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Emma Swan is based on the titular character of the fairytale " The Ugly Duckling ". Unsure whether their child will be good or evil, Snow White and Prince Charming touch the horn of a unicorn to glimpse their baby's future. While her husband sees his infant daughter in a basket, Snow White sees her teenage daughter in a pink gown. When Snow states herself to be her mother, the girl rips out her heart before crushing it. Desperate to get the potential for darkness out of their daughter, Snow White and Prince Charming visit the Apprentice who tells them he can infuse another vessel with their daughter's potential for darkness. Snow convinces Charming that they'll use Maleficent 's egg since she believes a child of a dragoness will be evil by nature. As the Apprentice enacts the spell on the egg, he reveals infusing darkness in it puts this land at risk, so it must go to another world.

Becoming emancipated before the age of eighteen, a seventeen-year-old Emma breaks into a yellow bug in Portland, Oregon. She begins driving away when a man, Nealsurprises her by popping up from the backseat. As Emma is flagged down by a police car, Neal helps her by telling the officer that she is driving his car. Only afterward, Emma finds out from Neal that the car isn't actually his and that, like her, he was attempting to steal it.

Later, Neal sneaks them into a closed amusement park where Emma learns he once had a loving home but ran away once his father changed too much. They begin dating and pull small robbing heists. While donning a fake pregnancy belly, Emma steals items from a convenience store as Neal distracts the store owner.

When they are caught by a customer, Emma feigns labor pains. As they hastily leave, Neal steals a swan keychain for her. The duo drives away and go to a hotel where Neal allows her to make a decision on the place they are going to spend their lives together. Emma picks Tallahassee.

Later, Neal admits to being wanted for stealing watches and plans on escaping to Canada alone. Though Neal is against her tagging along, she takes back the stolen watches as he goes to look for someone to buy them so they can use the money for travel. While she waits for him at a meeting spot, a police officer arrests her for possession of stolen goods. To Emma's heartbreak, she is told by the officer that Neal ratted her out. She is sent to a minimum security prison in Phoenix for eleven months.

One day, Emma tests positive on a pregnancy test when she receives mail from Phuket containing the swan keychain and car keys.

Sometime during Emma's pregnancy, she decides to give the baby up in a closed adoption. On the day Emma goes into labor and births a son, she struggles with her desire to keep the child. Though tempted to change her mind, Emma believes she simply isn't fit to be a mother. At some point after this, Emma finds Tallahassee and stays there for two years. Duringafter her prison term has ended, Emma drives the yellow bug back to the Maine area where she was found as an infant twenty-six years ago.

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She asks the shop keeper for information about anyone who might remember the incident, but she receives nothing. A woman, Cleocorrectly guesses that Emma is the baby that was abandoned.

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As Emma turns to leave, Cleo uses her intuition again, this time to reveal she knows Emma stole from stores in Phoenix, got arrested and skipped bail. Realizing the woman means to apprehend her, Emma flees to her car, only to find Cleo has already put a boot on the tire.

After Emma is caught by Cleo, she is taken to a motel and handcuffed to the bedpost. While Cleo is in the shower, Emma pick locks the handcuff and steals money from Cleo's wallet. She finds a photo of a young girl, whom she suspects is the woman's daughter. Emma prepares to leave quietly, but then, she spots Cleo's laptop has access to courthouse documents. Through browsing, she discovers the Hancock County Courthouse has a file on her.

In a deal, Emma agrees to return to Phoenix, if Cleo helps her get the file. At the courthouse, Cleo tells Emma about her red jacket, which is her "armor" protection, and she advises the blonde to learn how to protect herself. She cautions Emma to not put all her hopes on the file, which may not have the answers she is looking for, and that she should find her own "armor".

When the file turns up with barely anything, Emma has a meltdown. Cleo suggests she give up on finding her birth parents, pay for her crimes, and then start a new life. Emma accosts Cleo for only caring about getting a payout for bringing her back to Phoenix, while Cleo gives her an ultimatum to uphold her end of their bargain. That night, Emma breaks into the courthouse to search for more files. Cleo follows her in and convinces her to give up, but before the two can leave, the cops arrive.

