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If you're an eighth grade boy, usually 12 or 13 years old, flirting may not be a skill you've acquired yet, and if you're being flirted with, you might not even know it. Flirting can be subtle or overt and depending on the person you're flirting with, you might be unsure as to what approach to take. But there are definitely ways to flirt with a girl that will let her know you're interested without making her uncomfortable. Nothing is friendlier and more welcoming than a smile. When you make eye contact with her, smile because it's very hard not to smile back at someone who's smiling at you. This will also be a clue to her that you like something about her or that you're interested in her.

Who are you attracted to? Try to find someone you think would make for a fun date, someone you can imagine hanging out with, maybe a lot. Someone you wouldn't mind kissing. Make sure they don't have a date already, and aren't going with anyone.

It can be awkward to ask someone who is already going out with someone. Make sure that you already talk to this person during the week, so asking them out won't be as awkward, and the relationship will work out better, since you already know a decent amount about the person. Find the right time to ask. While it's always fine to ask something as simple as, "Will you go out with me? Is a dance coming up? Asking someone to a dance is one of the most common ways of asking someone out on a date.

If it goes well, you can sometimes stay a couple afterward. If not, you'll have fun anyway. What about a homecoming game? Or another sports game? Ask if you can go together? Maybe a new movie is coming out soon that everyone's talking about.

Ask someone to go with you to the movie. Make sure you're looking good. If you're going to put yourself out there, you want to make sure you're looking your best.

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Make sure your clothes are clean and nice, so you can look good and feel confident enough to ask someone out. You don't have to look like a movie star, so you don't want to overdo it, but take some time to look your best.

Wait until you have a private moment. Try to find a minute that you two can be together to ask. Sometimes, passing period can be a good chance for this, or right after school. If you can't seem to find a time when the person is alone, just ask, "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

For a lot of people, asking someone out via text or chatting will be a bad idea, while it can work for others. If you chat regularly with someone, it might be fine. There's always a chance that you get shot down. If this happens in front of a bunch of people, it'll be worse than if it happens in private. Introduce yourself, if necessary. If you've been attracted to someone who doesn't know who you are, they'll likely say "no" if you just walk up and ask them to go out.

The best first idea is probably to introduce yourself briefly, and let them know what your connection is.

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I was wondering Ask for a date, out of the blue. When you've got an opportunity, just cut to the chase and ask. You don't need to give it a lot of thought or try to be clever. Just be kind, complimentary, and clear.

No lines. Say something like: "I've noticed you for a long time, and you seem like a really sweet, cool person.

They have been dating since 8th GRADE!!

I like you a lot. Will you like to go to the dance with me?

6th Grade Dating Tips

It's perfectly fine for girls to ask boys in middle school, or at any age. Make sure its ok with all of your parents. Since you're underage, it's still important to get your parents' permission about things like dating, as well as the parents of the person you're asking out.

Just ask, and then follow their wishes. It needs to be ok with all of your parents, especially if you're going to be getting a ride. You can always spend time at school together with someone, regardless of how your parents feel about it. It's better to have permission, of course, but Romeo and Juliet were middle-school aged, after all. Part 2 of Talking with your date can be just as much fun and just as important to a young romance as actually going anywhere. Set up dates on FaceTime or Skype or some other chatting service, or talk on the phone.

8th grade dating advice

Arrange something you can do together, even if you're not together. If you both have a show you like, watch it at the same time and talk about it on the phone. Text each other. Make sure you're allowed to text with your date, then trade numbers and start texting.

Seventh grade dating advice? Wiki User In my opinion, 7th grade is the year that dating actually I'm in seventh grade, and dating an 8th grader. My friend, also in 7th.

You can be conversing and laughing together, even if you're not actually together. Try to be a good conversationalist and give you date something to respond to. Don't just write "Hey. Don't write one-word responses with a date.

