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Well, you guys might want to brace yourselves because Ethan was recently photographed cozying up to a new woman. Yep, fans spotted him and the mystery girl kissing on the beach, and the internet is going wild over the new relationship. Before that, fans speculated for quite some time that he was low-key dating fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain , after they were got pretty flirty on social media. So does Ethan have a new girlfriend? Who is she? What exactly went down between him and Emma?

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars. Rumors started swirling in June that Grayson was dating Elizabeth, after the blonde beauty allegedly liked - and then unliked - a fan comment on one of her Instagram posts.

Get this - Elizabeth was also seemingly in Paris at the same time as Grayson, and it definitely seemed like they had traveled there together.

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While he has actually never made any of his relationships public, it seems as though he did have someone special back in high school. In a YouTube video posted on March 5,the twins decided to get a psychic readingand they revealed a few juicy secrets about their past girlfriends and relationships along the way.

Brace yourselves, people, because Ethan may have a new girlfriend.

Are Emma Chamberlain & The Dolan Twins Still Friends? This Is A Case For The FBI

Yep, the social media star was recently spotted packing on the PDA with a girl on the beach in Australia, and fans are in a frenzy over it. A few fellow beachgoers snapped some pics of the pair during the outing, and get this - the onlookers claimed that the two had their arms around each other, and even kissed at one point!

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Well, the duo posted nearly identical pictures to their Instagram Stories of a ridge overlooking the water, seemingly proving that they were together. But who was Ethan linked to before Kristina?

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Everyone was totally convinced that he was in a secret relationship with Emma for years although both of them have yet to confirm or deny anything. After that, they were pretty much inseparable.

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They were always hanging out, making videos together and gushing over each other in interviews and on social media, and fans quickly started to assume that something was going on between them. The year-old even dropped a major clue that they were more than friends when he took to Twitter to defend Emma back in January Here, you be the judge. Remember this picture? This is her.

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After they went their separate ways, rumors started spreading that Meredith had cheated on Ethan after she and her friend posted a YouTube video giving dating advice to their viewers. While Ethan has admitted that he and his brother have the same taste in girls, having a crush on the same person has never been a problem for them.

When Ethan and Emma appear in videos together, their fans can't stop raving about their chemistry.

Jan 16,   So fans might be wondering if Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan twins are still friends, and the answer comes with a bit of mystery. Emma Chamberlain was first linked to the Dolan Twins in June Author: Sade Spence.

Ethan even defends Emma from trolls, something a boyfriend would totally do. Have him and Emma shared some sort of passionate kiss?

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That was definitely a clue that they're dating. Ethan later tried to clarify his tweet by saying that he knows her lips aren't crusty because she's always putting chapstick on.

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In a YouTube video called "Breaking into my best friend's apartment," where Olivia films at Emma's house, the camera catches a shot of a picture of two people kissing. People think the picture was Emma and Ethan.

So many clues, but no confirmation, yet. Guess, we'll just have to wait it out. At one point, Ethan was also rumored to be dating model, Meredith Mickelson.


It was rumored that Ethan dated her aroun thanks to some social media detectives that cracked the case wide open. There's a photo of Ethan on a public beach with a blue tank top. Later on, a photo of Meredith sleeping on the lap of someone in the same colored tank top also appeared, so people were quick to claim the two were dating.

Jun 11,   All the Evidence That Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan Are Secretly Dating Please check out this video where Grayson asks Ethan if he's dating someone during a lie detector test and he admits. Jul 11,   Ethan, along with his brother Grayson, makes up the successful internet comedy duo The Dolan Twins. For YouTube fans, the names Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain will definitely ring a Jill Zwarensteyn. Dec 24,   Everyone was totally convinced that he was in a secret relationship with Emma for years (although both of them have yet to confirm or deny anything). The the two stars first sparked dating rumors when they collaborated on a few videos as the "Sister Squad," alongside beauty guru James Charles and Grayson. After that, they were pretty much.

Fans also think the two may have been dining at the same restaurant at some point because the two took pictures with similar backgrounds. Then, there was that tweet by their friend Steven Kelly, that seemingly confirmed the two were together. Though Grayson has never confirmed a relationship either, he's been linked to several people including fellow Sister Squad member, James Charles.

May 31,   Rumors that Emma and Ethan are dating have been around for months and there may be some evidence that they are. Both Emma and Ethan are part of the Sister Squad, a group of four YouTubers that. There have been so many rumours about Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain secretly dating, and we think that brother Grayson may have just confirmed it! A couple of days ago, they posted a video titled "HAUNTED HOUSE ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain. The social media has been buzzing with the dating rumor of two internet personalities, Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan Twins. It's quite perplexing whether its .

Since rumors that Emma and Ethan are dating began to swirl, people also assumed the two remaining members of the Sister Squad are also dating, noting that like Emma and Ethan, the two also have great chemistry in their videos. Here is what I learned from the video today: - Ethan and Emma are dating - James is in love with Grayson - Ethan is scared of a lot more than holes - That a 23 min video can have seven ads - That my love for the Dolans has grown.

But Grayson killed all those rumors in a YouTube video. The question was "Will you marry me?

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Then Ethan said, "Alright, we don't need to make that rumor any bigger. Should we just say it?

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After Madison posted a picture of a record player that looks similar to the one Grayson has on her Instagram Stories, the internet began to swirl with comments the two were dating. But Madison shut down the rumors by commenting on one of her Instagram fan accounts.

I don't understand why people keep saying that grayson and madison are dating.

Emma dating grayson

If they do she wouldn't comment anything and just ignore them. InGrayson seemingly confirmed that he was dating popular Vine star Sofia Olivera. The two supposedly got close while filming a Vine video together, according to Healthy Celeb.

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