Cleo kicks the glass out of a window before jumping out of it, followed by Emma, and they take off running. Not long after, Cleo collapses, having been stabbed by a piece of broken glass earlier.

Emma wants to turn herself in so the cops will save Cleo, but the latter encourages her to keep running and to start her life over. Cleo reveals that she once gave up her daughtermuch like how Emma was given up, and this is all she hopes for her. Emma escapes, while Cleo later dies. Sometime after Cleo's death, inEmma becomes a bails bondsperson and tracks down Cleo's daughter, Tasha, and gives her collected information about her birth mother. At the clothing store where Tasha works, Emma also buys a red leather jacket similar to the one Cleo used to wear.

She takes Cleo's past advice to her and begins wearing the jacket as her "armor" to protect herself emotionally from other people. InEmma pursues a fugitive named Ryan in Boston on her birthday. After turning him into the authorities, she heads back to her flat and lights a cupcake for her twenty-eighth birthday.

As she wishes on the candle not to be alone on her birthday, a boy, Henryshows up claiming to be the son that she gave up for adoption ten years ago. She panics and retreats into the bathroom, but returns to threaten Henry with a police call, but he promises to give them the excuse that she kidnapped him. She warns about her superpower to detect any lie, which leads Henry to plead for her to come home with him to StorybrookeMaine.

During the car ride home, he explains about the Dark Curse that caused all fairytale characters to be trapped.

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He claims every single story in his book is true and even she is in it, but Emma is still skeptical. Upon reaching town, Henry refuses to give out his address, so she gets it from the boy's therapist, Archie Hopper.

She hears more strange allegations from Henry that Archie is Jiminy Cricket and everyone in town is from the Enchanted Forest. After bringing him home, Henry's adoptive mother, Regina invites her in for apple cider. Emma reassures Regina that she won't be a problem, especially since the father doesn't know Henry exists. Emma makes a passing comment on Henry's claims about fairy tales, though Regina has no knowledge of any of that. As Emma departs from the house, she sees Henry peering at her from his bedroom window.

On her drive out of town, she notices he left his book on the car seat. When she looks back up, a stray wolf on the road causes her to swerve the car, hit the town marker and fall unconscious. She wakes up in a jail celland in the next cell to hers is the town drunk, Leroy while a mechanic, Marcois fixing a sink in the room. The sheriff, Grahamarrives to unlock Leroy's cell and allow him to go.

Emma alleges a wolf in the middle of the road distracted her, though he bets she was drunk on Regina's apple cider. Storming into the sheriff's office, Regina reports Henry has run away again.

After some snooping, Emma questions Mary Margaret Blanchar Henry's teacher, because he previously used her credit card to make a payment on a birth mother tracking site. When they are alone, Mary Margaret suggests checking Henry's castle playground where he usually frequents. At the playground, Emma returns Henry's book to him as he laments in disappointment over the lack of change since bringing her back.

He requests her to stay in town for a week to prove he's right about the curse. When he claims his life sucks, Emma explains her own sob story of being abandoned many times. Henry insists she wasn't discarded and came through from another world.

After dropping him off again, Emma shares with Regina the coincidence of how she and Henry met. Regina, however, wants Emma to have nothing further to do with Henry, who she has no legal right to.

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Despite that Regina says she loves Henry, Emma is not convinced. She takes Henry's advice and checks into an inn for a week. By chance, she meets Mr. Gol who comes in to collect the monthly rent from Granny.

The next morning, Emma receives apples from Regina for her trip back to Boston. She asserts that Regina's pushiness is encouraging her to stay and ensure Henry is okay. Regina insists she has things under control; clarifying that Henry is in therapy and warns Emma not to underestimate her power. At the dinerEmma receives a free hot chocolate from the waitress and mistakenly believes it's from Graham.

