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Tragedy to beauty. Walk a mile in Jackie's shoes to realize the things around you and other people's tragedies affect them too. Then, find peace once you accept the change. I enjoyed reading this book it has love and loss and it's about a girl trying to find herself now that she has been displaced from everything she once knew. However, I do think the narrating voices could have been a little more distinguished and not so flat with little emotion What made the experience of listening to My Life with the Walter Boys the most enjoyable. I enjoyed the novel then, but listening to it on Audible increased my pleasure of this book.

Another wrote, "Both of you are amazing, gal you are generous and kind hearted person who knows to respect people's and there work that's why you are wonder women. One fan jokingly suggested that maybe one double isn't enough, commenting "She looks overwhelmed.


I'm willing to step in, for her health, to relieve her stress.

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