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The relationship between protagonists Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Greene first began in season eight. During seasons 5, 7, and early parts of season 8, Joey playfully flirts with Rachel. She never takes this seriously and rebuffs him. As time progresses, she begins to have fun living with Joey so much that she decides to stay with him, after Phoebe's apartment is poorly rebuilt with one bedroom in the season seven episode " The One With The Holiday Armadillo ". In the Season 5 episode " The One With All The Resolutions ", Joey and Rachel kissed on New Year's Day, but this was simply part of a plan to allow Chandler and Monica to kiss despite their currently secret relationship Joey arguing that Ross would prefer that Chandler kiss his sister rather than Joey and Ross reasoning that kissing Phoebe as the ball dropped would be less awkward than Rachel, although Rachel was less bothered than Ross.

Joey and phoebe dating

She gives her sister the dress he bought her and walks away without a second thought. That's where things got weird. Phoebe then puts on the dress and poses as Ursula to give Joey the breakup he deserves. They even end the moment with a kiss that reveals who she really is to Joey. For any normal friends, this entire situation would have put a huge wedge between them. Luckily, their bond was far too strong. The only real competitor for this title would be Phoebe's love for her guitar.

Phoebe's main running gag throughout the series were her less than amazing musical talents that were always on full display at Central Perk. Phoebe actually tries to share her musical knowledge with Joey at one point. While she doesn't know any of the real names for the chords or let him hold a guitar, she still tries to get Joey to learn her favorite art form. While it does go better than the French lessons, Joey eventually has to seek other methods of education to truly learn. Eventually, Phoebe learns of this and refuses to teach them further.

When the two finally make up, Phoebe makes the ultimate compromise and lets him practice with her guitar. The sweet moment is instantly ruined as Joey drops her prized possession right on the ground.

Turns out she was right. He really wasn't ready to hold a guitar.

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Throughout the series, one of Phoebe's constant problems were her issues with commitment. In fact, her arc from Gary to Mike is pretty much all about her deciding what she wants in a real relationship. While this takes a while for her character to come to terms with, there's one man she has no doubts about committing to, Joey. When Rachel finds out she's pregnant right before Monica's wedding, Phoebe tries to run interference to cover for her.

This leads to Joey thinking that Phoebe is the one that's pregnant. Joey, in an act of true nobility, offers to marry Phoebe so she won't have to do it alone. Phoebe surprisingly accepts the proposal without a second thought. The truth inevitably comes out and the would be engagement is broken off. Strangely enough, the incident is never mentioned again. One would think this realization that Phoebe actually does want to get married would be a big deal for the character but apparently not.

Friends - Phoebe and Mike on a double date

It's no secret that Joey had quite the strange acting career. From playing Dr.

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At one point Phoebe tried to help him with this. Joey was frustrated with his agent Estelle and Phoebe took it upon herself to be his agent for a short time. The arrangement was initially very successful. For a minute it seemed as if both would be happy continuing on with it. That changed once the pressures of being an actor in New York hit both of them. In the end, Phoebe just wasn't cut out to be the kind of supportive manager Joey thought he needed.

He ended up returning to Estelle and the two never mentioned it again. Tragedy struck Joey in the last season of the show when his longtime agent Estelle died. At the time there were a lot of changes dropped in Joey's lap. Monica and Chandler were moving and the stress of all that change was getting to Joey.

Phoebe decided to soften the blow of Estelle's death by posing as his agent herself! For a small period of time, Joey actually thought his agent was calling him from beyond the grave. This sort of existential crisis could've had a huge effect on someone as sensitive as Joey. Luckily, they worked the whole thing out. They even went to the funeral together. There they met her other main client, the very talented paper eater, Al Zebooker.

The trip was supposed to be a bonding adventure for the two long-term friends. It did not exactly go that way. The exhausted Joey almost immediately falls asleep, infuriating Phoebe. She gets him to drive in revenge, but somehow he's still tired.

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His solution doesn't involve pulling over to get an energy drink as a normal person would. No, he decides to pick up a hitchhiker off the road. Phoebe awakens to the sight of a stranger driving her grandmother's cab. She and Joey proceed to have one of their biggest fights in the entire series over the incident.