As she rejects his flirting, Henry reveals he sent it and invites her to walk him to school.

On the way there, he adopts the code name "Operation Cobra" for their plan to keep the Evil Queen from realizing they are working to break the curse. He then gives her storybook photos of Emma as an infant and claims she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White.

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In a conversation with Henry's therapist, Archie, Emma is urged never to use the word "crazy" as it could damage the boy.

Archie discloses that the fairytales are Henry's way of coping with problems like his difficult relationship with Regina. Archie gives her Henry's files, which she begins reading when Graham arrests her for "stealing" them.

From this, Emma recognizes Regina framed her, but Mary Margaret bails her out. Spitefully, Emma buys a chainsaw to cut Regina's apple tree, and then warns the mayor against trying anything again. Soon, Regina evicts Emma from the inn due to a "no-felons policy" and puts a boot on her car. Seemingly remorseful, Regina arranges a meeting with Emma where she apologizes for her actions due to fears that she will take away Henry.

Emma explains she wants to be sure Henry, who seems so troubled, is doing all right. She talks about his imagination mixing reality and fantasy, which is "crazy". Overhearing her words, Henry runs off as Emma realizes Regina purposely made her look bad.

After paying back Mary Margaret for bail, the schoolteacher counsels her against leaving town because she needs to protect Henry. Bursting into Archie's office, Emma regains Henry's trust by telling him she told Regina what was necessary to throw her off their trail as they work to break the curse.

To prove it, she takes the storybook pictures and burns them so Regina will never find out. With his faith restored, Henry happily runs to hug Emma. Out of a place to stay, Emma begins sleeping in her car while looking for open rooms in the town newspaper. By chance, Mary Margaret offers Emma a spare room in her apartment. Emma turns her down citing she is not the roommate type.

The next day, at the playground, Henry claims to have found Emma's father and shows her a photo of Prince Charming in the storybook. Due to his persistence about the matter, she helps convince Mary Margaret to read to a comatose patient, John Doewho Henry stubbornly believes is Prince Charming.

Emma hopes with Mary Margaret's help, Henry will eventually see fairytales are not real. Emma follows them to the hospital and discovers John Doe has disappeared from his room. She finds it strange the mayor is getting herself involved in the case, though Regina gives a recollection of how she found John Doe on the side of the road and became his emergency contact.

Despite that Regina pushes her to stay out of the situation, Emma ignores her advice and she, along with Mary Margaret and Graham, look over security tapes in the hospital from last night, which show John Doe getting up and walking out the back exit into the forest.

In the woods, Graham tracks John Doe's trail until it goes cold. Mary Margaret wonders if Emma's job as bonds bails person is good for finding people. Emma states it is viable in cities and relates how she got into the job from unsuccessfully searching for her birth parents. Abruptly, Henry leaps out to reveal knowledge about where John Doe is because he's looking for Mary Margaret. Emma wants to take Henry home, but Graham interrupts to show them John Doe's bloody hospital bracelet.

They find John Doe passed out in the water near the Toll Bridge. Back at the hospital, John Doe's wife, Kathryn Nolanrushes to reunite with her husband, whose real name is David Nolan.

Emma finds it suspicious Kathryn didn't discover her husband's whereabouts until now, but lets it slide. That night, Emma changes her mind and moves into Mary Margaret's apartment. Emma is offered the position of deputy by Sheriff Graham, but takes time to think on it. At the diner, she apprehended by Regina about her history of never staying in one place for very long. Regina tries to persuade her to not disappoint Henry and just leave town now.

After she is gone, Emma spills hot chocolate all over her shirt and is directed to a laundry machine in the back room. While changing clothes, she finds Ashleya nineteen year-old pregnant maid, doing laundry. Ashley is in deep despair that no one believes she can be a good mother, to which Emma advises her to make changes if she is truly serious about keeping the baby.