If you can't talk right now, say so. For some good articles about texting a crush or a date, click here or here. Make it Snapchat official, if you want to. Lots of middle school romance will happen primarily on Snapchat. If you're going out with someone, you need to discuss how much of it you want to be public, and how much of it you want to be private together with the person you're dating, and be respectful. Remember: lots of people can see it. It's important to ease up on the digital PDA.

The occasional kissy-face emoji exchange is ok, but not more than once every couple days. Be real with your date.

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The only way you need to act when you're with your date, when you're talking to your date, and when you're thinking of something to say is to just act naturally. Be yourself. Joke around, goof off, don't try to be someone you're not. Act the same around your date as you act around your friends, which is what your date should be, unless of course you act like a total dweeb with your friends. Girls are attracted to boys who have the ability to entertain. People always want to be around a funny person.

Being funny also a great way to break the ice; start with a clean joke. Don't tell dirty jokes because she may not appreciate that type of humour.

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Before you tell it, ask her permission, "Can I tell you a joke? Be nice and sincere.

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This may seem obvious, but girls appreciate when a boy treats her nicely by doing considerate things like carrying her books or buying her lunch. Some boys will be nice when they're alone with a girl, only to act tough and aloof when his friends are around. It's a sign of confidence to not care about what his friends think but to care more about being nice to her.

Another way of showing sincerity is by restraining from bragging. This can be a sign of insecurity which will counteract your desire to appear confident. Compliment her because girls love compliments.

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You don't have to overdo it, but keep it simple. Just try not to wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants every day. Make sure your hair is orderly and clean.

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Make sure you take care of yourself and stay healthy and hygienic. Brush and floss your teeth and use mouthwash for fresher breath. Take showers daily and wash your face every day with a cleanser and moisturize. Brush your hair. Protect yourself. If you suspect something is wrong.

If they are cheating break up, and just be friends. Do not go back if they aren't treating you well!

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You are not an adult just yet. This is a safe low-pressure environment to explore what you like and don't like in a person! It's okay to experiment; just be sensitive of their feelings. Take everything with a fat grain of salt. Don't listen to haters, rumor spreaders, and those immature preps asking "Hey!

Did you guys make out yet? Be yourself!

If you're an eighth grade boy, usually 12 or 13 years old, flirting may not be a skill you've acquired yet, and if you're being flirted with, you might not even know it. Flirting can be subtle or overt and depending on the person you're flirting with, you might be unsure as to . Jul 31,   For sure. I knew tons of people who were dating when I was in grade eight. Mind you, it was never very serious, but they seemed to be having fun! Just make sure to make time for friends, hobbies and schoolwork. A relationship at such a young age s. Sep 06,   ok. well. im and in 8th grade. theres this girl i like. and i used to be pretty shy. she goes to my school. and i used to talk to her on myspace a lot. after a while. i well. asked her out. she said she wanted to get to know me a better irl. and i should talk to her tomorrow at school. well. i was to afraid id make a fool of my self. so i kept putting it off.

Dating someone ingenuine isn't fun, then find out you're different! Be honest and it's vital to have good communication. Have fun! You two are still really young, so relationships should be really light-hearted and fun.

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Don't take everything so seriously, just go with the flow. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Communications is vital, don't let some bad misunderstanding wreck your relationship. If you're uncomfortable with something, say it!

Be vocal. Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

Apr 18,   wikiHow is a "wiki," similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewe times. A lot of relationships in middle school fizzle out quickly%. By 8th grade, dating probably means talking on the phone and hanging out, usually in groups. By high school, kids are more likely to develop serious romantic attachments. Notice what "dating Author: Virginia Sole-Smith. Dating in sixth grade is not much different from dating as an adult - you need to be yourself, be confident and be considerate of your dates' needs and preferences. Because you're still a long way from adulthood, however, following a few dating tips for sixth-graders can help you gain dating experience and a sense of.

Do not let your partner peer pressure you into doing things you don't want to do. Set your limits, make sure they are aware. If they don't accept it, break up. Date someone who has respect for your wishes. Helpful 4 Not Helpful 1.

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