It's a good thing that close friends never stay mad for long. Joey is a pretty easy going guy, all things considered.

Mike and Phoebe meet in Season 9, and get married at the end of Season Mike is a piano player with his own piano bar, and was married once before he married Phoebe. Phoebe meets Mike by accident in ". The One With The Pediatrician ". She and Joey agree to set each up on blind dates, but Joey forgets. Jan 15,   Friends fans, if you still sometimes find yourselves wondering why Phoebe and Joey never hooked up, the simple answer is: They wanted to. Monica and Chandler got hitched, Rachel had baby Emma. Phoebe Joey Dating On Friends Relationships Of all the characters on "Friends," Phoebe and Joey had the most fun together. Here are all the reasons Author: Lauren Le Vine.

He isn't bothered by messes, early morning singing, or a newborn baby living in his bachelor's apartment. There is one rule that he follows above all else though. The friends found this out the hard way when Phoebe set him up with one of her pals. She did this thinking that Joey had finally become a mature adult.

The date went extremely well until she snuck a hand across the table and tried to steal a bite. This was a huge offense to Joey, nearly causing the two to break up on the spot.

Amends were made and the two went out on another date. Joey explained his rule and all seemed to be going well for the new couple. That is until her dessert arrived.

Unable to control himself, Joey eats the entire thing when she steps away from the table.

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It caused a breakup but he didn't even pretend to be sorry. By the end of the series' season run, Monica married Chandler, Rachel dated Joey and had a baby with Ross and they all kissed one another at some point. And according to Splitsider, they had a total of 85 sexual partners between them.

But there has to be a good reason why the show's kookiest characters never got a real shot at it together, right? There isn't a good reason, anyways.


But in a recent interview, Matt LeBlanc told People magazine that he and co-star Lisa Kudrow were all for their characters being friends with benefits :. We'd go back and shoot all the historical scenes and just before a moment that everyone recognizes, there's Joey and Phoebe coming out of a broom closet together. But they were like, 'Nah. US Edition U. Monica calls Mike to tell him, as she knows Phoebe really has feelings for him. Mike acts as if he does not care, but he shows up in Barbados just as David is about to propose to Phoebe.

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Mike proposes first, but Phoebe declines. She wants a relationship again, not a marriage. Although she is not marrying him yetthey immediately begin dating again and Mike stays in Barbados with Phoebe for the remainder of the trip. When they are at a game, someone proposes to someone else on the big screen; Phoebe says this is tacky, and as it turns out, that is how Mike was going to propose.

He has one more failed attempt, but finally, he proposes to her successfully at a restaurant and Phoebe accepts. At first, due to a blizzard, it appears that the wedding may have to be postponed, but Rachel suggests they have an outdoor wedding outside Central Perk, which they do. For her wedding vows, Phoebe tells Mike that growing up, she never had a family and felt like something was missing, but now, she says, "I know I'll have everything I'll ever need.

You're my family. It is noted in " The One Where Joey Speaks French ", that they had an enjoyable and romantic honeymoon with candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. Phoebe agrees, saying she wants to have a bunch of kids with him. Joey has not had many long-term relationships due to his commitment issues and lack of morals in that area. However he has repeatedly had one night stands with every woman in New York, or Manhattan at least. Rachel joked that he had gone out with every girl and was going around for a second time.

In Central Perk he got the confidence to ask a girl out, but didn't because he remembered he had slept with her. Joey dates Kathy for two episodes until she leaves him for Chandler.

Kathy and Joey have great sex but are never exclusive. Kathy and Chandler start to spend time together and fall in love with one another. Chandler buys Kathy her favorite children's book for her birthday while Joey buys her a pen. Chandler tells Joey to give Kathy the book but later on, Kathy confronts Chandler saying that she knows it was him and he is a great guy. Kathy and Chandler share a kiss behind Joey's back and she breaks up with Joey. He reveals he thinks she has feelings for some other guy.