The next morning, Mr. Gold asks for Emma's help in tracking down Ashley, who broke into his shop, and disappeared. From speaking with Sean's fathershe learns about Ashley's adoption contract with Mr. After discovering Ruby lent Ashley a car, she and Henry rush to stop her from fleeing town for Boston.

On the side of the road, Ashley is going into labor, to which Emma drives her back to the hospital. After receiving an announcement of Ashley's smooth delivery of a healthy baby girlMr. Gold comes to collect the baby, but Emma promises to owe him a favor if he tears the contract up. Agreeing to the deal, Mr. Gold leaves the hospital empty-handed.

She drives Henry home just before Regina arrives back and sees him missing. On the side of the road, Emma decides to call Graham and accept the job of deputy to further cement roots in Storybrooke for Henry's sake. Heading into Any Given SundaeEmma prepares to buy cherry vanilla ice cream for Henry when she is shocked to see Ingrid standing behind the counter.

Having arrived in Storybrooke months ago, Ingrid confesses she's been waiting for Emma to walk into her shop. Emma notices Ingrid hasn't aged in appearance since she last saw her ten years ago.

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To this, Ingrid reasons it's because time is frozen in Storybrooke just like Henry told Emma. Without either noticing, Sidney, who is spying on Emma for Regina, snaps a photo of them from outside the store. As her former foster mother recalls something an apprentice once said, Emma concludes she is delusional and prepares to call Sheriff Graham. Before she can, Ingrid pulls out a stone and takes away her memories of their exchange. Emma, remembering nothing, is steadied by Ingrid, who pretends to catch her from fainting.

Ingrid gives her two pints of cherry vanilla as well a spoonful of rocky road. As Emma leaves, Ingrid watches her with a saddened expression. On the day she officially receives the deputy's badge, a large earthquake rumbles through Storybrooke. She and Graham investigate at a caved in sinkhole. Disdainfully, Regina catches on that Emma is now part of the police force team.

She is assigned to push back the townspeople away from the mine damage, but is called, along with Archie, to the sidelines by Henry. He implies to them that there might be something down in the tunnels to prove the curse is real. Nonetheless, Emma is shooed back to doing her job when Regina intervenes. A few nights later, she advises Mary Margaret that it's no good to get involved with David since he is married. Henry makes an unexpected visit in tears as he tells them Archie called his fairytale theories delusional.

After bringing him home, Emma goes to Archie's office to tell him off. Soon after, she gets a furious call from Regina asking where her son is. Archie concludes Henry has run away to the sinkhole to find proof of the curse. At the mine site, Archie dives into the sinkhole before the entrance collapses. With Archie's dog, Pongohe tracks his owner and Henry's scents to a grate with an elevator shaft below. Emma is slowly lowered down to pull both Henry and Archie up.

Safe and sound above ground, Emma goes to reunite with Henry, but Regina pushes her away from him. After David is released from the hospital, she and Henry attends his welcome home party.

Emma tries to convince Henry that the reason David got lost a few nights back by the Toll Bridge is due to amnesia. Later, she is on night duty patrol since Graham excused himself with other priorities.

As she drives by Regina's house, Emma spots someone climbing out the window. When Emma tackles the person, she discovers that it is Graham and figures out he has been having an affair with Regina.

She leaves in disgust.

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Swinging by the diner for a late nightcap, Emma immediately bolts the minute she sees Graham inside. In a drunken stupor, he chases her down and explains that his relationship with Regina is purely physical with no emotional attachments. She doesn't care for the explanation, but loses her guard when Graham kisses her. Harshly, she rejects him.

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In the morning, Emma scoffs upon seeing roses sitting on the apartment counter. Assuming they are from Graham, she tosses them into the garbage bin, however, Mary Margaret admits the flowers are for her from Dr.

Mary Margaret can tell Emma is falling for Graham, despite that she doesn't want to face it. At work, Emma, bored, throws darts at a board when Regina enters. She notes Graham isn't in today and it must be because he spent the night with Regina. Emma is accused of having a more than professional relationship with Graham, but affirms anything that did happen meant nothing.

