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More lies. I was extremely upset because we had this discussion before and I am totally against it as well as her father. How do I talk to a teen rationally about this? I am spitting nails and fuming. So, I am asking. Am I wrong? Have times changed THAT much?

How are you going to deal with your morning breath? How are you going to deal with their morning breath? Luckily, these tricks will help make your slumber party experience easy and enjoyable, both the night of and the next morning.

Oh, and a little secret to remember that won't hurt either: Your partner is probably a little nervous, too.

Any self-respecting grownup should have mouthwash and face-wash readily available for exactly these types of situations and hopefully for themselves on any other normal night. Feel free to use these at your leisure. There is no greater giveaway to a walk of shame than a pair of stilettos before 9am, on a weekday nonetheless. If you know for sure you're going to be sleeping out, try to wear a pair of shoes that can pass as "daytime appropriate," or throw a pair of flip-flops in your bag.

Sleeping with your contacts in is so, so bad for your eyes and something I accidentally do more often than I would like to admit and waking up with old gritty contacts in can really start your day off on the wrong foot. Better safe than sorry, especially when you actually want to be able to see who you went home with. Does anyone on these forums read the bible? Does anyone know God?

Parents that are allowing such behavior are committing just as much of a sin as the teenagers that are allowing it to happen to their bodies. Parents that encourage sex prior to marriage are teaching kids that adultery is ok because most teens that have sex never marry the first individual they were active with.

I guarantee the ones that do allow or encourage it are single moms. Absolutely sickening what this world has come to. You moms should be ashamed of yourselves. LMAO of course you would bring religion into this. Sorry to disappoint you but not everyone thinks the way you do. I think you need to relax and realize that what other parents allow their children to do is absolutely none of your business whatsoever.

Worry about your own kids. As a person who was raised in a Christian household and is now struggling with her own religious beliefs I want to say one huge thing about this comment. Do not guilt your children with your religious beliefs!!! It may not happen to every child but for me it has cause huge psychological problems in my life.

Eventhings that are unrealated to relationships that can be considered sins, like over eating one meal by accident, a past argument with my parents, or a lie I told as a child.

All of these things I have these things have ties back to religion that you can guilt someone with there are a lot more but these tended to be the main ones for my parents.

Jul 25,   "When I stay over a guy's place for the first time I'm expecting, at the very least, a bed with an actual box spring, quality mattress and sheets that don't feel like you're sleeping in Author: Danielle N Page. Jul 09,   12 Tips For Sleeping Over At Your New Partner's Place, Because Yes - You Should Bring Extra Underwear. By Zoe Weiner. July 9, Sleeping with your contacts in is so, so bad for your eyes. Mar 10,   Sleeping over someone's house can be very romantic and help your daughter to not only to learn more about her boyfriend but to have faith in her trust in her. For you, I suggest putting limitations on their over night stays at first to let yourself get more comfortable with the idea and the so see how it goes from there.

You should not guilt your child!! Even the starving kids in Africa thing is so messed up! It can lead to huge anxiety and depression problems!

I am living proof of this! Please, do not guilt your child with anything, evenmore so religion because it can lead to huge psychological problems in the future that you may never get to know about.

On the other side of this. If you are someone who is struggling with anxiety and depression or their overall psychological health please please please seak out help, whether that is from a doctor or a psychiatrist or even just an understanding person in your life, please find something or someone to help you.

I live with my older sister who I may add, Saved and redeemed me and showed me the ways of Christ. I started going to church and serving God. I met a beautiful young woman and soon after fell in love with her. I grabbed my skateboard and skated for 3 hours to get to her. I got into some trouble for this because of how far it was.

But I see it was wrong and dangerous now. Teens have their secrets. I respect my girlfriend. Yes we agreed to sort the sex situation out after marriage but teens have their secrets. You must trust them. My older sister let my girlfriend sleep over all the time and we do nothing more than cuddle and watch our favorite movies and kiss maybe once or twice.

Its not sinful If you Bring them closer to God. Then it should be perfectly fine. Given that you trust them that is. You know what else is absolutely sickening?

Letting a child sleepover their boyfriends house is nothing but a human right to spend time with you want. Just because a person does not read the Bible does not mean they will go and have sex. Itm not bumping your way of life, im just trying to give to give you another perspective.

