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Good day readers! A few days ago, I finished reading The Death Cure, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was devastated by the ending! Here, I present to you an alternate ending. Need I say more? Hope that doesn't cause any issues! This is my first attempt at writing anything like this, so I am especially excited to see your reviews!

How many times does he have to look like an idiot in one day? His heart flutters at the contact, taking it and placing it next to his face, which he only now looks at. The look Newt is giving him makes him freeze with his hand still holding his.

I will be doing a variety of one shots from: the maze runner, Undertale and Deltarune, the Avengers and MCU, the hunger games, Detroit: become human, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, X-men, FNAF, rise of - fireemblemheroestips.coms, the lord of the rings and the hobbit "Uh," Thomas supplied eloquently, his mind elsewhere. He caught himself doing a quick headcount, which was a little ironic since he was the only one who had actually run back to the helicopter. His heart leapt in his throat when he realized how few of them were left. But the only thing in my mind was Teresa, and no one else. Teresa's POV "Tom, Frypan's asking if-" My heart shattered into a million pieces. No. Way. Thomas was kissing Brenda. My Thomas was kissing another woman. I felt tears fill my eyes, causing my vision to be blurry. Hurriedly, I pushed my way into the dining room and went towards the fireemblemheroestips.coms: 7.

There was a certain light in those dark eyes as he stood there, swaying back and forth, looking at the little human in his arms. It looked so soft, so right, and Thomas never wanted to let it go. Every month means the arrival of a new boy to the Glade and another four weeks without finding a way out of the Maze that surrounds them, and every month Newt thinks that nothing will ever make him want to be alive again. That is, until a witty greenie called Thomas appears in the Box and begins questioning everything, a boy Newt feels strongly connected to by the visions they share at night.

Soon, Newt is to find out that Thomas is only the first of the several factors leading to the end of life in the Maze as the Gladers know it. They must work elbow to elbow to solve the Maze and get their people out alive, but as the visions grow stronger along with their feelings, they might have to face worse things than the creatures lurking the dark corners of the Maze-such as their hearts.

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Minho skips class, like always, and Newt and Thomas end up working together. How did Newt not notice him?

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Anyways have a nice day. Really, Newt could have gone all day without having this argument once more. Can we please not have this argument? A good job for them both. Something called The Gladers Village or something like that. The other just smiled weakly, laughing at him. Thomas was the sweetest guy Newt could ever meet. But he was so understanding, and having just gone through a break-up, Newt needed someone who understood.

He needed Thomas. But Minho was the hottest thing Newt had ever woken up next to. He was nice, giving him points for that was only fair. He was a great stress-reliever, and Newt was desperate for that in his hectic life. Who knew this much could happen because of crappy break-up movie night?

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Newt and Thomas is next door neighbours. Thomas is moving again, his mother is getting married again, a new school, new friends. All of this is happening again and his real father is nowhere to be seen. Thomas is about to lose it when he sees his new stepdad. In The Kill Ordera year after the Sun Flaresfive-year-old Deedee, her parents, and older brother Ricky were living in a village with a large group of people.

Two months before Mark 's village was attacked, Deedee's village was attacked by the Post-Flares Coalition with infected darts, killing most of the inhabitants, including her parents. Deedee was hit by a dart, too, but survived. When the Flare later began to spread, everyone in her village, including Ricky, shunned and abandoned Deedee when they realized she was immune to the virus, believing her to be a demon of some sort.

Deedee was eventually discovered by MarkTrinaAlecand Lanawho decide to take her along and she forms a close bond with Trina. Deedee, Trina, and Lana are later found by some employees of the PFC and given back to the survivors of Deedee's village as part of self-preservation. The survivors, having now become Cranksintend to sacrifice Deedee.

Read dating thomas would include from the story dylan o'brien imagines by -hollandrodens (hannah) with 8, reads-, themazerunner, americanassassi Reviews: Thomas thinks his sister, Teresa is dating newt! Newt is confused when Thomas confronts him because he thinks he was going to beat him up from a study session newt had with Thomas's girlfriend, Brenda!! Little do the two know, the two end up having a thing for each other ;D but not right away of course. You and Will Poulter had been dating for a few weeks ever since you two had met on the set of The Maze Runner. You try keeping it on the down-low, but then Comic Con rolls around. Add to library Discussion 26 Browse more - Fantasy Romance.

They brutally attack Lana, who is later given a mercy kill by Alec while Deedee and Trina are rescued. Mark, Trina, and Alec, now all infected with the Flare, decide to send Deedee to the PFC base in Alaska using a Flat Trans in the safe part of Ashevillehoping that her immunity could be used to find a cure.

Thomas and teresa dating fanfiction

Mark gives Trina a note for the PFC disclosing her circumstances. Deedee tearfully bids Mark and Trina goodbye and makes it to the base through the Flat Trans. Two years later in the epilogue, a seven-year-old Teresa meets Thomas and is told the both of them will help build the Maze. Thomas and Teresa begin to bond over their pasts and Teresa tells him that her original name was Deedee. Frequent medical tests and daily classes dominate her daily routine, until she is finally allowed to meet Thomas.

The two of them are elite subjects who are supposed to help building the Maze for the Maze Trials. One night, a boy named Newt comes to take them to a secret meeting he and his friends Minho and Alby are having in the basement. They form a close friendship which comes to an abrupt end when Newt, Minho, and Alby, along with the other subjects, are about to be inserted to the Maze and feel betrayed by Teresa and Thomas. After this, Teresa dedicates herself to her programming work while Thomas mostly watches his friends in the Maze.