As a final warning, Regina dissuades her from interfering in Graham's life and sending him down the wrong path. From Henry, Emma learns Graham consulted with him. Out of concern, Emma asks Graham what is actually wrong. He prattles about needing to find his heart by following a wolf.

It all sounds insane to Emma until she actually sees a wolf behind Graham. They chase it to the cemetery where he recognizes a vault from Henry's storybook. The door is locked, so Emma kicks it in. Graham doesn't find his heart inside, but they are caught by Regina. Graham cuts his ties with her and Regina blames Emma for it, even going so far as to hit her.

The two women have a physical altercation until Graham breaks it up. Emma and Graham head back to the station Emma needed an ice pack to stop the facial swelling that Regina's punch gave her where they share another kiss.

Oddly, he pulls away and thanks her for helping him remember. Before she can ask him that means, he suddenly collapses and dies from a fatal heart attack. At some point, Emma learns the result of the autopsy and tells Henry that Graham died of natural causes, but the kid does not buy it.

Two weeks later, Mr. Gold convinces Emma to become sheriff since she already is deputy. He offers her some of Graham's belongings, but Emma refuses all but a set of walkie-talkies, which she takes to Henry for their Operation Cobrabut the boy is too upset because ofGraham's death to care about the gift. Later, before Emma can put the sheriff badge on, Regina fires her and plans to put Sidney as the new sheriff. Led on by Mr. Gold, Emma challenges Regina with the town charter rules, which state a mayor can only support a candidate and not instate one.

Emma quickly wins support from the townspeople after rescuing Regina from a fire in town hall, which she later realizes was staged by Mr. On the day Emma gives her candidate electoral speech, she exits out of the race after indicting Mr. Gold as the fire-starter culprit to the townspeople. To Emma's surprise, her courage in standing up to Mr. Gold earns everyone's respect and she is elected as the new sheriff.

She quickly gets her first job as sheriff afterwards when two orphans, Ava and Nicholas Zimmershoplift from Mr. Clark 's store and Regina wants them to be sent to the foster system in Boston. In the middle of all this, Henry wants to know about his real father. Emma makes up a fake heroic story of his father dying as a firefighter while saving lives to spare him knowledge of the truth.

Eventually, Emma finds the orphans' father, Michael Tillmanbut he wants nothing to do with them. As she is leaving Storybrooke with the children for Boston, her car breaks down. She calls Michael, and when he arrives, she convinces him to take the children in.

In the evening, she and Henry talk a nightly stroll when a mysterious man drives by into town on his motorcycle asking for the nearest inn. After he is gone, she asks Henry if strangers usually come to Storybrooke. He confirms they don't. The next day, Emma catches Mary Margaret in a lie when she claims to be helping her students build a volcano, but finds that she has been coming to the diner everyday at seven-fifteen in the morning to see David. Again, she presses Mary Margaret to not get mixed up with him.

On the street, Regina orders Emma to check out the stranger in town. She confronts him to ask what he carries around in the wooden box strapped to his motorcycle. Only after she consents to his offer of a drink, he opens the box to reveal a typewriter and explains the town is writing inspiration for him.

He leaves and promises to buy her a drink in the future. Once more, Emma butts heads with Regina.

Like her, Sidney has been nursing a grudge against Regina since she fired him from his editing job. Emma is unsure about helping him, so he gives her his name card. However, when Regina tears down Henry's castle for so-called safety concerns, Emma becomes angry and calls Sidney. Together, they discover Regina is keeping quite a few secrets, such as embezzlement of fifty thousand dollars from the treasury and land she bought from Mr.

Gold to build a house in the woods. When they expose her greed at the town meeting, Regina reveals her "house" is actually a modern playground for Henry and for all the children of Storybrooke. Humiliated and ashamed, Emma leaves, but Regina catches up and warns her to stay away from Henry, or else she will get a restraining order. Emma and Sidney go have a drink at the diner and vow to become allies against Regina's cruelty.

