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I also stated though dating someone who other people might consider boring. But yes, you're right on that, it wouldn't matter anyway to you. Or at least you wouldn't notice it as much. Good for you for dating nerds! Were those times when he just wanted to hang out, watch TV boring then? Well, no, because we made out almost the whole time.

There really is no answer to your question. Sure like to lol a lot huh.

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Are you seeing someone who others consider "boring"? Haved dated someone boring before? Seems like there are answers based on people's experiences. So actually 'boring is relative' isn't really an answer to this question.

Lol fine, I actually have dated someone who my friends thought was boring. We got along fine and I didn't see her as boring at all. Ah the too nice thing huh. I understand, but also guys walk a fine line between caring too much or not caring enough when it comes to girls.

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Don't you think a "too nice" guy could be adventurous, spontaneous, exciting? Or does being this way automatically lower your interest nevertheless?

What I meant was, way to nice. Intresting to me is doing new things that he's intrested in, you know?

Girl's Behavior. For those people dating or seeing what others might consider "boring", why are you with them?

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For those who have been with a boring person before, what specific boring ct made you break up with them? Share Facebook. Anyone dating a "boring" person? Add Opinion. I know many people consider my fiance "boring" even his own family and most would never have pictured us together because we SEEM so different.

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It's down to the simple fact that no one truly knows either of us. I broke up with my ex because he was boring all he wanted to do was party and after a while that gets pretty tiresome and empty.

Men Reveal What They Think Makes a Woman Boring

Well, if you like someone, they're automatically not boring to you. Why would you date a boring person?

The only action i find that makes a girl boring is if she likes watching bad reality TV (like jersey shore). Otherwise its a lack of interests that makes her boring, I would rather be somewhat confused by a girl who is passionately talking about her hobby, than be . An average looking middle of the Dating A Boring Girl road type of guy is simply not going to get much sex unless you really put some thought into it. You are also correct that most women would really prefer to Dating A Boring Girl have a relationship than casual sex/ I'm newly single so I just got back into the dating world. Majority of the girls I talk to just are completely boring? I can't tell if I'm just being a dick or if you guys have experienced this too. If I ask someone what their hobbies/passions are or what they do for fun they usually just say "well uh. I like to go out with my friends.".

To many people they may have been boring, but to me they were cool enough that I took the time to get to know them and to date them. I'm with you, Anonymous. Nerds are the best.

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If that sounds overly simple, it's because it actually is that simple. In fact, it's one of the most straightforward social skills that guys can learn to improve their dating lives. If you convey relevant information, express strong feelings about the world and can call out what's happening in the moment with a woman, that's when you become more attractive than 99 percent of guys. That's what it takes to stop being boring.

If a woman looks like she's in a hurry, approach her as you usually would and see how she reacts to your witty confidence.

Apr 04,   That's what it takes to stop being boring. So if you feel weird about hitting on a woman in front of her friends, say, "I had to risk embarrassing . Jan 05,   Here, 13 men reveal what they think makes a woman "boring": Men seem to think YOU are there for THEIR entertainment: For example, if you aren't able to make this guy feel hilarious and sexy, SEE Author: Jamie Leelo. Well, if you like someone, they're automatically not boring to you. Why would you date a boring person? i've dated lots of nerds before. To many people they may have been boring, but to me they were cool enough that I took the time to get to know them and to date them.

If her body language is signaling that she is still trying to leave, call it out: "You look like you're in a rush. I'd love to continue this conversation, so give me your number or, if you don't like me, give me a fake one, and I'll let you go.

In dating, this manifests in things like spending months gearing up the nerves to ask a girl out, or spending even longer than that chasing after women who aren't being responsive. It can mean going on one date after another after another, with no game plan in place, no attempts to close things out (have sex), or cut things off if they have.

What you're doing is forcing the subtext of your interaction to become the context. You're speaking what others are thinking, but are too uncomfortable to say out loud because doing so would violate social protocol. Being able to bring unspoken communication to the forefront of discussion in a way that's humorous signals your social competence, honesty and playfulness.

Dating boring girl

These are three universally attractive traits. This may seem like it's socially uncalibrated and risky.

Signs of a boring person in dating!

However, when you do it without being awkward or desperate, it highlights a deep understanding of human behavior.

As a result, it's an extremely attractive conversational skill.

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These don't need to be extremely witty or brilliant responses. Their purpose is to point out what's happening in the moment.

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By doing this, you show your awareness and concern for her emotions and thoughts. He strikes her on an emotional level. He creates tension.

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He's comfortable calling out the moment exactly how he sees it, and women go crazy for it. There's a classic scene in "Casino Royale," where Daniel Craig's Bond shows off this skill perfectly when he first meets the film's love interest, Vesper Lynd. According to social intelligence researcher Daniel Golemanthe crucial elements of social awareness are recognizing what people are feeling, expressing that you recognize what they're feeling and responding in a way that makes them more comfortable.

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While we can't all be James Bond, anyone can learn to focus on the here and now to create deeper emotional connections. Most guys think that the purpose of conversation is to facilitate a transfer of information, but it's actually to share feelings or thoughts about the world.

Those are the ways we form emotional connections through conversation, and those connections are built on the intimacy of the here and now. Nothing in dating makes sense until you view it in the light of emotional connection.

Women don't connect with you by sharing facts; they connect with you when you open up, allow yourself to be vulnerable and share feelings, so start channeling your inner James Bond and call out what's happening here and now.

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