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Fanfic Masterlist. Chilling With The J Squad. Being In The J Squad. Polyamorous Relationship with Tabitha and Jerome. Being With Bruce. Dating Jervis.

You would never know this, but all the very few times that you and Sam spent alone, he cherished the most. Originally posted by r-i-v-e-r. He put on his jacket and ran a hand through his hair before walking out of the apartment building.

The cold air rushed in and seemed to suck out every last part of the preserved warm air. The door shut quietly, and you stood there, sighing to yourself about the occurred events and went to go put on the rest of your outfit.

A smile bloomed across your face when you heard the music coming from outside the small building, you loved seeing all of the people and more importantly you loved the inside.

Sitting on top of the stage was Cobblepot himself, playing the piano and singing a song in Italian, something that his mother must have taught him before she had passed. You waited for a moment, his eyes meeting yours as he hit the last chord on the piano before bowing and walking off of the stage.

The rest of the night was spend sharing martinis and dancing, you quickly learned that the only way that he would dance would be in a slow dance, and honestly you were completely fine with that. Soon, all of the dancers were gone and the bar tender finished cleaning up his work space before saying a quick good bye.

You say beside him on the piano, listening to him play something different this time. The music almost seemed to woe you and you felt yourself becoming lighter with the apprehension on sleep. Your head lay on Oswald shoulder as you listened to the ringing notes, you wished you could stay like this forever.

The song eventually ended and you were left dissatisfied. You laid your hands on top of his and soon the piano started playing again. The song ended with a low finish, but at least you were satisfied by it this time. He stared into you eyes for a while before he had the courage that he would muster up again.

Los Angeles, California: Valence Media. Season 1.

Dating jerome valeska would include

Episode February 16, Retrieved January 8, Season 2. Episode 3. October 5, September 6, Den of Geek. London, England: Dennis Publishing. TV Insider. Retrieved April 28, San Francisco, California: j2 Global.

jerome valeska x reader jerome valeska imagine jerome valeska jeremiah valeska imagine jeremiah valeska cameron monaghan cameron monaghan imagine gotham gotham imagine gotham fox gotham tv show notes May 21st, ecco x reader Most recent. Most popular Most recent. ecco ecco x reader gotham jeremiah valeska x ecco jeremiah x ecco eccomiah gay bisexual jeremiah valeska jerome valeska gotham x reader dating would include imagines x reader gay shit You look around for something to hide your face with and smirk when you spot a Jerome Valeska. Jan 24,   Subscribe Buy a funny T-shirt Turn on notifications to stay ated with new uploads! Gotham Stars Before And After Gotham Stars Cast Before.

Entertainment Weekly. Season 5. Episode 7. February 21, Season 4. May 3, Retrieved May 25, Comic Book Resources. Chicago Tribune. Chicago, Illinois: Tribune Media Services.

jerome valeska obsessing over you would include

April 25, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved January 9, Retrieved January 7, Screen Crush. The Rolling Stone. The Observer. Retrieved July 11, Cinema Blend. AV Club. Retrieved January 10, Paste Magazine. The Joker. Batman characters. Ace the Bat-Hound. Alternative versions of Barbara Gordon Alternative versions of Joker.

Batman Joker Catwoman. You listened to her fainting footsteps before you took a greedy sip of the golden liquor. The unfamiliar burn made you cough immediately, bringing tears to your eyes, but you took another sip. And another one. Your nerves finally started to calm and for the first time since this whole incident you felt somewhat good.

It felt wrong addressing this criminal with his first name, it created an inappropriate intimacy. His piercing green eyes observed you while he surrounded you, lurking like a shark, he circled you: his prey. Your mood swing entertained Jeremiah apparently as he let out a breathy noise, a mixture of excitement and wickedness. Then, he slowly bent down, his lips brushing your ear and your whole body froze. His hot breath caressed your skin and for a moment you held your breath as shivers ran down your spine.

He was precariously close, so close that you felt his lips moving, forming your answer. After all, the customers were here for other reasons. Jim and Harvey attracted some attention as they walked through the club. The GCPD captain glared at a man who held a girl firmly on his lap - he immediately let go of her at the eye-contact.