On Valentine's Day, Mary Margaret, Ruby and Ashley all invite her to attend their girls' night out party, but she declines as work keeps things busy. She discovers that Mr. Gold has been robbed by Moe French and recovers all but one of the stolen items, which makes him very angry.

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Going on a hutch, Emma follows Mr. Gold into the woods and breaks into a shed to find him pummeling Moe. After she arrests and put him in a cell, Emma is bribed by Regina to allow her some alone time with Mr. In return, Emma is given free time with Henry, which they spend by grabbing some ice cream. Outside the diner, Emma bumps into the stranger, who gives his name as August W.

Boothand he finally takes her out for a drink. They ride his motorcycle to the wishing well and he fills her in on the lore of magic water that can restore something once lost. Emma and August both take sips from the well. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret suffers as her quiet affair with David has become the scandal of the town, and she breaks up with him.

That night, Emma keeps a miserable Mary Margaret company. At the diner, Emma notices Mary Margaret being shunned by some of the townspeople. Following a quick chat with her, she heads to the site of Kathryn's disappearance and acquires information from Sidney about evidence of an eight-minute long conversation Kathryn had with David before she went missing.

Though this makes David a possible suspect, Emma doesn't pursue the matter any further until Regina comes to the station looking for news on Kathryn.

Regina threatens to replace Emma if she is covering for someone, to which Emma reluctantly goes to the festival and takes David into her custody as a person of interest in the case. Emma stays up all night interviewing David, but he sticks to his story of having nothing to do with Kathryn's disappearance.

In the end, she grudgingly lets him leave and advises him to get a lawyer. As she is walking home, she meets up with Mary Margaret, and begins a conversation with her about David. At the corner, they see Ruby at the bus stop evading the advances of Dr.

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After forcing him to leave, they learn Ruby is out of a job and place to stay, so Emma and Mary Margaret take her in as an apartment roommate.

Though Ruby has a difficult time finding a job, Emma recognizes that she has a knack for answering phones and hires her as an assistant. Just then, Mary Margaret walks in to notify Emma about how strange David is acting in the forest. She and Ruby head there to come across a delirious and bleeding David. At the hospital, Dr. Whale diagnoses it as a blackout similar to what David experienced just after waking up from the coma.

Regina barges in to demand David's arrest. To keep that from happening, Emma instructs Ruby to look for something useful for the investigation before David goes into another trance. Ruby complies and finds a box with a human heart in it, but decides the job is not for her and resigns. Afterwards, Emma runs scans on the box for fingerprints. She goes to the animal shelter to inform David and Mary Margaret of the results.

Rather than David, the prints are Mary Margaret's.

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Left little choice, Emma arrests and brings her into the sheriff department to begin taking mug shots. Mary Margaret insists that she has been framed. Though Emma believes her, she has to do her job or face the wraith of Regina. She takes Mary Margaret to an interrogation room. Mary Margaret is outraged, but Emma must adhere to her job as sheriff. She questions Mary Margaret as a suspect as Regina sits by as a third-party to ensure Emma is being unbiased. Inadvertently, Mary Margaret reveals the jewelry box found containing Kathryn's heart belongs to her.

To this, Regina sympathizes with how Mary Margaret must be feeling as a woman spurned and placed into a "dark place". Outside the room, Emma tells Regina not to comment during the interrogation, though the mayor attests that a heartbroken woman is capable of doing unspeakable things.

More and more evidence builds against Mary Margaret, but Emma remains a staunch ally. Emma advises her to find a lawyer, at which Mr. Gold offers his services.

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Mary Margaret accepts. Meanwhile, Emma goes to check for signs of a break-in at the apartment. Henry insists that Regina is framing Mary Margaret and presents a set of keys from Regina's office as proof, which he claims can open any door in Storybrooke. After some tries, one of the keys successfully unlocks the door, to Emma's astonishment. Emma discovers a knife hidden in the air vent, and confronts Mary Margaret over this, but she continues to claim innocence. She believes Mary Margaret is being framed and begins trying to work against the building case.

