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You're just a baby! At that age, you should have a big,hunky man in your life!

Dec 05,   I started this as a thread where 2+2 members could share advice on online dating. I'm 25 years old, and have had trouble finding a GF in person, so I've decided to try the online route. I admittedly have no game when it comes to girls, as I'm a natural shy person, so . Mar 25,   Lisa and Jungkook def dating! They looked at each other once at that award show two years ago! #11 babymon-gals, Mar 25, ankit, .

This is a really interesting thread you've started! Some really interesting opinions! Mid 70's is a strange age. On one hand, you want the feel of a man next to you, you want closeness and conversation, laughter and love with a man.

You feel young, healthy and you're not ready to give up LIFE! You're a loner and you LIKE that label. You keep reminding yourself of your age, and at this age you're not supposed to have these desires.

Aug 15,   [Fan Art] Dating My Daughter: Fan Art. Discussion Reviews (2) Warning by tcms: On topic discussion only. I've taken the liberty of creating a thread so @CarlosSilva can share his beautiful work, and take requests (if he wishes). This is also a thread for us to share any screenshots we may have captured in game. I'll start it off with a simple 5/5(2). Apr 16,   The stats are, as I understand 26 folks, 2 you like and they don't like you like you and you cant stand them. one will like you and you will like him/her -that is from dating age tho, most of us are far too cranky picky etc etc for those to be good odds for us-I am afraid after two maybe three I would start hugging myself. Keep in touch. Please email [email protected] with all thoughts, questions and general praise. We're keen to hear from lovely, creative, clever writers out there, so before you start tap-tap-tapping away on your keyboard, have a read of how to write for threads and drop us a line to see if your idea fits the bill.

You can't go through another death. You don't think you could ever live alone, but here you are and you're aceing it! I could never go back to "dating hell", nor would I ever want that.

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I love this thread. It's really making me do some soul searching. I think we're sexual beings until we die. I still feel youthful at Being widowed is not something I've experienced, so, I can't begin to know how I would feel about having a new relationship after losing a husband. Remarried in my early 50's.

Once divorced, it felt very freeing - eventually.

Dating World In K-pop -- K-spiracies ??

Last edited: Mar 6, Lc jones Senior Member. Location bayside ,queensny.

Mar 27,   I've posted it in a couple of threads but never made a dedicated thread like this one. Some folks may have trouble using excel. Reactions: BROBS and Dallas Wynn. Dallas Wynn Member. Sep 19, That is really the only reason I use the dating tool and label my jars after opening. chasingembers Preferred Member. Nov 12, 20, 10, Dating Threads. Close Posted by 7 minutes ago. Dating Threads. What are some good first date questions to get to know someone? How has online dating worked for you? Single men of , what made you definitely NOT want a second date with a woman you went out with? Apr 04,   In fact threads are just being closed because of political rants. Not every thread needs to be turned into a corona virus debate. Stick to the topic at hand about whatever dating dilemma is posted or ignore the thread/post.

My mom made it easy for the women in my life C'est Moi Dishin' it out. Location Houston Y'all.

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AprilSun Senior Member. Location USA. I don't care to be around younger men. I've raised my kids It's hard, ya know? Can't ever go through losing my man again though. Ronni The motormouth. Location Nashville TN. Pinky, Maybe WE'RE sexual beings but men in out age bracket have pretty much said goodbye to all that. I have friends that date younger men, but I don't care to be around younger men. Location Texas. Maybe WE'RE sexual beings but men in out age bracket have pretty much said goodbye to all that.

So protect yourself from stress. Originally Posted by abitbroken. I thought the same thing. A few days ago, it seemed like the dating posts had slowed and I thought, well that makes sense. But it seems you're right, people are still dating, albeit at home. Maybe wiseman is right, their areas are not included. I heard on the radio, yesterday, half the world's population is quarantined. So half isn't. I have been no where but home and the grocery store for a month. Review

Now we're being told to wear masks not medical, as to cause more shortage while out. I can't explain what others are doing, especially in other areas but it does seem like a lot of people either don't believe the risk is real, they're not getting the info, and or their govt officials are not imposing restrictions, all of which, at this point baffle me.


My state is locked down but there are other states in the US particularly mid west and such that don't have such restrictions. The public there isn't being educated and people definitely don't think it's a big deal. In some states, restaurants are open and yeah, people can go out so they do.

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There are a LOT of people who don't take this seriously. I myself am single and I live alone.

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I'm close with my family but I can't see my family. I can't think of dating during a time like this.

With all these dating anyone really "staying home?"

Originally Posted by Fudgie. Yep, people think it's "other's" problem, point fingers at countries, cities, etc. So if it were me at this time and I was trying to meet someone I would do what I did back then with one change.

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Find Threads Started by Burdzthewurd. Re: Online dating thread do you even lift bro.

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there are things

Find Threads Started by Rapini. Re: Online dating thread C'mon, you really think it's as hard to chat with a girl IRL as opposed to online? Re: Online dating thread yeah plus online there have to be literally thousands of desperate girls right at your fingertips. Send a private message to yeotaJMU.

Dating threads

Send a private message to serio Find More Posts by serio Find Threads Started by serio Re: Online dating thread Quote: Originally Posted by yeotaJMU yeah plus online there have to be literally thousands of desperate girls right at your fingertips. Send a private message to blacklab.

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Find More Posts by blacklab. Find Threads Started by blacklab. Send a private message to 34TheTruth Find More Posts by 34TheTruth Find Threads Started by 34TheTruth Quote: Originally Posted by amazinmets73 No, I'm not ugly at all.

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