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Originally posted by tonylovedaily. Hi everyone, I really want to read some fan fictions or imagines written for Harry Potter himself. Anyone have any suggestions? Originally posted by sincerelycalum. So instead of going out I was wondering if you wanted to watch movies.

Really lazy. The type to not know someone popular because I tend to focus on my own things. Therapeutic vibes. Hugging is my thing. The type to protect animals and stuffed animals. Remus was in the same year level as yourself, but with him being a Gryffindor and you only sharing one class. From what you understood he was a kind boy who liked to read and prank fellow students but occasionally went missing from class for a few days in a row.

At the start of your fifth year you were appointed prefect of Hufflepuff house and Remus of Gryffindor, which meant that you would frequently bump into him during patrol of the castle, and when the heads of houses would call meetings.

But more than ever you noticed how there was a pattern to when he disappeared. One night when you were on patrol you noticed a few shadowy figures making their way down the entrance hall, towards the exit of the castle.

Dating remus lupin would include

Following with your wand out you gained on them and realised that what you had noticed were four students.

You so desperately wanted to believe him, but breaking rules was not your strong suit, and if you were caught letting students sneak out of the castle you could be expelled.

A week later when Remus had returned to classes and prefect duties he caught up with you to thank you for what you had done that night, but also provide you with an explanation. You were only the fourth student at Hogwarts to know his secret, which only brought you closer, and by the start of sixth year you were his girlfriend. About the only student in Hogwarts that enjoyed reading the books in the library as much as you did was Louis Weasley. Most days you would pass him either sitting by himself on the floor in one of the aisles or at a table in the library.

You thought he was rather cute, biting his lip, furrowing his brow in concentration as his eyes scanned the pages. One rainy Sunday when most of the other students were hanging out in house common rooms or flying around, practising on the quidditch pitch, you were down on the first floor in the Library, reading up on the uses of Runespoor fangs when someone placed a pile of books on your table.

Looking up you noticed the blonde hair and blue eyes as belonging to Louis Weasley. The conversation was a little awkward at first, him stumbling over words, you unable to maintain eye contact as you could feel the temperature in your cheeks increase every time you looked at his face. But after finding your mutual love for fantasy books, baking and Care of Magical Creatures the conversation flowed easily from there.

He was your first crush. After months of spending time with him in class and in the library most days, he had convinced you to go for a walk with him by the black lake the Friday before exams started to try and clear your head and calm your anxieties. It was on this walk where he first held your hand, first kissed you and first asked you to be his girlfriend. OMG thank you!!!

Word Count: Prompt: What dating Remus Lupin would include? (Marauders Era) Warnings: NoneListening to his hour long book rants, which he usually ends up getting really worked up over "THAT BOOK WAS SO DUMB! SIRIUS COULD WRITE IT BETTER!" "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED OFF MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!" "All I'm saying is she could've done WAY better . Word Count: Prompt: What dating Sirius Black would include? (Marauders Era)Warnings: SwearAll nighters Which include causal conversations Like how to prank half of the professors Playing with his hair And listening to him complain But he secretly adores it PDA obviously Holding hands is extremely important to him He carries your textbooks to every class You . Dating Remus Lupin Would Include Finding Out Remus Lupin Is A Werewolf Would Include Aftermath. Happily Ever After. Nightmares. Come Back To Me. A Real Charmer. s i r i u s b l a c k. Dating Sirius Black Would Include Heartbreak. Burnt Out. Little Bird. Warm Welcomes. j a m e s p o t t e r. Dating James Potter Would Include.

Request: Anonymous Hi! Could you do headcanons for James Sirius dating a Hufflepuff? Thank you! It was an awkward start to a dinner to say the least. They were rather intimidating, beyond the fact that Regulus had told you about how strict they were, and how little love there was in the household you had just stepped into, they also looked intimidating.

She gave a fake smile as she welcomed you into her home. As you sat down at the overly large dining table, she asked another question. Regulus grabbed your hand as you stood up, avoiding eye contact with the woman who had just insulted you, and followed Reg out the front door. You loved Teddy, he had made you happier than you had ever been in your life. And he made you feel loved and wanted.

But even though he told you every single day that you were beautiful, you had never really felt it.

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One day in your seventh year at Hogwarts, after being in a relationship with Teddy for over a year, you saw him walking out of his common room, laughing so hard he was crying, with Ember Adler.

She was one of the most popular girls in your year, Head Girl but also extremely beautiful. It felt like someone had punched you in the stomach. His voice was charming and alluring, but you were too embarrassed to tell him how you really felt.