I am 20 year old pagan who is a virgin I have had two boyfriends who has three friends one jewish, one babtist and one catholic who are pretty darn religious and all have had sex.

People have different parenting styles and they have different children. There is no right or wrong, one thing may work for one person and may not work for another. Sleep overs between partners can be innocent and they can be more then a bit less then innocent it depends on the situation and the people involved.

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There is honestly not a straight answer for this. By the way. I just saw someone also has the name summer. Can I just say how irrelevant your comment is.

Jun 26,   The "men" on here (all with valid opinions) are hardly a true cross section of viable daters for any grown woman over The first has just begun his adult dating life (21yo), the second (by his own admission) hasn't had a date in over a decade, and the third is a man in his 50s who dates little girls looking for a daddy figure or a free ride. Casual dating is all about keeping your options open and playing the field so that you can figure out what type of person you are most compatible with. Read on for 8 rules for casual dating. Oct 02,   Dating while living at home might sound like the worst thing in the world, but it can actually be a nice opportunity for your family and your partner to get to know each Jamie Kravitz.

Honestly I dont get why parents say they cant sleepover. I am a 15 year d girl who has a long distance relationship with a guy 16 for almost a year. Well its not up to her. We felt that we were ready. I was on birth control and we even used condoms. Its about love. We have sex because we want to be closer together, more intimate. Plus we only see each other 3ish times a year. So we want to be with each other as much as possible, but we have to be seperated for bed.

We just want to sleep togther. We already have sex so its not about that. Its about being able to cuddle each other and not waste the time we have together. Its about saying goodnight, and waking up to each other. We cant do this though and it breaks my heart. Parents who let their children do this in a commited relationship are right. They raise children who learn what is right and how to protect themselves.

They learn about truly loving someone which the millenials are losing touch of. Want to know why? Parents like some of you reading this. Our generation was messed up because you didnt raise us right. We fuse up? You give us electronics to calm us down. It goes in a circle and becomed addictive. Then in teenage years instead of going to a person for emotional help we go to social media for happiness.

But its not truly happiness. It can never replace people. That is why our generation has the highest suicide rate. That is why we become depressed. So how about you actually care about us sometime and help us form well meaningful relationships.

If not you just drive us farther away and learn ourselves. Unless you never want to see your kid compromise with us. Listen to us. Understand us. Times change, so do people. I became a single mom because my husband accidentally died. Wow you sound extremely judgy and last time I checked that is like comparing yourself to god which is a sin.

What is the harm to waking up to the person you love in the morning and understanding and learning more about them. I believe in God, but to each their own about views. Overindulgence of anything you as a person like? Is a sin.

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Sex before marriage? Cutting your hair? We make sins every single day. My boyfriend and I have been together 4 years. You can imagine, my mother was frantic. She bought every test off the shelf, all were negative. I went to the lady doctor, they did a pelvic exam and ultrasound. I am unable to conceive. I was told I am not creating eggs, my hormonal imbalance is so severe I am experiencing pre-menopause symptoms.

I did want children in the future, they have me on birth control to regulate my cycles though. I want my boyfriend to stay just a single night with me. There is a Vaccine Injury Court. I agree with you. Biblically it is not wrong. But let them know that they must take take responsibility with their actions and try not help them. I just had to comment because of this; I was brought up in a very very strict household.

Yes, I was raised in a Christian home, Christian values and beliefs and I still have those values today. But, for my 18 year old daughter I wanted to do things differently. I talked to her about respecting her body and about her cherishing and waiting to have a sexual relationship with that special person that God sends her way. They are adults and they know they need to respect one another. And wait for the right individual to have a sexual relationship with.

Staying over at a boyfriends house is far from adultery and is closer to being faithful. As well as the fact that it is and we are still going on about marriage before kids which is completely up to the individuals. Keep up with the times. Is that what Jesus would say? Sounds a bit judgmental. Go back and read more. Teenagers are gonna have sex regardless whether your throw your bible and old ways in their face or not.

So at least do your part as a parent and protect them from their experience going wrong have a child as a young adult. Well My daughter is She and I talk about everything and have a very good relationship. She makes straight As does sports and has a wonderful boyfriend.