That night, she walks into the sheriff department in an active conversation with Mr. Henry praises her for the escape plan, but Emma has no idea what he is talking about until finding Mary Margaret missing from the cell. Gold urges that Mary Margaret must be found before eight o'clock, which is the time of the arraignment as well as when Regina will arrive at the station and discover her gone. Emma goes out in search of Mary Margaret and accidentally hits a man, Jeffersonon the road.

To make it up to him, she drives Jefferson home. He invites Emma into his house and offers her some tea. After drinking it, she passes out and awakens to find herself bound up. To break free, Emma smashes a tea cup with a pillow and uses one of the broken edges to cut out her way out. She sneaks past Jefferson, who is sharpening a pair of scissors, and discovers Mary Margaret in a separate room.

They attempt to escape, but are caught by Jefferson. Emma is taken to a separate room filled with hats and commanded by Jefferson to make a hat so that he can go back to the Enchanted Forest. Since he believes himself to be the Mad Hatter, she concludes that Jefferson must be in on Henry's theory.

He refuses to let her go until she makes a hat "work", though Emma only makes an unfinished bowler hat. Jefferson shows her a telescope image of a girl next door, who he believes is his daughter, Grace. To gain his trust, Emma pretends to sympathize by declaring that she thinks Mary Margaret is her own mother. When his back is turned, she hits him on the head with the telescope and hurries to Mary Margaret.

A brief struggle with Jefferson ensues, but Mary Margaret hits and kicks him out the window. They begin leaving after finding no sign of Jefferson anywhere. Emma offers Mary Margaret the option of taking her car and leaving for Boston or going back to the jail. She confesses fears about being lonely if Mary Margaret leaves because she considers her to be family.

Mary Margaret decides to go back to the jail. In the aftermath, Emma meets up with Henry at school when the same girl Jefferson pointed out to her, Paigewalks past. She borrows Henry's book and turns to a section showing a photo of the Mad Hatter and his daughter. Emma is confused by the photographic resemblance. While headed off to work, she is approached by David, who clarifies his last encounter with Mary Margaret, and that he doesn't actually think she is guilty.

David wants to see her in person, but Emma presses that Mary Margaret doesn't want visitors, and the last person she needs to hear from is him. At the sheriff's office, Mr. Gold suggests Mary Margaret's personality can help the charges get dropped, so Emma thinks it'd be a good idea to allow an interview with the District Attorney.

In passing, Sidney hands over flowers for Emma, though he is regretful to not finding anything in the case showing Regina is involved. Spencer and Mary Margaret.

Aug 06,   Emma Swan. Headcanons/Would include: Being Emma's daughter and dating Regina would include. Being Emma's lost daughter a.k.a Queen of Neverland would include. Being Emma's daughter would include. Dating Emma Swan would include. Imagines: Turtle Mission (Emma x Daughter!Reader) Warning: Mention of Social Anxiety. Like mother, Like. Include? Include Ratings. Teen And Up Audiences General Audiences Mature Explicit Not Rated Include Warnings. No Archive Warnings Apply . Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Emma Swan. Evil Queen | Regina Mills. There Is Only One Bed. She would never push her feelings onto her, she thought once more. She would never ask nor question nor confirm if Regina was aware of them; the mere idea and concept one she didn't even know how to voice. Yet she wished for her to be able to do so even if.

However, it all goes awry when Mary Margaret has an agitated outburst over her innocence being called into question and admits in the heat of the moment that she "wanted Kathryn gone", which serves as a murder confession. Later, Emma is approached by August, who gives her some advice on revisiting old information in the case to discover new tidbits. They go past the Toll Bridge where Ruby found the jewelry box with the human heart in it.

While examining the hole, she finds a shovel shard. Emma has a hunch about whose shovel it is, and enlists the help of Henry to infiltrate Regina's garage. Inside, Emma finds a shovel with a chipped off piece, which is a perfect fit with the broken shard. Having found the link Regina has both to the crime scene and as a suspect in the case, Emma comes to the front door the next day with a search warrant to look in the shed.