Jim kept his serious face and strived for the counter where he pulled out his badge. The two police officers were guided to the backstage area and found themselves inside a room with a man sitting there. He had an unmistakable tan and counted some money. He briefly glanced up as he piled up the dollar bills. His wide grin revealed unnatural white teeth that were as fake as his Russian accent. We need her name and address. The man peaked at the photo. I want her name and address.

Or otherwise I will help you remember. Harvey appeared next to the gasping manager. She works Wednesday to Sunday here, starting from 10 pm. That pretty face would be a loss. Jim gave him a disgusted look. After the fifth time of ringing your door bell, Jim gave up to try knocking instead. He knocked again, this time louder.

Still no response. She could be anywhere", Harvey asked him and Jim slightly turned his head. Gotham needs us. He ignored you and paced slowly away, seeking the monitors.

There, Jeremiah grabbed a small remote control. You followed his movement with knitted eyebrows, watching as he raised the object dramatically in the air. He pushed a button that turned one of the monitors on - showing a little boy locked up in an empty room.

You threw your drink carelessly aside to run towards the screen, inspecting the child for any injuries.

Injured in a Heist with Jerome: Originally posted by barbaraqean. It all started with a stupid mistake. Jerome takes his eyes off of you for one damn second. And you take your eyes off of the target for even less than that. But that's all it takes. Jerome doesn't handle it in "normal" terms. Dating Jerome Valeska would include: Ursprunglich gepostet von untitledtv. Requested by Anon. Request: Can you do a headcannon of what dating Jerome Valeska would be like? Warning: Dating Jerome from the beginning to the end fucking hurts. A/N: I kind of included his previous 'life' too. Being short and dating Edward Nygma before he was the Riddler would include Being a short woman and dating Oswald Cobblepot would include Wedding anniversary with Oswald Cobblepot would include DRABBLES. Oswald Cobblepot; Jerome Valeska; Edward Nygma; PREFERENCES. Gotham villains dating a professional youtuber!reader.

He wore a school uniform, his hands were on his lap, holding a sketchbook and pen. He seemed physically fine, but he must be in torment psychically. Anger made your blood boil. Oh, what a shame that you had no knife - you would have thrusted it deeply into his back, straight to his heart. If he owned one. You shuddered. Realisation hit you as your eyes were still on the boy. Tears blurred your vision. The door opened and the blonde woman from earlier was back with clothes in her hands.

Ecco will show you everything. Ecco led you to the bathroom of the underground bunker. It offered only the bare necessities like a sink, a mirror, some towels and a shower - the rest of the room was grey like the cement walls of the maze. Ecco waited outside the door and her emotionless behaviour made you believe that she was a robot rather than a human. You looked at your mirror reflection. Was that the kind of loyalty that he expected from you?

Doing whatever he demanded without any hesitation? Being a living puppet by letting him pull the strings? No way. You started to look around for something you could use as a weapon, a toothbrush, scissors, a comb - just anything, but the other woman seemed to read your mind.

Jerome Valeska. New Arrival. Dating Jerome would include. Stalker. Jerome's Return. We can't be together. we can't be together pt Ezra Miller. Friends with Benefits. Kevin Khatchhadourian. New Girl Pt New Girl Pt Barry Allen. Dating Barry Allen would include. Dating Jeremiah Valeska Would Include. requested by anon. warnings: spoilers of Gotham. masterlist. gotham x reader gothan tv show bruce wayne gotham bruce wayne cameron monaghan jerome valeska david mazouz geourajonedisco liked this. weirdwas. Dating Jerome Valeska: Can never keep his eyes off of you; Always laughing and applauding after you do something crazy, and cheering you on. Constantly competing with one another to do something insane.

A firm knock made you freeze. You cursed under your breath and sent up a silent prayer as an idea popped up in your mind. It was risky, but you had to try it. That was it - you quickly threw yourself through the gab and shut the door behind you, leaving Ecco trapped. She banged angrily against the metal, but you already sprinted away.

The adrenalin rushed through your veins and your heart hammered against your chest. You crashed into a wall as you cut a corner, but you kept the speed. Right, left, left, right.

You smiled in relief, the 2 bright words were your salvation, your life saver. Almost there. You stopped and stood there, one meter away from the exit. Your heavy breaths were in tune with the footsteps that came closer and closer. If looks could kill.

In All The Seven Seas

Your former happiness was now replaced by hatred and disillusion. Jeremiah stepped aside and your eyes widened at the sight of Ecco. Your head hit the stone floor and within a split second everything went black around you. Hey, guys and welcome to a Yandere one shot starring Ecco! I apologize if it seems rushed but I hope you enjoy it either way!

