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Search Search. Menu Sections. For 63 years Arlow Pottery was one of the stalwarts of native Irish industry, turning out beautiful china and pottery to an appreciative audience. Ita O'Kelly-Browne reports. The closure of Arklow Pottery, the largest plant of its kind in Ireland, is not just a blow to the workers who will lose their jobs it is also a blow to lovers of exquisite pottery and china throughout Ireland and North America, where the company exported up to 70pc of its produce. The company, which provided wedding presents to generations of Irish couples since opening in Arklow in , has given the reasons for shutting up shop as a combination of oversupply in the international market and cheaper imports from Asia. Financial Controller Eamon Fox said that although they had hoped to cut their cost base, fierce competition from Asia meant they had won the battle but lost the war.

Financial Controller Eamon Fox said that although they had hoped to cut their cost base, fierce competition from Asia meant they had won the battle but lost the war.

Trouble is nothing new to Arklow Pottery which was taken over by the Japanese company Noritake of which it became a subsidiary in Although staffing levels peaked at in the early s, during the last 15 years there have been layoffs.

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The separate Noritake porcelaine plant closed in with the loss of jobs. It was this plant which manufactured the beautiful tea sets with signature rose pattern which many women of my generation have been lucky enough to have passed on to us from our mothers.

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The difference between Arklow china teacups and fine bone English china teacups is that the Arklow ones always had a bigger and more liftable handle, ideal for men with big hands that is! Although Arklow's traditional dinner services are arguably beautiful to the eye, above all they are traditional and, to some younger folk at any rate, they are old fashioned and by design very Irish which appeals to the American market but not necessarily the home market.

A quick look around the average Irish home today and you will see lots of brightly coloured mugs and informal dinner wear, mostly from the Far East and compliments of trend setting companies like Habitat.

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Formal dinner services and tea sets are now the exception rather than the rule and in many homes are now almost as rare as having a formal dining room in itself. Waterford Crystal has kept ahead of the posse by innovation combined with some well calculated risk-taking. A product like Waterford cut glass caters to a market which is effectively finite in size and basically only has limited appeal.

Although there was a time when quality cut glass simply meant Waterford, during the last decade the company realised that with a rush of young pretenders onto the cut glass market and increasing and cheaper competition from the Far East, they had to do something radical in order to not only survive but thrive.

Their saviour came in the unlikely form of Ireland's adopted son clothes designer John Rocha. Three years ago the company approached Rocha with a view to designing a new range of cut glass.

Arklow Pottery

Given that Rocha had huge cachet in that niche twenty and thirty something home owning market unlikely purchasers of traditional Waterford cut glass - it was a masterstroke if they could pull it off. Seamus McRedmond of The China Showrooms in Abbey Street the oldest china and glass company in the country, which opened in the s blames the market and not the company for the closure of the firm.

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The knowledge exists, but only in the memory of former workers. My job was casting and polishing.

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I've been collecting for 35 years and now I have a vast collection. When the older generation go, the knowledge will be lost. Arklow Pottery made special editions and commemorative pieces as well as everyday pottery.

That's where Queen Maeve came from.

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Plans to establish an Arklow Pottery centre and museum are ongoing. Planning permission has been approved and Wicklow County Council is currently seeking funding to complete the project. She describes herself as: "An antiques dealer by trade and a decorator by day - but when it comes to Arklow pottery I'm more of a collector than anything else.

Arklow Pottery has 1, members. Wouldnt it be nice if the we could get together as a community and try piece together the history of the our pottery. I. In general, the backstamp on a piece of pottery - that's the mark on the base - will let you know where and when it was made, but there's no published record of Arklow pottery backstamps. Dating copeland pottery. Dating arklow pottery. These free guide to use dating fellow nepal Come dating pottery marks on to. Josiah iii in the staffordshire pottery maling pottery clarice cliff pottery industry began transfer printing designs were. Spencer copeland park copeland pottery made by william copeland spode and white.

I love china and ours is Arklow pottery. That was our one! I have it on my kitchen dresser. At home.

In use. All of the time!

Dating arklow pottery

She remembers a local festival where she and Pier Leonard of Solace Studio helped people to date their Arklow pottery. We had to say that they're not worth anything - yet! To find out more about Arklow Pottery, you can join the well-informed and helpful community of collectors on Facebook.

Browse FREE Arklow Pottery Price/Value Guide - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE Sale Advice. See TODAY's Arklow Pottery for SALE, BEST OFFER and Auction; plus Expert Appraisal/Valuation, FREE sales advice and brokerage services, FREE sale prices, values, wish list and more - FIND + Specialist categories | Bath Antiques Online - Buy, Sell & Value! Arklow Pottery was a pottery founded in and formally opened by Sean Lemass (Minister for Industry and Commerce) 29 July in South Quay, Arklow, County Wicklow, company produced many decorative earthenware goods and general table crockery. History. Arklow Pottery ran into financial difficulties in the s and was taken over by Japanese . The closure of Arklow Pottery, the largest plant of its kind in Ireland, is not just a blow to the workers who will lose their jobs it is also a blow to lovers of exquisite pottery and china.

Ireland's Fine Arts, antiques and collectables column. Close Enthusiastic: Antiques dealer Chantal Fortune with her collection of Arklow Potter which, will displayed on her kitchen dresser, is in use every day.

Ireland's Fine Arts, antiques and collectables column

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