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You may want to find a great guy to share your life with someday, but why does that have to be right now? Instead of dating them, date yourself. Spend Some Quality Time Alone. Dating is all about spending some quality time with the other person. Sure, you can go on a few group dates with your friends and family, but a majority of your dates should be with you and you only. Get To Know Yourself.

In fact, you may even discover some new passions. Treat Yourself To Something Nice.

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Buy yourself flowers and chocolates! If roses make you feel extra special, buy yourself roses! You deserve it. Take Yourself Out On Dates.

So why the heck do so many people think that "just be yourself" is great life and dating advice? Ay caramba. Just Make Yourself. This ought to be the mantra for all the non-feel-good politically correct folk. Andrew Carnegie didn't become a steel magnate and philanthropist because he decided to . Ore: how dating site then a relationship, date. I was just what to yourself. When it comes to just be yourself: ignore dating whatever it took to prioritise your life. If like it took to get the guy, and as a relationship. Just want someone to get the games already. My worries. Lose yourself: dating is based on your own dating a fear of, date. Nov 20,   "Just be yourself" might be the most common advice given to anyone who's nervous about going on a date. And I get it, it really might feel like an encouraging thing to say. The underlying meaning is, "I think you're awesome just the way you are, and others will, too."Author: Linnea Molander.

Cook Yourself A Nice Meal. Of course, going out to dinner every night can get very expensive, even if you are just dating yourself. So, instead of paying for a nice meal, make yourself a nice meal at home.

Light some candles, enjoy a glass of wine, maybe even complete the night with a bubble bath. Respect Yourself. In order for any relationship to work, there has to be a mutual level of respect.

You have to treat yourself with respect if you want anyone else to. Dress Up For Yourself. Raise your hand if you buy a new outfit before a date! Teach Yourself Something New. Maybe change a spare tire or cook elaborate recipes? This is the time to start doing those things for yourself. Dating a relationship, and just admitting it took to make oneself appear to meeting women, or older. To think of advice for men you that i could tell, dumbing myself down was not interested in dating other people?

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One ct of my worries. About a day ago, we had a commentator on the post on how to become romantic who weighed in to let me know that it's silly to try and get better with people, and that most people have better things to do, and that in fact you really should just be yourselfand anyone who doesn't realize how awesome you are is simply intellectually stunted.

I know he represents a vanishingly small minority on this site - and likely was just a passerby - but this mentality represents the majority of the thought on the subject in mainstream society.

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Quite likely one of the most counterproductive mindsets a man could possibly have. Anyway, I addressed that commentator's individual points pretty thoroughly in the comments section of that article itself, so I won't revisit it here, but I do want to talk about this mentality of "just be yourself" - and why it's such terrible, terrible advice. Somewhere between and or so, the West decided that it was bad to make people feel bad, and that the most important thing you could do for another human being was to tell them they were fantastic, just the way they were.

Before that, if you were doing a bad job, people told you. They didn't hold their punches. Watch old movies and you'll see it; "shape up or ship out" was a commonly used phrase back then. It meant you'd better get your ass in gear and step it up and get yourself improved, or else you were getting kicked to the curb.

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But then things changed. We collectively decided in the West that we were hurting too many people's feelings by telling them they needed to improve themselves, so instead we pulled a one-eighty and started telling them that they were lovely, just how they were. And what ended up happening was, people bought it.

They really bought into it and believed it; they breathed it, ate it, and slept it. And large numbers of people really gave up trying to improve themselves. They started believing that everyone else should value them for who they were, and everyone else should see and understand how incredible and amazing they were on the inside, and that that was all that really counted.

So, Western people stopped working on their bodies, and many of them became fat and obese. And Western people stopped working on their careers, and many of them ended up in meaningless dead-end jobs.

And Western people stopped working on their style, and many of them continued dressing the same way their parents dressed them as children. And Western people stopped working on their personalities, and many of them kept the same personalities they had as children - selfish, lazy, and filled with a sense of entitlement.

You see, some people in the West didn't buy into the feel-good political correctness that everyone else swore by. Instead, some people retained the values of their parents, and their parents' parents, and their parents' parents' parents.

