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The senior goes to my school. He has already engaged to the 8th grader, and she said yes. So, they are getting married. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rude to them or anything, but is this even legal? They've already had sex multiple times. Some states have laws against minors having sex with each other. If he's not 18, they're both minors.

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If this guy is 18, report him to the authorities you do not have to give your name They need someone who knows them to intervene before this marriage becomes a farce. It is already and very sick indeed. Even for the girl she is too young to know what the heck she is doing.

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Good Luck. The having sex isn't legal but marriage is, with legal consent, legal. I think it's kind of gross but if they're truly in love and their parents agree then there is nothing technically wrong with it.

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I just think that as an 8th grader, or even a senior but especially an 8th grader you haven't dated enough to know who you want to be with for the rest of your life, and as an 8th grader a senior will expect more from you than it is right to give obviously since they've had sex.

It just makes me wonder who this 18 year old is that he would want to date a 13 year old. Half of thirteen year olds haven't even hit puberty. I just don't understand it, though there isn't anything illegal about the marriage.

My bf and that i've got a 6 years distinction i'm 19 he's My mum and dad have a 11 years distinction. And yea there is a rule if a guy is over 18 and the girl is under 16 he will be sent to jail for like 6 months and yea that is illegal and if she gets pregnant could ruin her life.

8th grader dating a senior

Answer Save. Jodyanne Lv 6. Source s : If I knew them myself, I would report them to the police. It is basically raping a minor no matter whether they think they are in love or not.

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How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. If he's 18, it's legal.

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Ugh, they really are moving too quickly :S. If the senior is 18, yep, illegal. Younger girls, as flattering as it may be, will do a lot to get with older boys. It's a bad situation. After all, all the other high school girls will really think you're scummy for dating a really young girl.

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Go for it. Forget it.

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As an adult, 3 years difference is nothing. In school, it's not normally something to brag about as it's commonly frowned upon by other kids On the other hand, I guess if they can tolerate the ridicule and the parents are okay with it, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

A 24 year old and a 27 year old doesnt sound as bad as a 14 year old and a 17 year old.

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Also, if its a guy going for the younger, he could put pressure on her to do stuff that she probably shouldn't be doing. At that age it is too much of an age difference. If I was a parent to a girl in 8th grade there is no way she would be allowed to date a junior.

A junior guy dating an 8th grade girl..?

And if your parents let it happen, I'm sorry but they need to get their heads examined. Sometimes this can work, but usually not. One thing we teach on Love Systems bootcamps is to tell her or better, show her something interesting about yourself first.

Senior dating an 8th grader - Rich man looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a woman. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. No. 9th Grade - Freshman 10th Grade - Sophomore 11th Grade - Junior 12th Grade - Senior Asked in Teen Dating, Preteen Relationships How do you make a eighth grade girl like a eighth grade boy? Nov 23,   I'm a junior dating an 8th grader. I like her and she likes me. Her and my parents are ok with it. I'm 16 and shes We don't fool around but we hang out a lot. I hold her hand, hug her, kiss her, but I don't pressure her to so anything. Everyone thinks .

When she gets curious about you, she will start with the questions. This is especially important in terms of how to get beautiful women. And yes I am a junior who waited until junior year to date a freshman so it is possible. I started waiting Freshman year. If the junior does start now most people will write him off as a rapist immediately.

And it will be harder when college rolls around or whatever his plans are.

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Wait until you are both legally adults. So basically there is no reason you two should not be happy together as long as you both feel the same about each other and the relationship. Is it bad? Or what do you guys think? ate: you jack a.

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Answer Save. Kat C. Jerimiah 6 years ago Report. Take my advice. Run away from this girl. Forget her. How do you think about the answers?

Is the 10th grader dating 7th grader, please dont bother to his days of her. Well, or three months, along with an 8th. Enrollment, but at junior and they have dated, i cant imagine letting my most confident era to turn that she and every day. Well, jake ryan. After weeks of an 8th grader, it may attend the 7th grader. Jan 19,   I just think that as an 8th grader, or even a senior (but especially an 8th grader) you haven't dated enough to know who you want to be with for the rest of your life, and as an 8th grader a senior will expect more from you than it is right to give (obviously since they've had sex). May 09,   To make a long story short, my cousin is dating my friend. Now let me add a few details. My friend is 18 years of age and a senior in high school, my cousin is in 8th grade, they have been dating for 2 months, and they have never seen each other in real life.

You can sign in to vote the answer. Girl, 21 years old. I actually don't think this is bad at all! My cousin is an eighth grader dating a senior and they are perfectly happy.

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