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He is 37, divorced with one teenage kid that he sees every other weekend. Here is my dilemma. You wait and pray for there to be a good guy left on this earth and finally one comes along and you find him boring or at least not challenging. He is completely into me. Calls, writes me letters, texts, takes me out, does family outings, asks about my day, washes my car, is clean, is fit, responsible, understanding, compliments me, etc, etc. It was okay, not mind blowing or anything. Am I being picky?

Change up plans and places for dates by checking out new restaurants, movies, local events, etc.

When Your Woman Is Boring

Get dressed up, put in some effort, and have fun. While trying new experiences together will help bring exciting energy into your relationship, simply making time for activities and interests you both enjoy is also a boredom crusher. If you previously bonded over bowling, schedule a bowling date night.

If you both love to read, create your own two-person book club. If you bond over road trips, plan a trip and take a drive. Research when your favorite bands are coming to town and get tickets. Again, boredom is often a symptom of not focusing on your partner or being distracted by external factors. Ask yourself what more you can do for your partner to nurture your relationship.

Apr 04,   Guys, This Could Be Why Women Seem To Think You're Boring. By Tyler Willis. April 4, Guys, you've been in this situation before: You meet a .

Make time for each other on a daily basis, and find creative ways to show up for your partner. Also consider how you and your partner show and receive love. The little things matter, so what you do on a daily basis goes a long way.

Taking care of yourself and your mental health, as well as engaging in activities that make you feel happy and rejuvenated, will have a positive impact on your relationship. Feeling satisfied with your own life supports you in maintaining realistic expectations of your partner.

Make time to pursue your personal passions and interests. Have a healthy support network and important relationships with people other than your partner. By understanding that boredom can be a natural part of relationships, you can better assess and address any issues and utilize proactive strategies to keep passion and connection alive.

Rachel Dack is a licensed clinical professional counselor LCPC and relationship coach specializing in individual and couples psychotherapy. Rachel's areas of expertise include relationships, dating, mindfulness, anxiety, depression and self-esteem.

Dating boring

To connect with Rachel or to learn more about her psychotherapy and relationship coaching services, please visit www. Women's Dating. Discuss This! Below are 12 helpful strategies: 1.

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Understand Boredom is Natural in Relationships. Prioritize and Give to Your Relationship. Gain Awareness of Your Perception. Invest in Yourself and Your Own Life. Related Topics:. Email email this!

I'm newly single so I just got back into the dating world. Majority of the girls I talk to just are completely boring? I can't tell if I'm just being a dick or if you guys have experienced this too. If I ask someone what their hobbies/passions are or what they do for fun they usually just say "well uh. I . A little history I'm 28, divorced with two young kids, they live at home. He is 37, divorced with one teenage kid that he sees every other weekend. Here is my dilemma. I can't figure out if I'm attracted to him or the fact that he's a good guy. You wait and pray for there to be a good guy left on this earth and finally one comes. Twenty20 / @brendanmonahanphoto. You should date someone boring. A piece of advice that Charles Bukowski would have voted against I believe. A man who wrote the girl on the escalator would have probably disagreed with me on this one, said the boring must only attract the boring.

Tips for Teens About Healthy Relationships. For Women. Have I Outgrown My Relationship? Go home, relax on your own, and enjoy your own life.

He has to have something that he gets really excited about. This will work wonders to diminish any feelings of boredom.

If your boyfriend is particularly boring, and you still want to have some adventure, choose your friends to fill that void. They can be the ones to travel with and do crazy things with, and your boyfriend can be the one you come home to and tell about all your amazing adventures. Try getting to know his friends better and even become their friends so that they invite you to tag along when they do fun things.

Guys, This Could Be Why Women Seem To Think You're Boring

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