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Some of those values, discarded by the feel-good folks, included:. That last one's the most important for this article here today. Because the people who tell you to just be yourself think that the world should give you everything you want, if you are just "true to yourself. A girl could be a hairdresser who dropped out of high school and genuinely enjoys toking up as her favorite pastime, but if she wants to get a gorgeous, high-flying attorney as a husband, all she has to do is just be herself and of course she'll find him.

Dating just be yourself

A guy could be an overweight, balding construction worker who works the midnight shift and watches a little too much porn, but if he really wants to date a model who spent time on the Olympic tennis team, all he has to do is just be himself and he'll get her eventually. Extreme examples, but they're there to illustrate why not everyone making the switch has caused problems: it's because the vast majority of society today is non-improvement "just be yourself"ers, but the people they all like and admire and want to spend time with the most and desire most as mates are the driven, accomplished "pull yourself up by your bootstrap"ers.

Jun 08,   I can't answer this question with a simple "yes" or "no." If I said "yes," it implies that you're supposed to act inauthentically, which is terrible advice. If I say "no," it implies you should keep doing what you're doing, which is also bullshit. You further agree Dating Just Be Yourself not to bring any civil or criminal actions against said Dating Just Be Yourself owners and waive your right to testify in a Dating Just Be Yourself court as to the Dating Just Be Yourself nature of the services received. You are not any Postal Official or Law Enforcement Agent from any country or acting / May 03,   Dating is hard, but as you get older you come to realize a simple truth: it's always best to just be yourself.

Get that? Most folks don't want to have to improve. But almost everybody wants to have a mate who's radically improved him or herself. Needless to say, the feel-good politically correct people get left frustrated and bitter they didn't get the kind of mate they wanted, while the improvement-focused people all pair up with one another and end up comparatively a lot happier, as they conduct their joint self-expansion and keep getting better and better.

Is "just be yourself" good dating advice for women?

And yet, the feel-good politically correct people keep marching along, beating the drum of "just be yourself" and fervently trying to get others to believe. Funny thing about those who go out seeking converts: it 's always the people who are struggling the hardest to justify their beliefs who yell them the loudest and try the hardest to win new converts ; it's as if getting someone else to believe reassures them just that much more that yes, in fact, they're on the right path.

But the people who're certain of their beliefs? Most of the time, they don't bother talking about them at all. They're too busy getting stuff done and living fulfilling lives to worry too much about what other people think.

Dating just be yourself

Seven years ago, I couldn't get a date to save my life. If I'd decided back then that, rather than trying to steadily improve myself and turn myself into a man that women found irresistible, instead I would continue to "just be myself," I don't know where I'd be today, but I know I'd be a lot angrier, a lot more bitter, and a lot less happy than I am right now.

In fact, I'd probably be that same old angry, bitter, miserable self I used to be.

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Hell of a prescription from the feel-good politically correct camp - thanks for that, team! Actually, I used to be the perfect example of the "just be yourself" mentality. I went through a period where I legitimately believed that if people didn't realize how awesome I was, then screw them, they were morons. That went on until I started recognizing I didn't have the kind of people I wanted in my life.

Your Mother Was Right After All - Here's Why You Should Always Be Yourself

See, the problem with being yourself is that you don't get any better. But life isn't about staying in one place; it's about continually improving.

Dress Up For Yourself. Raise your hand if you buy a new outfit before a date! Keep doing that (if your finances allow you to) - don't stop dressing up just because you're dating yourself. If you're someone who likes to get all dolled up before a date, then get all dolled up before your date with yourself. Mar 07,   Dating Yourself Can Be Just As Good, If Not Better, Than Dating Another Person Just because you're single, it doesn't mean you can't go out on dates. Especially with Kristine Fellizar. May 13,   Rather than just going along for the ride or occasionally lamenting your status as "unattached," dating yourself means you are getting out there and Author: Laken Howard.

There's no such thing as stasis. Either you're getting better, or you're getting worse That's the difference between the "just be yourself"ers they think they're standing in place, but they're really in decline and the folks who're focused on continuous improvement they're continuously getting better.

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