Her and her boyfriend are both virgins and are not ready to have sex. I have talked to them both that if they ever think they are ready to go to that step to please talk to me about it. They agreed.

A few buddies and I were talking about this over beers on the weekend and they all had rules about how long you had to be dating before sleeping over was an option. I have no boundaries when it comes to this, whether it's a FWB situation or someone I'm considering dating.

You are stupid to think that being demanding and strict with 16 year olds is the way to go. They want trust someone they can talk to about how they feel. They will find a way to do what they want and if you are closed minded and do not allow them to think for themselves you are headed for trouble with your teen. My daughter has a good head on her knows what she wants in life and is working to meet that goal.

Her boyfriend is doing the same. They are in love and respect each other.

Dating sleeping over

Respect is a key word which most people today have none of. If my daughter thinks she wants to take that step you damn right I will be getting her on birth control because if they are going to do it they will and you are being irresponsible if you do not talk to them about the risks and do what you must to prevent pregnancy.

I teach my kids respect and what is expected out of them. Teaching them responsibility and consequences that is being a good parent not cramming rules and not giving them a voice is being stupid. They will rebell and get into trouble. He happens to be my 17 year old sons bestfriend and is very protective of his sister.

They cuddle and fall asleep. Door is always open. I have very good relationships with my teens and they know right from wrong. They are still virgins, are in honors classes, and are respectful. I have raised 2 awesome young adults so I really do not care of what you think.

Looks like you are doing a great job! Your kids are very lucky to have you as a mom with such an open mind and realistic one too. Look forward to your feedback on other posts. Thank you for responding to my post! He banned women speaking in churches, playing American football, wearing polyester, round haircuts, trimming beards AND divorcing a cheating partner?!

Now come one, some of those are a little extream. I believe that there has to be something out there, something afterlife. I believe that I was a teenager should be able to stand up for myself, I have my right to. No matter of what religion you are, that was very disrespectful of you to say. And you come on her and say she should be ashamed of herself?

You could have instead told her your personal opinion while including the topic about god and referencing the bible, but instead you come in here with that un welcoming cold attitude. Take a look in the mirror. Certainly your children wish they were in a house that allowed for some level of open-mindedness and discussion.

Oh, and by the way, not everyone believes in your book. Is that ok in the eyes of God? If I know and he knows that we will get married in the future? Why you gotta be so over the top let people do there thing, kids grow up and make mistakes but we need too, to learn and grow up, nobody is perfect not even you.

I agree with you Summer. If I wanted to have sex with my boyfriend, like you mentioned, I would find a way. Why limit your children to seeing someone they care about to just the daytime when in reality sex is just as likely to occur during the day time as well? We only live once let your kids live and experience what they want safely and honestly with someone they care about without treating them like babies. Be happy they want to tell you honestly where they are.

I see the point of YOU! You have your own reasons to say that. I want to say is that many parents may think that like what you think of your parents think. A teen couple in a relationship that needs protection, which means, the adults need to help and protect.

Things may happen even you never planned out whatever reason. You are not a Media Player to have a rewind button.

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True love can wait, otherwise.! We can not only think about ourselves feeling, benefits, etcwe also need to think about the others more. Anyone can hurt you, but not your parents! I have never related to something more. I wish my mom would stop yelling at me and thinking I just want to have sex with him.

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I just stop trying to even talk to her about it at this point. You can have sex whenever and wherever you want but not in the parents house if you are that hard headed. What you are doing is biblically wrong.

But if something will happen to what you are doing either the girl gets pregnant or something then you must be responsible to your actions. Hi Summer As a mom if a 17 year old girl I totally understand you. My daughter and I talk a lot and this situation comes up. Gosh you can do that anywhere. I do feel it can make you so much more comfortable that sex can happen easily but they respect me and really appreciate that I let them do this.

So I let my daughters boyfriend stay here. I set up a mattress and let them feel like adults in my house. They cook cuddle and just be. I hope you can talk with your mom. You sound like a great smart girl. Honestly, they probably have already done it. Sleepovers are more so the bonding and cute intimacy of relationships.

