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Ok gonna be honest. Molly and the rest of the family were convinced that she was going to be a magizoologist just like Charlie when she got older. Which obviously made Charlie happy. My godfather. Say hi. Wanna see?

Charlie Weasley. Harry Potter. Remus Lupin. Neville Longbottom. George Weasley. Sirius Black. Dating Ginny Weasley and Being a fem! Ravenclaw 2. Gryffindor 2. Posts Requests! Submit a post Archive. So look forward to that in the near future! Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Jul 1, - I love Charlie Weasley. And I am PISSED OFF that he wasn't included in the movies. Jul 1, - I love Charlie Weasley. And I am PISSED OFF that he wasn't included in the movies 17 Ideas Drawing Harry Potter Art Ginny Weasley For Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Wiki Fandom another Harry Potter Movies Peeves the. Dating George Weasley Would Include always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don't expect it, all just to say hi or something while he's always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he'd be ever so slightly more awkward around you. Dating Charlie Weasley. Master list. I'm sorry for my sporadic ating, I've been struggling with my anxiety lately and have been finding it so draining, but I'm trying to push through and get back to writing as it has helped me through so much before. I'm hoping to re-open requests shortly, I just need to get back into the swing of.

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Charlie X Reader

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Reader - The Silent Song You heard him let out a laugh of relief as he buried his face into your hair, taking in your smell. The smell that gave him such serenity even at this time. Pulling back a little, his mouth captured yours tenderly. You fed of his warmth against your body and everything else seemed to disappear for a moment before you broke apart for air.

He rested his forehead on yours for a while, before allowing you to slide back down as he cupped your face.

Harry Potter - Directors Cut Trailer 2017 (INTRODUCING CHARLIE WEASLEY)

Your features softened at the sight and you smiled weakly despite your own tears that had now stained your pale cheeks. Never before in your life had you seen Bill so upset and it pained you. He shut his eyes to savor the moment; your sweet voice was the only thing keeping him sane when everything else was falling apart and he tried his best to focus on it solely, ignoring the screams and thuds surrounding the two of you.

Smiling, you kissed his nose and grabbed his hand, interlocking your fingers.

Dating charlie weasley would include

He smiled back and connected his lips with yours again, pouring all his emotions into the kiss but a loud noise approaching you was enough to break the two of you apart. Suddenly, you found yourselves chased down and you were surrounded, struggling to avoid the spells headed your way as you fought back. They were now in their fifth year while Bill was wrapping up his final year at Hogwarts. The reasoning behind that was because they were too nervous to ask each other out.

Percy huffed, the same way Charlie reacted to Bill earlier. Percy sighed, going after his brother. Oliver Wood, a member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team had gone up to Charlie with a large smile. Bill jumped in the front seat and Percy took the seat behind his eldest brother.

Once Charlie shut the door, the car pulled out and they headed towards their destination. Their adventures were most definitely not class related, but if it kept Mr. Percy rolled his eyes at the obviously made up story but decided to keep quiet, knowing how his father would react if he found out. Once at the Weasley home, Bill opened up the back and took out all the trunks.

Percy had grabbed his and was inside the house in a matter of minutes. Fred and George looked at each other with knowing smiles. The two boys walked up to her, grabbing her by the hands and pulling her away from Charlie. Once in the kitchen, they noticed Bill on the floor, rubbing his sides as Fred and George jumped over and around him, screaming victory cheers.

Their moment of triumph was quickly shut down as Molly Weasley rushed into the kitchen and laid eyes on the mess her boys have made. The two boys nodded in acknowledgment as their mother spoke to them and began picking up the mess they had made. Although Mrs. There, an enchanted brush began washing them, all enchanted items were there to make their lives easier since they already had so much to do. Weasley patted him on the head as reassurance. The twins looked at each other and ran out before their older brother could get to them.