Nowonto the show! I sighed as I sat in bed staring out my window, the moon bright in the sky for the early hours of the morning. It was another restless evening for me as thousands of thoughts ran through my head, all revolving around one despicable woman. Looking over at my makeshift nightstand I groaned at the time. No point in trying to sleep now.

Getting up I pulled on my black overcoat, tall burgundy socks and light tan boots before lacing them up. Grabbing my gun I placed it into its holder around my waist and hid a switchblade in my boot, both I got as a precaution if I ever ran into the twisted female.

Taking one last look at my room I headed out into the streets of Gotham, my head lowered and my fingerless gloved hands swinging at my sides.

The current place I was staying was near the Dark Zone, the area that Jeremiah and Ecco reigned over. I was honestly terrified that one of them would recognize me as I knew she gave every detail about my appearance in hopes of finding me.

I frowned. What did I do wrong to gain the attention of one of the most feared women in all of the city? It was a lovely afternoon in Gotham, a rare thing indeed. I was at Wayne Enterprises delivering some baked goods to surprise Bruce. I knew he was stressed out lately so I made him his favorites of mine: brownies and angel food cake.

I strolled up to the front desk and smiled at the secretary. What can I do for you? She typed into her computer and then smiled back up at me. You can have a seat while I contact him. I nodded and went over to the sitting area, joining a young dirty blonde woman. We looked at each other for a brief moment so to be friendly I gave her a smile. She grinned back at me and gave a little wave.

Not wanting to be rude I looked down at my hands that wrapped around the tin container, one that came from my small bakery. As I sat waiting I heard the click of a camera but thought nothing of it. It was probably just somebody impressed with the design of the building. Wayne will see you now. Just as the doors closed I noticed the dirty blonde woman holding her phone up towards me. Before I could question what was happening the elevator door slammed shut and took me to my destination.

I should have known something was wrong in that moment but I was so naive then. If only I knew that the woman would turn into one of my admirers I would have never looked at her.

Ever since that moment my life was turned upside down. It all started with small visits from the woman I came to know as Ecco every Tuesday to my bakery. She would always make small talk with me and bring in a flower or two to brighten my day but I always got an uneasy vibe from her.

It was a slow day at the shop, one or two people sitting and enjoying their drinks and pastries. I looked at the clock and frowned. Ecco should be here in 5. Right on cue the door opened and in strolled the dirty blonde woman with a grin on her red painted lips. She looked down at the glass case, examining each and every good until she decided on a piece of raspberry cheesecake.

Taking it out of the case I sliced her a fairly decent sized piece and put it on a plate before handing it to her. Reaching into her tan leather jacket she pulled out the necessary amount and I plumped it into the cash register.

With that Ecco sat herself at her usual table and I felt her eyes on me as I cleaned the counter and went in the back to grab more product. About 15 minutes after Ecco arrived a man in casual clothes entered, his hands in his pockets and a cocky attitude surrounding him.

What can I get for you today? I felt a bit uncomfortable as his eyes scanned down my body and a smirk appeared on his lips. At this he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close, his breath smelling of tobacco.

Just as I was about to retort a punch sent the man sprawling to the floor. I gd and looked over to see Ecco glaring down at him, her teeth clenched and her eyes full of fury.

I clenched a hand over my mouth as Ecco began to kick the man repeatedly, him releasing grunts of pain as her heel dug into his side. I ran around the counter and was quick to grab her wrist, her attention being brought to me.

Her brown eyes widened and then softened as soon as they focused on me, the movement making me nervous. The man on the ground realized his chance to escape so he got up and ran. As the door slammed shut Ecco pulled me into a hug and held me rather tightly, her chin placed on my shoulder. My eyes widened at how possessive she sounded and at the fact that I thought I heard her sniff my hair.

I got a bit freaked out as I saw her shoulders sag but she just nodded and headed for the door. Take care. I trembled as I recalled the memory, it not being one of the worst. From that moment on I always felt her piercing gaze on me and would every so often spot her following me. Soon my friends began to notice that I was very paranoid, always looking over my shoulder, and they grew concerned over me. It got so bad that Bruce offered for me to stay but I always denied in fear of disturbing him and Alfred.


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