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You had not planned to say that. His eyes widened, but without missing a beat he stepped toward you and pulled you into a hug. You stood pressed against his chest for who knows how long, silent tears running down your cheeks and dampening his shirt.

After a while you pulled away from him, sniffling and wiping your tears away. Pulling his wand out, he waved it methodically over the book, the patterns following the order of spells he tried. Revelio was followed by Aparecium. This was proceeded by Finite incantatemwhich took care of the final enchantments.

A plain leather bound journal was revealed, no markings on either the front or back covers to indicate who it belonged to, or indeed what it was. Carefully, and fully expecting some backlash, Remus flicked through the pages, stopping at a random page. Keep reading. Can you please reblog if your blog is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, non binary, demisexual or any other kind of queer or questioning people?

Because mine is. As you perched on the stool, you tried not to think about the hundreds of eyes fixed in your direction. It was somewhat of a relief to have the Sorting Hat obscure your view, even if the sudden voice inside your head scared the living daylights out of you. It could have been seconds, it could have been minutes. All you knew was that when the hat was lifted off your head, it was to the Gryffindor table cheering.

You scampered over quickly, taking a seat and willing your heart to slow the heck back down. But, you mused as the ghosts started chatting to the first years as the sorting ended and the feast began, there were different types of bravery. There was bravery in being able to let go and say goodbye to a beloved pet and family member. There was bravery in accepting that the world was so much bigger than you thought. There was bravery in going to a boarding school hundreds of miles away from home rather than that secondary school fifteen minutes away from home.

?UNTIL THE VERY END? - Dating Remus Lupin would include..

Of course, there was also the option that you subconsciously valued bravery more than ambition, a positive work ethic or knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Looking down the table towards the Seventh Years, you wondered if they were brave inherently or because they were told they were in the house of the brave.

It seemed bizarre that something you valued or had the potential to be at eleven years old would become a definite just because of your House.

Throughout the Great Hall, no table seemed unhappy. Not for their own Sorting or friendship group. No, you would much rather try to embody all the traits from each House. Only then would you be well rounded, and there was certainly no harm in interhouse unity. Originally posted by daisy-edits. Summary: James Potter and his sister in all but blood child! Years of quidditch training allowed fifteen year old James Potter to catch the young girl effortlessly, settling the rambunctious child on his hip.

Evans were able to save up enough money for the trip. James filed that information away. They met the first time Lily came to Hogwarts, on this very platform at Kings Cross. Unfortunately, Lily missed this act of kindness, and the tone of their friendship was set the moment James turned on Snivellus for wanting to be a Slytherin. Sometimes he would ask his parents to wait a while so he could have a decent catch up, something Mr.

LOVE WITHOUT POTIONS [best of] - The Marauders' dating show at Banzaicon2016

Namely, Peter, Sirius and Remus. Do wizards have amusement parks? Did wizards have holiday destinations like that?

Keeping a firm hold on her hand, he led her towards the Marauders. Whilst Remus was keeping his psuedo-sister occupied, James set about planning the trip with Sirius, who was always curious about the muggle world even if only to spite his family.

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James shook his head fondly. Remus snorted. The rest of us just use MJ, which she quite likes. James cuffed Remus round the back of the head playfully.

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Sirius joined in, defending Moony because canines always stuck together, apparently whilst Wormy helped him. James was quite excited, really. A bit of a holiday with his little sister? NB: Dreamland is a real place in Margate, Kent. It was very popular in the 60s and 70s.

Dating Remus Lupin would include: Dating Remus Lupin includes: [[MORE]] Him being nervous at the beginning of the relationship because of his 'furry little problem' . Dating Remus Lupin Would Include Request: (Anonymous) Hello! Can you do a "dating would include" with Remus and a Hufflepuff? I love your work by the way, keep going! ?? . remus lupin remus lupin x reader professor lupin young!remus lupin x reader dating remus lupin would include would inclue marauders marauder era dating remus lupin james potter sirius black peter pettigrew harry potter hogwarts golden trio era teddy lupin young!james potter young!sirius black young!peter pettigrew young!remus lupin young.

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Dating Remus Lupin would include study dates but only half the time you would spend studying, and the rest you would probably just be talking many chocolates being given on Valentine's Day the. Dating Remus Lupin would include - He would be sooooooo nervous to ask you out - Like, he almost made Sirius do it for him - But no matter how much he . Dating (young) Remus Lupin would include -little pecks on the cheek and the lips now and then -always borrowing the sweaters that he doesn't use too much .

How dare you?! Talk to me. Did somebody say ice cream? I promise. Nightmares, again? A kiss will make me feel better Move over. Give me one good reason why I should trust you

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