I know for a fact as a freshmen in college, that sex can occur anywhere in highschool. At the end of the day, education is the best advice offered. Parents now a days are so misunderstanding and ignorant! My house. My rules. Go to college. Get a job.

Get your own place. Do what you want. Bonding after midnight will not go on at my house. No matter how sweet. I get some things, but I have a belief that most parents are against it based off of a very chronic sense of distrust of their child. Because if a parent trusted their child enough, they should trust that they would not be craving sex nor would their companion. Have I gotten crap from my parents? But it stems off of distrust and an implication that sex might occur.

Hate to break it to you, but sex can happen in a minute. Yeah, when you go upstairs or downstairs to check on something, your child could have had sex. Now do they?

So why would sleeping over guarantee it? You have to have a little trust as well as a realization that sleeping over is about love and connection. Now, you do what you want, but if you want your child to trust you and love you more, you should at least consider the option of sleeping over.

Just my two cents as a teenager. It makes me frustrated when my parents make a big deal about it. First of all, you need to trust your parents first. Trust is on a reciprocal basis. I think it is more in the way we were all brought up.

Sunday school, no sex before marriage, but we were, even before that kids were having sex before marriage. That is what my son said to me several times. My son is 15, dating for 2 months and they are inseparable.

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I bought condoms for him 4 weeks ago, always been open and honest with him. Found out 1 week ago that he had sex with her 2 times but that was not his first time. He called and asked if he could spend the night, they all parents too were playing flashlight tag, hide and go seek and it was getting late, I said yes.

The gf at the time, had rubbers and they had planned it on the phone for weeks prior. She was also, homeschooled. I googled it and found this blog and read it and realized, I do trust my son. I have to believe in myself that I taught my son right from wrong, being responsible, respectful, my morals and values. After all that is what he is going to use for the rest of his life. So, I text him back and said, Yes you can but you keep acting respectful and responsible and we will sit down and discuss how to proceed with this, because it will not be every night.

He is a mini adult so discussing and negotiating a plan that we both agree with is the smart way to do it. Gloria, I respect that this is how you choose to raise your children but from personal experience please be prepared for your children to rebel at some point. It may not be when they are teens either, it could be like my sister who rebeled at 25 and it caused a lot of strife in our family. This parenting style, though commonly practiced in American society, can cause problems for the family unit at just about any point in.

Just food for thought. I understand that parents are fine with sleepovers with friends and with a relationship there is an added risk but they should still be able to hang around with their boyfriend or girlfriend. That was probably one of the most amazing time in my life. He made me feel comfortable and safe. Not to mention her reputation as a respectable girl will be out the window.

Kids have sex. Education is key and explaining your experience will better help us as children to understand why sex is taboo and also why sleepovers are not okay. Obviously it was not okay, but at some point, give the kid the reigns to their innocence.

Honestly do you think making a scene would really want to make your daughter come home with you or even listen to what you have to say? It is her life not yours, she needs to make her own decisions in life.

I agree about the pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases but there are ways to protect against that. You should be clear with your daughter about how to protect herself. Also a bad reputation? Sex is a wonderful thing! It is what we were put on earth to do. I cannot believe how stupid you are.

When you decided not to acknowledge it that night you gave consent. You acted like her girlfriend and not her parent. What should you do now? Invite your daughter to coffee and gossip with her. You made a bad decision. There was NO reason 2 call her stupid! Maybe she got flustered, caught off guard, etc. U have no right 2 talk 2 her lyk that 2 express ur opinion. Lot of shaming going on here.

I have a 20 yr old college girl, and 18 and 16 yr old boys. With my daughter, the rule was be home around 12. But lets be real. Still- I make my 18 yr old come home between 12 and 1 a. Butwhen he went up on a ski trip with his girlfriend, her parents came down in a snow storm one afternoon, but they stayed up there alone one more night vs. Honestly- I know that.

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I would focus on keeping communication and trust open, and letting them know they can tell you ANYTHING so you can help them out of jams and guide them through the icky stuff. ButI still try to make them come home between 12 and 2 at the latest.

The BIG picture that is! Olivia does have a 12mid curfew and she abides by it. She obviously wanted to feel close with him and enjoy waking up next to him and plus it was convienent, she was tired and staying at his house is safer then going home late at night in the dark where all sorts of stuff could happen. I think your approach is old school and not in a good way.

