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Citing industry research that suggests world travelers are more likely to receive right swipes, Delta and Tinder have jointly sponsored a two-wall mural featuring nine scenes from Delta destinations around the world. I made my first pilgrimage to the Delta Dating Wall in June for its inaugural event. Professional photographers had been hired to take photos of people as they posed in front of painted backgrounds depicting Paris, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow, and Zurich. All but two were eerily bereft of other humans. The lawn across from the Eiffel Tower looked antiseptic without a single picnic; in the Amsterdam scene, a windmill was left to chaperone a field of tulips. Perhaps this feature was meant to allow the single person, in both senses of the phrase, to enjoy the spotlight without competition. But the emptiness made these traditionally animated locales look ghastly.

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Yes, you can be a cool, attractive jet-setter - even if your bank account says otherwise. Close Share options.

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All rights reserved. Unfortunately, the only place you seem to spend time these days is the inside of an office. You settle for a selfie, which is good, but not what you were looking for.

Jun 17,   Tinder And Delta's "Dating Destination Walls" Are The Fun New Way To Upgrade Your Dating App Photos. By Sarah Fielding. June 17, Wieden+Kennedy New York. The 'Delta Dating Wall' is a partnership with Tinder. W+K tells AdFreak that the campaign was inspired by how prominent travel pics are on dating Tim Nudd. Jun 29,   Delta Airlines is teaming up with Tinder to offer an opportunity for people to take travel photos to boost their online dating profiles. Except the travel photos will be taken in front of a Delta's "Dating Destination Wall" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The wall will have scenes from nine different travel spots and people can stand in front of them and pretend like they're really there.

Well, if you're based in or around New York City, you can kiss the selfie goodbyebecause Delta Air Lines and Tinder are here to give you the far away backdrop of your dreams with their "Dating Destination Walls.

Throughout the summer, New Yorkers can head over to Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg to view and take pictures in front of a series of "Dating Destination Walls. Beyond the appeal of a travel-based pictureDelta and Tinder have added more fun components.

Delta destination dating wall

If you're in the area on June 17, head over to Wythe Avenue for a singles-centric event featuring a professional photographer ready to take your wanderlust photo. Then, throughout the summer, visitors are encouraged to post their photos on social media with DeltaDatingWall.

So why the partnership between Delta and Tinder?

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The idea for the campaign grew from recent research focusing on singles and travel from the Match's Singles in America survey and a Simmons Summer Connect study.

Delta travels to the most destinations of any airline leaving New York, and Tinder wants to ensure its users are satisfied with their dating app experience.

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Bearing your name and modest resemblance, it skulks around a landscape that is addictive, fun, and goal-oriented. Success seems built-in: someone, somewhere, in theorywill swipe right, and it will be mutual.

As in Neopets or Nintendogs, the dating avatar weakens without constant tending.

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When I created my Tinder profile, having lived this long without engaging in any sort of romantic relationship had come to seem like worse than a failing. One infuriated evening, I announced via text to a faraway friend that I must be cursed, another melodramatic victim of hamartia. And so my Tinder avatar had to seem realer than me.

Created in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy New York, the wall replaces the Delta Dating Wall, which saw passersby being able to snap an exotic profile picture to jazz up their Tinder could choose to pose in front of nine popular destinations featured on the wall, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, London's iconic red telephone booths and the Leaning . Jun 29,   Delta's "Dating Destination Wall," located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a mural of nine different scenes of popular travel destinations. 1. Drive Tinder users to take their photos in front of the Delta Dating Wall, a massive mural in Brooklyn created artist by Andrew Rae to depict nine destinations worldwide where Delta flies to directly from New York City. 2.

It had to prove to the Tinder community what I myself could not, and what seemed so crucial to my success on the app: that I was a normal person with a record of romantic intrigue and success. The first profile picture I picked was of me in a short skirt, because girls in short skirts have dated. This I followed with a candid shot of me with my violin, because girls who play the violin have dated, and then a picture of myself laughing, because girls who laugh have dated.

Jun 09,   Delta Air Lines and Tinder printed iconic locations from across the globe on a building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to allow selfie-takers to appear as world travelers and enhance their online dating profiles, according to Adweek. Wieden + Kennedy New York was the agency behind the effort. Help. Welcome to FlightMaps. Use this short tour to help you use this map and flight search tool. Searching. Use the buttons above to search. Destinations - shows all destinations you can fly to, from any selected city.; Routes - shows different ways you can fly between two cities.; Flights - shows all flights between two cities on specific dates and lists times and dates along with. Aug 18,   Final Destination. Tinder, travel, and faking it. by Jennifer Gersten August 18, On the corner of Williamsburg's 10th and Wythe, camera flashes strike the Delta Dating Wall, a chipper summer marketing campaign courtesy of strange bedfellows Delta and Tinder. Citing industry research that suggests world travelers are more likely to.

I had trouble picking a fourth photo, but I finally decided on a shot of myself leaning back in a chair and looking smug, because even girls who look smug have dated. She looked like me, and she sounded like me even though she only said one thing, like a talking doll you activate by pulling a string.

When I saw that she had actually matched with people, and that those people had actually messaged me, I laughed.

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I had no idea what they were liking. Her face?

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Her body? Her apparent race-I am half Chinese, but most people think I look white-and class? Her school?

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Her clothes? Her snippy little bio? Was the person swiping just swiping right on everybody?

Tinder And Delta's "Dating Destination Walls" Are The Fun New Way To Upgrade Your Dating App Photos

Was the person not a person at all, but a bot masquerading as a waxen European model in town only for the weekend? Was the person swiping because my avatar seemed like a person capable of dating, because she had before? The girl I built seems to play the game pretty well.

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She shows more skin and has replaced the Anne Carson with original material. So long as I air her out once in awhile, she will work on my behalf.

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She does just fine on her own.

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