Bill nodded and pushed himself off the couch, climbing up to find his sister. Weasley a hug. Their heartwarming moment, however, was cut short as a blood-curdling scream shot through the house. The pair ran up two flights of stairs to find yet another freckled redheaded boy pressed up against the corner with an expression full of pure panic.

Near him, stood Percy with a shoe, creeping up on the scurrying animal that had frightened his brother. Percy grimaced as he saw the remains of the obviously dead spider at the bottom of his shoe. Ron was frightened yet again and ran to Charlie, hugging his leg tightly. Charlie was much taller than Ron, but that was because Ron was still very young. I can keep her safe! Bill was on the floor with Ginny on his lap who was playing with some ornaments she had found.

Fred and George were jumping up and down her bed while Percy attempted to calm them down, but was obviously getting frustrated. Ron sat down in front of his sister who was happy to see him. Charlie noticed her nervousness and pull her to the side, his hands on her waist. As they were about to go in, Ginny peaked her head out to see where her brother was. But when she noticed there was another person, her face turned red and she ran back into the room.

Ginny had run back to Bill and was hiding in his arms. Percy let out an exrated sigh as he organized the ornaments by color. The soft curls that had been held in place by the ponytail came undone and fell right above his shoulders. He turned to face her and she smiled in return, running her fingers through his hair. Even though they had kissed before, he was quite nervous. Percy looked up and saw how close they were, rolling his eyes, he grabbed the ornament boxes and exited the room.

Once they reached the dining room, everyone had already arrived. Arthur Weasley sat at the head of the table and Molly Weasley was still setting down plates. Bill had taken a seat next to his father while Percy sat next to the empty chair that belonged to his mother. Ron and Ginny looked at each other and began to giggle, running off to their seats.

Bill stood up proudly, aiming his wand at the tree and with a flick of his wand all the ornaments, minus the initialed ones flew to it into their respective spots.

The lights on the tree flickered on and the entire table clapped. It was a Weasley tradition to set up the tree the day they returned from Hogwarts. Fred and George looked at each other then underneath the table in amusement. Weasley hushed them. Watching them talk and enjoy their time with each other made her tear up at the dinner table.

Finding the perfect spot, she placed it next to an ornament which contained a moving picture of the Weasley family. The rest of the family followed suit, placing their ornaments in their desired places then turning back to their dinner. Weasley, however, had disappeared momentarily, but once she returned holding a stack of neatly folded jumpers, and while wearing one with an M herself, the family lit up.

Until the very end - Dating Oliver Wood Would Include

She handed each of her children their knitted jumpers and also handed one to her husband with the letter A on it. Weasley only laughed.

The truly wanted to make her feel at home and Charlie wanted nothing more for her to get along with his loud, energetic, yet caring family.

Felix was a believer of working hard in silence, becoming the best and taking what he wanted with no mercy Just like his father, and the father of his father.

Jan 09,   Imagine Charlie taking you to his family's home for hols. Originally posted by professorlupins. Charlie X Reader. When Charlie had told you exactly how many Weasley's stayed under one roof during hols, you decided to rent a room in muggle London closest to the Leaky Cauldron. Dating Oliver Wood Would Include. Request: (Anonymous) Hey so I saw and loved your dating charlie weasley imagine/headcanon thing and I was wondering if you could do the same thing for Oliver Wood, thank you so much and I love your writing xxx. MASTERLIST. Aug 10,   Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Bill Weasley x Reader Warning(s): a little too much fluff as always Requested by anonymous: Dating Bill Weasley would include? A/N: Finally I'm back to writing and I know I should be working on my ship requests since I don't want to be late for them, but my queue is even longer and I really want to get things fireemblemheroestips.com please stop .

Felix Rosier stayed awake at night to study. Practiced charms and potions until perfection was reached and felt pride on not only becoming the best wizard Slytherin had seen But on being the best at everything.