You need to rethink it. I suggest talk to your daughter about sex, trust and responsibility. Sorry to tell you. They have both been very honest about there sex lives because I have given them the platform to be. The underlying problem with our society is that we think that the more control we have over kids and teens, the more developed they would become. What should have been a happy home WILL end up as a prison, full of conflict, tension, and suffocation.

There will be plenty of mistrust on both sides, especially anger and frustration on the side of the teens. Just because you financially support your kids does not give you the right to take away their freedoms, especially under the guise of protection, when the reality was that it was all about having power and control, to make the selfish parents feel better.

thanks for explanation

Moreover, there have been clearly plenty of long established birth control forms, all which date back since like ancient Greece, for example. I have to say right off the bat that you and every teenager in the world are all different.

Different in emotions, hormones, behaviors and personalities as well as living environments including different parent raising skills. I have 4 brothers 3 older and one younger. I was raised with both parents in the house hold both on the same ideas when it came to dating and sex. Your response to this is all YOUR opinion. Therefore, you have a different view to speak on. Which I find very unreasonable. But the statics are stating that teenagers are more vulnerable to become delinquent and going to jail after their 18 is moreover that their is a lack of good structured parenting in that teenagers life.

I was working in a non profit that worked on building a better and safe place that is christian based life style. It was a social gathering of wonderful things for teenagers and middle school kids to be a better person for themselves and to find themselves in a positive way of how Jesus talks about in the bible.

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I was raised with stricken parents, my mom was pregnant at the age of 17 and she went to a catholic school. My father lost his virginity at the age of My father was a judge and a preacher all before he turned I was able to date and hangout with my boyfriend as long as it was with a bunch of friends around. I started dating by age 13 and my parents allowed it. I did not sleep with or even spent the night at any guys house either. Not because my parents did not allow it, but because I felt it would for one, be disrespecting myself.

Am I ready for that? What then? I can go on and on to the why the NO is a good idea for parents to stick with. Furthermore, no, I really do not believe you end up getting resentful and bad teenagers that hate their parents because they were so stricken on them. I am a single mother raising three teenage boys now and not one of them have had sex or slept over at a girls house and never have asked me if they could spend the night and never asked their father either when they were over there too.

Here is a scenerio teenagers may understand better then the No is a no, answer. She would have resentment toward herself because he told her he loved her just to get into her pants. And he ends up calling her a slut for doing it and tells all his friends she was easy? Peace and I hope you can forgive and understand why your parents were stricked on you.

If not know, you will eventually see why when you have your own children. Sleeping over is not all about sex. Like you said, if teenagers want to have sex, they will. I want to sleep over at my boyfriends house because my mom allows me to be there until and I am You guys are so unrealistic. If they really wanted to have sex, they could do it anywhere. It may not be what we would do or be allowed to do but a mom can no longer think like that if they want to have any relationship with their daughter or better yet.

Thank you for your comment and of course for following our blog! Regardless whether you believe it is right or wrong, it is a matter of respect.

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Why, beyond self gratification would they intentionally do something that will hurt someone? Not all teens are having sex, my daughter for example.

Her and her boy friend have been together for a few months now and this passed Valentines day she asked me if she could spend the night at his house.

have faced it

But I went to the house and looked at the living situation and talked to the other adults in the house and we were all on the same page. Thank you for following our blog and please keep following!! Honestly, I think the issue is bigger than sex. Teens will have sex.

But as parents do you want to condone the act? Do you want to show that you accept the act, and more importantly provide the time and place to do it? Then there will be no reason to pursue the independence that a young adult should pursue.

Why should they seek to get a job, or live on their ownwhen they can continue to live at home while being taken care of like a chil but engage in sexual activity like an adult. This creates blurred lines.

I say you teach that being an adult comes with responsibility and that as a parent it is not your responsibility to provide a place for teens to explore their sexuality and become over-committed in a relationship in which they may not be emotionally ready for. I do believe that your concerns are understandable and you only want what best for your daughter. If he can love me that long, I can trust him to be caring enough to make me feel comfortable. I personally have never been intimate like that with someone, and I feel that maybe your daughter may just want to feel the intimacy and security you gain from sleeping in your loves arms.

