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By hngu , April 7, in Random. I'm just looking for a discussion on this topic since it seem as if many people have different opinions on this. BTS have been moving upward and gaining recognition in their own country and abroad recently. Do anyone think that they would risk getting caught dating when they work so hard for this position? Who would be the most likely to date someone at this important time in their career? They are still fairly young, so from here on, the sky is the limit for them. If they have a dating scandal right now, will it affect BTS negatively?

The delusional ARMYs tho I want them to be happy. Whether that means dating someone or not.

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You'll find people on both ends either demanding that they don't date or demanding that they do. As long as they're comfortable and aren't suffering I'm happy for them.

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I don't want them to get caught for as looooong as possible, at this point, the damage for both sides, especially the other side will be very ugly. I personally have no problem with them dating.

I don't think it would negatively affect their reputation, dating is normal human behavior.

I would love for them to date too but I definitely don't want them to get caught considering how there are many delulu fans out there. It feels like their goals and dream is more important to them at this point in life.

Especially considering they know they are the underdogs since they're from a small company. They work so hard to be where they are now, so I doubt they will do anything to risk that right now. Im sure alot of people would go crazy if maknae line get caught dating anyone, I don't even want to imagine. It would be crazy if a maknae line member especially got caught but I don't think it's going to end them or anything lol.

Most likely that member will lose some immature akgae fans thats all.

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People act like the other members have absolutely no fans. I'm more scared for the poor girl tbh. Bts will be fine. For sure some of them are dating or have dated, I just don't want them to be discovered. I don't want this to affect their relationship by immature fans.

May 31,   Check out: Here's The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS. Subscribe to Korean-Ent for free: fireemblemheroestips.com Other Videos you might like: 9 Kpop stars with. May 09,   bts was tormented by the fandoms of their predecessors (exo and big bang), and then replaced both of those groups as the top boy group by miles Thread by: aclassyteaparty, . Well, to answer your question, yes BTS is definitely dating someone, but not out there. Instead it's inside their own band. That's right. BTS is definitely dating someone in BTS. Let's just take Vkook for example. Vkook is probably one of the most popular ships in BTS and it .

Whenever they mention dating they always seem to imply or say that Jimin is the only one that hasn't really dated pre-debut but i find it a bit hard to think that a 15y old Jungkook had more dating experience then Jimin lmao. I swear to god I'd love any girl that my Jimin date I believe in him he'll choose the best girl,I love him not to own him but just want him to be happy. I also feel the same way as many army here. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Recommended Posts. Posted April 7, Hi Everyone! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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I don't think they'd get caught so easily or risk it atm. Yeah like they are dating everyone in the industry.

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As long as he is happy Im completely fine with it. They are obviously getting some.

Nov 14,   Choose one to be BTS Girlfriend. Published November 14, November 14, 16, takers. Just For Fun Love & Friendship Bts Dating Game Report. Add to library Discussion Follow author. What do you thing when look at boy who dance alone? Think he is crazy. Girls Generation. Log in to add to the discussion. Log in or sign up. Apr 18,   Fact: All seven BTS members are as sexy as they are talented, and if you've ever speculated about the members' relationship statuses, you're definitely not .

All idols do. It just depends how smart they are about it.

In US "dating" is seen as publicity stunt, in Korea, its seen as "scandals. View On One Page. Photo 0 of 7. Previous Next Start Slideshow.

Bts dating thread

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Apr 07,   Hi Everyone! Im just looking for a discussion on this topic since it seem as if many people have different opinions on this. BTS have been moving upward and gaining recognition in their own country and abroad recently. Do anyone think that they would risk getting caught dating . The BTS-6 is a modified non-interference thread which eliminates high connection stress and galling. The two-step thread design helps eliminate cross-threading and prevents damage to the thread during stabbing and impact loading. The BTS-PR connection is also available with ring groove to account for a protective seal-ring - click here to see. Mar 28,   BTS member Suga's agency Big Hit Entertainment released an official statement and denied that the two K-Pop idols were dating and further went on to say that the two have only met for work-related purposes.

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