Thomas and Rachel feel bad about this, but Teresa and Aris seem to accept the necessity easily. After being sent to the Scorch in order to test the long-range communication of their implants, Thomas develops the plan to get inside the Maze and rescue his friends. He shares his thoughts with Teresa, who tells him she is in.

She even convinces Dr. Ava Paige of the plan, and the next day, Thomas and Rachel are inserted to the Mazes A and Bthough with their memories swiped, contrary to the original plan. Only Teresa and Aris, who follow one day later, will have their memories intact. At first, she was believed to be dead by the other Gladers until she sat up and declared, "Everything is going to change," before falling back into an unconscious state.

The Gladers found a message in her right fist from the Creators that read, "She's the last one. She and Thomas had no idea what it could mean, but they figured it was important. The other Gladers didn't trust her, so they threw her into the Slammer. Teresa and Thomas formed a bond, realizing that they must have known each other before the Maze, and communicated with each other telepathically. She was last seen taken to the room, but later spoke telepathically with Thomas.

She cuts off their telepathic dialogue. After she has joined the girls of Group Bshe captures Thomas, hurts and beats him, and finally almost kills him, with Aris ' help.

This makes Thomas confused and hate Teresa as he doesn't know why she was doing this. It was revealed that Teresa and Aris could talk together using telepathy during Phase One in the Maze.

Aris also has a part to play in this forced betrayal. At the end, Thomas, Newtand Minho refuse to trust or forgive Teresa, even though she tells them she did it because she didn't want Thomas to die.

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Teresa becomes upset because of this. In The Death CureThomas still feels anger towards her, but still wants to be her friend. Rat Man gives the Gladers and the girls from Group B the option to get their memories back. Teresa immediately decides to get her memories back and tries to convince the others, but Thomas, Newtand Minho refuse to trust her.

It is revealed that she and the others broke out and forced a pilot to take them to Denver after they got their memories back. Thomas asks Teresa why she didn't try to break him, Newt, and Minho out as well when she made her escape, and she says she had heard that they had already escaped.

It is unknown how this rumor started. As they all escape, the Right Arm who doesn't care about lives lost as long as WICKED is taken out starts setting off bombs, triggering the collapse of the building. Then, when they make it back into the main headquarters of WICKED, Grievers activate, killing several people; one grabs Teresa and sucks her into its flesh, but Thomas then saves her.

Teresa pushes Thomas out of the way and gets crushed instead, only her face and arm able to be seen sticking out from beneath the huge stone. Stricken, Thomas tells her, "I'm so sorry.

Thomas looked at Teresa, and shook his head sadly, letting his long-cut messy brown hair cover his blue-green eyes. "Teresa, that wouldn't work. I know you still trust those shanks, even if half of what they're saying is klunk while the other half is partial . Newtmas - source - Stiles is Thomas fanfics. M ratings k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. If Newt and Thomas were YouTubers and dating, and then reveal it by doing a boyfriend QandA which is just fricklefracking adorable because they're so in love with each other. Newt/Thomas (Maze Runner), Teresa. Thomas asked. "I didn't do anything. It just happened by itself." Teresa replied. "I guess the control panel on the other side got obliterated. Can't function with only one, can it?" Minho asked. "I don't know." Thomas replied. He put a hand to his head. "Well, either way, there's no going back now." Teresa said. "Good that." Thomas answered.

Since the Box appears to be out of schedule, the boys gather and Newt jumps down into the Box to see what's this about. Teresa is delivered unconscious, making Newt comment: "It's a girl.

And I think she's dead. Then she goes back to sleep for some time. Later, a Gathering is interrupted by Chuck because of Teresa. She is now hiding on the platform, shouting and throwing stones at the boys to keep them away.

Only Thomas is allowed to come up and speak with her. They wonder why they are different.

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Soon after that, Albywho has been stung by a Grieverwakes up to the Changing. He starts fighting, but Teresa suddenly remembers she had two syringes with a serum with her when she arrived in the Glade. She is able to inject one of them to Alby, who instantly calms down. Next, there's a commotion because the doors didn't close for the night.

Without much time for the Gladers to prepare, the Grievers enter the Glade and kill many of the boys. One Griever attacks Chuck, but Alby saves the younger boy by hacking off the stinging limb. One moment later, Alby gets caught by the same Griever and dies.

Thomas uses the stinging device to sting himself in order to regain some memories that might help them escape the Maze.

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In the next morning, Gallywho has taken command after the Griever attack, has Teresa and Thomas tied to the poles right at a door, as an offering for the Grievers. But his plan fails, Teresa and Thomas get free and convince most of the Gladers to come with them to finally escape.

While the others fight against the Grievers, Teresa punches in the code and so opens the exit. Ava Paigesee Minho throw a spear into Gally's chest and Gally shoot a bullet into Chuck's chest, and finally get rescued via helicopter.

They can take a shower and get medically tested. During these tests, Teresa gets separated from the boys, sedated and tubed. They rescue Teresa and get out. Together, they hide from the search patrols and helicopters. They find an abandoned mall where they stock up clothing and nutrition, but also awake their first Cranks. Two boys of their group die, but most of them manage to escape. Winston receives a nasty scratch at his belly, thus he gets infected with the Flare. He gets weaker as they proceed through a desert, and finally collapses.

He reveals his wound to the others and asks them to end it. Newt hands him a pistol, and each of them takes their leave from their comrade. Some time after when they pass the night without shelter in the desert, a heavy storm builds up and they make it just in time to the first building of a ruined city. When they turn on the lights, chained-up Cranks reach out for them, screaming.

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