To her surprise, the shovel is now fully intact. Thinking she has been betrayed, she confronts August about his double crossing by assisting Regina, but he claims his innocence profusely; something Emma has a hard time believing. Later, the police come to take Mary Margaret away in preparation for the trial. She is upset that putting her trust in Mr. Gold has yielded no help for Mary Margaret, though he claims there is still time to "work a little magic". Unable to simmer her frustration, Emma hurls the vase of flowers in her office across the room.

It smashes, and between the broken glass and wet flowers, she finds an audio spying device. This helps her realize Sidney was spying on her, not August. She quickly finds and apologies to August. Then, they hear Ruby's frantic scream behind the diner. Emma goes into the alley to investigate and finds a battered up and alive Kathryn. During Kathryn's recovery stay at the hospital, Emma goes to take a statement from her.

Kathryn remembers being kidnapped and kept alive in a dark basement where food and water were readily available, but there was never anyone around. She recounts being drugged, waking up in a field near town and crawling her way to the alley. With one job done, Emma approaches Sidney at the diner to let him know she is aware of his backstabbing. Though Sidney does not deny Regina is dangerous, he also admits to being in love with her.

She leaves him an ultimatum to help her find the evidence Regina is behind Mary Margaret's false murder charge, or go down with Regina once incriminating proof is found. Since Kathryn's reappearance, Mary Margaret is relieved of any wrongdoing in the case.

Emma throws her a welcome home party in the apartment as many town residents show up for the celebration. She has suspicions that Mr. SwanQueen What if? Highschool senior Regina Mills has always dreamed of committing herself to the Lord by becoming a nun. Upon graduation, the process of becoming a Sister commences. Little did she know that she would find love in the most unlikely of places.

Regina is madly in love with Emma and she is sure Emma feels something, too but after Emma chooses Hook, Regina leaves town. She builds up her new life but when the blonde appears at her doorstep, things grow more and more complicated and no one knows if their obvious love still has a chance. Especially because Regina met someone. Someone amazing. They're all one-shots. Others, they are all ready together. Y ahora que Emma tiene que salir del pueblo ha encontrado el momento perfecto. Emma wondered if she had known all along that kissing Regina would feel like this if she would have given in sooner.

sorry, not absolutely

Because Regina was hot hot hot, and Emma spent too long shivering in the cold. During an excursion to the enchanted forest, Regina and Emma are both in attendance for a royal ball. The night ends very differently to how they expected it to. Emma believes that people are put into our lives for a reason.

Regina and her group of survivors called the Regals, saves Emma, baby Henry and her injured brother August, from a small herd of zombies in the woods.

So they bring them back to camp and welcome them with open arms. Shops for groceries? Kills the spiders? Is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?

Sometimes it's Emma, sometimes it's Killian, but for sure these opts questions will be answered here. Emma begins her life with Baelfire, but she hasn't given up on Killian.

Will she be able to set him free and find a way for them to be together? Atop a beanstalk, Emma Swan makes a different decision, which has far-reaching consequences for Storybrooke and beyond. When Emma is bought and sent off to Drogheda, she expects to be the wife of a disgusting man. What she doesn't expect is that her husband is Killian Jones, renowned artist.

Trying to be the perfect wife Madame Mills had taught her to be, Emma will soon discover Killian's secret agenda as well as feelings she had never felt before, feeling that she can't understand. All her life she'd been told what a good wife should do, how she should be, but how can she do that when she doesn't know who she is if not an empty shell?

And why does she feel this pull towards Killian? She shouldn't. She doesn't know how to love, and her husband surely doesn't love her. They left Boston for a fresh start, but Storybrooke comes with its own complications. In a small town, run equally by goodwill and gossip, Emma is determined to make a better life for her son. Anthony's was supposed to be a godsend, but trouble comes in the form of Henry's teacher: a charming, unnecessarily handsome Irishman.

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