I got army letter but my physician told me to get some letter from doctors I have a polystetic kidney.

My doctor told me that i have profile 64 but it can go more down plus a letter from doctor can bring my profile more down.

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The more proof that you have, the more likely you are to be able to get an exemption. Bring in your files and your records from all your doctors, hospital visits, etc. I m in process. Nd the letter of highest flat feet is enough. Do they exempt if i say i m not willing to do as i have this problems which is not a lie and it can cause my life in hell if its not taken care. PKD is exempt from almost all US. UK and russia but dont know ablout Israel. You will not be drafted.

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Females are only drafted into the IDF if they move to Israel before the age of You can try to join if you want. But it will be a fight, it will not be an automatic process. Hi I am a 22 year old female I was born in Israel and emigrated to Canada when I was 10 with my parents.

I am thinking about returning to Israel and making Aliyah. I am also considering applying to university in Israel for my second degree. I am wondering what I should expect in terms of my obligations to the Army? Could I still serve at this age and what are my options? Your parents should have sent in a form when you around 17 to the Israeli consulate in Canada to exempt you from the army.

Jessica, thanks for this excellent website and your story. You were 22 when you made Aliyah and you mentioned that females are not drafted unless they make Aliyah before How did you enlist in the IDF?

Fighting to get into the army could be good experience for fighting for everything else in Israel. I have read that it is better if you have a degree politics, international realtions, law etc.

Is it enough for the IDF if i studied law for one or two semesters. Cause, hounestly i dont want to be too old for the army Service. And i also can speak three languages fluently. Another question is : what type of job are you doing in Kishrei Chutzhow are you working. If you have a high enough profile to be in a kravi unit, that is where you will be. The army will put you wherever it feels you can best serve it, and this can be based on a lot of different things, including timing, what positions are open, etc.

It may not always match up with your skills or what you think would best fit you. Males are recruited up until a much older age than females for mandatory service.

You will for the most part not have a gun or anything like that - maybe just for guard duty, but along with guard duty, you will also have kitchen duty, and cleaning duty, and all of that other not so fun stuff. I rely want to join the oketz unit and I was wondering what steps I need to take to get in and how hard of a unit it is. I was also wondering what are the roles on dating someone in oketz and some of the benifets of joining this unit as a lone solder.

I made aliyah with my family when I was 14 and stayed in Israel for a year before we went back. What am I considered katin chozer, oleh chadash? And how does that relate to my army service and benefits I receive reduced service etc. You will be a katin chozer. If you are a male, you will be drafted for a full 3 years. I am 25 years old, female, and married with one 4 year old daughter.

**Start Here**

I am learning Hebrew and Krav Maga currently. I want to move to Israel and join the Israeli Army. I am a professional well-paid and published photographer. And can my husband and daughter live with me after I get out of basic training? There is a photography unit in the IDF. You would be in the same position as year old kids. You would not really be in any place where you would need krav maga.

But either way, as a 25 year old married female with kids, it would be very difficult to be drafted into the army. Women are only drafted into the army if the make aliyah before the age of Hi i am 22 yrs old guy i made aliya wen i was 21 yr old i got tsav rishon nd i am suffering from pkd i guess early stage is der any chance to get in d army or ll i get exemption.

It will depend on how much it will impact your profile. You can always volunteer if you still want to serve in the event that you get an exemption. I mean ll de still take me in army? I am suffering through a lot doctors r giving me letters saying m fit but i am not plz tell me if i can get a xemption from army. Ok I m 22 did aliyah at So I have appointment with psychologist today in idf i went after i completed tzav rishon last month as I m insted to go to treatment.

I explained about my financial unstablity and problems in family and my sucide attempt. And told me to go to sign outside and same thing the another person told. What it mean? I m exempt? Or they will call me again? And it ll take 3 months to get letter. Are there any repercussions if I decide to move back home after the ulpan is over? By: mrb on October 30, at pm.

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If you make aliyah after 17, you do not have to serve in the army. Then they much have changed the laws since I made aliyah and served.

My name is Jeremy, I am French and 23 years old.

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Then, my studies will be finished. I would like to enlist in a combat unit for 14 months. I will be 24 years old in August. And is it possible to serve for 14 months? You are going to have either do what is available or else not do it at all. Part of the reasons are financial for the army. I know That I am no longer required to serve in the Israeli military, but I would like to.

I will be taking kibbutz Ulpan first and petitioning to volunteer after I finish the Ulpan program. Is volunteering the same thing as being in Tzahal?

What are the requirements to be a Krav Maga instructor? Can I still become a Krav Maga instructor? Not knowing Hebrew might impact your ability to instruct, so it might impact your ability to get into this position. You will probably end up needing to do ulpan in the army. When I was 21 I went to Israel on Holiday and was given a hard time at The airport as they wanted to know Why I lived overseas and whether I had done the army. Want to put me in the army 2. Charge me for evasion 3.

Do you think I need a letter from my Embassy before going to Israel. I doubt you will have problems now. The army will not want to draft you at this age. However, as a teenager, you should have filed with the Israeli embassy in SA for your exemption. It is worth checking with the embassy now just to make sure there is no paperwork that you need. Well as a teenager no one told me to File for an exemption: I was a teenager So how would I know?

How does one know? By: Paul on November 11, at pm. Will I still be receiving the sal klita during the time I am volunteering in the IDF, which is six months after kibbutz Ulpan. In what regard? Are you talking about professional experience?

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Are you talking about personal experience? I am talking about life experiences. That which will help me lead my life in a better and more confident way. It depends on where you end up in the army - you could be learning how to make coffee and make copies or you could learn another more useful skill. You will learn Hebrew, meet lots of people, learn how to deal with bureaucracy.

I am working on a play about twins one male, one female both born in the US but their parents were both born in Israel and then became US citizens. Are either of the twins required to go back to Israel and serve? If the girl wants to, can she? I appreciate your expertise and response.

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