Chandler comes out that he is the other guy and that they kissed. Joey becomes extremely mad at Chandler for betraying his trust. Joey wants Chandler to think about what he's done by sitting in a wooden box for a short period of time to prove how sorry he is for kissing Kathy and Joey eventually gives Chandler his blessing to date her.

She meets Rachel the morning after she and Joey have slept together and Rachel ends up liking her so much that they spend the whole day together. Rachel and Phoebe think that "Cupid" brought Erin there to be Joey's girlfriend and encourage Joey to seriously date her. Erin speaks four languages, is a Mets fan, drinks beer at lunch, and likes sandwiches. At first she seems to really like Joey, but after dating him a couple more times she disappoints Rachel and Phoebe by telling them that there's "no spark.

Janine becomes Joey's roommate after Chandler moves out. However, they flirt throughout several episodes. Joey sees this as his chance to make his move. They nearly kiss but the camera stops since they will film the scene on the real New Year. Janine and Joey are both depressed until they get home and have a real first kiss.

Janine and Joey finally become a couple. In Season 8Joey develops feelings for Rachel after they go out on a date when Rachel thinks she won't be able to date after giving birth.

Joey's feelings continue and he eventually tells her how he feels, but she politely and lovingly turns him down. In the eighth season finale, Joey finds an engagement ring in Ross' jacket pocket. Joey is on his knees and turns to Rachel holding the ring. Rachel thinks he is proposing and she says yes. In the ninth season premiere, Joey works everything out and they call off the engagement. They pursue a romantic relationship in the beginning of Season 10but ultimately break it off after friction with Ross and an inability to take their intimate relationship further than making out without feeling uncomfortable.

At the soup opera party Joey threw on the rough, Ross caught Joey and Charlie kissing. Charlie notices that Joey isn't the smartest guy she's ever met and tells Ross that she might break up with him. Ross convinces Charlie to give Joey a chance since he really cares about her and memorized a lot of ancient facts about stuff from the MET. Charlie and Ross kiss after she left Joey while meanwhile, Joey was kissing Rachel. She reluctantly gives her blessing. When she finally decides that she's not okay with it, she finds Ursula at Joey's apartment wearing nothing but a T-Shirt.

Ursula naturally was a flake, and when she decided to blow off Joey, Phoebe posed as Ursula to let Joey down easy. Joey realizes this and promises never to sacrifice their friendship. Chandler has a brief relationship with Aurora. Chandler loves the idea of only having sex with her but they later break up because she wants him to share her with three other men, one of whom is her husband.

Chandler and his whiny nasal ex-girlfriend Janice have been on and off more than Ross and Rachel.

Their relationship is one of the show's many signature recurring gags. When the show begins, they are together,but they soon break up as she is driving Chandler crazy. On the New Year's Eve of that year, Chandler is desperate to have a woman to kiss at midnight, so he calls her and they get together again.

The same night he breaks up with her again, infuriating her. By now though, Janice has wizened up and knows he will be back again, or to put it into her words: "Your voice calls out to me like a foghorn - Jaaaniiice, Jaaaaaaaaaniiice". He eventually begins an online relationship with a woman and when they decide to finally meet, it turns out it is Janice. They begin a romantic relationship where they are both very happy.

They eventually break up when Joey catches Janice kissing her ex husband at his mattress store. After his break up with Kathy, he runs into Janice at a nail salon and she has just gotten divorced. He pretends he has to move to Yemen to avoid breaking up with her.

Janice reappears several times throughout the series but does not strike up a relationship again, though when she is in labor for the second time she tells him it is his baby as a joke. Chandler twice employs a trick of pretending he still has feelings for her to get rid of her.

It has been more than a decade since 'Friends' has been off air. This show gave a perfect fairy tale ending just like the viewers wanted. By the end of the series Ross and Rachel got back together and Monica and Chandler's life was perfect with ea. By the end of the series' season run, Monica married Chandler, Rachel dated Joey and had a baby with Ross and they all kissed one another at some point. And according to Splitsider, they had a total of 85 sexual partners between them. But in all that time, while Joey and Phoebe kissed - on a few occasions - they never hooked Stephanie Marcus. Instead, consider the time in the series' infancy when all six of the friends were free agents. Anyone could have dated anyone. Now, weren't Phoebe and Joey the likeliest candidates to at Author: Lauren Le Vine.

