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I think it's because they've never really met ROTC guys. I'm just saying that my friends seem to think that. Well for me since am a rotc guy I only take women seriously if they don't drink, smoke and doesn't go to clubs. The military is about conquering other nations, and stepping on their culture, and also, by implication, abusing their women. Constant scandals about this wherever US soldiers go. It's like murder.

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The negativity came from girls I know. But then again, none of them have actually known ROTC guys well.

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So I recently met this really nice guy in my college psych class. We went on a few dates and he's really chivalrous and a great person in general. He's also in ROTC.

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He tells me about how it helps bring discipline to his life and I'd rather be with a disciplined and principled guy than with the average dude. Share Facebook. Dating an ROTC guy: a good or bad idea? Add Opinion.

Apr 21,   JACustomer: But is an ROTC cadet considered enlisted under UCMJ? I have read. 4- Relationships between Soldiers of different rank a. The term "officer," as used in this paragraph, includes both commissioned and WOs unless otherwise fireemblemheroestips.com provisions of this paragraph apply to both relationships between Army personnel (to include dual-status military technicians in the Army Reserve 5/5(K). Mar 27,   ROTC is part of Cadet Command, which is part of TRADOC, which has some very draconian rules about trainees (which ROTC cadets are) and instructors engaging in any sort of personal relationship. Additionally, if you are a contracted Cadet, it is prohibited as well for you to fraternize with any enlisted member out side of the ROTC cadre. So I recently met this really nice guy in my college psych class. We went on a few dates and he's really chivalrous and a great person in general. He's also in ROTC. when I mentioned that to a few of my friends, they kind of acted like it was a bad thing. Is there a negative connotation with being.

Don't listen to the people saying that his military background and "overly-disciplined mind" are going to one day backfire on you. Just being in the ROTC does not mean that he'll eventually become disrespectful.

If he does, it could be due to a number of reasons.

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But either way, if you can tell that he's a genuinely nice guy, and he continues to be nothing but, I say go for it.

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Those are good standards to hold a woman up to. Haha why thank you question asker.

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Why should it be any different in Cadet land? NavyHoops Super Moderator.

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Joined Jul 13, Messages 6, It depends what the rules are for ROTC and even within that unit if they are in violation of any rules. Joined Apr 18, Messages Um, if they show up at the ball together won't they be busted right there and then?

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Jcc 5-Year Member. Joined Apr 19, Messages 1, It's a military ball.

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You're likely the only one concerned about this. Joined Nov 18, Messages 1, Dating within the chain of command is an issue and probably a violation of the units rules of conduct.


But, in most cases it is not a conduct violation unless it is within the chain of command or between upperclassmen and freshman. Joined Mar 14, Messages 5, I think the main concern is the potential for unwanted advances from a supervising cadet. In this case if there is no harassment, and everything us mutual, most ignore it. But gossip and favoritism can stem from thus so they should be careful.

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No, the only one concerned about this is bobthebuilder. Joined Jan 18, Messages ROTC Cadets dating each other is not fraternization.

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Jcleppe Year Member. Joined Feb 10, Messages 6, Joined Dec 6, Messages 1, Jcleppe said:. Joined Oct 21, Messages 13, They dated for almost three years while in ROTC.

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In their particular battalion, she was the Rock Star. Fellow cadets of equal rank? Fellow cadets of different rank?

If your boyfriend is a GMC (freshman/sophomore) then offer to help quiz him on stuff for field training (like how enlisted go to basic training, field training is over the summer for ROTC cadets). Go to the detachment with him to look around and know where he spends so much of his time. Dating A Girl In Rotc, she s dating the gangster best lines for love, on mutual terms dating site, online dating writing a killer first email joke. Nyra Nairobi West Escort. Hot,sexy,young,open-minded,lithe and flexible:that is me. I'm based in Nairobi West in my / Jan 30,   AFROTC cadets are certainly enlisted (in the USAFR), so a relationship between a 2d Lt and a ROTC cadet could definitely be considered fraternization, but I don't know if that is the case for (a) OTS cadets, or (b) USAFA cadets.

And I'm not looking for "I suggest against it, team unity Yes it is possible. A commander can make a regulation more strict but not less strict. For example, the Army policy is Officers and Enlisted cannot date.

Dear ROTC Cadets, I type this as a disgruntled, pissed off, veteran (aren't we all), who is several beers deep and full of honesty. If you're currently in an ROTC program, I suggest that you take a good, hard, look at this, so as to remember exactly where you stand . The PussySpace team appreciates Backpage Escort Real hot Dating Rotc Cadet sex is Dating Rotc Cadet always ating, and adding more porn videos Dating Rotc Cadet every day. Nice fucking between people who love each other and everything set escort for each person, so carefully sorted free Dating Rotc Cadet clips with backpage escort creampie and movies in high quality/ Feb 25,   Dating within the chain of command is an issue and probably a violation of the units rules of conduct. IMHO, dating within a ROTC is not a good idea and should be avoided and I am sure that is what anyone leading a ROTC unit would say.

But a battalion commander can issue an order that nobody in the battalion can date each other. Or a brigade commander could say nobody in the brigade can date each other. These rules are more strict then the Army policy, so they are allowed. Now the division commander could always step in and counter that order if he feels it is unjustified or he can support.

But, since these would be local policies, what rules one school has may be different then another school's rules too.

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