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Try talking about things that impressed you in your house growing up, or in the different homes you've visited for Shabbat. Your friendships - what your closest friends are like, how those friendships developed, experiences you have shared, what you value in those friendships.

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A challenge you have dealt with, why it was difficult for you to face, and how you dealt with it. A moral dilemma you have faced, why it was difficult for you to resolve, and how you resolved it.

The role that doing acts of kindness plays in your life, and the role you would like it to play in the future. The potential you believe you have, how you hope to utilize it, and how honest you are about evaluating your potential.

Your expectations about the standard of living you would like to have when you are married, your sources of income, and your attitudes about spending and saving money, following a budget, and giving to charity. The manner in which you would like to share household responsibilities, including child care. We hope these suggestions have been helpful.

You can adapt them to your own situation, to pinpoint whether the one you are dating is truly the one for you to marry. I've heard over and over again how important it is to ask the right questions without ever getting a good idea about what those questions might be with a few exceptions. Thanks so much for this list, and for giving me an order of operations. Man was I lost before reading this! I think I was doing much of stage 3 on the first date no I'm not exaggerating. I'm sure it made me look really desperate and clueless.

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These guidelines look like a great roadmap, showing when to take things up a notch and when to slow things down. Btw, I was surprised "tastes in food, clothing, furniture, art and music" was in stage Your email address is kept private. Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment.

Sep 05, Home Forums Shidduchim 5 Most Important Shidduch Questions Tagged: pathetic This topic has replies, 46 voices, and was last ated 9 .

Current Issues. Running Uphill. Virtual Date Ideas. Covid in the Shadows of the Holocaust. The Muslim Holocaust Researcher.

Frum dating questions - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and hunt for you. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a . Shidduchim, Dating and Lessons for Chossons and Kallahs Resources for the Frum Community Personal Development and Mental Health Issues Perspectives on Parenting recent posts In Cases of Domestic Violence, How Family Members Can Help. Jan 11, "Take this card and play the dating game." I handed her a card with 10 questions. "It's super easy to play. On your next date give him this card and ask him to choose two questions which you will answer. Then you choose two questions for him. You can't ask more than two questions per date." Here are the 10 Questions.

Torah Portion. The Jewish Food Personality Test. JTube: Kenny vs Spenny. Counting the Omer.

Home Forums Shidduchim Dating topics Tagged: dating This topic contains 49 replies, has 23 voices, and was last ated by red head 9 years ago. Viewing 50 posts - 1 through 50 (of Questions tagged [shidduchim-dating] Ask Question matchmaking; finding a spouse shidduchim-dating social-convention engagement-shidduch. asked May 21 '17 at Wondering Jew. 21 1 1 bronze badge. 2. votes. Newest shidduchim-dating questions feed Subscribe to RSS. Sep 18, Questions for Rosie & Sherry can be sent to [email protected] to the large volume of questions received, they are unable to answer each one. Rosie Einhorn (a psychotherapist) and Sherry Zimmerman (a psychotherapist and former family lawyer) are the authors of the newly-released book, Dating Smart - Navigating the Path to Marriage, published by Menucha Publishers.

Aish Academy. Stan Dear Stan, You are correct that obtaining this information is crucial to any serious dating process. Your discussions can include: More details about your family, including the different personalities of family members, and the differences between your respective families.

How you would like to raise your children.

congratulate, your

How you deal with time pressure such as too many tasks to complete in too short a time. The role of Torah study, and how much time you envision devoting to study each week. Share this article. And why should the whole shadchan market know all your personal information? Why should all the teachers in every Bais Yaakov know my entire medical history and personal info!

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I am suprised they dont ask for my social security number and do a background check on me! I think the one asking the question is the animal. Anyone who thinks any of my posts on this thread are serious should contact my investment adviser Samet Associates of Otisville - ask for Keren or Tzvi for some really hot investments in bridges and kasher lemehadrin snake oil. Or were you really not referring to any of them? LOL - the whole thing was a windup and I was referring to my absurd and contrived requests for medical records.

A boy studying in State Tshuva Kollel one of the best known koilelim of this type is called Sing Sing as it has a record of turning out chazzonim would only want a girl who clearly has no personal or genetic capability of ever surpassing a size 2. And are men so weak minded that they cannot see past a dress size?

sorry, that

Men are so weak. Could this be the reason why there is a rising surge of anorexia in teens? I do not feel that this is the reason for rising anorexia in the frum community, from seeing my friends it is more psycological then that.

I also wish boys would just know what a size 2 is before they ask for it. But I do feel the same way the girls have a right to ask for a boy who is not short, boys have a right to ask for a girl who is not fat.

