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Test your knowledge of food vocabulary! When a single word contains two conflicting ideas. Try Puku free for 30 days! Dogfishing is a newer dating-app phrase related to the practice of using a dog in profile pictures to lure more matches and conversations with potential dates. Often, the dog does not even belong to the person pictured and is merely being used as bait. The term is related to catfishing , or the practice of creating a fake online persona with the intent to deceive other people. Dogfish is certainly less commonly known than catfish.

A dogfishon the other hand, is a small shark, and recently its name, like catfishhas been swimming in the sea of online dating terminology. Although there is an anecdotal marine catfish behind the virtual catfishthere is no actual fish hooked to the online term dogfish -in its place, there is a photogenic canine.

It is a truth of the internet that sometimes a person will post profile photos with themselves and a cute dog.

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Perhaps the photos were cherry-picked to show their love for animals, and they hope to get the attention of a fellow dog owner. Aside from the first case which really is a bit far-fetche it can be argued that the profilers are using their dogs as "bait" to get people to learn more about who they are as a person and to initiate a potential

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Figuratively, they are "fishing" with their dogs-hence, the term dogfishing. But they are dog owners. Although it can be said that artifice was carried out, the truth of the matter is they weren't lying about who they are.

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You might think that sums up the story of the online dating phenomenon dogfishing ; however, there is a twist. Profilers have been known to bait date app users with dogs that are not their own to catch their eye.

That eye-grabber with which they are posing could be a friend's, acquaintance's, neighbor's, or even a stranger's.

In any case, the doggos are being used to start convos. Dogs, notably adorable photos of dogs, are a ubiquitous ct of dating.

What to Do If You Think You're Being Catfished (#)

They're convenient icebreakers on apps and on first dates. They add a nugget of personality to a profile. And things can get awkward fast when a date realizes that the pet in the profile solely exists as bait.

Pier Fishing: Which works better? Lures VS Live bait

Intentionally using a dog solely as a lure is obviously deceptive, and more than a little nonsensical: how does a person who is pictured with a dog that is not their own field questions about the dog when they begin chatting with a person?

The inevitable confession most likely will bring their character into question. So why do it? Maybe because the technique behind "dogfishing" has worked for centuries. IRLthe angling is as simple as walking a dog. Invariably someone will approach and, after petting the dog and a few nibbling exchanges with the owner, the "fish" either bites or doesn't. Online "dogfishing" originated from this type of land "fishing.

Mar 16,   The intimacy bait & switch looks like this: You start dating, and the other person is excited about you. You get excited about them too. You each share a lot of details about yourselves very quickly, including getting sexual very soon in the relationship. What to Know. Dogfishing is a newer dating-app phrase related to the practice of using a dog in profile pictures to lure more matches and conversations with potential dates. Often, the dog does not even belong to the person pictured and is merely being used as bait. The term is related to catfishing, or the practice of creating a fake online persona with the intent to deceive other people. Fish or cut bait is a common English language colloquial expression, dating back to the 19th-century United States, that refers to division of complementary tasks. The use of this expression has expanded over time, sometimes including the ideas of swift decision-making (to act or not to act), and cautions against procrastination and/or indecisiveness.

The truth of such matters, however, is beyond the purview of a dictionary. To sum up: dogfishing refers to the posting of online date app photos featuring yourself and a dog, either your own or someone else's, with the intent to attract people to your profile.

Fish or cut bait

Dog owners might be fishing, but they are not deceiving, per se. If you're simply a dog or animal lover or are maybe just hoping to meet Diane Lanebe sure to note that in your profile.

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Words We're Watching talks about words we are increasingly seeing in use but that have not yet met our criteria for entry. Become a master without leaving home!

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Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search-ad free! This is the biggest sign to look out for. A stranger asking you for money online is the biggest red flag ever.

Fish bait dating

Photo source: BusinessCollective. This kind of scam could also come in the form of asking you to sign something over to them or adding them to an account.

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Has someone ever said something that immediately gave you a knot in your stomach and not the good kind? Have you ever gotten this feeling about a situation that made you want to get out of there as quickly as possible? They could have the same opinion as you. One day they live in the heart of a certain city, but then all of a sudden it changes to a small suburb outside the city.

One day they say they have three sisters, but then it turns into two sisters and a brother. You get the point.

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These may seem like small details, but they add up to one big lie. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What about your friends, family members, or co-workers?

Have they had any luck? Just remember to not get fully sucked into the daydream of it all. Come down from the clouds every now and then and take a look at things from an unbiased perspective.

Practically every dating site and social network allows its users to block those who are harassing others or who pose as some kind of threat. Every dating and social media site has the option to block a user who is being abusive toward others, so use it when you need to. Photo source: Gizmodo.

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When you feel that your safety is at risk, as well as the safety of everyone else on the site, click the button or link. When you sign up for a dating site, usually the privacy settings are automatically set, but there are probably other options you can choose.

Photo source: WordsAcrosstheOceans. Spotting a phony will be like second nature, and if there are any safety precautions we missed, let us know in the comments! I miss the days when getting catfished just meant you had a fruitful day at the river with your grandpa.

If it isn't clear yet, Fishing Passions has been designed specifically for the Fishing community. While Fishing Passions is part of a much (much) larger network of niche dating sites, it is a stand-alone Fishing Dating Site and members CHOOSE to join this site. Fishing Dating is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and fishing dating sites. As a member of Fishing Dating, your profile will automatically be shown on related fishing dating sites or to related users in the Online Connections network at no additional charge.

But with these tips, we can take the word back and, most importantly, keep ourselves safe and our private information, well, private. GIF source: Buzzfeed.

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