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I get harry that harry wanted to name his kids after people he loved and people who died protecting him. I totally get that feeling of gratitude but what bugs me is the choice of names. But Albus Severus? One of them literally protected him to kill him in the end and the other one bullied him and his friends. What about the other people who actually gave away their lives to protect Harry without demanding anything in return.

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Everyone turning up to watch his quidditch games. Merlin I wish I was that broom.

Cedric Diggory!

Half the school agree with me! Cedric who is unaware of his heritage is confused when he finds groups of people following him with smiling faces. Cedric realising his heritage when he sees how similarly people react to Fluer. Him and Fluer becoming really good friends as they are the only ones who understand what being part Veela is like. The first person he tells is Cho as he is worried that he might be influencing her.

Being friends with Cedric Diggory would include: Afternoons spend at the lake, laughing about his lame jokes and reminiscing about the previous school years and how you became friends in your second year, when you accidentally hexed him (his chin ended up the size of a plate). Word Count: 1, Request: "Could I request some Cedric Diggory x Reader HCs where the reader is very kind, but super insecure and thinks that everyone hates her." A/N: You sure can, anon!I wanted to focus more on him helping them start overcoming their cognitive distortion before they started dating. Hope you like this, I thought it was a really sweet prompt. Dating Cedric Diggory would include: him giving you gifts out of the blue-"guess what?"-"what?"-"I've got you a present!" -him always getting annoyed when guys asked you out-"we are holding hands can't they see you're not single?" -you laughing at him being jelaous -running and hiding in front of his fanclub-"bloody girls"-"hey I'm a girl too!".

In this moment he realises that he truly is in love with her. James: Who do you think will come out of the up? My money is on that Krum kid from Durmstrang. Lily: Fair enough. That girl with the silvery hair is going to come out of the cup, too. We are the bravest after all. Lily: You know what? A Slytherin would actually do much better since this thing is not only about bravery.

So stop being an arrogant pr. Part 2. Can I get a male ship golden trio ship?

Dating Cedric Diggory would include (Request) Cedric Diggory x Reader (Request) Harry Potter Imagine Harry Potter Cedric Diggory Catchup. Divergent Preference: The One Thing You Both Frequently Fight Over. The Preference: Something He Made For You Random one-shots and preferences COMPLETED.

Raven-puff Thick curly brown hair hazel eyes and glasses. Im considered a curvy girl. I love to read and take pictures. I play softball. Im very clumsy, I trip over air. Im incredibly selfless,I help others more than myself. I once punched a boy for bullying my autistic brother.

Ppl tend to find my awkwardness endearing but I still get embarrassed.

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Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include Request: (Anonymous) Hello! Can you do an imagine of what dating Cedric Diggory would be like where the reader is . Dating Cedric Diggory would include? Cedric has the softest hair ever, you've come to find. He pretends to get annoyed whenever you touch it, but he secretly loves it. Dating Cedric Diggory would include -lots of "I love you"s-he'd get lots of teasing from his friends about you but it'd only make him smile-he'd be such a gentleman, always buying you flowers and random presents-he'd carry your things for you all the time, especially heavy books and supplies.

Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Warning s : idk, implied sexy times? Requested by anon: Heyy! Ted Tonks trying to protect his wife and daughter in a world where his kind are in grave danger.

Harry Potter fbawtft imagine headcanon x reader reader insert ron weasley hermione granger charlie weasley fred weasley newt scamander james potter Sirius Black cedric diggory Draco Malfoy Remus Lupin Neville Longbottom combinederasheadcanons.

He appreciates kindness and fairness so much in others and you are certainly no exception to that rule! The two of you become fast friends upon meeting, your values and personalities align nicely.

His more quietly outgoing and confident nature compliments your more insecure one quite nicely and he really brings out the best in you. And he falls slowly for you, with each act of kindness and thoughtful gesture you show him. The way you tidy up after others, not expecting any thanks in return.

Dating cedric diggory would include

The way you listen to your peers and try and provide them with advice whenever they come to you. He sees it all and every time his heart melts a little bit more. But therein lies a problem Keep reading. Frightened for their girl, they gave her the toughest, fiercest, most survivor-ish name they could think of Augusta Minerva.

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He inherited their pale skin, blonde hair and beauty. James: You did not just say that. Lily: Gryffindor is not the only house in Hogwarts. The champion for Durmstrang, will be Viktor Krum. James: Told you.

Harry & Cedric Episode 1 First Date (Mature)

Lily: And I told you it was a safe bet. The champion for Beauxbatons, is Fleur Delacour! Lily: Called it! The Hogwarts champion, is Cedric Diggory! James: What? James: How? Lily: You have never had to go up against a Hufflepuff before, have you? James: I mean only on Quidditch and we flattened them all the time. Lily: No one heard the war cry of a Hufflepuff and lived to tell the story, Jamie. James: But still, a Hufflepuff? So stop being an arrogant pr- James: Another name is coming out of the cup.

Harry Potter. Lily: No.

Read Dating Cedric would include from the story Harry Potter preferences by andy-sixx-please (Charli) with 3, reads. nevillelongbottom, -, imag Reviews: Being Cedric Diggory's Gryffindor Sister Would Involve: Firstly, Cedric has always been raised to take care of his own, and you are no exception to this rule. Cedric is very protective of you. Especially when he finds out that you have made friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. Word Count: Prompt: what dating ceric diggory would be like Warning: NoneDealing with his fawning fangirls Listening to school conversations and sticking up for him when people insult him People call him "Golden boy" and he hates it But it's fine when you do it Playing with his hair to mess it up "Why do you do this Y/N?" "That way you look a little less perfect.".

No, this is not happening. James: How could this happen? Lily: This is just- no.

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James: Huh? James: Dumbledore will. I know he will. James: Neither do I, Lils but he will pull through, he always does.

Part 2 They have a full room of portraits of people who died by the hands of Voldemort or his followers. This includes, but is not limited to, Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks, and many more. On Sundays, you will almost never see a Hufflepuff just strolling around Campus.

A few muggle borns figured out how to get a giant tv working and they grab snacks from the kitchen and get into a giant Hufflepuff huddle. You loved this little tradition of yours and you knew he did too.

You end up teaching him how to braid hair and at the end of the semester, during the exams, the two of you know how to braid a perfect waterfall braid but neither of you knows anything related to goblins and their rebellion and you barely manage to pass.

He makes sure to tell you at least once a week how much he appreciates you doing that for him. We want this blog to be the place where your dreams begin, for where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also.

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Until the very end - Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include

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