Jan 18, The 36 Dating Questions Jewish Style decided to try to fall in love by going through a list of tested questions that get supposedly progressively more probing and exposing. At the end of the. Frum dating process / a 80 20 dating rule Dating advice to date cuts him off left to know in a good dating casually been having those iffy dates and gadgets. This happens automatically as a major issue in. Social skills training and they all had the driver. Halina disapproves of trust with you at sinai and frum rules of the 1 dating experience. First date questions list. 1. What do you like to do in your free time? 2. Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person? 3. Who is the most fascinating person you've met? 4. What was the last book you really got into? 5. What are some movies you really enjoyed? 6. What amazing adventures have you been on? 7. What pets have you had?

I love how people think they can come up with the reason for the shidduch crisis. Do you want to start running the world while your at it? These conditions go more than skin deep. They need therapy to understand what the disorder is, and how it came about, and how to overcome it.

Women, and men alike want to be slim, because the way they see it, they will be more attractive, get dates easier, and get married faster. Aside from starvation, comes over eating, which can lead to obesity, and which leads to many health risks. Except of course, if you are unhealthy, then proper measures should be taken to get into shape.

They should institute classes on health and fitness in the boys and girls yeshivos. Nothing is funny about being unhealthy. Why should men ask questions that reflect poorly on frum people in general? What about their middos? People can be so superficial And dont start talking about health. It is one thing if the girl was size What is unhealthy about that?

Some, not all, as there are girls who naturally are a size 0.

apologise, but

It is true, sadly. It doesnt start off as anorexia, but as simple diets that go overboard. How many kids that were in my high school class had eating disorders?

I knew that there were at least a handful, if not more. And we had a nutrition class!

consider, that you

Wake up!! Why should this be part of the frum circles? I guess my kids are never getting married oh wait, Eeees and I somehow managed it with the same answers. The best question. Glad to see this thread revived especialy since I missed the boat on the feminism thread. Question: if most everyone is in agreement that that these questions are ridiculous, who exactly is still asking these things?

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Not me. I will not ask any of those questions. And I will look very askance at anyone who seriously asks those questions about us.

Fresh ground pepper? Gee, I never thought of that. But I do see the relevance; we try to use garlic from a press or on Shabbos, the frozen cubes as opposed to the powder stuff whenever possible. I literally once had an argument with a shadchan that called about a friend of mine.

She asked me what she looked like so I said she has dark hair and blue eyes. When I was in Israel a sweet middle aged woman who lived nearby came to the dira and asked how she can wash her husbands tzitzis without ruining the strings.

Everyone else admitted that they never wash their tzitzis but I showed her how to wrap the strings in aluminum foil and put the beged in a mesh bag and how to hang it up to dry as opposed to using a dryer.

I offered to lend her the mesh bag but she admitted that it was just a test to see who was good enough for her niece.

How to Make Conversation Flow on a Date (Shidduch)

Mischief - Its either because grew up with linen, and cannot fathom a disposable plastic tablecloth on top of the linen one, or you ONLY know of the plastic disposable table cloth on top of the linen one, and cannot fathom sitting down to a table without one. Stacking is only an issue if you are the one clearing the table. If it gets done for you younger siblings, live-in, ect the question never even becomes an issue.

Needless to say, we stack. Our home scene? If we are having guests and guests can be anywhere from kiruv boys, to bungalow friends, or anyone in between we roll out the china the plastic disposable tablecloth over linen is not up for negoitiation. After Sheva brachos are over, out comes the disposables. But the kallah? I thought the stacking issue was to see if we are too lazy to make more than one trip to clear the table. BP Totty-We do the opposite!

Questions tagged [shidduchim-dating]

I always heard about these ridiculous questions but truthfully i had a hard time believing them. Where are our priorities? Are we soooo effected by the american superficial society we live in? Is this all Torah values? Is there supposed to be something wrong with it? In my house we use disposable tablecloths on top of linen and we stack plates. Uh Oh! The correct answer is No. Sign in Join. Sign in.

speaking, recommend

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Frum dating questions

Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. The Yeshiva World. This topic has 49 replies, 23 voices, and was last ated 9 years, 2 months ago by red head. Viewing 50 posts - 1 through 50 of 50 total. February 18, pm at pm Tums Member. February 20, am at am Never had any problem with it.

For girls: 1.

think, that you

Smile when you talk 4. February 20, pm at pm Yossi Z. February 21, am at am February 22, am at am February 25, am at am February 28, pm at pm Stamford Hilly Billy Participant. Girls do you have any more suggestions of what to talk about on first few dates? March 1, am at am Still looking Participant. I found this SO much better than all the blind dates that went nowhere. March 1, pm at pm March 2, am at am March 2, pm at pm March 3, am at am March 3, pm at pm MDG Participant.

For example: 1 Schooling - what did they like or dislike about it, favorite teachers, favorite subjects, etc What might you like to study in the future? March 4, am at am Hatzlacha to both of you!

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