Encourage the natural progression of the relationship instead of forcing it to slow. For you, I suggest putting limitations on their over night stays at first to let yourself get more comfortable with the idea and the so see how it goes from there.

Hope this helps! You hit the nail square on the head with this comment. Thank you! Personally, my mother went through great measures to make sure I understood about safe sex and respectful relationships. Teens will find a place to have sex no matter what, if you are a respectful parent and have open relationships with your kids they will tell you when they are having sex and that will give you an idea of their maturity level.

When I became a women my mother knew my entire sex life and she completely condoned adult sleep overs because she knew I was a grown ass women who could handle myself.

Treat your own kids with the same respect they are going to grow up eventually. Do you feel at that age that it is a good to move so quickly into the type of relationship that mimics living together? I myself am a 16 year old girl. I have been in a relationship for 15 months and my boyfriend is I see myself as quite mature for my age and I am very strong willed.

My mum has always made sure that we have a close relationship and I can talk to her about anything. I understand your point but if you trust your daughter then what is the problem?

The agreement was that he was to stay in my bed and I would sleep wherever she thought was appropriate. My mum trusts me and she actually let us sleep in the same room.

I respect her completely and we engaged in no sexual contact whatsoever as that would be going against what she has taught me.

Since then he has slept on one other occasion where we had been to a family wedding, and his parents were away again as his dad works away on some occasions. Again she made the rules clear and we did nothing sexual again. My door is always open and my mum can walk in anytime as we have nothing to hide. It was really late, we were both tired and comfy watching The Office great show by the way.

He asked if I wanted to sleep over instead of having to drive me all the way home. Since it was so late I texted my mom to let her know I was sleeping over. We cuddled and went to bed. The next day I came home and my mom yelled at me and gave me a 10pm curfew. I thought I was an adult. I still followed her rule by letting her know.

I just love to be around him. And I mean in absolute love. Like, just being near her makes me happy as does a single thought about her and especially having her in my arms. Like, had no objections or complaints. We slept over again and there was no problem yet. Maybe I actually like to just sleep no sex next to the love of my life. Maybe it makes me inexpressibly happy to fall asleep cuddling together and waking her up with a kiss on the forehead and cheek.

Sounds like a trust issue to me. Hi, im 17, by what i read i saw a lot parents being worryed and against sleepovers. And i could imagine why parents wouldnt want that. But even if parents say no to sleepovers teenagers will always find a way, trust me. But your daughter or son may not even be virgins anymore, and youll never know.

I tell my mom everything and she lets me go to parties or sleepover at a girls house. Is that bad parenting? I dont think so. Im healthy, graduated with good grades, never took drugs, never got drunk and i always listen to her. And to be honest i dont see why sex is such a bad thing.

Its something wonderful. You just need to teach them to always be safe. I would honestly freeze and feel as if i was punched in the gut. Strict parents make sneaky kids. And if i was a parent i would preffer that she tell me everything then finding out that shes pregnant or STDs. Yes we have sex, and my mother knows that.

I tried asking my mom the other day knowing what her response would be if I could stay the night with him. She said absolutely not basically, saying that it would be totally innapropriate. Even though I knew what she was going to say, I was still very upset.

So in my moms case, unfortunately, I believe her main concern is what SHE will look like. She thinks it will make her look like a bad mom. I just truly love him and want to be with him. I felt very mature at the young age of 16 and I would sneak round my boyfriends house at 15 and stay over then because I knew that if I asked my mum she would say no.

She went mad at me when she found out, but I did it over and over again because I felt as though I needed to prove myself that I could be trusted not to mess my life out and get pregnant.

Your daughter is 17 and if she is in a healthy relationship I see no reason that she is not aloud, because if u strictly say she is not aloud I garentee u she will do it again and again causing u to loose trust and your relationship to decay. Sounds like you were a very mature teen and had to grow up quickly unfortunately due to your moms passing. Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom like you with such an open smart mind. Thank you for following our blog and hope you continue to post!

