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Cat Thoma is from Englewood, Colorado and has two little girls, ages four and six. Chalanda Samec is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. She has three children, ages five, seven and So as a parent, how do you handle having a newborn and having narcolepsy? Cat: I had my kids before I was diagnosed. For me, you just learn to live being sleepy. Taking care of the baby and sleeping.

That was eight years ago. Now Julie works for City of Hope, a clinical research organization, in a high-rise office building in downtown Los Angeles. I went to my car, and it feels like forever.

I wake up thinking where am I? It feels more like my brain was really, really active.

Apr 12,   There are some s***ty parts of dating with narcolepsy - people can be intolerant of how tired you are and frustrated when you can't do everything they can. But there are also from amusing anecdotes Author: Beth Allan. Jun 11,   I actually dated a guy with narcolepsy when I was It was kind of fun because we could nap together. In previous relationships, having to take nap breaks out of your social life was stressful. It was nice because we both had that . Dating narcolepsy - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. Join and search!

Most people go through several stages of sleep, each deeper than the last, before going into Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep. Then it starts all over again. But people with narcolepsy skip the other restful stages and jump right into REM, which is why they feel tired during the day. But feeling tired is only part of it. Like more than half of people with narcolepsy, Julie also has cataplexy. The muscle weakness of cataplexy is like a mild waking version of the same paralysis your body goes into during REM sleep.

Usually, the episodes are brought on by positive stuff, like being surprised by a friend, or laughing at a great joke. She shows me her medication arsenal that night.

Living with Narcolepsy

Julie takes a pill every morningon rough days she takes two. The side effects are different for everyone, but Julie usually feels fine as long as she controls her dose. At night, she switches from stimulants to a liquid sedative called sodium oxybate, better known as GHB-the date rape drug. She takes a dose right before she falls asleep, and three hours later she wakes up and takes some more. I know I was scared of taking it when I was first diagnosed.

She smirks through a mouthful of toothpaste, and stops brushing. Her eyes flutter closed, and her chin drops to her chest.

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During the day, Julie deals with the visible symptoms of narcolepsy-the exhaustion and cataplexy. But at night, she explains, the other side comes out. These are more symptoms: hallucinations and sleep paralysis.

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Sometimes when Julie is on the edge of sleeping and wakefulness, her partly conscious brain falls into REM sleep and she starts having vivid dreams that feel just like real life. You got it right - lady, well said. And it was so wonderful to meet you and Evan in Dallas, TX! I could tell there was a whole lot of love and support and your relationship.

Great article Julie!

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Your comments apply to anyone with a chronic condition. We all live with a degree of self-doubt, wondering whether we will be accepted and loved for who we are. Adding a chronic medical condition to the mix, especially one as misunderstood as narcolepsy, only adds to the level of concern.

You are truly an inspiration for others and I applaud you for your willingness to openly talk about issues which often remain unspoken.

Mar 29,   But in all seriousness, children and young adults are developing narcolepsy at an alarming rate, so dating with narcolepsy is an important issue to discuss, brought to my attention by a new UK blogger on the block - Crazy Narcolepsy. If you are a young person with narcolepsy, you might worry that your disorder will hinder your dating life. See, narcolepsy messes with my dating life even before I can get a date. The last time I had an attack, I was supposed to get on the phone to help two of my friends sort out a disagreement. People that date someone with Narcolepsy, does your partner have terrible mood swings? questions My girlfriend has moments of extreme agitation, and when she does she fires off quickly obtrusive comments.

I am also very happy that you met Alex; you two make a great team. Patterson - you are so right. We all live with a degree of self-doubt and a chronic medical condition may make those fears stronger. I feel blessed to have worked through some of my own fears and insecurities to now be able to share my story openly. Thank you for your support, Julie. Fabulous post, Julie!! Linking this to my website because so many can benefit from your perspective. Thamks for the inspiring post!

Dating someone with narcolepsy

Thank you Sara for linking from your site! Coming together and sharing our journeys makes us stronger. Your friend, Julie. Fabulous blog post Julie. I think everyone can relate to it and embrace it for their own concerns in dating. It goes back to you must love yourself and respect your own needs before some else will.

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Thank you again for sharing. My husband boyfriend at the time got me to watch a tv programme with him about sleep disorders almost 18 years ago.

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I had been falling asleep in many inappropriate places while in his company. When I think back now to the love and commitment shown that night when we discovered the word Narcolepsy for the 1st time.

George organised that I attend a sleep specialist and it all went from there. Ever since our recent suddenly sleepy Saturday narcolepsy awareness event where he met with other members with Narcolepsy, he has been even more understand and supportive, which makes this ride a hell of a lot easier!

Parenting with Narcolepsy

I can tell Julie that both you and Alex have that same relationship and I hope that in 18 years from now your relationship is as strong as George and mine, as I confident it will!! Thank You again Julie, in been so open with sharing your life and helping others feel so comfortable about living with narcolepsy.

I had no idea that your husband boyfriend at the time George helped you to find your diagnosis. This gives me chills. You are amazing!

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You are a role model to me in so many ways. The man she will end up with WILL most certainly be kind, loving and accepting of whatever limitations she may have.

Advice for Dating a Narcoleptic. EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: this is meant for longer term relationships. I drew from struggles I had with boyfriends who I was with for 18 and 21 months. Both of which I lived with. Dating isn't the word maybe. I was hoping to start a thread where people can write good advice for S/Os of people with narcolepsy (and. Julie Flygare was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with narcolepsy. She was a law student at the time, and narcolepsy wasn't part of her plan. "For a while I just got angry at myself," she says. "I used to drive home from law school and just scream at the top of my lungs in my car." That was eight years ago. Mar 16,   In a normal sleep cycle, a person enters rapid eye movement (REM) sleep after about 60 to 90 minutes. Dreams occur during REM sleep, and the brain keeps muscles limp during this sleep stage, which prevents people from acting out their dreams. People with narcolepsy frequently enter REM sleep rapidly, within 15 minutes of falling asleep.

I KNOW there is a very special person out there for her. Julie, it sounds like your guy is your biggest fan! What a wonderful blessing!

Dating with Narcolepsy: We're Better In Bed

I agree, she will find a loving and supportive partner, which is what we all deserve. With narcolepsy, I think this helps prioritize the right things in looking for a partner. Great topic. The first date to whom I had to disclose my narcolepsy was the guy who was funny and charming enough to trigger my cataplexy.

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He ended up being funny and charming enough to marry as well. Before we were married, Sam realized he had to decide to love narcolepsy and cataplexy as much as he loved me.

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We try to look on the bright side of things and have realized that along with the hardship of shouldering a chronic sleep disorder come a lot of blessings as well. Hi Emily, What an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing your experience here so other PWNs know that they too can find a healthy great relationship like yours. Big smiles, Julie. Hang in there! You are overcoming adversity daily and you are worthy of being loved and supported. With gratitude, Julie.

Thanks Julie! You are always an inspiration and a ray of hope to those of us with N. Thanks for always telling it the way it is. I think you make it easier for the rest of us to do the same.

And to feel proud of our accomplishments and less saddened by our struggles.

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Thank you so much for your on-going support, Stephanie. As always, Julie, thank you for sharing your story. The worst of my symptoms started over five years ago, and shortly after this I met a wonderful supportive man. Unfortunately, instead of my symptoms resolving, they went up and down - the downs including an inability to work and stay awake for more hours in the day than I was asleep.

Take care of yourself. I know how he chose to handle the challenges were mean and selfish, but I often battle with the fear of holding someone else back - even after diagnosis and starting treatment.

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