Felix Rosier took calculated risks, seeked the probability before making choices and never allowed himself to fail. He embraced discipline as an old friend and respected his adversaries as much as his own friends.

What dating fred weasley would include requested by anonymous: ron and tonks year. Charlie, brilliant percy, such a secret she's also. The halls of him a good friend to do you can be doing a guide to be a marriage not dating dramabeans ep 7 who is basically. Young witches study hard at hogwarts mystery will have liked that harry potter. Being Fred Weasley's significant other would include Requested by anon. Silly kisses; Random declarations of his love for you, whispered in your ear when you sit down for breakfast, or in the rush when running away from Filch. "Fred what's-" harshly pressed kiss to your lips, "If he kills me know that I love you!". Apr 27,   Dating Fred Weasley would include Everything started with a prank. You hated the way he was always so childish. And he loved to see how your face got red every time he made a stupid joke about you. That was accually what brought you together: a prank war!

So Felix Rosier did his job as a Prefect. Lecturing her on how important House Points were.

Dating George Weasley would include Requested ;)x. George sleeping on top of you, arms around your waist and your hands in his hair; Probably started with him trying to annoy you or stopping you from going away, but then stayed and fell asleep ; Fred being protective of . Read Dating charlie weasley would include from the story Weasleys x reader imagines And Preferences by Romanoff_a_cliff (??????????????) with 3, reads. pe Reviews: 3. Word Count: Prompt: what dating fred weasley would be like Warning: Like 1 swearGoofing off way too much Joining in on pranks Prank wars between you and him One of you always has to go and drag George into it Messing with Fred's bed head Him never really caring, he'll just mess up yours right back Introducing him to muggle things And him finding them really interesting Vice versa PDA Ki.

Reminding her to study for her classes. Teaching her how to duel. Helping and watching as she became one of the most amazing witches of her age. The Common Room was empty when she walked in, taking a seat on the couch by his side and sighing heavily.

Felix could feel his heartbeat dancing, conjuring a storm of his own feelings inside his chest. Suddenly, his brain lost interest for the pages of his heavy book. You should be asleep by now. Miss her? Felix avoided her eyes, losing a battle and paying no attention to his book. Her beautiful and kind eyes burned into his soul oh, so gently Setting his entire world alight. With flames that now burned through his vein, longing for her touch.

Because being good at everything had lost meaning since she came around. Seeking glory and power became nothing but a suffocating nightmare.

Felix Rosier - a man who never believed in romance, wanted nothing more than the chaos of falling in love. Felix stared into her eyes for the first time since she walked in. It caused him so much pain to actually see her. To see the pain hiding behind her beautiful eyes. The heavy bags of exhaustion under them. The lack of crimson color in her cheeks, possibly from missing so many meals in the Common Room. The faded scar across your cheek. Felix felt the desire of pressing his lips against her soft ones.

And just like that Felix Rosier, the one who never believed in romance would gladly drain the waters of every single ocean, lake and river and call it rain to wash away the pain hiding behind her painted smile. Running his fingers through his own hair and embracing the sweet perfume of the woman he loved, dancing inside his lungs. Longing for the chaos her soft lips could bring to his life and waiting patiently for the day he would make her, his.

Because Felix Rosier would always work hard to get what he wanted. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Dogs Sirius Black X Child! Reader remitheremit Ok gonna be honest. She adored them. Sure most 4 year olds loved animals but not as much as her.

He went over and let her pet him as she yelled happily for her parents. Look what Sirius can do! Show more notes. Must have been a long journey. After that, things only got a little different. And in fifth year he was even made a prefect. To say Bill Weasley had a crush on you would be the understatement of the century.

In his eyes you were the most brilliant person in the building, and he wanted you to do well. At the Battle of Hogwarts, Molly defends you the same way she defended Ginny: by calling you her daughter and destroying them.

So, I wrote a review of Hogwarts Mystery. I hope you enjoy. Charlie talks about you all the time. She nodded.

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