By the way, your mom would be proud of you. I know I am just reading your post. Thank you again! Hello There. I found your weblog using msn. This is an extremely smartly written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read extra of your helpful info. And what do you want to achieve with this behavior? You and your daughter will draw further and further if you will act like this.

For now she knows that it is good for her, that she lies about her whereabouts and what she is doing. Instead of being on her side and guiding her through life like you are supposed to, you are her enemy that is trying to sculpture her in a person you wanted to be and are not, a person YOU want her to be.

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Very selfish, wrong and even stupid. My name is Cara and I am Me and my boyfriend D. We live in different cities and we see each other rarely, only once a week, or even two and this happens mainly when I go to the University it is in his city. He is 25 years old and he lives with his mother. And this affects my relationship. Their attitude is really affecting my relationship so much that I feel like it will end soon.

I want to wait one more year until I finish my final year at the University, so I can find a job. I want to move out, to have my own place and to be completely independent, being able to enjoy the evenings with my boyfriend.

I really need an advice about what should I do. Cara, I am so sad to hear this. You are 21! This is typically and issue when you are like 15! My 16 years old son has his 15 year old girlfriend sleep over occasionally as distance is a problem and he slept over there a few times as well.

I know they a re having sex. If they want to they will find. That being said I occasionally slip some condoms in his room not as an approval thing but as a responsible thing. Who the hell cares! I like to say what others think of me is none of my concern!

It is so freeing, because not everyone will like you or approve no matter what you do. If you try you will surely fail. That being said, have you seen a counselor for advice on how to sort this out? That could be a key to how to handle this. Have you asked to have a serious adult sit down with your parents or would they refuse? People, get real here! If you want open lines of communication you have to have a happy medium built with a foundation of love trust and respect.

But if we all learn from them and do even just a little better than before, there is progress. I am so sorry your parents are doing this to you. Also want to add I am very close to my sons as we talk about everything.

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It is key to keep the lines of communication open. So many times I have had convos with them and inside I was doing backflips lol but calm in front of them as they were trusting me enough to have major discussions with me. Just wow. Have the parents here not heard of a thing called trust? My daughter and I will tell each other literally anything. Because I trust her, and she trusts me. She is never afraid to tell me anything.

I understand you are concerned but its better to have a open relationship with your daughter because then she will just go behind your back. Just think about it, because if you say no right away especially at that age she will just go behind your back. My daughter has been going out with her boyfriend for nearly 1 year and they are inseparable.

They have spent full weeks with each other but have never spent the night. I truly knew that nothing would happen and she promised me that nothing would happen. I did plan for them to sleep in different rooms but they fell asleep on the couch. Which was fine for me because it was an open space. The next morning they made breakfast and ate. After they went to the beach and his parents picked him up from there.

I knew that nothing would happen and I trust my daughter. I think that if you have that faith in each other then anything is possible. I hope this gives you a new perspective on the situation.

I think this is awesome! But just an FYI, my open relationship with my son, swore he was not having sex until I found a condom wrapper. Please realize she very well may be having it and not want to appear to let you down. But I also had been through sex ed and knew guys and girls get feelings they do not understand and they think but I love this person and they think they are able to handle the cuddling and making out, but there are going to be times where it gets to hard to hold back.

Dating And Sleeping Over and horny as their dripping wet pussies are getting worked over hard. Only the best horny porn that would make you go hard and dream about these sexy hotties. Check out this Dating And Sleeping Over awesome horny porn starring the hottest/ Apr 10,   Sleeping over is okay as long as there's a third person there to hold you accountable; We've been sleeping over at each other's houses since we started our long distance relationship over a year ago-and we've never had any problems. Oct 10,   However, if you find yourself sleeping over their place every night and wondering whether or not it's "OK," you might be thinking: How often .

As teenagers age, their hormones get more developed and complex that there needs to be open conversations about these feelings that may come about when each other is cuddle and making out. Teenagers need to know the truth of what maybe going on with their bodies, not just trusting your teenager to do the right thing if they never were told how to handle situations that may come about from cuddling and making out.

Here is a link from one state but it does have similar laws that apply to each state. Hi, I am a 16 year old girl. Some I agree with and some I totally disagree with. I have a boyfriend who is 18 turning But they love my boyfriend!

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