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Take this personality quiz and find out which Avenger you are most like. They're a force for good, battling supervillains and government bureaucrats alike. We all often consider which one we'd like to be. But the really important question is which Avenger would you like to have on your arm? Take this quiz to find out! the 5th question is really weird because Natasha falls In love Dr. Banner at the end but his name is not mentioned In the question. Hawkeye is married and is Natasha's friend, tony stark is dating Pepper Potts, Captain America is still in love with Peggy Carte, Thor is in love with Jane Foster and Nick Fury is with god knows who/5(32).

I only date 10s. I don't mind as long as my partner thinks they're really attractive. Confidence is sexy, even if it isn't justified. My partner should be unbelievably good-looking even while I claim I don't care at all.

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I couldn't care less. St Bernard.

QUIZ: Which Avengers Character Should Be Your Boyfriend?

Jack Russell. I don't care. I like 'em slutty.

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They should be a virgin, so I can educate them in the ways of the world. They should have some experience, but not too much. I don't mind a lot of independence, but when we're together, I expect their attention. I understand that I will be ignored a lot, but not get away with the reverse.

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I expect to be doted on constantly. I like lots of love and care, but I get that my partner needs to be on their own sometimes. Loft in the city. Malibu mansion. Picket fence in suburbia. University accommodation near an ivy-covered campus. Just the one, so we can concentrate on their training.

Share quiz. Your Marvel Girlfriend (Boys only) J. Jonah Jameson. 1. Good day, sir. First question: Which is your favorite team? The Avengers. X-Men. Fantastic Four. Guardians of the Galaxy. Thunderbolts. SHIELD. Sinister Six Log in or sign up. Show. Avengers assemble! And don't forget to bring your significant others with you, because this quiz is all about gettin' frisky. It's true, the impressive warriors that make up the Avengers are not just fighters, they're also lovers, and we know that you want to get some of that loving (have you seen their abs?). We're going to use our very exact Magiquiz Marvel science to determine. Get yourself a super hero AND a super human, stat.

Several, who I will be raising mostly on my own. Two and a half.

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I've done a regression analysis and we should have three, as long as my partner is certain they will not inherit any of their medical issues. I sabotage the villains from the darkness. I accidentally invited them, so I guess I better do something about it. I stand and fight for truth, justice and- well, you get the idea. I smash. Not being around much. A temper. Physical prowess. High IQ. They're really good at coming through in a crisis.

They re-shaped a major conglomerate. They fought a tyrant. They have amazing self-control.

Avengers dating quiz

I bring them an enemy to beat. I make a little robot dance to amuse them. I take them out to a nice movie and make them dinner. I give them a hug and reassure them everyone still likes them. We go skydiving over an active volcano! We buy an island!

May 02,   There is no shortage of heroes occupying the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Based on what you view as "boyfriend material", we think we know which Avenger you'd get up close and personal with. QUIZ: Which Evan Peters Character Should Be Your Boyfriend? 20 September , | ated: 20 September , By Katie Nicky Idika.

We go dancing. We make tender love by candlelight. To always know where the other one is. To be faithful. I know it's already in there, but you gotta be sure. I wouldn't add anything.

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My boo will always act in the spirit of the existing rules. To never go to bed angry. Roving the world taking work where we can find it. In our triplex, doing it on a pile of money. Raising our two young kids. They're tenure tracked and I'm researching a paper. Spy movie. Action adventure.

30Thor (I Do not like thor and its true) 30Hulk/Bruce why would i like this guy I rather perfer Loki even if he has a horrble child life or if hes a villian but hes cooler than thor (I AM NOTT SAYING I LIKE HIS LOOKS DO NT JUDGE ME) Maybe i like cap for his looks I /5(7). Avengers: Endgame has come and gone, and with it, Marvel has finalized the stories of the original Avengers. The greatest superheroes the world has ever seen have defeated Thanos, and some lives have been lost. Other people have found their peace. Throughout all of it, we have fallen in love with the characters of Avengers and that leaves us with just one question: Which . WHAT AN ORIGINAL QUIZ LIKE WOW GUYS. No but really i would love to do one of these because there are none with Black Widow or the Avengers shown in the comics XD So expect Spider-man, Carol Danvers, and all those lovely under appreciated peeps (14 options total and YES LOKI IS IN THIS, DUH) Note.

Psychological thriller. They're really very kind and gentle.

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They're not actually cheating on me. I'm the only one they've ever been with. Rachael Bishop Great I got 3 right. I'm Korg, this is Miek Good quiz, I liked it except I'm not a hundred percent sure Clint and Nat are in a "relationship" at the time I thought some of your options w ere funny like "Hulk smashes the plane" and "Loki was drunk" I laughed.

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Fut Kat If you could be one marvel super hero who would you be. Brianna Ok quiz except for the fact you got one question wrong you said black widow was in a relationship with another avenger but the answer choices are wrong maybe you should watch the movies again and correct the error. Your mom Drake - biber Boys are the kids boys and kids kids boys and boys are kids and boys boys kids kids and boys i is was I love him.

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