When they meet in Central Perk, Chandler immediately begins to flirt. However, she has already met Joey, who has used his irresistible charm on her. Chandler has an immense crush on her for the next few episodes. They are obviously better matched, and share a kiss on her birthday.

He tells Joey and he shuns him. However, when Joey realizes how much they care for each other he gives them his blessing and they form a relationship. They have a fight however when Chandler accuses her of sleeping with a fellow cast mate because of how intimate they seemed in the play.

Chandler goes to her place to reconcile, but they break up because she actually does end up sleeping with her co-star in spite of Chandler. After that he is depressed for a couple of episodes and the friends try and help him to get over her. Chandler reveals to Monica that he dated Julie for two summers when they were about 15, but broke up with her because she had gotten very fat between the second and third summer gaining pounds.

Monica asks him to apologize to her, which he does. She, however does not realize that he broke up with her because of her weight gain. After an awkward pause, Chandler exclaims "Well, I guess my work here is done".

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This remark distresses her greatly, and she gets drunk and looks for comfort in Chandler. They sleep together and embark on a secret relationship for the next half series. Eventually Joey, Rachel and Phoebe all find out about their relationship, and they take vengeance over the dishonesty by playing mind games with them, during which Chandler accidentally blurts out his love for Monica.

Due to Ross' insecurities they still keep the relationship hidden from him. He accidentally sees them having sex through a window, and the secrecy issue is resolved. After getting angry with Chandler, he calms down when he learns that they are in love. A year later, during the trip to Las Vegas, they toy with the idea of getting married.

They decide to go through with it, but are too shocked to continue when they see Ross and Rachel drunkenly burst out of the chapel. After they return home, they decide to move in together. For the next year, they have a steady relationship with a few ups and downs, mainly related to their respective long time exes, Janice and Richard.

Chandler decides to propose to Monica, but at the dinner they are interrupted by Richard. To throw her off the scent, Phoebe advises that he should pretend that he is totally against marriage.

However, after this, Richard declares his undying love for Monica and she almost leaves Chandler, but Joey tells her the truth about his opinion on marriage. She then attempts to propose to him instead, but she is too shaken, so Chandler does it.

Throughout season seven, Monica plans their wedding. Their wedding is not the most perfect day however. Monica and Chandler get married and in the eighth season finale, they decide to have their own baby.

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In season nine, Monica and Chandler are not able to have a baby so they choose to adopt. In season ten, they adopt from a pregnant woman named Erica. Erica gives birth to twins in the series finale. Erica did not know she would have twins but Monica and Chandler agreed to keep both babies. They name the boy Jack, after Monica's father, and they name the girl Erica, after the birth mom.

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Carol is Ross' lesbian ex-wife, who came out before the pilot. Carol and Susan were based on Marta Kauffman and David Crane's best friends in New York: "We didn't create them for any particular political reason or because of lesbian chic.

It was just an opportunity to tell a really interesting story. Carol and Ross have maintained a good friendship since their divorce and Ross has been able to put aside his differences with Susan.

On Valentines Day in season one, Ross sees Carol alone at dinner and he comforts her leading to the exposure of his old feelings for her. Ross attempts to reconcile but she refuses saying that he has to move on and that the right woman will come along for him. Julie and Ross went to graduate school together and hadn't seen each other since until the season two premiere. Ross spends one week in China where they catch up and eventually start a romantic relationship. They return from China as a couple and Rachel is depressed by this as she was going to confront Ross about their feelings for each other.

Rachel hates Julie but Monica and Julie become good friends since Julie is her brother's girlfriend.

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Julie and Ross decide to adopt a cat together and have it live with both of them since they want to take their relationship further.

Rachel decides to confess her love for Ross at Central Perk one night. Ross is furious and decides not to get a cat with Julie. Ross and Rachel share a passionate kiss together and Ross decides to make a list of who to stay with.

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